Keitai 19 released

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Re: Keitai 19 released

Post by Deka_Hero »

wow, she is hot for 39.
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Re: Keitai 19 released

Post by Vangelus »

Mogambo wrote:And as for comparing Miike-sama to that.... (am I allowed to swear? i forget)... comparing Miike to David Lynch...?! That's just wrong. Lynch is a one-trick pony, talented but sterile. Cronenberg all the way!
I was just speaking in terms of the one film (Gozu). ;)
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Re: Keitai 19 released

Post by Heaux Meaux »

Are Jdramas usually this WTF? If so I may have to look up some more non-toku shows. Until I read the comments here, I thought she was going to be revealed to be a Yokai or something.
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Re: Keitai 19 released

Post by takenoko »

I don't understand what people are so confused by from this episode. Is it just because Oshichi and the other guy are so unpredictable?
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Re: Keitai 19 released

Post by Saejima Kouga »

Bauffie wrote: Really? What makes you think she doesn't have herpes or teeth down there? Tsk, tsk.
I'm never having sex again.
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Re: Keitai 19 released

Post by futuresphere »

the only issue I had with this excellent (but wtf) episode is the distinct lack of 07 (or 01)
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Re: Keitai 19 released

Post by gekiwaza »

Even though Seven's appearence was real short it was quite funny.

I have a feeling that Keitia is gonna get yet another reduce in pay
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Re: Keitai 19 released

Post by Silentwolfdog »

I knew she was around that age. She never looked like someone in their 20's.

That's why this thread baffled me a bit, lol.
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Re: Keitai 19 released

Post by +Kardboard+ »

Tuss4 wrote:I want a wallpaper of his face at the to be continued at the end of the episode. That was PRICELESS.
Indeed it was, and the DUMMMMMM sound efffect ahahaha


I still don't get it, but whatever. This episode was really confusing, but terribly funny. At least creepy scarred dude comes back lol
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