Keitai Cut Scenes

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Keitai Cut Scenes

Post by XIII »

Couple of minutes of cut scenes from the final episodes of Keitai 7,

an interesting look as to what was cut from those episodes for what ever reason they had,

would have been nice to have them in there, but oh well, at least we get to see them now, and enjoy a few extra minutes of KS7.
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Re: Keitai Cut Scenes

Post by PHurricane »

Ah, so Keita's family did survive. I think everyone assumed they did, but they just weren't visible for much in the final episode. Nice to know their scenes were just cut and they weren't forgotten.
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Re: Keitai Cut Scenes

Post by takenoko »

Yeah, I always thought it was strange that they didn't have any epilogue, especially with the ridiculously long drawn-out bullshit from the rest of the episode that they left in

I was always disappointed that we never saw little sister's Gene survived. I always hoped that it was different enough that it didn't join in. Or at least we'd see the smashed body of it. But nope, that thread apparently isn't relevant to the rest of the story
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Re: Keitai Cut Scenes

Post by Battra »

I'm kinda surprised these scenes were left out, I think they add a little more to the story and the human element in series.
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Re: Keitai Cut Scenes

Post by Arigomi »

I would've preferred more of these dramatic moments rather then the action scenes.
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