My little sister can't be this cute on the radio

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My little sister can't be this cute on the radio

Post by takenoko » Sun Jan 16, 2011 12:28 am


So I've been trying to figure out a way to download these shows so that I can listen to them outside of the site, but I don't know how to get around the Flash. I even checked my cache but I can't find it I think I found something that worked, thanks guys

For the radio transcribes, they're more or less summaries of the show with some dialogue scattered here and there. I'm going to paraphrase some parts, so it's not going to be a word-for-word or even a line-by-line match to the show. If someone wants to take this and fill in the parts, please be my guest. I just figure that this stuff is too interesting to not share. So I hope people enjoy these

07/22 Last Episode
07/08 Episode 23
06/24 Episode 22
06/10 Episode 21
05/27 Episode 20
05/13 Episode 19
04/22 Episode 18
04/08 Episode 17
03/25 Episode 16
03/12 Episode 15
02/25 Episode 14
02/11 Episode 13
01/28 Episode 12
01/14 Episode 11
12/24 Episode 10
12/10 Episode 09
11/26 Episode 08
11/12 Episode 07
10/22 Episode 06
10/08 Episode 05
09/24 Episode 04
09/10 Episode 03
08/27 Episode 02

08/13 Episode 01 summary of what I thought was interesting:
Kirino and Kuroneko introduce themselves, Kirino makes fun of Kuroneko for being nervous

Kirino announces that nothing about the show format is decided yet, to Kuroneko's surprise

End of the first segment, the voice actresses talk normally

They summarize the plot of Oreimo

They discuss how they should address each other. Kirino's actress says she's often called Aya-chi.

They decide not to use Hanazawa-san since it sounds too distant. They decided on Kana-chan

Kana says that even though Aya is 21, she still looks young

They talk about their hobbies, like shopping, reading, and resting at home

They talk about it being hot and having shaved ice

Corner change

They're surprised by the music


In this corner they talk about how surprisingly cute little sisters are

I think it's Aya who says she has no little sister, but she does have an older brother. She doesn't feel like he's very cool and she doesn't believe her brother thinks she's cute. Kana responds that he probably does with his sister being a voice actress

Kana has a little brother

Aya feels like she's an otaku. She admits to really liking Card Captor Sakura

They also talk about liking Ghost in the Shell (Apparently the Japanese name is Koukaku Kidoutai) and saying they find it confusing, but the movie is worth a watch

They get into the mail, the first where a guy admits that his sister sometimes calls him stupid and hits him and runs, but he admits that he thinks she's cute

Kana admits that her brother calls her Neetan, but when friends are over, it becomes Neechan. When she wants to tease him, she says "It's not Neechan, it should be Neetan"
Apparently he did this even in middle school, they talk about how cute that is

In the next mail, a brother talks about how his mom makes him bentou, but he found out that eventually his little sister had taken over and was making it for him

Kana asks if Aya has ever made a bentou for her brother, Aya admits to not being able to cook. She wonders if her brother would eat it if she did make one. Kana is surprised, so Aya repeats that she really can't cook


For the next corner, they receive Net jargon and try to guess what they mean

wktk is the first one. They assume it's some abbreviation. Worktalk? Wasshoi kitte kore? People outside the booth know it. "Why does everyone know it?" The girls are stumped.

Time's up. The correct answer is wakuwaku to shite kao ga tekateka/Really excited, face gleaming. (they admit the face gleaming part makes no sense)

m9 is the next one. They're surprised because the writer doesn't know what it means either (the corner is supposed to include an answer for the girls if they don't guess it)
They guess it might be a smiley with the tongue sticking up (berobero). One guesses it's a gun's name

Time's up. The answer is the 9 is the index finger pointing at the viewer (the m is the other fingers) They're not sure how it's supposed to be used
(So basically the m is the pinky, ring, and middle finger)
They simultaneously say "You're the culprit!"

They talk about smileys and how Japanese ones are normal while a lot of foreign ones have them on the side


Aya says she normally doesn't talk about serious stuff with her brother

Kana has given her brother advice. Aya jokes "Neetan, what do you think of this shirt"

Aya reads the letter and doesn't understand it until Kana explains it's from a different writer.

"How can I break the three minute barrier?" ... -Ultraman. So they talk about Ultraman for a bit. Aya admits to never seeing Ultraman before. They guess that after three minutes he might either die or shrink.

Apparently people say Ayana is a hentai

Ayana Taketatsu -Kirino
Kana Hanazawa -Kuroneko


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Re: Anime internet radio/request for tech help

Post by solari » Sun Jan 16, 2011 11:49 am

The segment on Japanese internet slang was really cool!

There's a LJ community specialising in radio shows for various anime/seiyuu. Perhaps they can help?

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Re: Anime internet radio/request for tech help

Post by takenoko » Sun Jan 16, 2011 1:08 pm

Why is not commenting a bannable offense?

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Re: Anime internet radio/request for tech help

Post by Phoenix512 » Sun Jan 16, 2011 1:14 pm

As to not commenting being bannable, it's mostly that they deserve to see praise for providing and not giving that praise deserves that you don't get anything else from them.

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Re: Anime internet radio/request for tech help

Post by Sakurambo » Sun Jan 16, 2011 7:14 pm

So I've been trying to figure out a way to download these shows so that I can listen to them outside of the site, but I don't know how to get around the Flash.

Simple, just go back to the analog dubbing methodology. Grab yourself a copy of Audacity ( - it's free, and you can set it up to record everything that goes through your sound card with just a few clicks. Then load up the radio site, hit "record" on Audacity, and tape the whole show "off-air".

I'd love to see some Wakana-style subs of the show, if you're so inclined. ^_^

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Re: Anime internet radio/request for tech help

Post by takenoko » Sun Jan 16, 2011 7:32 pm

Eh, that's not as sexy as finding the secret url for where the mp3 is held. What I really wanted to do was download it and play it with a music player so that I can close my browser without accidentally losing my place. But I guess this is an option so I'll keep it in mind. Thanks!

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Re: Anime internet radio/request for tech help

Post by Djoe » Sun Jan 16, 2011 8:24 pm

I haven't try it yet, but perhaps you could use Grab++ feature from Orbit Downloader

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Re: Anime internet radio/request for tech help

Post by umrain » Sun Jan 16, 2011 11:14 pm

Normally with a flash streamer like these, it's simple enough to use a packet sniffer like fiddler or wireshark to see the secret url where the mp3 (usually wma) is held. But in this case their flash player looks a little more clever than the average audio streamer and appears to actually be doing some kind of challenge-response secret password thing with a remote streaming server which makes things a little more difficult than just find the url and download it.

At this point it seems like too much of a hassle to rip this one directly from the site to me. If a close copy will do, then most of these shows actually end up posted on niconico douga, and then you can use a site like or to rip each "video" to an mp3 and there you go.

Here is a japanese site that indexes shows put up on nicovideo:
Here is their Oreimo radio page:

If you really want an exact rip of the official wma file they usually end up on the japanese p2p networks like share and perfect dark but those are a big hassle to set up, at least the first time, and can really eat a lot of bandwidth.

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Radio show 2

Post by takenoko » Sun Jan 16, 2011 11:39 pm


Oreimo 2 August 27, 2010
"Aya-chi" Taketatsu Ayana -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Hanazawa Kana -Kuroneko
Kirino makes fun of Kuroneko for being nervous. Complains that she spent yesterday practicing with Kuroneko since it's gone to waste

Kuroneko denies it. Kirino continues to make fun of Kuroneko, who is unphased when Kuroneko threatens her

Kuroneko asks if they received any mail to discuss what to do for this corner, Kirino says a lot came, but it's so much that the staff are having trouble going through them. So they won't read any till next time

Kuroneko tells Kirino to at least go over what arrived

Rango asks what they think of the characters who appear in the novel
Kuroneko: No way.
Kirino: There's no way we can do that on the radio!

Ransei-san wants them to debate about what they say in the anime
Kirino: Oh, this might be interesting.
Kuroneko: Seems a bit realistic. But is this really okay?

Kuroneko: There's still time left.
Kirino: Really? Then let's talk about last time. What did you think of the recording?
Kuroneko: Let's see. It was pretty hard. It was my first time on the radio, after all.
Kirino: I bet you were relieved to have me with you!
Kuroneko: What a condescending woman. Speaking of the last radio show... There's a rumor that Taketasu-san is a pervert
Kirino: {annoyed} That really is going around now, isn't it?
Kuroneko: Actually, when doing the anime, they said that "Since Kirino is such a pervert, it'd be hard for the voice actress. But Taketatsu-san should be fine."
Kirino: I'm not a pervert!
Kuroneko: Let's let the viewer decide whether you're a pervert or not.
Kirino: No, that's wrong. Come on guys, deny it! What are you guys doing letting the heroine be called a pervert before the anime starts?!
Kuroneko: They've got me, so it's no problem.

Kuroneko: Time's about up.
Kirino: Mou! So it ends with me being a pervert?!

So they talk about how the radio show is for the anime starting in October. Since it's almost September they're excited since October is just a month off

Since it was about three weeks since they last talked they felt like they had grown distance. Aya-chi was using formal Japanese that morning since she was feeling self-conscious

They talk about seeing a video on Niconico video

Aya-chi changes the subject: I'm not a pervert!

Kana-chan: What's wrong? Just be a pervert!

Aya-chi: No way!

Somehow this leads into a discussion about favorite smells before Aya-chi denying that she's a pervert again.

Ore no imouto ga radio demo konna ni kawaii wake ga nai is brought to you by the Ore no imouto konna ni kawaii wake ga nai project OIP sponsor


Girls: What's this music? Why use this music?

They explain that on this corner, they only read mail from female otaku

??: Why play this angelic sounding music?
??: Since it's mail from girls, it should sound cute
??: Oh, so it's like a sacred place. Only girls are allowed

Aya-chi: Kana-chan, were there are a lot of otaku around you? Like during school?
Kana-chan: Yeah, there were. When I was the most otaku in middle school as well as those around me.
Aya-chi: You'd be a good friend for Ruri (Kuroneko). It was the same for me in high school. For me, we were into Prince of Tennis
Kana-chan: Me too. TeniPuri and... Full Metal Alchemist
?: Naruto. We'd sing the songs in karaoke. Plus they aired in the afternoons.

There first one is from someone whose pen name is "I like Card Captor Sakura". Basically says she likes CC Sakura and thinks Kerberos is both cute and cool. That's it, to the surprise of the girls

They figure it's a response to last time when Aya said she likes Sakura. Apparently a lot of e-mail came saying they also liked Sakura

They talk about some anime that I don't know. Sorry!

Mako-san: Lately I've been using my money for figures, manga, doujinshi, etc. Girls my age are usually into fashion, but I'm not into that at all. I like otaku things. Mom says I'm almost delusion www. (Kana: Does this stand for warau/laughter?) But I feel happy seeing cute girls and feel satisfied

?: I remember reading magazines like Seventeen. In school I bought a lot of CDs
?: I remember drawing
A: I was an otaku in high school. So it's okay. What's fashion? Is it something delicious?
K: Really?
?: You can draw?
Kana?: I can. Maybe I should draw Kuroneko. I always drew so eventually people started calling me Shishou/master. Like "Shishou, please draw this for me."
A?: Eh, what's that?!
A draws Kirino. She doesn't know how the hair is.
Kana tells Aya that it's cute and that she's good

Didn't catch the name: I started to really like little sisters. My little brother saw me playing little sister games on the PC. He won't tell the parents, but threatens me when we fight. What should I do?

They wonder what a little sister game is. They wonder if it's that bad for their parent to know.
K: That's fine if she can, but she probably plays it in secret in her room.
A: Ever since elementary school, I'd play gal games in the living room, so I don't feel embarrassed
?: Then just be open about it. Like "this is what I like"
K: Be like Aya-chi and do it in the living room
A: Do it! Do it!

?? writer: I'm a girl, but I like stuff for boys. I often go to events for guys. At live shows I'm usually surrounded by guys. Sometimes it's hard, but I will do my best for what I like
??: What can be done?
??: Maybe have seats just for girls?
??: I didn't go to events because there were too many guys
??: I suppose some would feel embarrased
K: I've never been to an event, but I have been to Animate
Aya asks what it's like and if everyone there was an otaku
K: Yeah, people wouldn't go there if they weren't interested. I was searching for Azumanga Daioh character songs.
A: I bought a Horie Yui-san CD. I've never told her in person, but I really liked her when I was in school
Talks about how she really likes female voice actors
K: But now, you're a female voice actor, Aya-chi.
A: It feels strange.
K: I really like ?Park-san from Full Metal Alchemist

?: Apparently this is what this corner is like

The internet slang corner

Shiroi kage-san: I'm a German listener. So I thought I'd introduce a German thing to ?? who often uses German
?? comment: Why is it always me? That worries me.
Shiroi kage-san: This is also used in America. So what's lol means?

They have no idea and think it's difficult. Theory is it's a smiley

Apparently someone signals that the shape isn't what matters

?: So the letters matter? What's it mean?
?: Loli?
?: But it's something that everyone uses frequently on the Net.
?: Laugh?

The answer: Laughing out loudly

?: Oh, so it's like how we use w

Aka something: This is my submission: A person's name sankaku (triangle)
K: Oh, maybe the first part is like -san?
K: Maybe it's like an actual triangle, like maru (O) or batsu (X)
A: Like a rating system?
A: A hint, apparently soccer play Honda something was called Honda-sankaku
K: He's really well-respected. So sankaku might be related to that
K: Tri-angular? Maybe it means he's on the top of a peak? Or a leader?

The answer: Honda-san kakke. Honda-san kakkeee! (Honda-san kakko ii/Honda-san is cool)
A: It's a pun?!
Both: Eeeeeh?!

?: I don't know when I'd use LOL, but I might use sankaku. Although I bet I'll forget about it when I get home

They talk about not understand gal letters either. But they admit to having fun and say it's like cracking a code

Hoshikuze Witch Meruru/ Maschera Datenshi Kemono no Doukoku

Looks like in this section the girls take a side and debate the way Kirino and Kuroneko do. I didn't really get that at first so I don't know who took which side and wasn't sure what they were talking about

Karzu SP versus Akiba Blog

Okay, so it looks like it's a competition between websites:
Karzu SP
Akiba Blog

Someone mentions something looks like a Pokemon card

Karzu SP-san got a girlfriend or something. They talk about sharing the happiness

The counter point: The writer says that Akiba blog is kind of erotic. They think of it like a bible for otaku. They grant the desires of men

A: But if it just grants what the boy's want, then what about the girls?
K: The girls... can go to another site
A: And that's okay?
K: Well they say it's erotic.
A: Then does that mean kazu sp isn't erotic?

Writer: Apparently both sites are perverted. I'm sure Kyousuke checks both of them everyday

From "My brother isn't that macho": I want to cheer for Akiba Blog. My reason is that when I look at the site, maybe it's a coincidence, there's a picture for Nendroid figure for Kirino. Karzu SP doesn't have that

From: "Kyousuke's little sister is too cute, it's hard to live": Karzu SP is amazing because its background color is gray. It reminds him of some sites he used to like
?: But it's gray! Maybe everyone uses white now, but still...
?: Well it's all about preference. Gray is fine. White is too.

Writer: Akiba Blog is like God! It's got a lot of information and it's easy to read. It makes life 120%. What's Karzu SP? Is it something edible?
A: Don't mock it!

Writer: (Probably Karzu SP since its their turn) Has sei ningyo and interviews with voice actors

??: Akiba Blog sounds really amazing
??: But Karzu SP can make noodles.
??: That's what you remember?!
??: Well, isn't it interesting?


They feel like they talked a lot and learned a lot.

K: I feel like we'll be complete otaku by the time the show starts in the fall. Like Kuroneko and Kirino

?: It's already September? Summer's ending!
?: But it's hot. Don't you hate the heat?
?: I don't like it
A: It's fall though! I didn't feel the summer at all. Give back my summer! I want to go to the beach!
K: I don't know who you're talking to

For the next show, their debate will be Gundam versus Macross
K: Aya-chi, have you seen Gundam?
A: When I was in middle school, I saw Seed

They both haven't really seen Macross, but know the songs

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Radio show 3

Post by takenoko » Mon Jan 17, 2011 1:02 am


Oreimo 3 September 10, 2010
"Aya-chi" Taketatsu Ayana -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Hanazawa Kana -Kuroneko
K: Oh, so you're not nervous anymore. I guess it has been three shows
N: I never was nervous in the first palce
K: Yeah. Yeah.

Writer: I enjoy the tankoban. I think you guys should be honest about your feelings and compliment each other

A: You first. Compliment me a lot!
K: Let's see. First, beautiful. Sagacious. Cool. It must be nice for you to have a friend as wonderful as Kuroneko.
A: Hey! Why are you complimenting yourself?!
K: There's no way I can seriously answer such a silly topic. I'm not playing.
A: Next!
K: "Kuroneko-chan is truly a fallen angel" Thank you. "Kuroneko is cute in the opening drama, but I think she can be more abusive" Sounds kind of perverted.
A: Coughs
K: You want to be abused on purpose? You're the lowest form of life form. Crawling on the ground suits you. this?
A: Mind not looking at me when you do that? Hey! You're only reading comments about yourself!
K: Time's up. I'm glad to be able to talk a lot this time.
A: Already? I didn't get to talk as much this time!

Aya thinks it's cute when Kuroneko is abusive
Aya: Kuroneko-tan! Kuroneko-tan!
Kana: You really are a pervert
A: Eh? Why?!
K: Oh? Aya, are you a M? Like last time I asked if you were S or M
A: I didn't know
K: Everyone says I'm a Silent S
A: Eh? Then maybe I should be a M for Kana-chan


?: There it is again with the music

Komachi-san: I have a 2 year old sister. She always drops my honorifc. But it always gets me when she calls gets sleepy and calls me Oniichan.
?: The sister is 2 years old? Then how old is Komachi-san?
They talk about how cute it is and wish they had a little sister or brother, even though one has one

H and T-san: I have a little sister 3 years younger in middle school. She's normally cold to me and doesn't tell the family anything about school. But she has a secret. She will hug a Totoro toy. I'll get home late and see her sleeping hugging the stuffed toy
A: What is this? It's so cute!

H and T-san: But I wasn't peeping into her room. We have a bunk bed.
?: Eh? The same room?
?: So she's a shy girl.
A: But her brother seems pretty nice. It makes me want an older brother.
K: You have one!
A: But he never says I'm cute.
K: He probably can't say it.

The next writer talks about the little sister and him using a fan or something. I guess she stared him off or something

The next writer talks about the little sister mocking him when he used the fan. But he sees her using it and saying "We are aliens" (I guess because fans make your voice vibrate)

Kana talks about how it's not the same with a little brother. They mention how she was called Oneetan, but at the time, it didn't seem that cute since she was used to it.


Pinnochio who does not lie: gkbr
A: What's this? Some acronym? Gakkari beer (disappointing beer)
K: Oh, it's gakuburu. Gakugaku buruburu. It means to shake in fear
A: I think I've heard of it before
(They get this one right)

Writer: I want to introduce you to Nante eroge!
K: Well, eroge means a perverted game, right? How is this used
A: Kana-chan, nante eroge?
K: Aya-chi, nante eroge?
A: How should we respond?
K: Maybe it's used when things are going well? Like with a girl. "It's like a game"
A: Like being in a group and things are going well with a girl, you say nante eroge. Like that?
A: This phrase is used when something seems like a delusional story. An envious situation that one wants to believe is true.
It also means something that seems not real, but is. Apparently this appears in the original works. Really?

They both test it out, then change it to Nante galge! instead


Just like how Kirino gets life counseling from her brother. In this corner the writer asks for advice for another person

Mizu-san: (Didn't catch this one. Something about jam and bread) Bread that moves?
They mention Anpanman, a bread fairy, and what I think is the Japanese version of the Gingerbread Boy

Writer: They say when you stop swimming, you die. What should I do? -A tuna
K: Well you die.
A: What happens when you get tired and want to sleep?
K: Don't they still swim?

From Senkan-san: It's been hot lately. -The Earth
K: Guess we can't laugh about that.
A: It's realistic. It's like the scream of the Earth:
Both: Just what should be done?
A: It's complicated.
K: Next! Next!

Writer: Apples fall in the fall, but if you pick them up in 3 seconds, it's okay right? -Newton
K: I'm sure he's the inventor of the 3-second rule. Not gravity.
A: Ah, I see.
K: But wouldn't that apply for all fruit that fall?
A: Oh, but they probably pick it before it falls. I mean, if it falls, it means it's rotten

Writer; I may look old, but I'm only 27 years old. Is it because of my voice? -Anago
K: Anago-san is only 27 years old?

Writer: I don't want to just eat mushrooms all the time. I want some meat too. -Mario
A: Mario? Mario?
K: Is this your first time hearing of Mario?
A: He just eats mushrooms and flowers.
K: But does he eat it? I guess when he's becoming big he's chewing it up?
A: Where's he put it when he uses it?
K: Maybe he puts it in his underwear. But why Mario?
A: It might be really Mario

Last one
A: I don't want to read this!
K: What is it?

Writer: I like the smell of the inside of trains during the summer too much. -Taketatsu Ayana
A: It's not that I like it!
K: Oh, is that case? But do you like it?
A: Lately I haven't
K: But have you ever entered a train and went "Wow, that smells good"?
A: Sometimes the car smells real good
K: Oh, the car does?
A: Why's this always happen?
K: It's fine
K: What accent is that? Where are you from?
A: Saitama. It's not. I dunno, I use that accent when I'm troubled
K: Ayachigo (Ayachi language)
A: Yeah, I just made it up

They talk about doing an Oreimo event



They feel like they've grown closer
K: Why the weird laugh
A: I'm happy

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Re: My little sister can't be this cute on the radio

Post by takenoko » Tue Jan 18, 2011 1:49 am


Oreimo 4 September 24, 2010
"Aya-chi" Taketatsu Ayana -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Hanazawa Kana -Kuroneko
Kuroneko: You're in a good mood today

Kirino: It's because the anime will start airing soon. Of course I'm excited.

Kuroneko: How simple you are. But it's affected the listeners too. We have more mail than before.

Kirino: For real? Thanks, everyone!

Kuroneko: If you're so happy about it, why not introduce one already?

Kirino: "Kirino-chan, Kuroneko-sama, a suggestion for Oreimo. Have Kirino talk like Kuroneko. Have Kuroneko talk like Kirino"
That sounds fun. Let's try it!

Kuroneko: I have to imitate you?

Kirino: You did it for the drama CD, right? Like that.

Kuroneko: My, my. Guess I don't have a choice.

Kirino: Okay, let's start now. <cough>

Kirino[Kuroneko]: You really are the lowest scum. Stop pretending that you're human. Act like a worm that you are and crawl on the ground.

Kuroneko: That was the requested line from the last show. Anyway, you just wanted to say that to me, didn't you?

Kirino[Kuroneko]: I thought it was human custom to stay silent when they don't know what they're talking about.

Kuroneko: You always vex me...

Kirino[Kuroneko]: Oh my. I wonder just how long I will have to wait before I can hear my imitation?

Kuroneko: <Laugh> I see. That's how it is. Very well. I'll accomodate you. You shall regret this, bitch. (She says bitch in English,t his isn't my

interpretation of what she said)

Kuroneko[Kirino]: Hello, radio listeners! I'm Kousaka Kirino! I'm a beautiful girl who loves eroge and her brother!

Kirino: There's no way I'd say that!

Kuroneko[Kirino]: Gross! You're spitting. Are you stupid or something?

Kirino: So that's what you think of me?!

Kuroneko: I believe it is a very close resemblance. I wonder how our good listeners think?

Kirino: I'm sure they disagree. They'd say "Kiririn is more cute!"

Kuroneko: Let's see what the reaction is.

Kirino: So we're asking which imitation was better?

Kuroneko: The day after tomorrow, September 26th, at Dengekibun there's an Oreimo event.

Kirino: <List of voice actor names>

Kuroneko: Very soon we'll be receiving responses to the anime.

Kirino: Everyone, look forward to it!

Kuroneko: You're always so proud. I'm a bit nervous.

Kirino: It'll be fine! I'll be right next to you!

Kuroneko: Speak for yourself. So, let's end it.

Kirino: Bye bye!

Aya: This is the first radio show after the anime started airing
Both: Yay!
??: I'm nervous!
?? other: I'm nervous!
??: What's wrong with us today? We kept stumbling a lot today.
K: Feels like it's been a while since we did this.
A: The dubbing has started. Last time, we hadn't started the dubbing yet.
K: Isn't the event tomorrow?
A: Yeah!

They talk about what they'll do. They're not sure. Sounds like they're recording a radio show.


Laughing about the music, as usual

Apparently a lot of mail came

Writer; As soon as I entered high school, I made otaku friends. One day I heard music. I asked what song it was, and she suddenly became

angry. "You're hopeless. You haven't progressed at all. First you get into kid's anime that airs at night. Then you read JUMP or ??SUN. You

go through that before entering the true world of anime. It's no good that you jumped straight into anime the way you have." It turns out the

song was from Alchemist. It hurt me to suddenly be called hopeless. I like Crayon Shini-chan, Lucky Star, Minamike, Keion. I like ordinary

things like that. I don't really read shonen manga since I don't like fighting. Are there really different levels? Isn't it good enough to like what I

like? Ayachi-san and Kanachan-san, what do you think about there being levels?

K: Levels? Well, I do understand how sometimes telling other girls about the things you like gets you blank stares.
A: You are pretty shallow.
K: But I do like Alchemist.
A: But I think it's fine.
K: It's fine if you don't go through levels. But it might be interesting to see stuff from other genres.
A: Yeah. I don't read shonen manga, but it might be fun.

Writer: I'm an otaku girl. I love anime, voice actors, and idols! Especially something with a lot of cute girls. I especially like shoujo anime,

female voice actresses, and female idols. I like it so much that I even go to events. As two female voice actors, what do you think of the rare

female fan? Also, what do you think the male fans think of such girls?
K: It makes me happy to hear that from a female fan.
A: I also like girls. I like shows with heroines.
K: You said you like female voice actors.
A: I like female voice actors and gal games. And... bishoujo characters.
K: It's the same!
A: I can kind of understand
K: I like idols. Like AKB
A: They're cute.

They talk about AKB playing rock paper scissors and being cute

K: You know, at handshaking events. It makes me so happy when there are girls there.
A: It makes me want to hug them.

Writer: I'm a baseball manager. Sometimes at a game, at this high school they'll play Eva's Theme of a Cruel Angel. There's more otaku

things in everyday life, it's really exciting. Do you two understand how that feels?

A: Sometimes on TV when I hear an anime song BGM I go "Oh!" Yeah, we understand

Writer: I'm a woman, but I like girl characters more than male characters. The otaku girls around me mostly like male characters. The male

characters I like are ones wearing aprons and cooking.

K<Excited>: Oh! That's great!
A: Really? I guess it'd be nice if such a character cooked for you

Writer: Do you two like such characters? Good luck with the radio

K:Ayachi, I just thought of something. I really like Sanji from One Piece.

A: That's great!
K: He wears a suit, then an apron, and he has the fry pan.
A: He's cool.
K: And he'll kick with those legs looking like that.
A: Just what are you looking at?
K: What do you like, Ayachi?
A: I guess I like characters with glasses. As well as tsuntsun characters. (I guess like tsundere but without the deredere part?)
K: Kind of like an S? (Sadistic?)
A: Cool. A S. When he takes his glasses off, he has a gentle face.
K: When he takes his glasses off he has a gentle face? For some reason that makes me think of Benzou (From Kiteretsu Hyakka)
A: Wait a moment! Not like that! He's cool, but when he takes the glasses off, poof, he'll smile with a gentle expression. I might like tsundere.

I might not like that in 3D terms though.
K: A 3D tsundere would probably be annoying.
A: But a 2D tsundere is the best
K: But waiting for the dere is good.
A: Yeah. But in 3D, it'd be tsun tsun tsun, and finally, the dere appears. That's what'd be annoying. Actually, this might be it.

A: A lot of them said they like female characters. I also prefer female characters, so I really understand. In the past, I would imitate the hair

styles of cute girls.
K: Really?! Did you pull that off?
A: When in elemetnary school, I'd bring a manga and say "please do it like this" But they said it'd be difficult since the characters are from

K: Like Sailor Moon was possible when you're small.
A: Yeah. Like the odango hair. But it's hard to get your hair out of that.
K: Yeah, I really understand that. I tried it before. Like Sailor Moon.
A: No way! I want to see that. I bet it's really cute.
K: No way. If I did it now, I'd look like a yanmama (Slang, derives from "Young mama")
A: Why a yanmama?

Hoshikuze Witch Meruru/ Maschera Datenshi Kemono no Doukoku

Gundam VS Macross

Taketatsu Gundam VS Hanazawa Macross

Writer I don't have a little sister: I'm definitely in the Gundam camp. Gundam enters its 30th anniversary this year. Even after 30 years it has

fans of all ages, male or female, etc. It's because of the characters and great lines. There's no way who hasn't heard of it.

K: That's true. It has a long history. Wait a moment Ayachi
A: What is it?
K: Here I go

Writer Ao-san: I want to introduce Macross 7. The main character has geniuslevel piloting skills. He does it because he wants everyone on

the battlefield to hear his song.

A: Eh? But Gundam has good songs too. It has a lot of famous songs.

They sing a portion of some Macross song

Writer I want to believe in the possibility of plastic: I want to support Gundam because of Gunpla.

Writer Ippi Poppi: I'm a girl, but I like robots. I'm in the Macross camp. It's because Oreimo's Kyousuke is played by Nakamura Yuuichi-san

who is Macross F's star.
K: See, there's Nakamura-san
A: Oh! Oniichan is here!
K: But Macross really has good songs

Writer Ore no yakiimo: Macross has better romance, but Gundam is about a man's fight. Seeing the men fires you up. The protagonist

desperately fighting so the death of his friend in battle is not wasted. Oh, Gundam. It's so passionate!
K: Ayachi, why did you read it like that?
A: It needed to be read passionately
K: It's true. Gundam does have a very male oriented story.
A: But Seed has a... man and man... friendship, sort of love. It's like a bond.
K: What'll I do?

Writer: When you debate, the muscles in your face shake a lot. I'm with Macross because of the music, the triangle romance, and themes. It

shows us more drama than just a war.
A: It really shows human drama. How can I retort?

Writer Kirino and Kuroneko are my wings: I like both of them, but I'm going with Gundam for this. You two might akkai. Finally, I like Gundam

and Macross, but I like Oreimo more!

K: Akkai?
A: What is that?
K: What's dome?
A: Mobile Suits is what MS means?
K: That's kind of cute

Writer: Some Gundam guy Tsuchida actually like Macross better. Macross fans are such maniacs that they banned mentioning it because

they won't stop laughing.
A: What?!
K: That's how it appears.
A: No way! Tsuchida-san has appeared on TV, he's famous!
Writer: But he likes Macross more
A: It's a lie! He talked so much about Gundam, but he likes Macross. He's a traitor!
K: Yeah, but stories appear so easily. I'm sure he actually likes Gundam.
A: I guess.
K: Also, there are probably a lot of celebrities that like Gundam.
A: Last turn

Writer: Haro is cute, so I'm completely for Gundam. Haro is in most series. I also would love it if Ayachi did a Haro voice.
A: But I don't really know Haro's character.
K[Haro]: Speak haltingly
A[Haro]: Speaking haltingly. I'm Taketatsu Aya. Haro. I'm Haro.
K: Just like that. That's cute

Writer Kyousuke-san's little sister is so cute that it's hard to live: Speaking of robot anime. There's Tetsujin 28, Mazinger Z, Transformers,

Evangelion, Zegapain, Brand Braver. There's often a n. But Macross dosen't have a n!
A: It's true
Writer: Macross!
K: That's why it's popular
A: Really?
A: But there are other anime that don't have a n in it. Like Fafner. Sousei no Fafner
A: What a fight. I'm really tired
K: Tired
A: They're both pretty popular. They both have their own appeal


K: Why's the music so over the top?
A: I feel like it's time to drink sake

Writer Hisaya: What if he doesnt come? -Tamori

Talk about why didn't they call instead

Writer Himaboujin: I think heavy things are heavy too. Inabou
Both: It'll be okay in a hundred years!
K: Poor guy
A: He can't talk, but I'm sure it's hard.
K: But it's hard
A: How surreal

Writer: Can't lose. Can't give up. Can't run away. Got to believe to the end. When it seems hopeless, which is most important? -My daiji

one's brother's band
After mulling about it for a bit
K: Ayachi, which is most important?
A: Eh? You're asking me?
K: Well, giving up is like losing. Maybe running away is most important. If you go "it's hopeless and run away" that's the worst.

Writer ore no imouto ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai: I don't know how I taste - Blue Hawaii
A: That's true. It has a mysterious flavor. Kind of tropical.
K: I haven't really eaten much Blue Hawaii. Do you eat it?
A: I used to eat it.
K: What do you like on your shaved ice?
A: Strawberry.
K: Strawberry suits you.
K: But what flavor is Blue Hawaii?
A: That's true. What flavor is it?

Writer: I want to beat the fairy with punches and kicks like back then. -Hanazawa Kana
K: I want to forget that past. What's up with that?
K: I always went home in a group of three. One of the girls in the group said she saw a fairy.
A: What an amazing girl:
K: So we'd go home defeating fairies. So me and the other girl couldn't see the fairies. So we'd follow that girl's instructions. Like "It's over

there. Punch and kick there." And you'd get points from that girl.
A: It was a dream?
K: So the neighborhood kids were probably like "Why are these girls punching and kicking the air?" And why are they pounding on that man

A: How old were you?
K: I was in elementary school
A: That's cute.
K: That's not cute.
A: But when I was small, I might have seen a fairy.

They talk about how there's probably evil fairies even though they think they're good in general

A: I was worried about what would happen to me this time.
K: That's right, we didn't have one about Ayachi. Next time let's have a Taketatsu festival next time.
A: No way! Let's have a Kanachan festival instead


K: How was it, Ayachi?
A: Well, we read a lot of mail. I feel like I really exhausted though. I wonder why?
K: Well you did a lot of the recommendation this time. I"m sure my turn will come up
A: Yeah, next time I'll have it easy.
K: Ayachi, help me pick them. We need to do this together, Ayachi!
K: By the way, the next VS is Dragon Quest VS FF. Taketatsu Draque VS Hanazawa FF.
A: Oh, I'll make a submission in secret
K: Using a handle name? How do you feel about Draque?
A: I love Draque. I also like FF. Both of them have their appealing points.

Talks about the event and who will appear

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Re: My little sister can't be this cute on the radio

Post by takenoko » Mon Jan 24, 2011 1:29 am

Oreimo 5 October 8, 2010
Live recording
"Aya-chi" Taketatsu Ayana -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Hanazawa Kana -Kuroneko
Nabatame Hitomi 生天目仁美 (Saori Bajina)
Satou Satomi 佐藤聡美 (Manami)
Hayami Saori 早見沙織 (Ayase)
Greet the audience and introduce the guests. The guests then introduce themselves

A lot of people respond "Cute! Cute!" when Manami's actress introduces herself. She really does sound like Manami

Hayami Saori (Ayase): That's amzing. Do you like little sisters?

Audience cheers

Ayase: Do you also like little sister's friends?

Audience cheers

Nabatame Hitomi (Saori Bajina): I was warned before coming on this show. Today, I'm going to be jukujo

?: Backstage I was saying, "I'm going to be jukujo"

?: You even looked it up in a dictionary

?: What came up when you looked up jukujo?

Nabatame Hitomi (Saori Bajina): "A woman full of mature (seijuku) charm. That sounds weird, doesn't it? So that's why I'm going to be mature. Well, all these girls are cute. But I'm wearing makeup. When I return they say "Nabatame-san is wearing makeup!"

Aya-chi: Everyone, please sit down

They talk about how they are sitting apart and feel the distance between them

Kana-chan: From here on, I'm acting as the host.

Aya-chi: Oh yeah, you mentioned that on the last radio show.

Kana-chan: That's right, I'm Hanazawa Crystal

?: Yeah, even your hairstyle is similar

? You did that on purpose?

Kana-chan: Yes.

?: No way, you're lying.

Aya-chi: This is Oreimo's first stage, so we've prepare anime PV for the audience. Those of you listening to the radio can watch it on official home page. So start the video and stop the radio. Sorry about the bother.

?: Nabatame-san, don't you have the manuscript?

Nabatame Hitomi (Saori Bajina): This is a mature lady's easygoing way

All: VTR, <DON>!

(Here, you can watch the video here)

Satou Satomi (Manami): Hayami-chan wants to say something. Please listen

Hayami Saori (Ayase): Ayase isn't there...

Kana-chan: What?

Aya-chi: What? I saw her

Hayami Saori (Ayase): Maybe I didn't see her

Satou Satomi (Manami): Who saw Ayase?

Audience: (many voices) I did!

Kana-chan: See, everyone saw

Aya-chi: Kana-chan, you saw it right?

Kana-chan: Definitely!

Aya-chi: Sorry, Hayami. Who should we scold? Maybe the staff

Hayami Saori (Ayase): No, no. I'm sure it just happened where I didn't see it

Satou Satomi (Manami): Then, just look forward to seeing it in the actual broadcast

Aya-chi: A lot of different character show up

Kana-chan: She's a real pretty person. Isn't she, everyone?

??: Everyone really is moving slimily (nurunuru)

??: Don't say "slimy"

??: But Kirino does say a line about moving slimily

Kana-chan: Since you're here. Please tell us something about your character. Hayami

Hayami Saori (Ayase): Is it okay for me to say it? Ayase is a model with Kirino. She seems bright and cute at first. But then...

All: Beep beep beep!

Hayami Saori (Ayase): ... she becomes more naughty. At any rate, I really like her. They really get along. Plus her reasoning is because she really loves her.

All: Beep beep beep.

Hayami Saori (Ayase): I ended saying she's naughty...

Aya-chi: Just watch the show

Satou Satomi (Manami): I play Manami-chan. She's just a very normal girl. Actually, the characters around her probably say this as well. She's Kyousuke-kun's childhood friend. She's a cute glasses girl that goes "Waa waa waa"

Nabatame Hitomi (Saori Bajina): Saori Bajina, she's a glasses girl. As a character, she goes all-out for her hobbies.

Aya-chi: Bajina pretty much has it together

Nabatame Hitomi (Saori Bajina): And she says gozaru. Bajina really is like Hattori-kun

Aya-chi: 'kay, Kana-chan, if you'd please

?: How frank. Just like Kirino.

Kana-chan: Okay, Oreimo has 6 novels and 2 manga. Volume 7 comes out November 10th apparently. And the opening artist is a middle school artist, just like Kirino-san

??: A real middle schooler?

?: Her voice sounds so mature

?: I feel like her voice is more mature than ours

Kana-chan: And they're selling a game. And this event is collaborating with the Nikkei newspaper for September 26th "Oreimo and Kinsho Index Collaboration"
. Also, we apparently have video of the game

(They show the VTR)

?: There's so many bonuses. It's exciting.

Kana-chan: I've been talking a lot, so I'm leaving this corner to Aya-chi

Aya-chi (Kirino): Eh? Guess I don't have a choice


There's no way A's B is this C

?: Let's do this in our character's voice. Start with Aya-chi

Aya-chi: "There's no way black-hair, twin-tails-liking Kirino's hair can be this bleach." To be honest, at first I didn't know what I was doing either.

??: That's true. Why does she like black hair, yet she bleaches hers?

Aya-chi: She likes little sister. So obviously little sisters have to have black hair

??: She's a model, so maybe her office has her do it

Kana-chan: Hanazawa is going
"My Taketatsu can't be this close"

Aya-chi: What are you saying?!

Kana-chan: There was one day where we spent the whole day together for Oreimo reasons. From 9 in the morning to 9 at night

Kana-chan: And then... I held hands with Aya-chi. Aya-chi was like, "uh-huh". Aya-chi wouldn't do it though. She's like a little animal. She's like "wan wan" or "woof woof". And Aya-chi's hand is small

Aya-chi: It's not cute. Look. Don't touch it!

Kana-chan: Anyway, it's to show that Kirino can't be this cute. And Aya-chi who plays her right there

?: That's true. She's fuming

Aya-chi: It's embarrassing. I'm going!

Kana-chan: Don't go

Nabatame Hitomi (Saori Bajina): When I asked what others write, no one would tell me. So I wrote something that might not be related to the anime, and everyone followed me
"There's no way I'll give Nabatame and Bajina's average age."
Now follow that up!

Satou Satomi (Manami): Hanazawa-san, please follow up!

?: But everyone here is young and cute. We all did a drama CD together. Nakamura-kun was by my side going "What'll I do? How should I appear?"

?: I can't imagine Nabatame-san as Bajina

Nabatame Hitomi (Saori Bajina): Well that's how I am. I'm jukujo. Today I'm jukujo

Aya-chi: Are you saying that all day?

Nabatame Hitomi (Saori Bajina): Don't compliment me! It makes me blush! Next! Next!

Satou Satomi (Manami): Okay. Here I go.
"A polite glass-wearing childhood friend can't be this much like an old lady"
Kyousuke-kun says this in the novel. "She's like a grandma". When I was introduced to Manami, she's polite, a glasses girl, plain. "Ah, so she's normal" But then you add the "grandmother's essence". So when I'm acting I think "Oh right, I have to act like a grandma". So to get a feeling for it, I called my own grandma.

Kana-chan: You really called your grandma?

Satou Satomi (Manami): "Oh, so this is how grandama talks." And "Oh, and Elder Respect Day is coming soon"

?: It's said that a phone call is the best present for Elder Respect Day

?: Where did you get that information?

?: Eiyuu News

?: But that sounds right

Satou Satomi (Manami): So during the anime she may seem like a grandma, but please enjoy the anime.

?: I have a feeling that she'll keep her word more than any of us

?: I really got a good feel for your character

?: I'm sure Hayami-chan will have an even better response, since she has it so together

Hayami Saori (Ayase): Should Ayase say this?
"There's no way Japanese newspapers can have this many Oreimo articles"
I wish I could have explained Ayase

?: After all, it's a Japanese economics newspaper. I'm sure someone on staff likes Oreimo. Or maybe he likes beautiful girls

?: Furthermore, the anime industry supports Japan's economy

?: That'll sell!

?: That's cute!

?: Aya-chi, are you okay?

Aya-chi: I'm fine. I was just thinking of how touched I was by all of yours

Kana-chan: That's fine, you went first

Aya-chi: So that's everyone. That was interesting.

?: Nabatame-san's is probably the most shocking


?: It's the ending already?

Kana-chan: But 30 minutes have already passed

Hayami Saori (Ayase): This is the first chance for the five of us to attend an Oreimo event. I really hope the future is exciting. So everyone, please look forward to the broadcast

Satou Satomi (Manami): It really makes me happy to see everyone here and knowing that so many are listening from their PCs. I really like the original novels, I read them. Please look forward to the October broadcast

Nabatame Hitomi (Saori Bajina): Thank you for today. Akihabara appears often in the story. So please remember this place. It's really faithful to the original works. So please look forward to it
Thank you for today. I'm a real otaku. I really understand how Kirino-chan feels. I think you understand too. Please check out the original work before watching the anime.

Kana-chan: So many came today. There's no way that Oreimo can't be exciting. The next radio show will be release October 22nd.

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Re: My little sister can't be this cute on the radio

Post by V-Ranger » Mon Jan 24, 2011 6:00 pm

Hey so does anyone know where we can listen to these besides on the site. I'd rather download it somewhere rather than going on a site cuz it's so much easier.

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Re: My little sister can't be this cute on the radio

Post by William_Duel » Mon Jan 24, 2011 6:07 pm

Thanks Take. I really like this show. At first I was hesitant because it seemed to be yet another incestuous anime. But it sort of isn't *depending on your POV I guess*. I like it because it can be deep at times, like it seems to be criticizing and celebrating otaku culture. Or maybe I'm looking too deep into it. Plus the characters are fun. Kuroneko is probably my favorite, especially the scenes of her home life which contrast to the persona she likes to put up around the other characters. But these radio transcipts are great. They're fun.
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Re: My little sister can't be this cute on the radio

Post by takenoko » Mon Jan 24, 2011 8:20 pm

When I'm done with the transcripts, I'll probably put out a torrent with the mp3s and transcripts in it

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