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John Wick

Post by XIII » Wed Sep 23, 2015 11:37 am

So the UK finally got the Blu-Ray (I had already seen it months ago, but wanted the Blu-Ray for my collection)

This little gem of a movie is what becomes a silent hit, it didn't have much marketing, but it ranked well in the cinemas (even if we did get it 6 months later than the US). It did very well that a sequel is coming, I can only hope that they keep the tone the same in it.

Sure the plot is a bit on thin side, but that is what makes this movie good, there is no sub plots, no distractions, its just a straight line from point A to point B. It is kind of refreshing to have this nice simple kind of plot in movies, it doesn't get done often, but when done right, it is fantastic.

The action in this is fantastic and well choreographed, it deserves more credit than it gets from people. Even all the gun fights are well executed. Even the music fits well with what's going on in the movie.

Another side of this that gets credit from me is the subtitles for some of the Russian sections, they use placements on the screen, they use different fonts and they colour specific words, its not the first time this kind of style has been done, Fast Five used some of these methods. It is quite refreshing to see this in Hollywood movies, instead of the basic font style that we normally get for sub tracks.

I kind of wish we get more of these movies, but having them so few and far between makes them extra special.
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