My little sister can't be this cute on the radio

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Re: My little sister can't be this cute on the radio

Post by takenoko » Mon May 09, 2011 9:54 pm

I don't mind, I'll take a listen to it again and post corrections. If you notice anything else, please do let me know. Thanks!

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Re: My little sister can't be this cute on the radio

Post by umrain » Sun May 15, 2011 10:22 pm

Well i finally managed to catch up to this thread and listen up to episode 10.

Thanks again. This thread helped me with a lot that I missed.

Here is some trivia for episode 9:
Anime Tenchou is Animate's sort of mascot character, real name: Anizawa, Meito (heh)
This guy:
The Seki-San they mention is Tomokazu Seki who does the voice for Anime Tenchou, who apparently makes a guest appearance on the drama part of the Oreimo Radio DJCD.

realjuu bakuhatsu shiro

I've heard the word realjuu before, but i never knew what it meant, so finally I decide to go look up what it means.

realjuu/riajuu (リア充) is a slang abbreviation of real (リアル), as in "real life" and juujitsu (充実), fullness). It's used to describe a person who has a fullfilling life in reality, as opposed to a life of internet/anime/manga/games. Especially the type of person who is in a relationship/goes to parties/etc. Pretty sure it is not usually used as a compliment.

So, riajuu bakuhatsu shiro "riajuu go explode" seems to be another internet phrase/meme used mainly by otaku to express they are irritated/envious/disgusted/etc. by these sort of people (and would be happy if they exploded). Since it is an internet meme, of course it has a song:

Anyway, it's easy to get how Kana could think about that phrase when seeing couples(riajuu) on the train around christmastime.

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Re: My little sister can't be this cute on the radio

Post by roankun » Mon May 16, 2011 5:05 am

Sure thing. XD Glad to be of help.

Erm, I was just wondering, do you know where I can find a pic of Kirino? I mean, the one that Ayanyan Ayacchi drew. It's on the image for the OreImo Radio, but when Radio 19 came out, they replaced them with pics of Saori, Kanako and an unknown entity. (Yes, I really don't know)

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Re: My little sister can't be this cute on the radio

Post by takenoko » Mon May 16, 2011 6:19 am

Isn't that the pic I use in the first post?

Thanks again for the corrections, additional notes. That stuff about the realjuu thing was really fascinating

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Re: My little sister can't be this cute on the radio

Post by roankun » Tue May 17, 2011 7:50 am

LOL. Indeed it is. I bookmarked page 2 so I didn't notice. :) Thank you!

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Re: My little sister can't be this cute on the radio

Post by takenoko » Wed May 18, 2011 2:58 am

Oreimo 11 January 14, 2011
"Aya-chi" Taketatsu Ayana -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Hanazawa Kana -Kuroneko

Kirino & Kuroneko: Happy New Years!

Kirino: Sending you my best, I'm Kosaka Kirino!

Kuroneko: I'm Kuroneko. And you'll have my grudge.

Kirino: Hey, hey, what were you doing over new years?

Kuroneko: I was absorbed in the Maschera books I collected from Winter Comi.

Kirino: Seems Ore no Imouto goods were also on sale at Winter Comi. Did everyone buy some?

Kuroneko: Well, the anime is over. I suppose our goods will be become fewer and fewer as time passes.

Kirino: You're really KY (Kuuki yomu or lit. "read the atmosphere around you!") You always go straight to dark stuff like that! There was a hint of a lot of goods at the end of last year that are

about to go on sale. Also, the anime is continuing through the Net to episode 15.

Kuroneko: That's true.

Kirino: Oreimo isn't over yet! It's still going!

Kuroneko: But... do you appear in the Net version of the story?

Kirino: O-of course I do! What do you think this show's name is?

Kuroneko: <Laughs> While the ex-heroine whines, why don't I read a letter?

Kirino: Wait!

Kuroneko: From Kotoshi Koso San Kara Wataru Riyou: I'd like to request a supporting message for all the high school students who are about to take the Sentai College Entrance Exams. What a request.

Kirino: Sentai Tests... Eh?! It's on the 15th and 16th? That's tomorrow! Exams, eh? It's not like it doesn't apply to me either... So let's each do one. You go first.

Kuroneko: Me first? Let's see.
It's not just hard work. You know best how much work you've done and how many abilities you've gained. Prepare for the consequences, and just do your best. I'm sure a proper result will come from

your actual ability.

Kirino: Well, what can you do if you fail now anyway? Just go to bed early, wake up early. And just do what you usually do. Sorry I can't say any more, but hopefully this will help you.

Kuroneko: It's time.

Kirino: So the radio will continue this year too with no changes. Keep listening.

Kuroneko: Please listen next time too.


Aya: I did it!

Kana: You said it.

They introduce themselves and wish each other a happy new years.

A: Did you eat omochi?

K: I didn't eat much omochi.

A: What did you eat?

K: Kurikinton (sweet potato & sweet chestnut).

A: I like datemaki (sweet rolled omelet).

K: That's good! I want to see Ayachi with one on her head.

A: I bought one datemaki. And I kept nibbling on it many times. That's how much I like it. Egg is good.

K: Ayachi, today... <laughs>

A: What is it?

K: We had fried chicken...

A: It was a meat combo, right? It was delicious

K: Meat really suits you, Ayachi.

A: Really?

K: I want to do this radio while having yakiniku sometime. Like being on scene.

A: I want to go!

K: I know you want to go, if not for the Aniplex work later today. I'm sure we'll go someday. All Ayachi needs to do is ask.

A: During the Oreimo festival. I said I wanted to have meat.

K: Yeah. During the rehearsal night. We all went out to eat meat.

A: That's right. I had shabushabu. Thank you very much. It was delicious.

K: Ayachi, you really can do the most. You had the most songs. And you had to talk a lot. And drama. That's why we had meat when Ayachi asked for it.

A: Thanks! I'm so happy!

K: I had to smile when I had her meat.

A: Yeah, during rehearsal. I was so tired. I was worried about the actual show the next day. That's when we went to have meat. Didn't it seem like the meat was sparkling. It really made me smile.

K: When Aya's there, everyone's like "eat, eat".

A: Yeah. Everyone is like "eat, eat!"

K: When meat is in front of Aya, she starts drooling and goes "Is it okay to eat all this?" That's why if you say it, I'm sure it'll work.

A: I want to eat meat.

K: Just give the producer a kancho. (A prank where you fold your hands up with your index fingers out and try to stick it up someone's butt. A slang way to say enema)

A: Kancho? Kancho?

K: While he's looking at Ayachi's upturned eyes, I'll give him a kancho.

A: So just waste all my hard work! It'll be like "What are you doing, chibi?!" (Chibi = small person)

K: Chibi? Chibi?! You're not that kind of character. Want to tell them our goal of the year? This year, I'm going to be a working adult. I'm graduating from college soon. So this year, I want to

evolve. I want to challenge myself to many things this year and evolve. I'll work hard.

A: Oooh! I'll cheer for you.

K: Wait, Ayachi, Ayachi, Ayachi.

A: Me?! A goal? Let's see...

K: It doesn't have to be outrageous. Just your goals. Like wanting to do the radio is fine.

A: Let's see. I think it'd be good if I tried a lot of things. I really did a lot last year. But to be honest, I was so busy, I didn't know what I was doing.

K: Man, Ayachi...

A: To be honest... <Pause> It seems like I only have two days off in a month. It felt like I didn't have any days off. I really don't know what I'd do. It's been like that since my debut. I've had

a lot of worries. But lately, I've been able to get into a rhythm. So lately, I've really been enjoying my work.

K: That's good!

A: So this year, I want to enjoy my work while trying a lot of different roles.

K: Good. You have a goal.

A: I want to sing more too. Like I do in Oreimo. I really like it. I think my acting has really level upped.

K: Well said. So, about the game.

A: That's right. The game will be on sale soon. It goes on sale January 27th. PSP game. Oreimo Portable. The limited edition version, the Ore no Imouto to Koi Shiyou Box, includes Oreimo Maker EX,

Love the Little Sisters Portable. It's like there's a game within a game.

K: I don't really know much about this. But it's amazing to have that as a bonus.

A: It really is amazing. Be sure to get it. It's okay if everyone goes fuhihi. In the game, the characters move around. I thought that was amazing.

K: I haven't seen the game footage yet.

A: You know the Kirino app on the iphone, it's like that. I think. They really move a lot, I thought that was amazing. I think the PSP is amazing.

K: Oh right, there's an iphone app. If you have an iphone, please get that.

A: Please do. So look forward to it. Oreimo Radio start



A: To be honest, a lot of mail came from people whose letters we read before thanking us.

They thank them and explain the show.

A: From Puff puff-san...

K: Oh! I want to puff puff. I want to change my goal to puff puffing Ayachi!

A: Hey! Okay, I'm going to read this.
Puff puff: Last time Hanazawa-san talked about puff puff. It's embarrassing to say this about but me, but people think I'm straight A, athletic, serious student council president. But actually, I'm

an otaku that likes loli girls.

K: What is that? It's like a manga!

A: Puff puff: I hide it from my friends and family. I know being otaku isn't bad, but I don't have the courage to come out. So I have a request for you two. How can I naturally come out about my


K: Oh, I see. But she's the student council president. It's not like you have to tell the whole school. Like if you're in the student council room, just talk about it a bit.

A: Or try bringing a few anime goods. Or bring a pen from anime or something loli-ish

K: Loli-ish? That'd be shocking. It'd be like, "Student President, what's wrong?"

A: If that happens, she can say, "Well actually, I like things like this." When I was in high school, I used a Card Captor Sakura shitajiki (desk pad) for elementary, middle, and high school.

K: But Sakura is something normal girls like as well. They'd understand that right?

A: Yeah. But she said she liked loli girls, so I figured she'd like Sakura. Since Sakura is a loli. If you haven't seen it, I recommend Card Captor Sakura. You can have Sakura goods with you and be

like, "Eh? Have you ever heard of Sakura?" and try recommending it to your friends that way.

K: Ayachi, are you trying to proselytize Sakura?

A: No. I recommend Oreimo. With Oreimo, Kirino is second year in middle school. She doesn't look like a loli, but agewise she is.

K: Also, Kuroneko's little sisters are so cute.

A: They're cute, they're like, "Oniichan". It makes me understand how Kirino feels. Next. From Jungle moja-san. It's double the jungle!
Letter: I recently go married.

Both: Congratulations!

Letter: In middle school I was really focused on game, anime, manga with cute girls in them. I thought I'd be single forever. So being married moves me to tears. My husband is a seiyuu-ota. He

really likes Tamura Yukari "Yukarin" [Yukari-san, right?] I really like the characters that Yukarin plays, they're cute. We watch her anime together. Lastly, Yukarin's Meruru-tan is the cutest in

the world! [We should give this to Yukari-san.]

K: Yeah! That's nice.

A: That's good. That her husband is an otaku too.

K: It must be fun to share the hobby with someone.

A: Yeah. And they watch anime together. And Merurutan is cute. I hope they were happy.

K: Were? Is it over?

A: I hope they're happy.
From Kuroneko suki sugo fujoshi nanika(I like Kuroneko so much that I'm a rotted girl, you got a problem with that?): I've been into voice imitation lately. I recorded it and enjoyed listening to

it. Have you two ever did voice mimicry before?

K: Voice mimicry?

A: I don't know about voice mimicry. But I imitate Kana-chan's Kuroneko in a scene. That was hard.

K: I listened to Ayachi's Kirino a lot when I did mine.

A: In the drama CD I also imitate you. In Oreimo, I imitate Kuroneko a lot. I'd listen to Kana-chan's voice a lot.

K: Ayachi, you don't do imitations, do you?

A: Imitations? I can do Usami-chan.

K: I've done that. I'd do Medama Oyaji (eyeball old man) or Kurotsuki.

A: Do it!

K: (In Medama Oyaji's voice) "Hey Kitarou!" (guess this is Kurotsuki? Sorry, never seen Ge ge ge no Kitaro) "Stop doing that in the bathroom!"

A: It's cute!

K: I'd do that when by myself in the bath.

A: That's amazing. So how are you able to do such imitations?

K: I don't know. I don't really have a wide range of imitations.

A: Really? Seiyuu Hanazawa Kana-san. It's like we doubt your imitations, someone call the producer.

K: Oh no.

A: Next
From Kiririn-san ga suki desu, demo kuronyan motto suki desu(Basically I like Kuroneko more than Kirino)
Why is it all Kuroneko! Although I like Kuroneko too, a lot!
Letter at 18:18: It seems like loli is a popular topic, there hasn't been an episode without mentioning it. Taketatsu-san treats Hanazawa-san as a loli, but I think that's wrong. Hanazawa-san isn't

a loli, she's defininitely a shouta (boy version of loli). Taketatsu-san is round so the loli fits her, but Hanazawa-san has a sharp feeling, so I think shouta fits her much better.

K: <Laughs> What kind of recommendation is that?! Shouta?

A: I don't know which part of that is more shocking. Shouta? What's shouta?

K: What is shouta?

A: Is it more like a boy? Kana-chan?

K: So does that mean I should be a boy instead? What? What does that mean?

A: Maybe the voice and looks?

K: Oh right, Ayachi is an amaloli (甘ロリ amai = sweet). An amaloli is loli that's real sweet, like a strawberry.

A: A strawberry. With the seeds, and headdress.

K: That'd look good on you.

A: I've never dressed like that.

K: Someone get a head thing. But this seems like the most likely thing I can get you to do. Please, I'm asking you.

A: No, no.

K: I want to see it... everyone does. I'll give them all your home phone number.

A: Really? Wait a moment! Kana-chan should dress as a shouta.

K: What's a shouta dress like?

A: Do it together.

K: Eh? Shouta dress?

A: Next time there's an Oreimo interview, I'll dress as an amaloli.

K: Then Ayachi will dress as an amaloli, and I'll wear a t-shirt and knickerbockers like a savage. But what would that do? People'd be lined up looking forward to a loli. Maybe we can hold hands.

A: Yeah. If the chance comes up.

----- 21:03


K: 2011, who knows what words will be born.

A: You know, I heard Honda-sankakke. I was bragging to my friends that I recently learned that. But they already knew. Personally I've been hearing something recently, lik wktk. (wakuwaku tekateka

to be excited for something)

K: Oh, Wktk.

A: Because of wktk. Taketatsu is tktt.

K: Like Taketatsu.

A: Taketatsu is tktt. Hanazawa is hnzw.

K: Eh? I want to write it normally. Eh?

A: tkt2. (2 pronounced tsuu in Japanese). tkt2.

K: It makes you sound like a DJ.

A: Kana-chan should use hnzzw (Is she throwing in an extra z or just stumbling, I can't tell)

K: No! It'd be like "I'm hanazawa"

A: You know how "w" is often used for laughter?

K: I don't want it to feel like people are laughing at me.

A: I see. Kind of a pity.

K: A pity?

23:07 Kana explains the corner

Pen name Kami ni narakatta-san: Satori wo hiraku

A: Eh?

K: Satori wo hiraku

A: Huh? What is that? Buddha?

K: Satori/enlightenment?

A: Shougokuchi.

K: Eh?

A: Shougokuchini. Shougori.

(They derive it from the kanji. See pic for explanation:

K: Oh. Shougo no loli. So it's shougo no loli.
24:02 The answer: When you break down satori, it's shougo rori. So Satori wo hiraku means lolicon. So what does hiraku mean? Like becoming aware that you're a lolicon? I can hear that from satori

wo hiraku.

A: I'll use it.

K: But... educated people would see it as a mockery.

A: Yeah, I'm sure people would be angry.

A: From Yukue-san: Pochiru. Example: Kirino's dakimakura (hug pillow) pochitta. (probably past tense of pochiru)

K: What is pochiru?

A: Doesn't that mean pressing a button? So pressing a dakimakura?

K: Maybe it's for boys?

A: Eh?

K: Maybe it's pushing something in with your finger and spilling out the content?

A: But what are you pushing?

K: Hit it.

A: What do you do with a dakimakura? You hug it. I don't know. Maybe it's to buy one?

<Ding ding ding>

25:57 Correct answer: To buy something off Net mail order. When you buy you press a button.

K: So it is pochiru for pushing.

A: I want to pochiritai too. It seems fun. Thank you. Pochiru

K: Here i go.
26:34 From radio name Net yougo sonna muzukashi ja nai (Net lingo isn't that hard): I learned this one recently. Do you know OIC?

A: Oishii? It's not Oishii.

K: OIC? Could it be like kanji?

A: Maybe it's substitute for something else? It is?

K: It's not oishii. Oaisou (courtesy)

A: Ohayo cozaimasu!

K: Wait a moment.

A: IC... ice?

K: Are you good at English. Are you good at English, Ayachi?

A: No way. I'm Japanese.

K: I see. So it's English. OIC.

A: So this is English. Is it like a chicken's cry kutkuku?

K: It's not. It's obviously not!

28:48ish They argue about what sound a chicken makes

<Ding ding ding> Time up

K: The answer: Oh I see!

A: Oh. But I never use that phrase! Sounds like a company phrase.

K: Oh I see!

A: Using it

----- 30:14


Explanation of the corner

30:39 From Tanaka Marx Tori wo mo hirai-san: There are people who confuse me for pasta with calamari. It makes me sad. -Bianca

A: The name of the bride in DQ 5.

K: Ah, the one I got confused.

A: Yeah, she's confused with bianco (pasta with calamari).

K: I see. I remember.

A: And Flora.

K: Who's Flora? She's the blue hair one.

A: From Ayachi Shin eitai (Ayachi's bodyguard) : A chi chi a chi is it on fire? - Oda Nobunaga
Probably referring to the corridor being on fire. (Achi is over there, but how is that a reference to a corridor?)

K: How interesting, but I'm sure that was a panic at the time.

A: From Kururu-san: Seems I've disappointed you. I'm sorry! - Hiso (arsenic)
Recently, a Nasa research group announced that there was an organism that ate deadly arsenic, so everyone thought "Finally, aliens!" So when it wasn't true, a lot of people were disappointed.

K: It seemed like people... were expecting a lot.

A: So about a year ago, it was like "maybe it's alien". But NASA didn't say anything for a long time, so they finally made that recent announcement.

K: What would you do if aliens attacked?

A: Like they're trying to conquer us? Seems likely. How scary. Or like diseases from space. How would you create a vaccine.

K: I don't know. What would we do?

A: So this time it was about arsenic, but a few years ago it seems we received a correspondence.

K: From who?

A: We don't know. It seemed to come from real far away.

K: How scary!

A: Lightyears away.

34:25 A: Last one from Yuunito-san: Please forgive me! - Shishiodoshi (the bamboo that fills with water and then drops to make a noise to scare off deer)

K: I see. Going kabong, kabong all the time nonstop.

A: What's a shishiodoshi.

K: A bamboo that fills with water, then it falls and going kabong.

A: Oh that. Good luck, shishiodoshi.

----- 35:55


K: After this, we still have work to do together.

A: Yeah. On the same spot.

K: It's like we're together the whole day.

A: And next week too.

K: Oh right.

A: Well, I'm really happy to sing with Kana-chan.

K: What is that? It's cute!

A: I was happy thinking that we'd be together today so I skipped around.

K: What's that? Episode 12 will air January 28th.

A: The month's half over.

K: How scary. It went by so quickly.

A: Well, this radio started before the anime aired, right? And now, the anime has ended.

K: That's true. It's lasted longer than a quarter of the year.

A: So even though the anime is over, I'm happy that we can continue to be together on the radio like this.

K: Yeah.

A: I'm sure people are cheering for us. So let's get along. Kana-san should say it too.

K: Really? Please do!

A: Listen again.

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Re: My little sister can't be this cute on the radio

Post by umrain » Sun May 22, 2011 11:44 pm

Another fun episode.

Here's some notes:
So, around 19:30 when Kana is talking about how she wants to see Ayachi as an amaloli, she calls out, "Seigura-san?!". Seigura (short for Seiyuu Grand Prix) is a monthly magazine that features seiyuu photos/interviews/information. This episode was recorded months ago, and I'm sure it's a coincidence, but the cover of the current issue of Seigura happens to feature Taketatsu Ayana in a sort of Amaloli-ish outfit (not strawberries though). (the text above her name says "What if Taketatsu Ayana was your Little Sister...?")

I'm not sure why now, but I wanted more explanation on the Oda Nobunaga joke so I used all my google/wikipedia/etc powers to find the following info:

First of all "A Chi Chi, A Chi, moeterun darou ka?" seems to be a line from Go Hiromi's Japanes cover of Livin' da Vida Loca titled "GOLDFINGER'99". I'M NOT MAKING THIS UP.

As for the Nobunaga connection, it's hard to hear but instead of a burning corridor (rouka), Ayachi may be mentioning burning watchtowers (roukan). In that case she might be referring to the third siege of Nagashima where Nobunaga burned down enemy watchtowers with fire arrows. Oh hey it also looks like he also eventually burned down the whole enemy fortress leaving no survivors. Okay...

On the other hand, I saw the Japanese internet comments on this episode making the connection to the incident at Honno-ji, where Nobunaga, overwhelmed by enemy forces, had one of his men set fire to the temple where he was making his last stand (so no enemy soldiers could claim his head as a trophy) and then commited seppuku. I'm no pro on Japanese history so I'm not sure which of these terrible historical fires this corny joke was intended to be about, but there you go.

On another note, I think the more creepy-ish things Hanazawa Kana says to/about Ayana and other seiyuu the more I like her.

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Re: My little sister can't be this cute on the radio

Post by takenoko » Mon Jun 20, 2011 4:15 pm

So I added in umrain's notes for episodes 9 and 10, thanks again for that.

It looks like I missed a line in 9 at the end from Kana.

A: Realjuu bakuhatsu shiro? Kuroneko is amazing. When you see happy couples, you should think that!

K: Well, couples and people in love should probably go die

A: Well yeah. Well, I'm sure we'll be saying it again on the 24th

I've edited the forum posts and my txt files

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Transcript 12

Post by takenoko » Tue Jun 21, 2011 5:18 am


Oreimo 12 January 28, 2011
"Aya-chi" Taketatsu Ayana -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Hanazawa Kana -Kuroneko

Kirino: Yesterday on the 27th, Oreimo Portable went on sale! Have you all played it?

Kuroneko: And for you traitors who bought a different game, I suppose you're listening to this radio show, aren't yoU? Perhaps I shall curse


Kirino: When I finish recording here, I plan to go home and play the Last Story!

Kuroneko: Looks like you are cursed as well.

Kirino: I have to take my turn at being cursed as well.

Kuroneko: Of course you don't! Don't say such creepy things!

Kirino. Right. Right. Anime Oreimo Blu-ray and DVD are going on sale, so please check them out. And that's it for announcements. So let's read
a letter today. This letter is from Peroring-san.
Letter: The anime is over, but there's still the Net version. The game's also on sale. I'm sure 2011 will be the year of Oreimo. If it's okay, I'd like to hear Kiririn and Kuronyan's aspirations for 2011.

Kuroneko: My ambition. Good question. I suppose those who read the original novel know, but I have a really major wish. I plan to put all my effort into that.

Kirino: Eh? What what? If you don't say it, I won't know.

Kuroneko: Please don't list a billion things. Your turn.

Kirino: Me? My ambition is the same every year. This year, I plan to be even more amazing than before

Kuroneko: That is like you... Have you ever heard of modesty?

Kirino: Fool! Just who do you think you're talking to?

Kuroneko: Indeed a good question. I wonder if the listeners have decided on their ambitions?

Kirino: If you work hard for a year, you can achieve one or two things. This is so true. Try it!

Kuroneko: In your case, you have learned to get along quite well with your brother.

Kirino: Shut up! You should be glad that we were able to sort of become friends in a year.

Kuroneko: <Laughs> Just now, you have said something you should have not. I hope you are prepared to deal with the consequences.

Kirino: Come at me. Shall we take this outside, alone? I'll show you today who the true heroine is.

Kuroneko: Very well. First, let's finish off the corner.

Kirino: So, thanks for listening to the radio today.

Kuroneko: Please listen next time too.

Oreimo Radio Start

Kana-chan: We did it. We did it.

Aya-chi: Hey, everyone. Yodolehii!

K: What is that?!

A: This show is on Blu-ray and DVD. This is the radio for Oreimo.

K: Yodolehii!

A: You know in Street Fighter 2, the character Balrog (Vega in the west) says that when he wins.

K: I don't know what you're talking about.

A: When I'm happy, sometimes Balrog appears. This time, I came here from my previous job together by bus... bus/taxi.

K: It seems like we spend a lot of time together after the anime ended.

A: Yeah. It seems like we see each other every week.

K: We do. Every week. There are a lot of interviews, aren't there?

A: Yeah. The game just went on sale. There was the interview for the game. We're doing a lot. It feels like it's not over. And now, the Blu-ray and DVD are on sale. But the anime isn't airing. It makes me feel lonely.

K: The anime may be over... But maybe we should do another season?

A: Maybe we should? I wonder if we will. Let's do it. Maybe if you all buy a lot of the DVDs.

K: Oh right. I hear the DVDs are selling well.

A: Is that so? Thank you, everyone.

K: Maybe we'll see you all again.

A: Don't let it end. Maybe it'll continue.

K: There's the Net version. That's right. Then it's not over, but...

A: But let's hope after the Net version end, it'll be like, "The second season is confirmed."

K: I hope we get to say that.

A: Let's work hard for that goal.

K: Maybe we should say it anyway.

A: That'd be an amazing lie.

K: People would get angry with us, right?

A: Blu-Ray and DVD Volume 2 went on sale January 26th. Also yesterday, 27th the PSP game went on sale.

K: That was fast. It feels like the game was done before we knew it.

A: Yeah. It seems like after we finished recording, it just went on sale.

K: During the interview, I thought about it, and there really are a lot of routes. There are a lot of stories. It's really full.

A: There is a lot of stories not in the anime or the original work. If you haven't played, be sure to check it out. ??Santorin is also selling well.

K: Really? I'll let my little brother know. He might buy it.

A: So everyone, please give your attention to ??Santarin. I mean check it out.

K: Aya-chi. You wrote something on your blog... Something... "Hanazawa Kana is a scary girl." I got a lot of e-mails about it. On another show I do, the "Hitori de" podcast, mail came and I read it. It's like "what are you doing?"

A: Well, listen. I came running in late. I came in saying, "Good morning!" Then Kana-chan looked at me and said "G-good morning." It felt like there was a distance between us. I felt like "Oh, I guess we haven't met in a while so there's a distance."

K: Is that so? There was a distance?

A: There was.

K: In my case, I thought about Aya-chi.

A: That wasn't conveyed.

K: I'm not the type who shows my expressions, apparently.

A: Like poker face? Are you like this on other radio shows?

K: No. Aya-chi... I... like you.

A: What's with this girl? A confession in the opening?! This is too sudden! It's a surprise!

K: I was heading to the studio. So I got an e-mail from Taketatsu Ayano. It was a single pictograph.

A: So it was an e-mail to say I was secretly watching you.

K: Eh? I thought, what? I got back an e-mail saying "I want to see you, Kana-chan."

A: Well, I was feeling lonely. I hadn't seen you in a while, Kana-chan.

K: That's cute of you to say.

A: On the radio, your chara is cute.

K: That's weird, I think. What of kind of person is this Taketatsu Ayana. Will Hanazawa Kana break?

A: It makes me happy to see you. Let's start. We're still in the opening.

K: But this is fine. I like this talk.

A: But we have a lot of corners and mail.


A: It's been two months since we did this corner. I've been waiting for this corner. Let's introduce one already.
Ore no naka (stomach) konna ni puyopuyo no wake ga nai. From a girl, right?
Letter: Hello. I'm in high school year 2. I have a little sister in middle school, three years younger. I didn't like my sister up to when I went into high school. I'm not sure what got into me, but last year I got her a Christmas present. In the middle of the night, I crept into her room and left the present on the bedside with the present from our parents. Then from my little sister's room I heard, "There's two presents!" She ran down the stairs and said "Oneechan, thanks!" From then on, I felt love for my little sister. Up till now, I've only been angry once at my cute little sister. Teehee!

K: That's really heartwarming. It's nice to be sisters. That's so nice. Aya-chi, want to be my little sister?

A: Isn't your little brother enough?

K: But I want to experience what it's like to have a little sister.

A: I want a little sister.

K: Then I'll be Aya-chi's little sister.

A: No way? But Kana-chan is taller, you're more like an oneechan. It's like you're always watching over me. So a middle school getting a Christmas present. I got it too though.

K: You believed in Santa-san, right?

A: Last year, he didn't come.

K: I'm sure everyone will be your Santa-san, Aya-chi.

A: But I was in the position of giving. I gave it to my niece.

K: That's true. Your niece is really cute, isn't she?

A: Yeah. Real cute. It's so bad.

K: Well that sounds really creepy. You make it sound like your niece belongs to you.

A: I went on a trip for New Year's. We went to Yamanashi. The whole family went in a wagon-type vehicle. My nieces were fighting over the seat. My nieces are seven and three years old. They were fighting over me. It was like "I want to sit by Aya-chan! "Me too!" It happened in real life. I was like, "These girls are like angels."

K: It's like Imouto Maker. I see. Maybe we should make that special footage. That's very mo-e.

A: I had no choice, but sit in the hard to sit middle spot. It was a hard spot to sit. So I had my two nieces by my side. I figured they'd like anime. So I found anime for kids and let them have my iPhone, then we sang together.

K: That's nice. Like Yumeiro Patisserie, you see that a lot.

A: But why Yumeiro Patisserie. K-On? K-On songs can be sung.

K: You know it well.

A: I bought the album.


From Kyousuke mitai na kareshi ga hoshii-san (I want a boyfriend like Kyousuke)
A: Oops, I made a mistake.

K: Where are you, Aya-chi? I thought I lost my place.

From radio name Shinseiji-san:
Letter: I enjoyed Oreimo. I have a little sister three years only. She's a pain, and is always sloppy. She's on the same level as a middle age man. Not cute at all. But last year, during the countdown, she suddenly got up. I thought, "What's she doing now?" But when the count reach zero, she jumped. She said, "When the year started, I wasn't on the ground!" I thought, "What a fool, but that's kind of cool."

A: Is this what it's like to be a girl?

K: Yeah. Well, I think you can still make it, Aya-chi.

A: I've never thought of such a girly thing.

K: It's like being a kid and going haha. Shall we jump? Although I'd definitely forget next year.

From Teido-san:
Letter: Isn't the CM for Bou Uchuusenkan Yamato movie's kind of sexy. After the CM, my little sister said, SM is rare in Japan, isn't it? SM? Could she mean SM? "Huh! Forget I said that!" She turned all red and turned around. I thought that was cute.

A: I wonder how old she is.

From Mashimoripoly:
Letter: We go to the same school. When we clean, we'd hear AKB48's Heavy Rotation, my little sister will use the mop as a mic and sing and dance. Even though she says "I hate AKB" I think that's kind of cute.

K: The PV is really cute.

A: Heavy Rotation. The one in bikinis?

K: In underwear.

A: Is it really underwear? That's amazing!

K: I've seen it many times! Mayui is cute.

A: All the members of AKB are cute.

K: It's nice to be an idol. I liked MomoMusu.

A: We like Mayui together. Mayui has everything arranged.

K: Just what you expect from an android.

A: It sure surprised... Android? What?

K: I mean it seems like an android. But Taketatsu Ayana is cute too.

A: What's with this girl. Thanks.

K: What were we talking about? AKB? A girl with a mop. Guess that's it.

A: That was Life Counseling!


K: Aya-chi! Life counseling, was it?

A: I messed up.

K: Normally we'd redo it.

A: The fifth battle is: Otaku Cafe for men VS for women.

K: Which is mine? It's cafe for women, right?

A: I'm for men.

K: I've never been before.

A: For work, I've been to events at maid cafe.

K: Oh right, we've been at a maid cafe.

A: Cure Maid Cafe, was it?

K: There are ones where the skirts aren't really short.

A: Yeah. Long ones. It was cute. Shall we get started? First, Taketatsu oko...

K: Okonomiyaki?

A: Let's start. First, Taketatsu for guys. Then Hanazawa for girls. Battle start.
From I want a boyfriend like Kyousuke-san: I'm a girl, but I'm definitely for maid cafes. First, the restaurants are cute. The maid clothes are cute. And the menu names are also cute. There are fujoshi maids that like manga and anime, so it's fun to talk with them about your hobbies.

K: I see. That makes sense.

Letter continue: Getting along while talking about your hobbies is nice. As fellow girls, there's a lot to talk about.

K: That's nice. Talking with maids who like anime.

A: That's how fujoshi are. "Kyousuke is such a player. Nakamaura-san is so cool."

K: I'm sure he must be like double o.

A: I want to go too. Let's go to a maid cafe for the radio.

K: From pen name Paruru-san: I recommend dansou (dressing-as-men) cafes. At dansou cafes, all the girls are nice. They are real feminists. They are as kind as the ideal man. We know they're actually women, but it's like falling in love with a real guy sometimes. When you leave you're back in reality, but in the cafe, it's like a dream.

K: Well. Girls that dress as men are nice. Lately, men that become women, otokonoko, has been popular.

A: I wonder if it's like that.

K: It's not. It's like, kyunkyun (tugging heart strings)

A: Delusions are fun like this. I'm sure it's more fun in real life.

K: Whoa, what's with that face?

A: This is my, I want to try it.

K: I want to try both. Next.

A: Go ahead.

K: It's yours, Aya-chi.

A: What's wrong with me today?
From Kyousuke's little sister is too cute that it's hard to live: The most interesting cafe for men are the miko (priestess) tea ones. Nearby there's a temple, I saw some miko running. I thought there was a festival somewhere. The girls dress as pure miko. I like miko more than Meruru. (A bunch of names I don't get). Unfortunately, the restaurant. But apparently there's a miko cafe in Osaka.

K: Isn't this Hayami's character?

A: Kiraboshi!

K: This is Oreimo.

A: Do it. I want to hear it. Kiraboshi! Araaaa!

K: Wrong character. That was funny though. Ayase. Hayami.

A: I'm sure he likes Hayamai-tan.

K: Working as a miko would be nice.

A: Yeah but no one is hiring. I even looked.

K: You looked? Maybe you should go to a temple. My friend did it.

A: Did she wear the white and red thing? Nice.

K: Although I guess she was pretty busy.

A: I think it'd suit Hayami-chan more.

K: Yeah, it'd fit Hayami.

A: It's for a fine lady. There's a nobility about it. I'm sure a miko would fit.

K: Why didn't we get her to wear it for Oreimo Festival?

A: Why Oreimo now?

K: Because cosplay would have been okay there. My turn:
From Nana-san: I recommend Kana-chi's cafe for girls. I like Ikebukuro's Swallowtail. It's probably the most famous butler cafe. Unlike maid cafe, butler cafes have ranks. House steward, second steward, groom of chamber.

A: You wrote in hiragana?

K: Well I don't know. Next is butler.
Letter continued: First footman. Then patisserie. Kyuuiji.

A: What's a kyuuiji?

K: Maybe it's like a black butler? A cook?
Letter continued: I didn't understand the meaning at first. But I like feeling like a lady here. Aya-chi and Kana-chi should visit.
I want to go. She said it felt like a lady.

A: That's sure like a maid. I wonder if they'll do something with my shoe or blow the hair from my face.

K: Delusions sure are nice. It might be more exciting at a butler cafe.

A: Yeah. The show might be more interesting. Yeah, it's for work.

A: From Gunman-san: In episode 9 you wondered if there were little sister cafe. There are. When you enter, the female employees/little sisters will say "Welcome back Oniichan or Oneechan." There are anime goods inside. Anime and tokusatsu music will play in the background. There are only counter seats. You can talk with the little sisters without honorifics. Sometimes you can talk with the other Oniichan or Oneechan. Anime or games are all okay. When you leave the shop you give an allowance.

I guess the allowance is the tip?

Continue: The little sisters will see you off while waving at the door. It's a fun shop.

That's kind of good.

K: But it says you can talk with other Oniichan/Oneechan. I wonder what that means. Like "Our little sister is cute" or something? I wonder what they talk about.

A: That's a mystery.

K: Is it like being relatives. I don't get it.

A: But paying money ruins the fantasy, right? So making it like allowance makes it seem better. Like "Come again."

K: But Aya-chan. "Here's your allowance." On to the next one:
Radio name Takami Yuu-san: This is my first mail. I'm really excited.

Exciting! How cute. Stay excited!

Continued: This time I want to talk to you about maid cafes. But these are maid cafes for girls, so I guess this is okay for the girls version? The one I go to often is Wonder Parlor or ??Shatsukisa or Cure Maid Cafe or Seito Hame Kisa. Maids originally were people who helped around the house, right? There are a lot of maid cafe where the skirts aren't short and colorful. There's black or brown docile colors. The skirts are long. Simple designs. The hair are properly put up. And they don't have frolicky attitudes. Those are my ideal maids. They sell tea or scones. Of course there are male customers, but for a woman like me who wants to spend a quiet time alone, those maid cafe are best.

A: Seems like it's easy to get exciting.

K: Like they don't do moemoe janken (rock paper scissors).

(Kana starts to tell a story, but decides not to because it'd bring up a weird person)

K: It'd be easy to get into that.

A: At an event, I went to Cure Maid Cafe. Everyone's skirts was long. Everyone had a pure feeling.

K: It feels natural.

A: The hair is put too. Not cute. Every time, I think either is fine. Let's go today!


A: From Koucha-san: Just which am I? -Kentauros (Latinized to centaur)
The top part is human, but the bottom is a horse. Which is it? Is it like jinmen (human face)

K: That's only the face! Jinmen. That'd be scary. That'd mean a horse with a human face.

A: But the top part.

K: Jinmen would be more scary! Which would you say? Is a kentauros child a kentauros?

A: Well, if they marry a human woman, then surely the child is human. Right?

K: I see. A human and a horse... When you think about that... I get what you're saying, but let's just call them kentauros. On to the next one.

A: From Takatano-san: To come so cheerfully like that. -Kyoto
I see. It's like "Let's go to Kyoto!"

K: I'm sure one'd put up their barriers if that happened.

A: Well you get an image of going there for a change of pace.

K: Going there by Shinkansen is 2 and a half hours, right?

A: Yeah. Let's go.

K: Aya-chi, let's go to an onsen together. Don't you want to do a snow seeing onsen?

A: I do! But it'd be hell to go in. It'd be cold.

K: At this time. But you can only see the snow now. While looking at the snow, Taketatsu licking.

A: What about onsen while looking at sakura. It'll be warmer too. I want to go on a trip. Kana-chan is broken. It seems like Kana-chan breaks down a lot recently.

K: It's just sometimes, Aya-chi looks at me with a look like she's after me.

A: I don't!

K: People sure will get angry with me.

A: By who?

K: It'll be like. "Stay away from our Taketatsu!"

A: But my manager likes Kana-chan. "That Kana-chan is cute."

K: Mimicking him again?

A: Next.
From Zacky-san: Kana-chan suddenly touched my thigh. -Taketatsu Ayana.

K: This is true story. Sorry for touching it.

A: It's not that I was against it. But after touching it, you had such a disappointed face.

K: The expression had nothing to do with you, Aya-chi.

A: When I wrote it on the blog, the emoticon I used looked like it.

K: Just now I touched Aya-chi's coat.

A: This girl really is touchy. Normally she touches my butt.

K: You make me sound like a hentai woman or a pervert. Let me explain. Aya-chi, it was a cold day. The coat looked warm, so while touching it, my hand touched your butt.

A: It was like, someone touched me! But I didn't really notice till you said it. It was like "You touched me just now?"

K: I didn't know I was so skilled.

A: Watch yourself.

K: I think this is quite a problem. I was thinking I'd be arrested someday.

A: Kana-chan is broken, so let's put this at an end.


K: Sorry, Aya-chi. Looks like I sexually harassed you.

A: It's just your usual thing.

K: Gasp! I see, guess she should be on the watch then.

A: But a little bit is okay.

K: Episode 13 will come out February 11.

A: Oh. Before Valentine's?

K: That's true. We just finished New Year's and Valentine's is already coming. How busy.

A: After you turn twenty, the days feel like they go faster.

K: If you say that, they'll go even faster.

A: When you get older, it's amazing, but you feel more lonely.

K: Yeah.

A: It's like, just how much shorter will it get.

K: Hey, wait a moment.

A: Think positive. Think positive.

K: Maybe there'll be some worries related to Valentine's?

A: So write in!

K: We'll be waiting for your mail for our various corners! The topic for the sixth Meruru VS Maschera. Here it comes! Card Captor Sakura VS Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.

A: But I like them both! What is that?!

K: But you like Sakura, right?

A: I'm Sakura? Alright! I'll do my best!

K: I'm Sailor Moon.

A: Both are good.

K: This is a battle where neither of us can lose. Let's make it heat up. We'll be waiting for your letters.

A: That went so fast. I'm glad I met you, Kana-chan.

K: This girl!

A: But it's true.

K: But if you say that so readily, I get the wrong idea.

A: Wait a moment! Why are we confusing friendship with romance. Is this a shoujo manga? It was fun. It's time!

Both: Bye bye!

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Transcript 13

Post by takenoko » Tue Aug 09, 2011 11:37 pm


Oreimo 13 February 11, 2011
"Aya-chi" Taketatsu Ayana -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Hanazawa Kana -Kuroneko
Kirino: I've been seeing the word "choco" a lot in the city lately. In three days it'll be Valentine's Day.

Kuroneko: A conspiracy by candymakers. No... Perhaps I should say it's the day that I put a curse on the relationships of other girls?

Kirino: That's the most embarrassing thing I've heard you say!

Kuroneko: Is that some sort of problem?

Kirino: No, no. It's fine. Well, this has nothing to do with us.

Kuroneko: Oh? You're not giving any choco to your brother?

Kirino: Why do I have to give that guy choco?! Well... As a girl, I'm going to make some choco. You want any?

Kuroneko: Maybe you shouldn't. I have a bad feeling about this.

Kirino: You sure? My choco has a pretty good reputation.

Kuroneko: No thank you. I'll have your brother tell me what he thinks of your choco after Valentine's Day is over.

Kirino: L-like I said! I'm not giving him any!

Kuroneko: Right, right. Anyway, it seems your brother has been popular. I suppose I'll read this related letter.
From Kurotei-san: Both of you really like Kyousuke. What would you like him to call you?

Kirino: Who really likes him?!

Kuroneko: Oh, what a most intriguing question. You may answer it first.

Kirino: I know you're doing this to annoy me!

Kuroneko: No such thing. So what would you like your brother to call you?

Kirino: I've never thought of that. It's fine as is.

Kuroneko: What a boring answer. I'm disappointed in you.

Kirino: Then what about you?

Kuroneko: Me? I can't think of anything off the top of my head. How about "Master"?

Kirino: Just what kind of relationship do you want from him?!

Kuroneko: R-relationship? A loyal servant in my family of darkness? R-right. Like a pet.

Kirino: Vetoed! It kind of pisses me off.

Kuroneko: Is that so? To make him my servant, I'll have to do something about his current master.

Kirino: Shut up, you chuunibyou (teenage syndrome) girl! Let's finish this.

Kuroneko: This is our 13th radio show. We're still collecting interesting requests.

Kirino: We're also waiting for thoughts on the anime.


I guess Ayana got her nose caught on something?

Aya-chi: This is our 13th show. That means half a year has passed since we started.

Kana-chan: So that mean, it's been half a year since I started talking with Aya-chi.

A: Yeah. It's been half a year for us.

K: Not that it means anything.

A: It says to talk about what we've done together in the last half year. Eaten together.

K: But the managers were with us.

A: Shopped together?

K: Nope.

A: Played games together?

K: Nope.

A: Went out to have fun together?

K: Not really, I think?

A: We actually talked about finishing the recording quickly and going out to eat afterwards. But there doesn't appear to be time for that.

K: Well, we do meet up a lot because of our connection through Oreimo. This is an inside story, but it is quite a long time. Like 10 hours together.

A: Yeah. It starts at 4 at night. Then it lasts for about ten hours.

K: We talk a bit during make-up. If only there weren't outsiders around.

A: What? Like the people in front of us?

K: I just want to monopolize Aya-chi.

A: If there were time. If this continues another half year, maybe we can do something.

K: How long do you think this radio show will continue?

A: Probably for a year?

K: I wonder?

A: Continue. Continue.

K: This is going pretty well. Maybe it can continue?

A: Then maybe it'll continue till August next year, no, this year?



5:59 A: This corner is always very healing.

K: Good.

A: I love it. I want to read them as soon as possible.
6:20 Radio name Nekamajanaino-san: A lot of otaku girls are thought to be fujoshi (rotten girls) who like watching guys do it. I'm the opposite. I like girls with girls. I grin when I see you guys flirt on the air. Please keep getting along.

K: Looks like they approve of it!

A: That's amazing. Now we can do it all we want.


K: But I wonder if I can restrain myself in this new situation.

A: With what?

K: Various things. Things.

A: Kana-chan, has been becoming really dangerous lately. But I like Kana-chan.

K: Is it really okay?

A: If it were dangerous, I'd stop you. If it got bad. Tsk tsk tsk tsk.

K: That's good.

A: If you like girl relationships, then I recommend Ayakashi Ninden Kunoichiban. You'll need a PS1, it's software for the Playstation. It's cute. A yuri game. Kana-chan is getting excited.
あやかし忍伝 opening video

7:52 From Black Cat-san: I have a problem right now. I don't have the courage to play a gal game. I've never played a gal game before. I'm resistant to playing a gal game. But I want to play the Oreimo game. Thus, I have a request for you two. Please give me the courage to play a gal game.

K: I see. But does the Oreimo game count as a gal game?

A: Gal game? Does it? It's an adventure game? It's not a simulation.

K: It's not a simulation. Aya-chi is the teacher here.

A: Gal games? It's an escape from reality. You can forget the bad things. It's full of dreams. Well. There are a lot of routes in gal games. Remember how Kirino was save and reloading to find missing stills.

K: Stills?

A: You know? Pictures. Illustrations. There are pictures. You can save and load so you can capture them. You can wait for random characters to appear.

K: Aya-Aya-chi. You're not really conveying it.

9:29 A: At first, it takes courage to do it. But I've been playing since I was little, so I didn't resist it much.

K: Try the Oreimo game. And maybe you'll try others.

A: Good luck!

9:59 From Wapuru-san: It's always fun to listen. I'm an ani-ota. It's a secret from my family. I don't watch the anime I like in front of my family. I do it in secretly. I happened to be watching Oreimo when I heard "This is an anime for adults, isn't it?" and the channel got changed. That's where I need advice. How can I appear more like an adult?

K: That's the question? It's an anime for adults?

A: I thought it was all ages.

K: Yeah. There's nothing dirty about it.

A: Yeah. There is the scene where Kyousuke has his hand on Kirino's something.

K: But it's not perverted.

A: It was more like an accident. Well it was an accident. It wasn't sexy.

K: But Kirino goes... "Rinkorin is cute. Rinkorin!" She can't let her family see that.

A: No way! Why? My family saw. My mom saw it. Maybe my brother did too.

K: The Taketatsu family is pretty... open, isn't it?

A: Maybe it's opening.

K: There are families that aren't that open.

11:31 A: I see. Then what can be done?

K: What? Well. Maybe have them drink hot milk?

A: Put them asleep? Well. With hot milk? If you have them exercise and feed them a lot, they'll feel more sleepy.

K: What? Are you a child?

A: Well say "Mom, have you been gaining weight?" Then "Mom, you should do some exercise." Then after exercising, she'll feel hungry. So you feed her a lot. Then she'll feel sleepy.

K: It's so long! Is that possible?

A: Not possible? It's for her mother's health.

12:45 K: So she always has to keep it secret?

A: But the DVD is on sale. Take the package and say "Look, it's wholesome."

K: Really? Is the Oreimo cover actually wholesome?

A: It's wholesome. Kirino-chan is on the first one. Just be like "This anime is amazing. If you buy it, it comes with a CD." We'd be grateful. It'd support us. And Wapuru-san will be able to watch it. You'd be killing three birds with one stone.

K: Amazing. Good luck. I think it's hard to get parents to go to sleep early.

13:47 A: But there's always someone nocturnal in the family. My mom is nocturnal.

K: My mom works in a pie shop. So she gets up really early, so she goes to sleep really early.

A: Is that so? She works part time at a pie shop? So she gets a little part-time pay?

K: How mean!

A: Let's pretend that didn't happen. Everyone has their own situation.

K: People have things they can't say.

14:37 A: When I was in high, no middle school, my friend was a fujoshi. She told me about a manga that sounded interesting, so I bought it. At that time I didn't know about BL (boy love), and it had these two boys on the front cover.

K: Your friend introduced you two BL?

A: It was like "This title is interesting." I asked her if she knew any interesting manga. So she told me. Then I went to the book store, and there were these two boys on the cover. So, I bought that, then read it at home. It was amazing. It wasn't dirty or anything, but it had boys kissing boys. It was so dramatic that I quickly read it, then hid it on the bookshelf.

K: You felt like it might be bad?

A: I didn't feel guilty or anything. It's just... I dunno.

K: Well, it's fantasy.

A: It surprised me.

15:37 K: BL, eh? There's also BL cafes.

A: Are there? Where boys act like they're in love? I want to see that.

K: Everyone's grinning:

A: If anyone knows a cafe like that, tell us.


Kukkuru dorururu? Don't know what this is about

17:18 K: I'll start.

A: Eh? Did you just read the answer?

K: That was the answer... What an amateur thing to do. It's okay, I haven't read it yet.

A: Really?

K: Here I go. Eh, ugh.
Penname: Tokyo tokkyo kyoka-kyoku kyoukuchou [Sally]-san: The Net slang I want to introduce is Torima.

A: Tori?

Letter cont: Lately, people have been saying it's getting old. Good luck, you two.

A: I know it. Toriaezu mattete "Wait for now"

K: Maybe it's Toriaezu maa "Well..."

<Ding ding>

K: The correct answer is toriaezu maa. Example: Torima Aya-chi is a hentai.

A: So why is ma needed? And why am I a hentai?

K: The ma is probably to elongate it. I've heard this.

A: At first I thought it was torima.

K: What's torima.

A: People who take care of animals.
(Eh? Does she mean trainer?)

K: Really?

A: I would have wanted to become one if I hadn't become a voice actor.

K: If Aya-chi torima, then I'd become something...

A: What? A dog? With a human face? I don't want one with a human face. That's scary!

K: If it had a human face then it'd be mine.

19:58 From: Hanasaka Ria: This is the Net slang I'm introducing this time: Honda Shikaku (Square)

A: What? Isn't it Honda sankakke? Honda. Honda... Shika. Honda shika kakkee.

<ding ding>

K: That was fast!

A: The answer is "Honda is the only one who's cool." In the 2010 World Cup, in three matches, he had a miraculous record of 2 special points and one assist. So fans gave him this nickname. Did you get the answer right? I'll continue to support the anime and radio show.

K: I see. It's something you give for someone godlike.

A: Like Hanazawa shikakkee.

K: Really? Taketatsu shikawaii..

A: That's not shikakkee.

K: How can I phrase it?

21:11 A: It's like "Yes, shikakkee." Faint/Saint Oniisan influenced me. So I'll lend that to you Kana-chan. Read it, Kana-chan. Share in the fun.

21:44 From penname Kuronyan to Kirino Kawaii: "Tahiru"

A: Tahiru? In katakana.

K: The "tahi" is katakana. The "ru" is in hiragana. タヒる
Hint: "Kyou no jugyou tahiri sou da na." "Today's class seems tahiri"

22:28 K: Maybe this forms a word? Isn't this Shi? Shi for "dead"

<ding ding>

22:41 K: Tahiru written accross in katana, looks like the kanji for shi. It's a child's word. It means "to die". So when you play Mario, the first kuribo (goomba) always tahiru, right?

It's also used in hopeless situations.
"I'm late for work. Tahiru!"

A: So it means "to die"?

K: Yeah.

A: Don't die so easily!

K: Wait a moment. Instead of saying "I'm late, I'm going to die." You'd say "Tahiru". It sounds less intense.

A: Is that?

K: Seems so. It's a child's word, right?

A: Yeah. But I'm a loli. I'm still a loli.

K: Yeah. You're 21.

A: Just barely. This year, it won't be anymore.

23:55 K: This year, you should suddenly be an adult woman.

A: Hanzawa shikakkee.

K: I don't like that phrasing.

24:12 A: From Ore no imouto ga Jedi kishi-san

K: A Jedi knight?

Letter: Since you guys have done a bunch of these, I'm going to give you a slightly hard one. The problem is: FSS. FSS has various meanings, but this one is often used on the official channel Niconico Douga. Hint: In a video, when a woman appears, when there's a certain angle, the comment FSS appears.

K: Eh? A certain angle? Ah! Four!

A: That's it!

K: What is that? Well, when the tension goes up. Like a woman's cleavage. Four!

A: But if that were the case, the office would say it's NG (no good). Is this okay.

K: I don't know. Doesn't seem like it. "Kind of like how Hanazawa-san talks to Taketatsu-san."

A: I bet it's like the "hah hah" (heavy breathing).

K: I see. Futomomo (thigh)?

A: Like Futomomo sawaritee (want to touch the thigh). Futomomo sawari sou (the thigh looks touchable).

K: Futomomo... surisuri.

<ding ding>

25:41 A: Lately Kana-chan keeps getting them. The answer: FSS means Futomomo surisuri. When a girl's leg is up, that means FSS. It's Net slang used on video sites.
(Suri suri = sli sli? Short for slip up?)

K: Everyone sure is perverted.

A: Just like Kana-chan.

K: Wait a moment. I see. But I Aya-chi had me in a FSS situation too.

A: It wasn't on purpose. I was just under.

K: It's fine. At least it wasn't the cheeks. Not "the cheeks are surisuri"

A: If that were the case... Let's think about it. That would be worrysome.

K: FSS. I'll remember it.

A: I feel smarter. I'll use it.

K: Will you use it?

A: But I think I can use Hanazawa shikakkee.

K: And I think I can use FSS with Aya-chi. Someday Aya-chi S F S... this is hard to say!


A: Looks like a lot has come into this corner.

K: Oh. We didn't read that much.

27:34 A: From Narinari-san: I'm classified as a herbivore male, but no believes me. -Popeye

A: It's true. He likes spinach, so he would be a herbivore. But he's so muscular that he doesn't look like it.

K: I don't know that much about Popeye.

A: I know the girl is named Olive. And Popeye becomes strong when he eats spinach.

K: Like Anpanman? He's a herbivore. Just where does he get the energy from spinach?

A: It's mysterious, isn't it? If you say that, then where does Anpanman get his energy from?

28:35 A: Sora kara inseki futte-san (meteor from the sky): I'm not as handsome as in the game. - Sengoku Busho (Civil war military commander)
That's true. Busho-san is Ayano's grandpa.

K: When I see Sangokushi he's really hot.

A: There's also Sengoku Mushou. All the characters are handsome... beautiful. Everyone really gets in them.

K: Have you ever tried them?

A: I have. There'S Gundam Musou. And Sengoku Mushou. Or was it Sangoku Mushou?

29:17 K: Lately, personification has been popular, hasn't it? (I guess Kana is talking about how the Gundam are dressed as people)

A: Yeah. Personification. I wonder why it's popular. I guess it's cute.

K: It's interesting. I want to personify Aya-chi.

A: But I'm a person.

K: I was wrong just now. I apologize. Aya-chi was actually a person.

A: What's the opposite of personification? What do you call being turned into a dog?

K: Why would someone be a dog?

30:03 A: From Masaka-san: It's hard being put to work from the moment of birth - Yoshi
That's true. There's the egg. Then with a pop, Yoshi comes out.

K: How cute. I like Yoshi.

A: Well, what's wrong with that? It's better than being alone, right? He has a companion. If born alone, he'd be surrounded by the enemies. Consider Mario and Luigi as saving him.

K: But he moves too easily after being born. He should be more unsteady on his feet.

A: If that were so, he'd probably die. The moment he touches an enemy he'd die. Well, good luck. That's why you were born.

31:35 A: From Tsukiyo-san: A wall to my right, a wall to my left, a wall behind, a bomb in front of me. Someone save me! - Bomberman.

K: So it's Bomberman?

A: I used to play it a lot. A lot of walls. You break the blocks, right? If you get yourself trapped, you can't move. Have you ever played it?

K: I've only played the Bomberman race.

A: What race?

K: Bomberman... well... he rides a car and drives. I played it when I was young.

A: I'm really interested. I understand how Bomberman feels. It's hard for Bomberman. How many lives did he have? Well, there were five rounds. In the first world, you can only use one. The first to win is the winner. They really use Bomberman.

K: Poor thing. Like an android.

A: How precious.

K: How do you come with that?

33:08 A: From Hanpa Naite-san (half crying): My life is to just be licked. - Candy

K: I was sure that was Taketatsu Ayana...

A: Wait a moment!

K: Well, what's wrong with everyone licking you?

A: Plus you're sweet.

K: What do you like?

A: Let's see. Chupa Chups?

K: That suits you!

A: As well as cough drops (nodo ame).

K: Cough drops? Nanten cough drops are good.

A: The red has something in it. Those are good. I think those work best on my throat. I think I eat those most.

34:11 K: Doesn't that taste bitter?

A: Yeah. At first it's bitter, but as you suck on it, it becomes better.

A: Candy is very precious, so stick out your chest with pride, candy-chan.

34:52 ENDING

A: I'm hungry.

K: I want to eat something. What do you want?

A: Ice cream?

K: That's not something a hungry person says!

A: Then potato? I want to have some Mc potatoes.

K: Is there an image of eating Mc's potatoes?

A: Haven't you eaten it? By the way, about the 14th one. Hehehehehe.

K: It's February 25th. My birthday is February 22nd.

A: Isn't that right? Look forward to what happens?

K: What do you want to do? Switch roles? I want Taketatsu Ayana to do something good. By the way, Feb. 23nd Blu-Ray and DVD 3 comes out. The special CD contains Kousaka Kirino, Taketatsu Ayana's, Orange. Be sure to buy it!

A: Be sure to watch it!

K: I plan to buy it for my birthday. So you don't have to send it. Our diaries are connected. That's right. I get to see Aya-chi even less and less.

A: Ore no Hanazawa shi ga konna ni kakko ii wake ga nai. Honda shi kakkee ga nai.

K: I don't know what you're talking about it.

A: I see. Look forward to next time. It's time.

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Re: My little sister can't be this cute on the radio

Post by roankun » Mon Sep 12, 2011 5:05 am

In OreImo 12, I'm pretty sure meiko (姪子?) means niece/nephew. LOL. I laughed a bit at the Vocaloid thing. :)) According to my stalker instincts, she has a 7-yr old niece and 3 yr-old nephew (the children of her older brother). She posted this on her blog 2 years ago --> ... 37850.html

And kyunkyun is more like erm... a tugging at your heartstring feeling. Like when someone confesses to you and your heart goes kyun~. "Moe moe kyun~!" XD Sniff sniff is kunka kunka. :)

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Transcript 14: Kana-chan birthday special

Post by takenoko » Mon Oct 17, 2011 2:38 am

Thanks! That was useful when doing episode 14. When I have time I'll go back and do a more thorough correction, but for now, transcript 14


Oreimo 14 February 25, 2011
"Aya-chi" Taketatsu Ayana -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Hanazawa Kana -Kuroneko
Kirino: Everyone's been waiting for this. Oreimo 12 True Route has finally aired, have you all seen it?

Kuroneko: It's been two months since the end of the TV version airing. You sure kept them waiting.

Kirino: Blu-ray and DVD 3 goes on sale 2/23 too. How exciting.

Kuroneko: Did you see the last scene? Clearly I'm the heroine in the next episode.

Kirino: Well, let's see your skills then.

Kuroneko: Indeed. Well, please watch. Now then, we're introducing another letter this time too.
Radio name Mizuri-san: There is someone I like. Guys often say I'm tomboyish. I've tried to fix this, but can't. Just how do you act

like a girl?

Kirino: Oooh! Love advice? This is my first time, so I'm a bit nervous.

Kuroneko: I really sympathize with Mizuri-san. I've often thought about whether people accept me or not.

Kirino: I think that you should first change your appearance. I don't know if you can wear accessories in school... If you have

short hair right now, then try it long. It's feminine and cute and will change how you feel.

KUroneko: I see. So start with one's appearance.

Kirino: If you talk like a guy, then add -kun when talking to a guy. It's pretty trivial, but it starts a change in your actions.

Kuroneko: It takes a lot of courage to change. I think it's very noble of you to try to change for the person you like. But, I don't

want you to lose yourself in trying to be more feminine. Maybe people make fun of you for being boyish, but it's also part of your

charm. I'm cheering for you, Mizuri-san.

Kirino: I don't know how much my advice will help. But it'd make me happy if it helps you change, Mizuri-san.


Aya-chi: Do you want a meal? Do you want to take a bath? Or... m-e?

Kana-chan: Oh man. That really raised the tension.

Aya-chi: What's that supposed to mean!

Kana-chan: Well I choose Taketatsu.

A: No way!

K: I don't need a meal or a bath.

A: Take your bath! It's bad if you just have me, right!?

K: The reason this happened was because the radio show's wrter sent me an e-mail saying if there's anything I want Taketatsu to say,

I should do it. So I wrote a few things.

A: I was surprised. Last time I thought, "Next time it'll be Kana-chan's birthday, so what should I do for her?" I've got to do my

best since it's Kana-chan's birthday. So when this goes up, it'll be Kana-chan's birthday. You're an ex-loli. Congratulations! As a

warning, this time it'll be a Kana-chan birthday special!

K: I'm so happy!

A: If Kana-chan wants me to say anything, I'll do it.

<Suddenly starts playing Kuroneko's theme>

A: Happy birthday!

K: What is this cake? Thank you! The staff gave me a cake. It's great! I'm so happy.

A: Let's sing. Let's sing together.

Happy birthday to-

<Realizing she's singing alone> So that's how it is?! <Taketatsu continues to sing alone>

K: I'm so happy.

A: Congratulations on no longer being a loli. 22 years old?

K: Going from 22 from 21 doesn't seem like that much has changed. I've got college.

A: That's true. You're going to graduate soon.

K: Ayachi threw me a party to celebrate my advancement in school. I was so happy.

A: And I have a present for Kana-chan! What can it be? I had to think about this one since it kind of copies the Christmas present.

K: Eh? What is it? There's a lot inside. Ah! How cute!

A: It's a bath set. Shower jell. And bathing liquids.

K: There's animals. How cute. Thanks. Thanks. And what's this?

A: Plate. There's other things. Soap and... Lip cream. Hand cream.

K: I'm so happy. Thanks! What is this? You want to take a bath together?

A: If Kana-chan wants it...

K: What?! Really?!

A: Yeah. Today, I can be your present too.

K: Wait a moment. What do I do? Ayachi wraps herself in a ribbon and says "I'll be your present"... I act happy, but then say "that

kind makes me feel creepy" and send her back.

A: I think everyone knows.

K: Is it okay for me to play a creepy chara?

A: Last time it seemed like Kana-chan was broken. I want to eat this cake.

K: Maybe if we had a fork. We'll eat it later.


A: It's cold! Kana-chan, let's hold hands!

A: What is this? This is a line you wanted me to say, Kana-chan?

K: The writer thought it up for me.

A: It was my idea to have an episode to show that Kana-chan is cute.

A: Today, in the studio before recording... The writer gave a pair of mug cups as presents. You completely forgot your cellphone.

Normally you're so on top of things, but sometimes you forget things or space out which is cute.

"Kana-chan, you forgot this" Embarrassed, you made a grinning face.

K: If you say that, Ayachi, aren't you a clumsy girl? Like things falling out. Or being unable to undo the string for your choco or

dropping it. Or bumping your head.

13:30 A: On the mic. No, my head was just so full of Kana-chan! So I was spacing out.

K: Oh, then that's okay.

A: From Ninjin gyuunyuu-san:
My little sister was making fried egg. "I got sugar and salt mixed up. I wonder if I add sugar, the salt will disappear," is what

she said. I responded, "There's no way the salt would disappear if you add sugar." In my mind I thought "Not only did you get them

mixed up, you thought you can fix it by adding sugar. Do you think you're in an old manga or something?" Maybe she's just a dumb

girl, but I think my little sister is cute. Desu desu desu...

K: What was that?

A: An echo effect.

K: I see. That's cute.

A: And a little sister cooking is pretty cute.

K: And that it didn't quite work out is kind of cute.

A: So if she got them mixed up, that means she added salt?

K: Yeah, it ended up with a salty taste.

A: I see. Sounds good though. How cute.

K: Fried egg is pretty hard.

A: I recently bought a tamagoyaki frying pan. I used to make it on a round frying pan, but it was hard to turn them over. My cooking

has been getting better. I haven't used it once.

K: Really? You should use it.

15:47 From Perilist-san:
I have a little sister in middle school year one. I don't know much about girls, but it seems like she's being more like an adult

lately. This happened when the family was out eating. I ordered my usual, while my sister ordered this: One steak set, cooked to be

bitter. I told her "no one would say that!" Seeing my sister proudly ask for it to be bitter made me think she's really still a kid.

This kind of mistake is kind of cute.

K: I wonder if she stood up tall as she made that mistake. Cute. What's "bitter"? Something bitter.

A: I want a little sister.

K: But you have your niece. Your cute niece.

A: But I only see her once in a year, maybe half a year.

K: But isn't that the perfectly frequency for seeing her?

A: But if you only see her once every half year, she grows up so fast.

K: I see. She is a girl. They grows up fast.

A: Her name's Hina-chan. "Hina-chan got to have her nails done!" And she'd have these shiny nails, it was cute.

K: Girls nowadays sure are fashionable.

A: Yeah. And she's only in year one of elementary.

K: Apparently it's important to be popular with the boys.

A: Really?!

K: So, "If I wear this, I'd be really popular." Like wearing a bathing suit with spats.

A: Really?

K: I don't really know, but they're learning a sense of fashion from when they're little. It's amazing.

A: Girls nowadays are amazing.

K: I never thought about things like that.

A: Me either. I just wore what my mom bought me. Looks like that's it.

K: Oh, maybe we talked too much in the opening.

18:16 A: Kana-chan~ Just wanted to say that.


A: The 6th battle is Card Captor Sakura VS Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.

K: Can you say it one more time.

A: Kana-chan~

K: What is it?

A: Can you read your thing?

K: Sorry. It's only amusing for me! It is my birthday. The cake's been cut. I've got it and have been picking at it.

A: People have really been looking forward to this one. A lot of mail has come in for it. Looks like we had the data from our


K: Apparently we've received hundreds.

A: That's amazing. Using all this user data, we will have this battle. Let's start, Taketatsu Sakura starts, followed by Hanazawa

Sailor Moon. Battle start.

K: The first one is important.

A: This one is from Juusannichi no kinyoubi-san:
I'm definitely for Card Captor Sakura. This is what got me into this genre and its full of so many memories. It's popular even

thought it's already over. The reason is because the characters appear in other Clamp works. In Clamp's Tsubasa and xxxHolic, Sakura

and Shaoran appear. Kana-chan was a main character in Kobato where Sakura's older brother, Touya, appears. Sometimes I still watch

go back and watch it. The invicible spell "It'll definitely be okay" is important. Plus Sakura is a little sister.

A: That's amazing, they appear in a lot of shows.

K: Stuff in Clamp really has a lot of different characters. Doing Clamp creations is really fun.

A: Really? Yeah and in Tsubasa, Sakura and Shaoran appear. I see. So Kana-chan is in Kobato. I want to see it!

K: You should watch Kobato, It's such a touching story.

A: Really? You've really conveyed it. I really love the line "It'll definitely be okay." I liked it in the past. I'd pretend to be

Card Captor with a friend. Sakura doesn't have many catch phrases. But there is the line "It'll definitely be okay." And there's the

"Ho-a." We'd always say "It'll definitely be okay" to cheer each other up in school.

K: You pretended to be Sakura?

A: I did. I was in elementary fourth grade. Maybe fifth?

K: What a girly way to play.

A: But when you're in fourth/fifth grade, everyone is preparing to graduate. Yet we were playing Sakura.

K: That's fine. I think that's where your otakudom started, Ayachi.

A: Like Kuroneko. I'd be making phone calls by myself. Like that.

K: I see. Sort of acting like a teenager and losing yourself in your own world.

A: Looks like I had chuunibyou "middle school syndrome" in elementary school.

K: At the time, I listened to Pokemon songs. At home, the four of us would dance.

A: How lively.

K: Okay, here I go. From Boku ga Aino Minako-chan:
I'm pushing for Sailor Moon. The reason being the main character is extremely famous. The opening song, Moonlight Densetsu, is known

to people who haven't even seen Sailor Moon. And while the opening is well-sung and most famous, Sailor Moon's "Gomen ne sunao ja

nakute" lyric is famous. Plus it's amazing that the series has the same theme song for the first four series. The ending songs are

also good. Ishida Youko's debut song "Otome no Policy". (Ayachi: How nostalgic!) The original creator Takeuchi Naoko-san wrote the

lyrics for that. I couldn't stop talking about this, so I'll stop here.

A: I've been thinking this, where is that well sung part? Oh, in the very beginning? "Miracle romance jang!"

K: We should try singing it later. I also really like the opening to Card Captor Sakura.

A: I also really like it.

K: What was it, Gumi-san? "Catch you. Catch me."

A: I think people would know that if they heard it. Both are famous. They're both cute. Moe moe. Next. Which one should I pick?

K: It's hard to choose. We have so many.

25:18 A: I'll do this. From Takami-san:
I'm a guy, but I'd watch Card Captor Sakura every week with my older sister. I think guys like the intense battle scenes where she

collects the cards. After beating the cards, she can fly, jump, or use a sword. Seeing Sakura use fire, wind, or water magic was

exciting for me each time. I'll always remember when she takes out her magic staff to seal the card. I practiced to remember that

phrase. My male friends liked it too. Sakura is an amazing anime that appeals to a wide audience.

A: I also practiced. When in fourth/fifth grade, like I said earlier, I pretended to be Sakura. Like with flame, I'd say Fiery.

Sakura had a lot of cards for sale. Clow Cards were on sale. I wanted it. But I couldn't really buy them at the time, so I made my

own. I'd draw it and cut it out and go "Fiery!" I'd say the phrase in an excited voice. I'd wear a shining necklace that I bought

from the toy store. Then I'd take it out and say the phrase.

K: You're Kuroneko.

A: I completely had the middle school disease.

K: Cards are the theme.

A: You don't really see many use cards to battle.

K: I've fought with Pokemon cards. You've never heard of Pokemon cards? No way! None of you have heard of it?!

A: For card games, there's Yu-Gi-Oh...

K: Pokemon card is really intense. They even sold it for the Gameboy. Yeah, I played Pokemon Card Battle on the Gameboy.

A: What is that? I've never heard of it. You played it? Kana-chan plays her Gameboy? Wow!

K: Pen name Jibun no koto bishojo nante na norenai (I can't say my name since I'm a beautiful girl):
I'm older than you two, in other words, I was part of the Sailor Moon generation. I'm remembering a lot of things as I write this

mail. A lot of cute girls appear in Sailor Moon, but when the anime came out and they did character polls in magazines every month,

Mizuno Ami would always beat out the star, Usagi-chan. (A: I've heard that!) Ami-chan is strong and her character was rare in anime

then. I was in middle school back then, I bought Nakayoshi. At the time, they provided a service to get Chibi Usa's dimensional key.

I'd show it to my friends and say her catchphrase, what a good memory. More and more Sailor Senshi appeared, and it became hard to

remember them all. I think my limit is at 14 members. I checked and there's a bit more. <Laughs> How many can you name?

K: I can't.

A: Really? There's Sailor Moon, right? Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, right? And... Chibi Moon right? There's Chibi Moon, Uranus.

Neptune, Pluto. That's ten. There's more?

K: Is there a Black Hole? Like Mebius? Meiousei?

A: That's Pluto. (It's literally the Japanese name for Pluto)

K: Were all the names in English? I see.

A: What else is it? Galactica was last.

K: What's Galactica.

A: And do the Three Lights count? You don't know them?

K: You remember way too much about this.

A: Well I did love Sailor Moon.

K: I see. It seems like I lose out in passion with both compared to Ayachi. Just making an objective observation. Ami-chan really is


A: Ami-chan really is popular with guys.

K: But she's popular with girls too.

A: My favorite was Sailor Moon, but I went "Hey Papa, which one of these do you like?" He was like, let's see, and picked Ami-chan

and said "But you can have Usagi-chan, Aya."

K: So your father knew Ami-chan?

A: He said she's cute. So it's always been like a Usagi versus Ami battle to see who was cuter.

K: As far as colors, there's some that would appeal to girls.

A: Oh yeah. Like Chibi Usa's pink.

K: I only know Ami-chan.

A: Really? I liked Usagi-chan and Hotaru-chan.

K: Who's Hotaru-chan?

A: You don't know? She has black hair. She's quite sullen.

K: I can imagine her being cute, but I don't know.

A: She was Chibi Usa's friend.

K: Really?

A: There were over 10 Sailor Senshi.

K: There were a lot. I still remember Galactica.

A: She's the last boss.

K: Ayachi sure is well-informed. I should eat you up.

A: From Yukirio-san:
I like both, but I'm going for Sakura. Sakura-chan by herself is cute, but changing her costumes every time makes her more cute. I

really understand Tomoyo-chan's desire to dress her up and film her. Plus I liked Touya-niichan. He'd watch over his little sister.

I remember watching a brother like that. Even before Oreimo, I've liked siblings. If you like Oreimo, I'm sure you'd like Sakura.

K: Oreimo is sort aboug sibling love. I see.

A: Card Captor Sakura really has a lot of different kinds of relationships. There's filial piety, sibling love, Tomoyo-chan likes


K: Really?

A: And Yukito-san and Touya-oniichan. There's also a forbidden love between a teacher and his student. I was amazed they aired that

on NHK. It's amazing how the costumes changed each time.

K; It's amazing. It makes you wonder how much thought they put into it.

A: It's amazing. Clamp-san is amazing. When I was in elementary school I went to Animate once. Someone in Animated was doing

cosplay. It was Sakura-chan cosplay.

K: Ayachi you should cosplay as Sakura-chan.

A: I wanted to, but how do I get the costume?

K: I'm sure people will send it in.

A: I wanted to try it, but I don't know where they sell the costumes. Plus they're expensive.

K: Cosplay is expensive.

A: When I looked in elementary, they were about 30-40,000 (about 3-400 dollars). That was out of my range. Then I grew up.

K: It's okay. You can still do it.

A: I can? I can barely do it?

K: Not barely.

A: When I do cosplay, you should do it with me, Kana-chan.

K: Me?

A: What would fit Kana-chan from Sakura? There's a lot of cosplay for Sakura. But there must be something for Kana-chan. We'll make

this a listener's choice. Please write in.

K: No no no.

A: Heh heh heh.

K: This will do. I'll be Kereberos.

A: That's not cosplay. That's kigurumi (full body costumes, often of cartoon characters).

K: Kigurumi will work. I'll be Kereberos.

A: Be Mei-lin. Wear a Chinese dress. When she fights in white plain clothes. Or Tomoyo-chan's fluffy dress.

K: You really know a lot.

A: It's because I loved it. I want Card Captor Sakura DVDs.

K: Watch it.

K: On to the next one. From pen name Shiroikage-san:
There is something I need to report about Sailor Moon. Amazingly, Sailor Moon is famous in Germany. It's because the otaku of that

generation really know Sailor Moon. It's because it was airing when anime became a boom in Germany. So the children who were otaku

back then are the current ones now. At first it just had one season, but eventually they got the whole series and the three movies.

So now Germans and Japanese can feel nostalgic about the same show. What a mysterious feeling. Isn't this miraculous thing part of

Sailor Moon's charm?

P.S. Sakura was also aired in Germany. On TV they had the first season and they sold season one and the two movies on DVD. I get the

feeling that Shiroikage-san is a German.

A: I see.

K: Because she's pretty familiar with Germany.

A: Maybe she lived there. Yeah.

K: Wow. Japanese anime really is amazing. It's shown around the world.

A: It crosses national boundaries. It's touching.

K: I wonder if Oreimo is airing internationally.

A: I hope it is.

K: When I was at Singapore, Kuroneko was really popular. It seemed like a lot of people were familiar with Oreimo.

A: Really? We talked a lot, so there's a lot of mail that we didn't get to. Sorry! I really like Sakura and Sailor Moon, but... I

like Kana-chan even more.

K: So that's how we're ending this? That's good. We should do that every time.

A: No. Just sometimes. You appreciate it more if it's not as often. It's embarrassing.




A: The nyan doesn't fit this music. By the way, I'm waiting for mail from Kana-chan.

K: Liar!

A: Saying it makes me kind of excited. Like "This is what love is like."

K: Wait a moment. That's a bit much.

A: I think people would misunderstand that, so let's get right to mail.

A: From Zackbomb-san: I can't help it if my head feels hot. -Eraser

K: That's true. That friction must be hard.

A: Sometimes you flip it over and use that side too.

K: You use both sides?!

A: So his butt must be hot too. Must be hard.

K: Poor thing. Plus he's wearing down.

A: And he's slowly dying.

K: When you put it that way it's pretty sad. Hang in there, eraser.

A: From Imouto-san: My hands are round, so I can't hold anything. -Anpanman #1

K: Really? Everyone's hands are round.

A: Does he ever hold anything.

K: But he does take his face. Maybe he has tiny needles in his hand that stick to his face.

A: Eeeh?!

K: Maybe he pulls off his face.

A: Wait a moment! What a deadly weapon! He'd be unbeatable. Then how does he put on his pants?

A: From my Ore no shimai ga konna yasashi wake ga nai (My sisters can't be this nice): ??In the past I got a third degree burn.

K: Who's that?

A: Panties old man.

K: Are you really trying?

A: I am!


K: Ayachi, I can't imagine you doing impressions.

A: When I do impressions, people go, "Huh?" Oh, tell me what impressions I should do. I'll practice. Well, Kana-chan and I will

practice, and we'll see whose is better.

K: I don't think anything would fit me though.

A: So practice.


K: What a nice birthday. I'm happy. It's nice to get older.

A: Really? I've got Peter Pan syndrome, I don't want to get older.

K: I don't want to get older either. But a birthday is nice.

A: It's fun when everyone congratulates you.

K: No one ever says so many nice things to me.

A: It's just the one day in year.

K: I have to wait another year. I can't wait!

A: I've never seen Kana-chan like this. So episode 15 will air March 11th.

K: So it'll be back to a normal broadcast. So the next Meruru vs Maschera battle 7 Shonen manga versus Shoujo manga. We'll be

waiting for reader mail supporting them both. So shounen manga is like Shounen Jump.

A: And Sunday. And Magazine.

K: Shoujo manga.

A: Ribbon!

K: How nostalgic.

A: I feel like we talked a lot. How long did we talk?

K: About an hour.

A: I'm sure the editor will work on this. It's time to end it.

*didn't catch Ayano's last special line to Hanazawa. Thanks for being born, Kana-chan.

Then they say goodbye

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Re: My little sister can't be this cute on the radio

Post by takenoko » Mon Oct 17, 2011 4:00 am

>In OreImo 12, I'm pretty sure meiko (姪子?) means niece/nephew.

Huh, I'm so used to hearing ko at the end that maybe I misheard it each time. Looks like it's meigo though?
Meigo 姪御 【めいご】 (n) (another person's) niece
or Mei by itself just means niece

>And kyunkyun is more like erm... a tugging at your heartstring feeling. Like when someone confesses to you and your heart goes kyun~. "Moe moe kyun~!" XD Sniff sniff is kunka kunka. :)

Ah, got those mixed up. Whoops!

Editing in the updated script. Thanks again for the corrections, those are always appreciated.

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Re: My little sister can't be this cute on the radio

Post by Slowking » Mon Oct 17, 2011 6:17 am

If I'm not mistaken, Jan in Gekiranger also used kyun kyun to describe something that was really nice, awesome and perhaps exciting. It makes sense since these feelings "come from the heart".
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Re: Transcript 14: Kana-chan birthday special

Post by roankun » Mon Oct 17, 2011 8:16 am

This happens to be my favorite episode, and I've got it completely translated in my head, so forgive this fanboy rant. Feel free to ignore. :)

Aya-chi: Do you want a meal? Do you want to take a bath? Or... m-e? Voicing Kousaka Kirino, this is Taketatsu Ayana-nyan. (the nyan there is key!!!)
Kana-chan: Oh man. That really raised the tension.
Aya-chi: What's with this!?
Kana-chan: Of course, I'll choose Taketatsu.
A: I don't want that!
K: I won't eat; nor will I take a bath.
A: Take your bath! It's bad if you just have me, right!? (:))))

A: oreimo rajio blah blah blah Episode number 14-nyan!

K: The reason this happened was because this radio's sakka-san (not sure if that's director...) sent me (Kana) a mail saying that if there's anything I want (Ayana) to say to me, now's the chance. And I thought, "that's nice" and wrote down a lot of stuff.

A: I was surprised. Last time, I said next would be Kana-chan's birthday, so I was wondering what I would do [for her]. And then what..? Since this is the time to celebrate Kana-chan ['s birthday], this is the episode where I have to do my best!

... Got bored. XD

datsu loli, I think, means legal loli? I'm pretty sure they talked about it in a previous ep..? I'm not too sure though...

K: When I was entering a new semester at school, Ayachi threw me a party. I was so happy.
Not sure she said this...

A: And I have a present for Kana-chan! What can it be? I had to think about this one since it kind of copies the Christmas present.
Not copy, she ditched it, I think. Since Kana gave her a present, but she didn't missed giving Kana on the recording day.

K: Wait a moment. What do I do? Ayachi wraps herself in a ribbon and says "I'll be your present"... I act happy, but then say "I don't feel so well" and send her back.
気持ち悪い DOES mean sick, but in this context, it means something like "creepy" Like how Kirino always calls Kyousuke キモッ which is short for kimochiwarui. You know, since Kana is starting to be a little yuri-yuri around her. :))

A: It's cold! Kana-chan, let's hold hands!
The sakka-san thought it up. It wasn't in any of the ones Kana sent to the sakka-san.

K: If you say that, Ayachi, aren't you a clumsy girl? Like things falling out. Or being unable to undo the string for your choco
Was it undoing the string? I thought it was "not being able to give to yourself the chocolate you bought for yourself on Valentine's Day."

13:30 A: On the mic. No, my head was just so full of Kana-chan!
After this, Aya explained that she thinks too much of Kana so she spaces out.

A: Saying it makes me kind of excited. Like "This is what love is like."
K: Wait a moment. Aren't you raising too many flags?
This is funny since, you know, flag->galge :))

K: No one ever says so many nice things to me.
I think she was saying something about Ayana specifically, saying nice things to her (like nyan~)

K: I have to wait another year. I don't wanna wait!

*didn't catch Ayano's last special line to Hanazawa. Nomare dekite arigatou Kana-chan. Thanks her for something
生まれ-something... Er... Anyway, she said, she's grateful that Kana was born.

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