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ST Keishichou Kagaku Tokusou-han

Post by Kuchiri » ... okusou-han - Part 1 / Special (I spent one night digging up the RAW and I found a random fansub that I had to piece together using a different Media Player that you can load sub files into...The Fansub could have used some work...there were times the entire screen was text...Maybe a potential side project Take?) ... sousa-file - Part 2 / TV series (Three Episodes have aired, you can watch them here. ... pe=episode) ... tion-squad - Part 3 / Movie (Not released yet)

Featuring the guy who played Light in the Live Action Death Note movie, a lady who was in the Faiz: Paradise Lost, and Hime from Kamen Rider Hibiki. ST is a mystery/drama/comedy featuring a team of sleuths each with their own specialties and flaws. It's sort of best described as CSI: Super Sentai, considering if you look at names of everyone from ST they all have a color in it. Red, Blue, Green, Black. Each week they are given a case where it looks like the perfect murder and using their skills and the reluctant help from the police department they solve them.

The actor who plays New Gavan shows up in Episode 3 as a guest star. Let's just say his room has a very 'Shocking' symbols all over it considering he was never in Rider.

I highly recommend it to mystery fans. However they do talk extremely fast and the subtitles from DramaFever on Hulu can barely keep up sometimes.
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