Rating Polls: Kamen Rider Ryuki

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☆☆☆☆☆ Winner of the Rider battle
☆☆☆☆ Survive
☆☆☆ Blank form
☆☆ Not a survivor
☆ Fell apart in the Mirror World
Total votes: 46
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Rating Polls: Kamen Rider Ryuki

Post by wisdomcat »

I'm giving a 4 for the show. I liked the idea of the Rider war and that ending though was just mind blowing. This was probably my third Kamen Rider show thanks to Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (that was an terrible show). Ryuki was nice to watch I liked how they kept it simple with the forms only giving Knight and Ryuki the survive cards.

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Re: Rating Polls: Kamen Rider Ryuki

Post by Catastrophe »

It's okay I guess. I like the variety of Riders and the card gimmick. I feel like they wasted the pacing of introducing the riders though. You have a large number up until Ouja turns up and kills two of them, and then it's just 4 until the later end of the series were it's padded out with Alternatives rather than the actual Riders they didn't use.

Somehow also managed to balance comedy with the grim tone. I really like the episode that Ryuki, Knight and Zolda team up to find the missing people by impersonating salesmen. And they banter over the curry and they keep adding spice to Ryukis. Also like how they had the balls to kill Ryuki before Knight.
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Re: Rating Polls: Kamen Rider Ryuki

Post by Shaider03 »

Ryuki is a 3 for me. It's most interesting thing was how it bounced its narrative between both Ryuki and Knight. Both seem to be sharing the lead role at times. Which I find interesting. The rider war was a nice theme and was used well. However it has the same flaw that Neon Genesis has which is never knowing how to properly end. This could be born from a writer and studio conflict of interest but its still a major flaw. The first ending is ballsy in a good way and may very well be its true intended ending. However its retconed immediately in the same episode. Leaving us with a new time line that may or may not be a better one. The movie adds more confusion because it's said in the ad's to be the true ending of the show. Does that mean that this is the ending of the new time line introduced in the last episode? Is it a what if story that should be ignored? I tend to lean toward the first one since it reinforces the shows grim theme of how some fates can't be bypassed. Ultimately the ending has no finality to it and ends with a cliffhanger open ending. Which just won't do if your saying this is the true and final ending. We are left too assume they made it out ok since Ryuki appears in several cross over flims. Most of which are cannon. However the show's general grim nature might make you question that. On a side note Ryuki's memory stage from Battride War really feels like it could be what happened after the movie was over. I think I 'll continue to see it that way.
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Re: Rating Polls: Kamen Rider Ryuki

Post by Phoenix512 »

You can actually say that the movie, the 13 Riders special, and the TV series are all canon in some way. It mostly involves Shirou being able to use Odin to cause resets when the outcome doesn't go his way like in the movie and the 13 Riders special. The TV series finally breaks the cycle and able to move on.
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Re: Rating Polls: Kamen Rider Ryuki

Post by kyoichikiller90 »

Who said they didn't enjoyed the ending? I I think its good that Kobayashi did the pretty different ending than the other. While
Kuuga and Agito got us think that main hero was dead
I like the Rider War idea. I loved the characters development on Shinji and Ren. I love the Riders Design. So what's not to like? :D

So 5 to me.
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Re: Rating Polls: Kamen Rider Ryuki

Post by takenoko »

I loved this series. There's nothing strange about evil Riders and Rider battles now, but it was novel back when Ryuki was doing it. I loved the style of the different suits and the sights and sounds.

Shinji was hilariously dumb, but earnest. Ren was stoic and cool. Odin was just a badass. There were just a lot of great personalities. And all along the way, the big mystery of the Mirror World, what was going on? How would it end? It made for a fun experience.

The music was amaaaazing! Rica and the rest of JAM Project doing the various songs. Just a lot of great, catchy tunes.

Definitely a 5. I think it's a great series to show to people not experienced in Riders.
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Re: Rating Polls: Kamen Rider Ryuki

Post by MaliceMasquerade »

Totally a 5 for me! This was my first kamen rider series and Shinji/Ryuki to this day is tied with Kagami/Gatack as my favorite rider of all time. I love Shinji and Ren's relationship and think the characters really compliment each other in the same way that I think Tendo and Kagami do in Kabuto. I cannot get through this series without crying when Shinji dies. I recently started rewatching Ryuki for the 4th time and it's still as amazing as the first time I saw it.
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Re: Rating Polls: Kamen Rider Ryuki

Post by mholden020 »

I went with 4...after a lot of see-sawing between 4 and 5. I really liked the story, being a huge shift from the Agito story, and I feel like it set the ground work for the series that followed. Going through the series now, I still see things that have some kind of root in Ryuki, like the relationship between the Primary and Secondary riders, as well as the "blank form" that was later seen in Den-o (Ironically, both forms that followed were red!). I haven't seen Gaim yet, but I've been told there's something similar to the Rider War, so that's still going on. Then there was that small part of the original Ryuki, Ryo from Dairanger...who was also paired with a dragon, that I thought was neat.

Are we allowing spoilers in here? I guess so...If I don't consider Shinji's death, the ending was very good, and Yui being from the Mirror World was a pretty great twist. Shinji's death seemed a bit lame, being stabbed while out of his suit. Had he been in the suit, and been doing something a bit more grand it would have resonated with me, but sort of fell short. Then it got all jumbled up with Decade and now we don't actually know who Ryuki is. The easy way would be to blame Decade, but the story itself has two endings, neither of which have really been confirmed. If the 13 Riders movie wasn't canon, then Ryuga proably wouldn't have shown up in Diend's Final Form, but since he does, I read that as saying 13 Riders is the true ending to the Ryuki story, meaning Shinji Kido is Ryuki in later shows and movies. It's a mess, in my opinion, and had the endings been swapped (Shinji dies in 13 Rider instead of TV show), it would absolutely get a 5 from me, simply because the canonical issues just wouldn't be present. Plus, I like the idea of Ryuga and Ouja teaming up...Ouja seemed like he needed a buddy.

Something else worth noting: I've never been happier to see a rider die than when they killed off that little s**t who was Kamen Rider Gai. :)
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Re: Rating Polls: Kamen Rider Ryuki

Post by Kogashi »

Dooooooh I do not like this show. I do not like it I do not like it. I liked Goro, and I liked the character designs, and it's not like I'm against the style of plot I mean come on, I loved Gaim. But doooooooooooh I do not like this show. It rubs me, it rubs me all wrong. Most of the main characters not likable even in 'ooh a glorious asshole' kind of way. The effects even for it's time were goofy looking. The powers and abilities were not well explained, I mean what even WERE the Survivor Cards!? The filming was such that half the time you couldn't tell what the different cards effects were or what the 'final vents' did. And whatever they DID do that was an interesting character growth got completely middle fingered by the ending. Oh, and, spoilers for those who still want to see this.

They let a convincted, admitted, arsonist and murderer, just free to wander the streets as he pleases after the time reset. Yea, remember? In the show he got out cause he became a Rider and was able to use that to his advantage. However after the reality and time reset, he was just, out and about fine and dandy, and not in the 'OH GOD LOOK OUT A MURDERER!' way too. Almost a 'ah an't that great even the MURDERER gets a second chance at freedom'. Yea, he didn't commit those murders of his parents cause he was a Rider or twisted cause a want for power, HE WAS JUST A MURDERER! SO WHY SAVE HIM!?

This Kamen Rider gets a 1, not pulling any punches, not holding back, being 100 percent honest and not gonna apologize. If you like it, great, enjoy and reccommend it to others. But me, I hate this show. It is, easily, without question, my least favorite Kamen Rider I have yet seen, and that includes the snore-fest and wasted potential that was Wizard.
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Re: Rating Polls: Kamen Rider Ryuki

Post by Gamerasith »

I give it a 5 as I loved this show a lot...
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Re: Rating Polls: Kamen Rider Ryuki

Post by Jehal »

A year and a half after watching Ryuki, I am STILL thinking about it and how it plays out, and what could have been different if certain movie-exclusive riders were in the main series, including thoughts about how maybe Verde and Femme did exist in the main series but were killed off camera.
And while I was watching it the entire time I kept wondering how it would end, and was constantly worried it would be a cliche "We stopped it" ending, with no real conclusion. But there is one. There is a winner, and I am happy with this winner. Although I feel a different character deserved to win more based on participation,
And I don't want to just go on about why I love this series so much, but it's easily my favorite Rider series, compared to even Den-O and W.
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Re: Rating Polls: Kamen Rider Ryuki

Post by Fraggoth »

I think one of the reasons I give Ryuki such high praise is because I went into it thinking it would be utter trash - a ton of Riders, a glorified CCG power curve, chatty belts; all that was working up to it seeming to me like it would HAVE to be a gimmicky, merchandise-based p.o.s.

...But then the initial concept of Mirror World hits home: there are critters who want very much to eat you hiding behind ANY. REFLECTIVE. SURFACE (ostensibly within a certain level of uninhibited reflectance or albedo). That's pretty creepy. And then you have about the best handling of the whole Butting-of-the-Heads Multi-Rider interaction thing. And then everything turns out to be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from what you THOUGHT was going on.

I mean, I am tempted to say it's really not a Kamen Rider series - no bug theme, minimal-to-ancillary use of motorcycles/dirtbikes, no solid Monster-of-the-Week dynamic - but for all that, it is DYNAMITE Toku. I can definitely get why it isn't everyone's cup of tea - it is pretty obtuse sometimes, and can be extremely harsh - but I was really impressed, mostly because I had rock-bottom expectations. I say pretty much the same thing about Blade, but that also had one of the shakiest starts of any Rider series that I've ever seen (if you can get through the first 5-10 episodes, the rest of the series is a blast) but Ryuki was generally more consistent.

Heck, it even had an awesome ending, which practically disqualifies it from being a Rider Series on its own (anyone who's watched a lot/too many of these series will probably agree that endings are not the more recent Kamen Rider franchise's strong point - the exceptions seem rather rare).

In any case, I enjoyed Ryuki a lot. It's near the top of my Re-Watch list at the moment.
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Re: Rating Polls: Kamen Rider Ryuki

Post by xPrimexTimex »

I gave Ryuki a 5. I liked the premise of the Rider War and seeing Shinji go though it all trying to fight not only the other Riders but as well as his ideals. The pacing was a bit slow at times, but not to the point where it killed momentum or dragged the story down. The interactions between Shinji, Ren, and Goro were funny and I liked those episodes, although sometimes it felt odd for them to work together even though they're supposed to be at war with each other. I should go rewatch it at some point
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Re: Rating Polls: Kamen Rider Ryuki

Post by Kurow »

This is my favorite show and have my favorite rider and character too. Ren was so cool and the show is full of cool characters like Shinji, Asakura and Kitaoka. The riders designs and attacks are very unique. I really like how the story is not the obvious one and that the end is not the best but it was pretty decent.
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Re: Rating Polls: Kamen Rider Ryuki

Post by toni2212 »

One of my favorite too. Granted, sometimes the story pacing is a bit slow, but they've got a lot of different gimmick that uses less CGI to at least keep me watching. Ouja's gotta be the most badass and the most craziest Rider of all time (this is where Zangetsu lacks). Too bad that they are too focused on the drama that they're unable to use all 13 Riders in the series, would've really like to see Femme and Verde's story to be explained in the series. Yeah, the ending is a bit lame considering Shinji is just stabbed by a Mirror Monster instead of going out in a blaze of glory. The song composition is good and all.

I would've voted 5 in but, considering it aired when I'm still in school but still got confused regarding the story and all, I give it a 4.
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