Infini-T Force

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Infini-T Force

Post by Greenstalker » Sun Oct 15, 2017 4:35 pm

Not sure if this is correct place to post this so if an admin moves it to correct place if this is in wrong it would be appreciated.

Infini-T Force is an anime that features some of tatsunoko characters from some of their brands in a story. Why I put it in here is it features Gatchaman which is essentially based on one of super sentai (I forgot which one but the one with the bird theme), Tekkaman which is like Kamen rider, casshan which feels like another kamen rider clone and Polimer which sadly I don't know much about.

I would like to know people reaction to this it is currently at 3rd episode and free to watch on Viz site.

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Re: Infini-T Force

Post by Catastrophe » Sun Oct 15, 2017 8:05 pm

Fun fact, the original Gatchaman was released in 1972 before the original Goranger. Jetman is an homage it it.

I wouldn't really say that the orignal Tekkaman, Casshan and Polimer are Rider clones either. All of them came out mid 70s so while a few years after rider, its more generic super hero themes more than anything.

I haven't checked this out, mostly because I'm not that big a fan of these old Tatsunoko characters. One of my favourite cartoons as a child was Tekkaman Blade, so I can't really stomach the original.

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