Keitai 19-20 DC DVD

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Keitai 19-20 DC DVD

Post by XIII »

Yes were back with another Keitai, but its not final one yet, today we have something rather special for you

We bring you episodes 19-20 Directors Cut

Now you might remember these eps from before, the staff sure haven't forgotten about it (Kouga especially), quite a mixed reaction to these episodes originally, now you get to enjoy these as the Director intended and in DVD quality

We hope you enjoy these and it makes you salivate that little bit more before the final KS7 is released
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Re: Keitai 19-20 DC DVD

Post by takenoko »

It's artsy, but it's not that bad. At least Seven shows up more in this version. The old version won't be in the batches, so grab them while you can if you're a completist

I'm also glad they reinserted the scene with Shibuya Momoko, who is always the cutest girl ever
Saejima Kouga
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Re: Keitai 19-20 DC DVD

Post by Saejima Kouga »

I've had Out-Of-Range Woman's weird songs and sayings in my head ever since QCing this.

But if taken the way it was supposed to be, one can appreciate these two episodes. I did.
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Re: Keitai 19-20 DC DVD

Post by Battra »

I don't think those 2 giant dogs in the windows when they were playing ping pong were in the original cut. I enjoyed these DC's alot more than I did back with 19 & 20 were originally released but that said I still don't get really what's going on with the lady.
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Re: Keitai 19-20 DC DVD

Post by Anime_freek22 »

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Re: Keitai 19-20 DC DVD

Post by Deka_Hero »

This episode is way different than most Ketai Episodes.
Full of Sayings, odd images and a Cryptic woman who act's as both a Lover and a mother.

Talking Wood Dog's, Flying Scary guys, poem spouting everywhere............

I Like this episode!
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