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Guts Approved

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At a very recent convention (Anime Weekend Atlanta) I had the grand and humbling pleasure of meeting and interacting with the trio of S*H*S, misters Shocker Oh!No!, Junichi Saito, and Kiyoshi Hayashi.
Junichi was wonderfully enthusiastic about all the collaborative and charity work he has done promoting local heroes and providing relief for the still-damaged locales that have been victim to the recent earthquakes and floods, as well as organizing many anisong concerts through the country.
Oh!No! enthusiastically ran through a multitude of hero's poses at every opportunity he could, and upon sighting my Figuarts Red Hawk excitedly reminisced the time he spent learning the suit actor trade from Kazuo Niibori.
Kiyoshi was very surprised and delighted to discover that however few, there were still people who have enjoyed many of the Tsuburuya productions for which he was the action director/combat coreograper, including Gridman, and, when asked what under-appreciated toku series he would recommend he happily responded with the ChouSeiShin Series.
It's official, Guts Kiyoshi approves of and recommends this hidden gem.
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Re: Guts Approved

Post by takenoko »

That's awesome to hear. If I had infinite time, I'd definitely love to redo Justi using my DVDs.
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