Keitai Sousakan 7 - 24 released

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Re: Keitai Sousakan 7 - 25 released

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Battra wrote:Good episode it was hilarious watching 01 just chill out ay Keita's house and being in plain sight of everyone with only Keita noticing.
Yup! ^^

Love the dancing part as well. It's so cute!
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Re: Keitai Sousakan 7 - 25 released

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zeldAIS wrote:
i felt lucky that our family is relatively close to each other after i watched this. the same reason why my father insisted when he took his PhD that the family will go with him. heh, lucky he did insisted to go with him cause i grew up in Japan because of it :P

in other news -
Lucky you kabayan.

I love KS7 when it center its stories about society. I appreciate how the production behind KS7 can encourage awareness on the real problems of the society to its audience, because its rare to find that effort in tv media. Also, the drama and toku mix of the show widens its range in spreading awareness especially among introvert type of people such as most Otakus and encourages them to be concerned for the outside world just what Keitai was once like.

Thanks TVN team for subbing KS7!
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