Who was that woman in episode 19/20?

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That's so ridiculous
That's so ridiculous
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Who was that woman in episode 19/20?

Post by Luno »

Hi everybody,

I just watched the episodes 19 and 20 of KS7, and I'm rather confused.

Should I have been able to recognize who (or what) the woman was supposed to represent?
What was the episode trying to tell the viewer? (Why the lemons ...?)
Why did Keita cry so much when he realized she was gone? She was just someone he met
who had cheated him (well, kind of) several times, or wasn't she?

Thanks for any hints or insight here,

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Re: Who was that woman in episode 19/20?

Post by DrowningFishy »

I know what you mean, she reminds me of the magitian chic from W but I know that's probably wrong.

This is the best list I can find.


Not listed though
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Re: Who was that woman in episode 19/20?

Post by takenoko »

It was directed by a famous director, hence the surreal nature of the episode. It's heavily symbolic and pretty light on actual story.

Overall, I think the story is about the rite of manhood and how important the first kiss or first sexual encounter is for a young man. The scary man in the spa can be interpreted as one of those voices on the shoulder, whispering suggestion in one's ear.

The mysterious woman is simply that. Besides everything she doing being a reference to seven (as they do throughout the series) the viewer is left wondering if anything she tells Keita about herself is true or not.

I think there's a couple of other themes too. Like taking advantage of the moment and not letting it pass you by. Or the poignant aspect of life being about parting from those that you love. The actual story is that Keita runs into some lady who cons him out of all his money and leaves him horny and wanting more, but there's a lot of stuff that can be taken away from it.
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