Don't ask when things come out

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Don't ask when things come out

Post by takenoko » Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:12 am

The answer every time will be: It'll be out when it's done. Like seriously, be patient and don't pester us; we have a limited amount of staff with free time, so we always try to release projects when we have time to work on it. Asking us to go faster is completely useless. Older projects, which require DVD releases, will be worked on it rotation, so please be patient with us.

Also, read Luna's thread about when stuff will be released on DVD/Blu-ray. We can't sub stuff that's still in theaters.

The difference between a newb (who is simply new and ignorant) and a n00b is that the n00b doesn't bother to read the front page nor look around to see if their question has been answered before making 2-3 annoying posts about it. If it's a question that Google can answer in 5 seconds, it's probably not necessary to make a post about it here.


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