CSM V-Buckle and Dragvisor announced. $500 for both

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CSM V-Buckle and Dragvisor announced. $500 for both

Post by TypicalStandUser » Tue Jun 26, 2018 12:43 am

Yet another set of Premium Bandai items a majority of fans may not afford to own.

The V-Buckle has buttons for Mirror World BGMs, that lovely sound when you draw a card from the Advent deck and the four ED tracks of the show. Unfortunately, though there is a button to play lines from 8 of the 13 Riders, the voiceovers for them are not of the original actors, it'll be other voice actors. It also includes 17 Advent decks with the extras being the Ryuki and Knight Survive decks, the Contract-less deck from Episode 1 and Abyss's deck.

I do question on why the Survive Decks are in the set. It would've been better to go for separate items, such as CSMs of Dragvisor Zwei or the Darkvisor Zwei.

Of course, it's not Ryuki without his Dragvisor. Just so you guys know, it will be a arduous task to create each and every Visor of all 14 Riders, and some of them are part of the Rider's armor, not like the main 4. As such, Dragvisor should be more than enough to be able to read each and every card from all the 17 Advent decks.

At the very least, unboxings of this set will be fun. I'll look forward to them next year.
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Re: CSM V-Buckle and Dragvisor announced. $500 for both

Post by Catastrophe » Tue Jun 26, 2018 4:58 am

Shit. I thought the Kaixa set was expensive. I guess you have to have the visor otherwise the cards are useless.

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