My little sister can't be this cute on the radio

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Re: My little sister can't be this cute on the radio

Post by Aeikozz » Mon Oct 17, 2011 8:53 am

oh that's sooo not fair. Are we specifically talking bout just Usagi Vs Sakura or the Sailor Moon Universe vs the CCS Universe. If it's the former then Sakura would win no problem. Very much so if we are talking Eternal Sailormoon vs End of Series Sakura. End of Series Sakura is waaaaaaay to powerful. She could easily given Decade and Gokaiger a run for their money.

Now if we're talking a Universe clash we got a problem as I see Uranus just murdering that little when she's being a klutz. Sure she puts up with Usagi's bullshit and Chibiusa's Annoying but the second Sakura pulls that mess it's over. I really don't see the Starlights holding back either.

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Re: Transcript 14: Kana-chan birthday special

Post by takenoko » Mon Oct 17, 2011 11:38 am

K: The reason this happened was because this radio's sakka-san (not sure if that's director...) sent me (Kana) a mail saying that if there's anything I want (Ayana) to say to me, now's the chance. And I thought, "that's nice" and wrote down a lot of stuff.

Sakka? I believe that'd be the writer right?

>datsu loli, I think, means legal loli? I'm pretty sure they talked about it in a previous ep..? I'm not too sure though...

I think datsu means like "remove, or no longer" so that's why I put down ex-loli as the translation. The loli discussion was in episode 7. I think the terms were shinsei loli and gouhou loli or actual loli and (legal-age) adult loli
真正 【しんせい】 (adj-na,n) genuine, authentic, true, pure
合法 【ごうほう】 (adj-na,n) legal, lawful, legality, (P)

K: When I was entering a new semester at school, Ayachi threw me a party. I was so happy.
Not sure she said this...

Is she talking about throwing a party for graduating? I know she said something about shinkyuu-teki
進級 【しんきゅう】 (n) promotion (school), (P)
Rewrote: K: Ayachi threw me a party to celebrate my advancement in school. I was so happy.

A: And I have a present for Kana-chan! What can it be? I had to think about this one since it kind of copies the Christmas present.
Not copy, she ditched it, I think. Since Kana gave her a present, but she didn't missed giving Kana on the recording day.

I thought kabuchau meant two things that kind of copy/overlap each other?

K: Wait a moment. What do I do? Ayachi wraps herself in a ribbon and says "I'll be your present"... I act happy, but then say "I don't feel so well" and send her back.
気持ち悪い DOES mean sick, but in this context, it means something like "creepy" Like how Kirino always calls Kyousuke キモッ which is short for kimochiwarui. You know, since Kana is starting to be a little yuri-yuri around her. :))

Ah, okay

A: It's cold! Kana-chan, let's hold hands!
The sakka-san thought it up. It wasn't in any of the ones Kana sent to the sakka-san.

Ah, I missed that last part.

K: If you say that, Ayachi, aren't you a clumsy girl? Like things falling out. Or being unable to undo the string for your choco
Was it undoing the string? I thought it was "not being able to give to yourself the chocolate you bought for yourself on Valentine's Day."

I hear "choco no himo akerarenakatta"

K: No one ever says so many nice things to me.
I think she was saying something about Ayana specifically, saying nice things to her (like nyan~)

Really? It sounded generic so I didn't interpret it as just being Ayana

*didn't catch Ayano's last special line to Hanazawa. Nomare dekite arigatou Kana-chan. Thanks her for something
生まれ-something... Er... Anyway, she said, she's grateful that Kana was born.[/spoiler][/quote]

Ah, Umarete kureta arigatou Kana-chan. Makes sense

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Re: My little sister can't be this cute on the radio

Post by umrain » Mon Oct 17, 2011 10:24 pm

I really enjoyed this episode.

Ayana's special lines and Kana's reactions to them were definitely the best part.

気持ち悪い DOES mean sick, but in this context, it means something like "creepy"
When Kana Hanazawa is talking about herself, it seems like this phrase always means she is being a creep or catching her self saying something creepy. It comes up surprisingly often. haha

Also, since Kana talked about Pokemon Cards in this episode I can't just not mention that, somehow, there is recent Kana Hanazawa/Pokemon Card related news.
Apparently, thanks to having played pokemon cards as a kid, Kana-chan was asked just this month to do so some photos for the first issue of the new magazine Card Gamer (Vol 1. Nov 2011)
I Played Pokemon Cards Too!

When I was a kid I loved the "Pokemon Card Game", and I collected lots of cards. After that I started doing child acting and other activities, but when I got to be in the "Pokemon Card Game" commercial* with Imakuni-san I was really happy. I remember it well. I especially liked the "Slowpoke" ("Yadon" ヤドン) card. I collected around 30 cards just of "Slowpoke". It's surreal appearance was cute (lol).

Lately a lot of characters I've performed as have become cards. It feels like their world is expanding. Even if it's only in a card game I'm glad that all the characters get to have some fun together.
(*sorry, no further information or video of a pokemon card commercial with kana can be found online, even the japanese message boards seem stumped on this.) ... 4777/4.jpg - some pictures on the bottom of signed cards of her characters, probably prizes for sending in the survey that comes with the magazine.

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Re: My little sister can't be this cute on the radio

Post by SpinelSun » Wed Oct 19, 2011 9:12 pm

Today's battle:
Image Versus Image



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Re: My little sister can't be this cute on the radio

Post by takenoko » Wed Oct 19, 2011 9:18 pm

This was an easy one for me. Card Captor Sakura hands down. It's got a great continuous story, relatively little filler, and all the characters are so quirky. Drawing the relationship chart between the characters would be super deep and complex. I got out my DVD, noticed that the disc fell out and the disc holder was broken for the first time and the surface was scratched, and watched the first two episodes the other night because I had this show on my mind. What a good show.

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Re: Transcript 14: Kana-chan birthday special

Post by roankun » Sat Nov 05, 2011 9:11 am

:lol: I told you to feel free to ignore XD. But er, thanks for the attention.

> Sakka? I believe that'd be the writer right?
Oh right, I forgot, or I probably never knew what it meant. XD

>I think datsu means like "remove, or no longer" so that's why I put down ex-loli as the translation.
Oh, right. :lol: I had actually translated it as "illegal loli" by myself. I have no idea why.

> I thought kabuchau meant two things that kind of copy/overlap each other?
Hmmm... Can't confirm. I'm not even sure if my own translation was right.

>I hear "choco no himo akerarenakatta"
I can't find my files right now, but iirc, I heard 自分で買ってきたチョコが自分をチョコの日も上げられなかった。 Like I said, not sure. I heard "choco no hi mo," so maybe I just heard wrong. :)

And one thing I forgot from before.
> K: Can you say it one more time.
A: Kana-chan~
K: What is it?
A: Can you read your thing?

Aya said "yondemita dake." In this case, I think that means "I just wanted to call/say your name." not read.
呼んで, not 読んで.

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Transcript 15

Post by takenoko » Mon Jul 30, 2012 3:17 pm


Oreimo 15 March 11, 2011
"Aya-chi" Taketatsu Ayana -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Hanazawa Kana -Kuroneko
Kirino: We gave some love advice last time. This time we're responding to some mail asking for advice.

Kuroneko: Oh, is that so? If you're alright with it being us, we'll gladly respond.

Kirino: From radio name Amemijinkaku-san: I enjoyed the anime and hope for a second season. I know this is sudden, but I need some advice. I have a

younger brother who is two years younger. My parents expect me to be a good older brother. He's more athletic and has better grades than me. I'm proud

of my little brother, but don't want to embarrass him. What do you two think is the ideal older brother?

Kuroneko: An ideal older brother? Let's both say our ideals.

Kirino: Okay. Let's see. It's nice to have an older brother to rely on in a crisis. Even if you're not good at sports or studying, if you can help your

little brother when he has a problem, help him solve it!

Kuroneko: If he has trouble and his only ally is his older brother, then you can be very reliable.

Kirino: Yeah!

Kuroneko: Maybe you appear apathetic most the time, but you can't help worrying about your little brother. I'm sure you'll grant even your little

brother's outrageous requests.

Kirino: But don't give your little brother special treatment. Be sure to care for your friends around you. Maybe your little brother puts up a front

and feels like you're meddling, but in his heart, he'll appreciate it.

Kuroneko: (Kind of not sure about this part) No matter who it is, if you get closer to him, I'm sure your little brother will love you as an older


Kirino: I'm sure of it! Well, this is all idealized stuff. There's no one that good in real life.

Kuroneko: That's right. This is all hypothetical.

Kirino: Some news here. The Net version of the anime is still being uploaded. Oreimo Blu-Ray and DVD volume 4 is going on sale March 23rd!

Kuroneko: The bonus this time is Masquerade which I sang. It was a bit embarrassing to sing, but I'm proud of the results. Please listen to it.

Kirino: It might sell really well thanks to you. Be sure to get it!

Kuroneko: You sure promote yourself.

Kirino: Eh? Really?

Kuroneko: Don't you think it's rare to see a heroine who promotes her work this much?

Kirino: I love the products the most, so it's only natural! And I'm going to keep being a promotional heroine!

Kuroneko: You better work hard to make up for your lack of appearance in the anime.

Kirino: Don't talk so much! For now, that's it. Bye bye!

Kuroneko: Fair tidings to you


Aya-chi: Back to our normal work. Kousaka Kirino, Taketatsu Ayana!

Kana-chan: How boring! Kuroneko, I'm Hanazawa Kana.



K: Why call this normal work?

A: Well, we're done celebrating your birthday, Kana-chan. Since it's not your birthday, I don't have to spoil you. Nyan.

K: Oh? Did you slightly lick me just now?

A: But that's what is written down!

K: What the heck?!

A: I tried saying it. First, some promotion! Oreimo Blu-ray and DVD Vol. 4 Mar 23rd. The bonus CD ending theme Masquerade sung by Hanazawa Kana-chan

and Saori Bajina's Nabatame Hitomi-san's Chameleon Daughter.

K: We made it this far. Four volumes!

Both: Heeeeh.

A: The DVDs keep coming out. It feels like it's going to end.

K: How long will this radio continue?

A: I hope it continues.

K: I want to at least celebrate Aya-chi's birthday.

A: Three more months. Everyone write in everyday.

K: Episode 22. This is 15, so... We just need to 7 more.

A: I see. I'm counting on you guys. I hope we continue! I also wonder if there'll be a second season.

K: That's true. If they decide to do that and we announce it on the radio, then before it even airs we'll continue doing the radio.

A: Yeah. I'll stay with Kana-chan all love-love and stuff. Let's aim for that.



A: I love this Evangelion-like music. Apparently we received a lot of Oreimo related mail this time.

K: Really? Maybe they got into this from Oreimo. That'd be nice.

A: From At-san. "Oreimowa! (Oreimo version konnichiwa?) I always enjoy the Oreimo radio. I have a childhood friend of 13 years, ever since before

kindergarten. Because of that friend, I'm becoming an otaku. Now I'm a staunch (lit. metal reinforced), no, I'm a iron-bar reinforced otaku. So I have

a question. Do you have any stories about your childhood friends?"

A: Kana-chan, do you have a childhood friend?

K: I do. Since kindergarten. A male and a female. The three of us are always together. I always liked the guy. One day, he asked me for advice because

he had a crush on a girl. So he was a lost love.

A: What's the deal with that?!

K: It might have been for the elementary school graduation. I got in my mother's car to go home. I remember crying on the way home.

A: On your graduation? You should have been happy, but instead got the shock of a broken heart. How sad.

K: Such an episode happened.

A: Do you keep in contact now?

K: Not really now. But sometimes I run into them.

A: I have a childhood friend. I used to live in a mansion (apartment). There was a boy who lived in the next mansion. Next to next to that one lived a

girl. The three of us went to the same school. I lived at that mansion from four years old. The boy and girl moved in. Ever since they moved in we

played. Like in elementary school. We played Pokemon on the Gameboy. But the boy, after graduating middle school, transferred schools so we haven't

kept in contact. Sometimes I mail the girl still. About two years ago, I think, we met and had a meal. I think even if you don't see them often, you

can quickly reconnect with childhood friends. I was pretty shy, so I didn't talk with many people. But I can freely talk with those childhood friends.

K: It really brings you back to your childhood.

A: It's kind of sad though. We had such fun back then, but not now. How nostalgic. I kind of want to see them. Yuuta-kun? What was it?

K: You even said his name?

A: To continue. From Naopa-san: "I'm a freshman in high school and I love 'Koukaku kidoutai/Ghost In The Shell'. But I don't have any friends that know

of this. I want to talk more in school. What should I do with these feelings?"

K: Say it, Aya-chi.

A: Why not just recommend Koukaku?

K: Find girls who might like it.

A: Like fellow otaku girls, recommend the DVD. "This is interesting, you should watch it." Although the setting is complicated. Even when I watched it

once, I didn't understand it. After watching it a few times, I realized, "Oh, so that's what this means." You might not understand it the first time.

K: Then watch it a few times. Watch it together.

A: There's this movie, The Matrix. It's based on Koukaku Kidoutai.

K: Really?!

A: The director watched the anime and was touched. So he used the motif to make The Matrix. So recommend it like this. "This is the anime The Matrix is

based off of."

K: Is there a character like Keanu Reeves?

A: The characters are different. But the set up and world are similar. I don't know many girls who like Koukaku either. So I should talk about it too.

I want to watch it. That's good.

A: From Donna koto demo byon to kaiketsu shimasu/Solving everything in a snap: "When I was a 2nd year in middle school, I had been hiding my otaku

hobby for over a year. Thanks to this anime, I tried coming out as an otaku to my brother 3 years older. When our parents weren't around, I came out

<She came out? Whoo!> I was wondering what my brother would say... 'I'm an otaku too,' he said. I thought, 'What a weird development!' I think we talk

more because of this. It's all thanks to Oreimo. Thanks!" Oreimo? Why's that?

K: Oreimo was the impetus for telling her brother.

A: I see. Like Kirino's coming out, so she came out herself. That's good.

K: It's nice that her brother is an otaku too.

A: My brother isn't an otaku. He won't understand. It's good to have to have someone who understands. And for siblings to get along.

K: She said they talk more too.

A: That's good. Watch Oreimo DVDs together. Oh, but mine is a gamer. But he doesn't like gal games or simulation games at all.

K: He doesn't watch anime?

A: He doesn't watch anime at all. But he likes Koukaku Kidoutai. He likes anime that people in general like, or anime aimed at males. But he has no

interest in mo-e types. Musou series, FF. RPG and action games. I once recommened Tokimemo and had him play it. He played it about a year, but got


K: Which one did you recommend?

A: Probably three. But starting with three, they were on the PS2. I recommended it to Oniichan. The main heroine was Yukiko-chan. I told him to try

getting that character. But in the middle he said forget it. But Oniichan like Koukaku, One Piece, shonen manga so we can talk about that.

A: That's it? Thanks for all the letters.

K: Are you tired? You okay, Aya-chi?

A: I'm cheerful. I wonder what's wrong? I'm cheerful!

K: So forced! That's no good.


(Kana introduces this segment. Does Kana usually introduce segments?)

K: By the way, we've done more than 20 of these.

A: That many?

K: I used San-kake a lot when watching the Asia Cup.

A: Me too.

K: Kawashima-san. Did you see him in the black tanktop? He was all flexing. I was going "haa haa".

A: I wish I could see.

K: PK. So cool.

A: Really Sankake.

K: I normally don't watch soccer.

A: Aya [21 year old loli].

K: You're one to talk. Aya-chi is still a loli.

A: Graduate from being a loli.

K: From radio name You don't so cute my sister-san.

A: That's a long one!

K: "What is the meaning of Watari" Wataru? Kanji?

A: I don't know.

K: What could it mean? Does it mean stylish? No?

Both: We don't know. A hint please

K: A name?

A: Hiragana? Katakana?

K: Don't know~ Watari Tetsuya-san?

A: Tetsuya?

K: It's a synonym for Koumuro, Takedano, etc.

A: Tetsuya is good enough!

K: Isn't the kanji complicated?


A: I have to pick it? From Guard Skib Jakigan-san: "GR8! My English teacher said this is used in America."

K: What?! What could it be?

A: GR? Great?

<Ding ding>

A: It's great. G is gu, r is re, 8 is eight. Together it's great.

K: That was too fast for the radio, Aya-chi!

A: Guess that wasn't that interesting.

K: Americans use it?


K: From pen name Utopekka-san: "kirin. k-i-r-i-n lower case letters."

A: An abbreviation?

K: Probably Kirino.

A: Apparently it's a famous phrase on the Net.

K: Kanojo iru/have a girlfriend.

A: More like kanojo inai/don't have a girlfriend.

K: iqual/equal nenrei/age?

<ding ding>

K: There it is. It's an abbreavtion for "Kanojo inai reki iqual nenrei/Number of years without a girlfriend = age".

A: There it is!

K: It's easier to write this abbreviated.

A: It sounds cuter.

K: I'm a kirin.

A: I see. If I heard that it'd be like "Ah, I'm sure you'll have one someday."

K: How interesting. I had no idea.

<They agree to try to use the phrases they learn>


A: I want to redo that.

K: What?


K: Aya-chi just now... The writer gave you something. What is that?

A: This is kind of funny, but we can't really read it on the radio. So he showed me. It is funny.

K: This is funny. This is an old man's problem.

A: Not this. It is funny.

A: From Ore no shimai wa konna ni yasashii wake ga nai-san/ My sisters aren't this nice: I'm scared that my two sempai will make me wear various things

-Hayami Saori

A: Eh? No way!

K: Hey, wear it! You're Hayami, right?

A: Anything looks good on Hayami. She has good style. I've got to use my rights as a sempai. Heh heh heh.

K: You share the same office.

A: I want to tell that to the actual Hayami.

K: How scary.


A: To continue, from Kodokusuishou-san: "I don't know the real me anymore." - Reversible.

K: Which is the real self? The back side or the front side?

A: Yeah. Who would win? Well, both are you.

K: You can see yourself from multiple points of view.

A: That's you, and do your best to remain reversible.


A: From Trippy-san.

K: Trippy, how nostalgic.

A: "Carrying 350,000 babies everyday around the world is tiring." -Stork

K: The stork must be pretty strong.

A: Good work! Thanks for your everyday work. Good luck!


A: From Hat Trick Shiori-san: "What would I do if they didn't die?" -Kenshiro

K: Eh, Kenshiro is dead?

A: No, Kenshiro-san is the, "Atatatatata, you are already dead."

K: Oh right.

A: So he says they're dead, so if they're not, it'd be like "Hey, I'm not dead."

K: That would be embarrassing.

A: "I'm not dead, nyah!"


A: From Sadly-doesn't-face-the-camera-Hanazawa-san. Is this a girl? "I'm worried I'm not dirty enough." -Baghdat

K: Bagdat? Oh, Baghdad!

A: What's Baghdad?

K: A name of a city in Iraq.

A: Huh? Oh I see, I missed the dakuten mark. I'm more interested in the name than this life counseling. Camera, which camera? I understand, you're kind

of shy.


A: From Smiling Kewpie-san: "How long am I supposed to keep my arms up. My arms hurt!" -Kewpie. I don't get it, is his arms up?

K: He always poses like this.

A: Like Tarako~ Tarako~ (cold roe) Want to eat it? Kewpie has his arms up?

K: And he's so little.

A: Kewpie is a baby, right?

K: Good luck, Kewpie.


A: We got a lot of life counseling came in.

K: To be honest, the one we didn't read was the most interesting.

A: It thought it was amazing. Maybe we can read it at an event?

K: Maybe not.

A: Sorry!



K: The 16th comes March 25th. It's spring.

A: How nostalgic.

K: It's spring. A new semester, and graduation season.

A: Congratulations on your graduation.

K: Just a bit more.

A: Congratulations on almost graduation. You'll be an adult. An adult Kana-chan.

K: Maybe I should get a license.

A: You're going to drive? Everyone tells me not to.

K: Aya-chan, you better not.

A: Why?! My parents said so. When I said that, my brother said "Your legs won't reach."

K: That's it?! It's a lot of hard to work a car. It's dangerous. I'm sure you'd mix up the accelerator with the brake. Please don't drive.

A: I've always dreamed of driving. But I'd get in an accident everyday. It's so scary, even though it's just a dream. Kana-chan, if you get a license,

come pick me up.

K: I might not return alive. I don't think I can drive either. Maybe a scooter?


K: It's spring. Even though it's spring, we'll have a lot of corners unrelated to it.

A: Watch out for allergies. Do you have allergies?

K: I do.

A: It must be hard for you.

K: It is. When I have my allergies it makes me sleepy.

A: I don't have any. It seems like there's 10 times more pollen this year.

K: When I go out with no makeup and pollen sticks to my face, it has a strong reaction.

A: Really?!

K: So when I go out, I put on makeup.

A: You need to take care of yourself. It's time. This has been Kousaka Kirino / Taketatsu Ayana

K: And Kuroneko / Hanazawa Kana.

Bye bye!

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Transcript 16

Post by takenoko » Tue Jul 31, 2012 6:01 am


Oreimo 16 March 25, 2011
"Aya-chi" Taketatsu Ayana -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Hanazawa Kana -Kuroneko

Guest: Hayami Saori - Ayase

Kirino: It's all warm. It's definitely spring.

Kuroneko: Indeed. My little sisters won't wake up. Every morning is trouble.

Kirino: For real? maybe I should go wake them~

Kuroneko: No thanks!

Kirino: Speaking of spring, it's time for flower viewing. Eating while under sakura trees. Playing games!

Kuroneko: Nothing to do with me. Leave the flower viewing for the lowly real juu (real life satisfaction) people.

Kirino: Why the tough act? Saori said we'd all go together this year.

Kuroneko: Oh? I see...

Kirino: Eh? Are you planning on not going?

Kuroneko: I didn't say that! If everyone is going, then I can go if you guys insist.

Kirino: Yeah, yeah. We'll have no choice but to bring you along. Leave the bath towels to us, I have someone who's fit for carrying them.

Kuroneko: I think I can hear your older brother crying.

Kirino: Now then, I'd like to read this letter. Pen name Korone-san. Thanks. "Hello. I'd like to request that you talk like Saori Vageena." What an

amusing topic is it not gozaru na Kuronushi.

Kuroneko: You're really into that...

Kirino: Come, come. Kuroneko-shi, join with me in *gozarugo!
*Gozarugo: A fake language name that Kirino came up. Obviously it's based on all the gozaru in Saori's speaking.

Kuroneko: This isn't funny!

Kirino: My, my, how unsociable!

Kuroneko: Do not make me repeat myself. Anyway, my appearance with you on Twitter and the radio has ruined my aloof image. You and the listeners of

this radio would do well to remember this: I am queen of abusive language. I'm a cool and dry character.

Kirino: Ha ha ha! That's why Kuroneko-shi has no friends besides myself de gozaru!

Kuroneko: Saori wouldn't say such a dark thing.

Kirino: Kuroneko-shi. I, Saori Vageena, am actually an abusive character!

Kuroneko: Oh, is that so?

Kirino: Yeah! Every time Kuroneko-shi mocks me, I secretly lose it!

Kuroneko: I am sure the real Saori is listening to this show and is losing it.

Kirino: Eh? That'd be bad.

Kuroneko: She'll probably scold you later.

Kirino: Oh crap. I better apologize. So it's like that. Keep sending those letters in.

Kuroneko: I would especially welcome letters that get this woman in trouble.

Kirino: We're looking for letters that mock her! Alright, see you again!



Ayana: Hello.

Kana: Put more spirit in it!


A: Episode 12 True Route has aired on Niconico Douga. Apparently Kuroneko is a lot more popular.

K: What?

A: I'm sure they think Kuroneko is cute. Seeing her in the school uniform.

K: That was refreshing. She's always wearing goth loli stuff. So when she wears a uniform you see she's a pretty girl. She has a real noble air to her.

But inside she's got chuunibyou "middle school syndrome".

A: Yeah, that's all ruined when she talks. But that's probably why she's popular, her anti-mo-e.

K: But I miss Kirino.

A: Well she went to America.

K: When doing recording without Aya-chi around, it doesn't really feel like Oreimo.

A: I missed it too. "You're on break." Eeeh?! "I'm the heroine!"

K: Apparently can see it in places besides Niconico Douga. There's also the official site.

A: If you haven't seen it, go find something.

K: Oh right. Aya-chi. Did you see Sakura?

<Creepy laughter>

A: That's right, in the recent Maschera Vs. Meruru battle, I talked about Sakura. So I watched the DVDs and it was fun. Sakura changes her costume

every time. She also goes "hoeeee" while running. It made me glad to grow up on this anime.

K: Creepy.

A: Why?!

K: But I want to watch card Captor Sakura with Aya-chi.

A: Really? Then visit my place.

K: Also, I experienced a reaction. I said "I didn't know about Pokemon cards..." No, Aya-chi said she didn't know about them, which surprised me. Did

you know about them?

A: I didn't. It wasn't popular in my crowd.

K: Really? Well, I got a bunch of Pokemon cards in one minute. What an attack. Well today, I called in a child who knows about Pokemon cards.

A: So what do you do with Pokemon cards?

K: Eh? Well, you do Pokemon battles with them.

A: So it's like the Gameboy game.

K: You can bite.

A: You can bite on the Gameboy.

K: Really? Oh? So the boys all played it.

A: On the roadside. Did any of them go, "My turn!" Like a duel.


A: So we should introduce you. Sorry.

Hayami: It's okay. That's how it is.

A: Introduce yourself.

H: While looking at the Pokemon cards, I'm Hayami Saori.

A: We called you out here today.

K: I'm sure the listeners are surprised. Since we haven't had any guests.

A: You're officially appearing in the next broadcast.

H: I'm a guest next time. So this is like practice. I don't have a script or anything.

A: So just leisurely listen.

K: Aya-chi, what an amazing move.

A: Well the more the merrier! So let's make this exciting.

K: Thank goodness Hayami is here.

H: I'm just here to watch.

K: We have mail for the Otakuko Gather. "Last time Kana-chan talked about Pokemon cards and Pokemon games. In college, I was a part of the trading card

club. I play Pokemon cards even now. Aya-chan doesn't seem to know much about Pokemon cards, so I'll teach her. First, the pictures are cute. The cards

are cute in a way different from the games."

H: The pictures are different from the game, aren't they?

A: Like ?fashi?

K: Fashi? By Yadon (Slowpoke) seems surreal. Yadon is laying on a rock or something.

A: I don't know what you guys are talking about. I feel left out.

K: "Two, the card game. Of course there are tournaments. Unlike other card games, this is broad reaching."

H: Yeah.

A: Like what? The Makehare?

H: In a really spacious place.

K: In April, there was a Japan representative tournament. And the winner of that tournament would go to America, San Diego, for a world tournament.

H: Well you know in America they're like "Pokemon. Pokemon." The card game is the same, right?

K: "Besides the English. It's popular worldwide. I hope this explanation makes Aya-chi interested in Pokemon cards."

A: I am interested. But I want Pokemon cards.

K: I've got some.

A: No way!

H: You have Pokemon cards?!

K: Yeah, I've collected a lot. When I was cleaning my room... I found Yadon.

H: You really liked Yadon back then, didn't you?

K: I loved Yadon. I traded for Yadon.

A: Someone show me Yadon.

H: The status is written in a cute fashion too.

K: Just as you expect from a Pokemon professor.

A: How long have you had Pokemon cards?

H: I've heard about it.

A: Really?!

K: Hayami, have you heard Imakuni-san イマクニ ?

A: I know him!

H: Imakuni-san?

A: Isn't he the singer?

H: Is he your neighbor, Hanazawa-san?

K: No. Not my neighbor!

A: He wears tights on his whole body.

H: Eh?

K: He's one of the developers.

A: A developer? He's not a singer? I've seen him before.

K: Wow, he's done a lot.

A: Like a cat. Like a pig?

H: A duck.

K: He's not a duck.

A lot of arguing.




(For reference: ... 3%A9mon%29 )

K: Hayami's Yadon is scary.

A: That's dangerous.

K: Hayami, if a child had done this, that would have been okay. Like if a little kid went "Look Mama, Yadon."

H: The mouth is like a duck's beak, right?

K: If it had wings, it'd look like a bat.

H: It was fun drawing this Pokemon. It's like this is Pokemon radio. Well, I don't have a script, so...


K: Hayami, do you have any siblings?

H: I don't have.

A: You're an only child? Really? I'm sure you would want one, right?

H: I wanted siblings.

K: I won't let you marry Hayami.

A: So it'll be like a sibling relation with Hayami-chan but without the blood relation. Why don't I introduce you to my older brother...

K: Wait, that's not okay! He's older.

A: Then just marry Kana-chan.

H: Who and who?

A: Kana-chan's little brother marries Hayami. And Kana-chan marries Oniichan, then we'll be siblings.

K: That's no fair, Aya-chi! You don't have to marry anyone!

A: It'll be like we're family.

H: What harmony.

K: More like this conversation is really unrealistic.


A: From Aoineko-san: "I'm a girl, but my 3-year-old little sister really touches me. My little sister tripped on a garbage can. When she did that, 'Ow.

I'm an idiot. Oneechan, be careful.' She said something like from an anime."

H: How cute.

?: "I'm an idiot."

H: I want one.


A: From Taihen Moushiwakenai-san (I'm really sorry-san): "This is a story about my family's little sister. When I returned home, my little sister was

taking an afternoon nap. When it became dinner time, my mother tried to wake her up, but she wouldn't. She gave up and decided to start eating. Past 8

o'clock, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. For some reason my little sister entered the living room with her school bag. She said, 'I'm late!

Mom, give me a ride!' Mom and I were shocked. My little sister looked around, and noticed the storm door was closed, finally realizing it was 8 at night

and not 8 in the morning. After that, she wasn't late to school again. It was embarrassing." Haha, oh no. How embarrassing. "That made me think she was


K: Well stuff like that happens.

A: To you?

K: You oversleep and don't know what time it is.

A: When I was in kindergarten, I'd take a nap. I'd wake at 9 at night, and go I have to go to kindergarten, "I'm late. Mama, what about kindergarten?"

She reacted like, "What are you saying?!"

K: Since she's in high school. That's cute.

A: Let's hope she's always that way


A: Next. From Chiri mo tsumoreba yamato nadeshiko-san kana (Even if there's a lot of dust, still an ideal Japanese woman): "I graduated high school the

other day. Sensei called me and my parents as well as five-year-old cousin was there. She said "Oniichan" it was embarrassing. After graduation, we

were talking in the classroom afterwards. One girl said 'Oniichan, take a picture with me.' In a second, I gained 18 little sisters. There's no way I

can have so many little sisters (parody on series title)! This is 1.5 the scale of Sister Princess. I never imagined being called Oniichan would hit me

right in the heart like this. I also gained 20 little brothers."

K: So she even gained little brothers. That's no fair. She has a real cousin. Now she has the whole class calling her Oniichan.

A: Oh, it said little brother on here. It was a little brother. Good. I want to hear that too. How cute. I want to dress her up according to my


K: It's like you're forcing yourself on her.

H: I learned a lot for next time.

K: Although we don't know if we'll do this next time.

H: Really?

A: We might do a different corner. It's good to be free.

K: You're terrible.


Battle 7: Shounen-shi Vs Shoujo-shi

K: It's the other way.

A: Apparently males reading Shoujo-shi and females reading Shounin-shi is a pattern that happens a lot.

K: Really? I knew girls read shounen-shi, but guys read shoujo manga too?

A: Oniichan likes shoujo manga.

K: Really?

A: He often reads the manga I buy.

K: I wonder if that can be used as reference material. Like a Bible for relationships.

A: Really? But shoujo is so fluffy, it doesn't seem realistic.

H: It's like it clashes with the numbers.

A: It's like I'm an idiot.

H: So this girl is actually a transfer student.

K: Do you really read that manga?

H: Don't shoujo manga give that impression?

K: Hayami, do you read shoujo manga?

H: I read a few. Like Ribbon.

A: What manga do you like?

H: Maybe Tanimura-sensei. Genre. Like Fruits Basket.

A: I like that too! So let's start the battle.

H: How do you battle?

K: We take mail from the listeners. I take the Shoujo-shi side. Aya-chi take the shounen-shi. We use the listener mail to battle.

A: Yeah we read them.

H: And in the end, one of you win?

K: Either way.

A: It often ends with either.

H: What a peaceful corner. I look forward to seeing the battle.

A: Start: Taketatsu Shounin-shi. Second: Hanazawa Shoujo-shi. Battle start.


A: From PSP Hoshii-san. (I want a PSP). A girl? "I'm a girl, but I'm on the shounen manga side. Shounen manga content is fun, but I also like the idols

on the cover. Magazine, Champion, Sunday, Jump, all the magazines sometimes have idol photos on their cover. I always look forward to seeing who's on

the cover. Lately, a lot of AKB members have appeared. It's a must for AKB fans."

K: Hey, who do you like among AKB?

H: I only know like five AKB members.

K: Five?

H: Jan, Oshima-san, Tomochin, Mayuyu... Huh?

A: Mariko-sama?

H: Who's that?
K: Don't call her Mariko-sama.

H: I only know that many
. Mayuyu.

A: I like Mayuyu, but... Lately I like Tomochin.

H: Tomochin seems really fashionable.

A: She's cute. Really cute. When she smiles, a bit sticks out.

K: I want to try out that CM. (Probably referring to the controversial one where the girls pass gum or something between each others mouths)

A: Aren't they cute? I want to date them. I want to be boy.

H: Aren't they going to create an AKB gal game?

A: I won't. I think I prefer two dimensional.

H: There's an appeal to 2D.


K: Pen name Tsugen no at mark OIP Manami de wa nai-san: "I'm completely for shoujo manga. Works like last time's Sailor Moon or Clamp works, as Kareshi

Kanojo no Jijou, Fruits Baskets makes me buy shoujo manga. In middle school, it was very embarrassing to go to the shoujo manga corner. I nostalgically

remember waiting for no one to be around, then quickly buying it. Now, I buy them normally. Right now, Kimi ni Todoke is famous. Shoujo manga is

popular among males and females. Aya-chi, Kana-chan, let me know if there are any shoujo manga that you recommend."

A: Shoujo manga is good. Like Fruits Basket.

H: I'm sure I'd cry if I read it.

A: It sure is warm.

K: Boys read them too.

A: Yeah, they like it. He wants us to recommend shoujo manga.

K: Chibi Maruko-chan.

A: Is that shoujo manga? It's in Ribbon.

K: I read up to volume 10. I really like it.

H: Sakura-sensei.

A: I read Nagasa-kun. Nagasa-kun is a story about of going from middle school to high school.

K: Tamanegi. (onion)

A: Maru-chan doesn't appear, but Fujiki-kun and the other boys appear. Nagasa-kun's poor personality stays with him throughout school.

H: Is Nagasa-kun still a tamanegi?

A: Yeah.

K: What a dark laughter.

H: I want to see Chibi Maruko-chan's world in high school.

A: I want to see Mana-chan in high school. How cute. And Chibi Maruko, sometimes goes to clubs. And Mana-chan grows up, and becomes a manga writer.

H: How interesting.


A: Machoco brownie-san: "I love shounen manga. There are a lot of handsome guys! Sports manga has all the team members. In school manga, there's a lot

of students. There's a lot of handsome guys! But when I show it to my dad, he said they didn't used to have so many handsome guys. But times have

changed. Why shounen manga is passionate and cool may be different from when guys read it, but we both enjoy shounen manga."

K: In school, we'd talk about Prince of Tennis. Puripuri.

A: Tetsuka-sempai is cool.

K: He was so cool. I met his voice.

A: What is that?

K: I met him in Animate.

H: How popular.

K: I liked Sengoku.

A: Sengoku-san.

H: The orange one, right?

K: Hayami knows!

A: You know a lot.

H: I watched it.

K: I have a lot of the manga. Two of the manga.

A: Just two? At the time I liked pure characters.

H: You don't like Sengoku-san?

K: Sengoku-san?

K: "I'm such an idiot."

A: Oh right. Too late!

K: Who else was there besides Sengoku-san? Alphabet?

A: Who's Alphabet?

H: The most popular character in Prince of Tennis. He's the one with money.

K: He's rich.


K: Pen name Ore no Haha ga Konnani Arashi fan wake ga nai: "I like shoujo manga. Shoujo manga has a lot of relationships. I know a lot of people stare

when I read shoujo manga in a convenient store or book store. Shoujo manga is great since it'd be a dream if these people were real."

H: Shoujo manga is amazing isn't it?

A: In elementary school, I wish I had a voice like in shoujo manga. In shoujo manga they forget their textbook. And the boy next to you... That was my

dream. It's like "Excuse me, can I see your textbook?" and he'd go "Sure."

K: You like characters like that.

H: In elementary school it's easy to get embarrassed.

K: Shoujo manga tends to have a lot more exciting plot developments. Like when he changes, it shows he's a male.

A: What manga is that?

K: How forceful!

H: In shoujo manga there's always overbearing guy. And then there's the kind, shadow supportivel guy.


A: I can't read this. Tengoron Musai kiwami. I wonder if that's right? "I'm an idiot!" From Teiin Muhou no Kiwami-san: "I recommend shounen manga.

Shounen has sports manga that aren't often in shoujo manga. Slam Dunk, Tenipuri. It's popular among girls as well as guys. I think some people who read

these start playing sports. I recommend shounen manga."

K: Like Hikaru no Go.

A: And you started Go?

K: I did Go. I reached stage five.

A: Really? I also played tennis because of Tenipuri.

H: Wasn't there a technique where you fell on the net? I had a friend who could do that.

A: Wow.

H: He was a legend.

A: If that happened during a tournament, it'd be like "wow".

K: Looks like we were all influenced. At the time, all you had to do was focus on your hobbies.

A: Doing this work is like an extension of our hobbies.


K: From pen name Puchin Purin-san: "In our family there's two sisters. My little sister and myself. We each buy our own magazines. I buy Hana and Yume.

My little sister buys Ribbon. Ribbon is for kids, so it has color, posters, and bonuses. It seems luxurious. Hana and Yume comes with a bonus each

time, but lately it's a drama CD. Tissue, or ??. I also appreciate the fashion stuff. It may not get the same publication as shounen manga, but I look

forward to shoujo manga every month." They come with drama CD a lot lately.

A: We do it for work sometimes.

K: I just remembered, I liked Koucha-ouji. The protagonist is a girl who likes black tea. When she poured tea, a monster... a spirit comes out. The

spirit turns into a person. So they start a relationship.

A: Earl Grey. That was satisfying. They're both good.

K: That's how this corner is.

H: I learned a lot.

K: Although we don't know if we'll do this.

A: Kana-chan, close your eyes. Da- Close your eyes!

K: Sorry. What?

A: Who's there? Don't look! Who's there?

K: Aya-chi.

A: No! It's your beloved Taketasu Ayana!

Life Counseling.

A: We do this corner each time. Hayami-chan, listen and enjoy.

H: Listen to this.

A: We don't do anything.

H: So I just listen.

A: From Nagebanashi-san: "I'm more popular than number one." -Button number 2

H: I see.

A: The first button is more on top, so the second button is used more.

K: It's a joke corner.


A: From My hair can't be this spiky-san: "I rang. But you're going to blame me anyway." - Alarm Clock

K: I see.

H: You stop it, then go back to sleep.

A: We all learn the feelings of an alarm clock.

K: Hayami being here really neutralizes it. Normally we criticize it.

A: How nice.

K: What a good girl.


A: From Futomomo-san: "I got it wrong. I'm such an idiot." "People often say I'm pretty, but they draw back at my face. What should I do?" - Jin member

K: Jinmember? A horse?

A: Wait. Jin member is a person.

H: The face is a horse?

K: If you saw the face was a horse, you would draw back.

A: Isn't it the other way.

K: Like a centaur?

A: I said Jin member. Wait, a centaur is human on top. Why is that a jin member.

K: We don't know.

A: Sorry jin member. So we read three this time. Last time, we read a letter for Hayami-chan.

H: Eh? Like I sent one?

A: Hayami Saori.

H: Eh? What was it about?

K: We said wanted you to wear various things, but it's like you don't want to.

H: You said that?

K: Since Hayami wasn't around, so we were imaginging dressing you up.

A: Like how cute. I think your manager would say okay.

H: How do you reply?

A: We just talk, we don't really remember.



K: I was looking at a different book.

A: Episode 17 will come out April 8th.

K: We'll be expecting mail for all corners. The 8th Meruru Vs. Maschera is Plastic Models VS Figures. Aya-chi is pro models, I'm figures. And next

time. Aragaki Ayase / Hayami Saori-chan will be our guest.

A: Really?! Hayami-tan! Haa haa!

K: Although she's been here all this time.

A: But she's coming next time for real. We'll ask you various things about Oreimo.

H: Yeah. Let's get along.

A: This has been Kousaka Kirino and...

K: This role and what else?

H: What other role do you do?

A: I don't know.

K: You made a lot of mistakes this time, Aya-chi.

A: This has been Kousaka Kirino / Taketatsu Ayana.

K: Kuroneko / Hanazawa Kana and...

H: Hayami Saori!

Bye bye!

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Transcript 17

Post by takenoko » Wed Aug 01, 2012 3:36 am

Oreimo 17 April 8, 2011
"Aya-chi" Taketatsu Ayana -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Hanazawa Kana -Kuroneko

Guest: Hayami Saori - Ayase

Ayase: Hello, radio listeners. Pleased to meet you. I'm Aragaki Ayase. Starting today, Kirino and I will be starting a short drama corner. This is my first time doing radio work. There's a lot I don't know. But let's get along.

Kuroneko: Please don't lie from the very start.

Ayase: Oh? Who are you?

Kuroneko: Kuroneko. I guess I should say pleased to meet you, special guest Aragaki Ayase-san.

Ayase: That's right. Pleased to meet you. I was wondering who you were. So you're the ex-host Kuroneko-san. What's wrong. You don't show up this time. Ah, perhaps you made a mistake. How silly you are, Kuroneko-san.

Kuroneko: Thank you for suddenly picking a fight. I have fun news for you. Apparently you and I are doing the radio this time.

Ayase: What nonsense are you saying. Hey, where's Kirino?

Kuroneko: I have the phone. Hear it from the horse's mouth.

Kirino: Hello? Ayase. It's me!

Ayase: Kirino? Where are you right now?

Kirino: Sorry, Ayase! Today, there's a new game that I've gotta play! Hanazawa-san does the voice from one of the characters. So can you fill in for my radio spot?

Ayase: I guess I have no choice... eeeeh?!

Kirino: Sorry! Good luck!

Ayase:! Wait! Kirino? Kirino! Eeeh!

Kuroneko: On the radio this time is the Kuroneko and Ayase buddy-buddy combi.

Ayase: Buddies?! We don't even talk in the main show!

Kuroneko: But we have fun talking in the PSP game.

Ayase: We were at the point of killing each other actually.

Kuroneko: I hope we don't meet in the main show.

Ayase: Exactly.

Kuroneko: Now that everything's cleared up, I'd like to read a letter.

Ayase: We really have to do this?

Kuroneko: We have no choice. A certain someone is focused on a new game. She asked you to fill-in because she trusts you. Are you sure you want to disappoint her?

Ayase: You are right. I have no choice. Let's do this.

Kuroneko: We announced a special guest on Twitter, but amazing there's a request for you.

Ayase: Someone predicted I would be a guest.

Kuroneko: Go ahead and read it.

Ayase: "Hello, Ayase-san. I always enjoy reading about you punishing Kyousuke-oniisan. Next time, which tool will you play with?"

Kuroneko: Thank you for the request. So guest-san, what's your answer?

Ayase: A lighter.

Kuroneko: A lighter?! You mean, for starting a fire? I'm scared to ask, but how will you punish him with a lighter?

Ayase: Umm... well... Burn him to death?

Kuroneko: What a funny joke.

Ayase: Eh?

Kuroneko: Eh?

Ayase: Of course I'm joking!

Kuroneko: Why do I have to do this radio show with this devil?

Ayase: Don't say this. I'm so glad to meet you, Kuroneko-san.

Kuroneko: What are you saying?

Ayase: After we're done recording for the radio, let's talk in the boiler room. ...about Kirino.

Kuroneko: After recording, I will run away... for my life.

Ayase: Looks like it's about time. I will close it out today. Please continue to enjoy the main radio show. Ah! She really ran!



Hayami: Aragaki Ayase, I'm Hayami Saori.

Aya-chi: Yay!

Kana-chan: What's with that yay?

A: This is the 17th one.

K: Hayami-chan joined our drama.

A: Ayase is scary.

K: Kuroneko ran away.

A: She must be scary for Kuroneko to run away.

H: But she's a good girl.

A: Yeah.

K: But she has a black side.

H: She says what she really thinks.

K: She likes Kirino too much.

A: Well, next month Hayami-chan turns 20?

H: I am.

A: So you're not 20 yet?!

K: No, Hayami is a forever teen.

A: Eh? 17?

K: To me, Hayami-chan will always be a teen.

H: How many years has it been.

A: Since you were 14?

K: You really can do a lot.

H: Yay!

A: It's like me.


H: Let's talk about Oreimo.

A: On the homepage are pictures of or character.

H: What happened to Kuroneko? She looks like she hasn't been eating.

K: She's been eating. But she's tired from house work. Taking care of her little sisters. Since Hayami-chan, please do an illustration of Ayase?

H: Really?

K: But the yadon you drew last time. That's not anywhere. We've got to put it up. It's scary. I see Hayami-chan a lot.

A: Me too.

K: Draw a bold picture. I look forward to it. You're drawing it now?

H: Ayase...

K: Hayami have you read the original light novels?

H: I have. I had already read the original work when I did the audition. At first I thought she was cute, just Kirino's normal friend. I thought she was a normal character, so... It's practice.

A: Kana-chan and I can't talk about it.

H: How much should I draw?

K: So you read the original work, so you had that image in mind. When that black side appeared.

H: It surprised me. When doing the audition, I tried to be cute. But in the manuscript it's not cute at all. The gap is so refreshing. I think it was really worth doing.

K: Yeah.

H: It's exciting. I think it's fun.

K: Hayami-chan has been so lively lately.

H: She's not really scary.

K: I think it's so funny.

A: But she really is scary.

H: Really?


A: Was it episode five? On the way back from Comike, Kirino meets Ayase. And she's like, "Why are you running away?" And she grabs her.

K: Did the direction tell you to be very scary?

H: They told me that. After that, they were half laughing.

A: That was amazing. After that, it was hard to talk Hayami-chan.

H: Really?

A: It was like, "Hayami-chan, how do you want to do this part of the script?" But... I didn't say it.

H: Really?


K: Aren't you drawing too much? But they're scary. Why are their eyes all dots?

H: They're not. Like a Yadon? The outline is right.

K: Yeah. I suppose. Oh no! How scary!

H: It's not scary.

A: It's like a girl from a book.


K: It's drawn.

H: Also, speaking of Oreimo. Those lines for the game.

K: How was that? Ayase's were amazing. The rumor is Ayase route is amazing.

H: Ayase route has the biggest extremes. She's really happy when happy. When it's bad, it's the end of life.

A: Bad end. When picking between Ayase and Kirino. Ayase is like, "Oniichan, you said you picked me! You liar!"

H: It was scary even for me while I was saying it. The game scenario

K: I bet it was tiring.

H: It was. It was a personal battle. It was hard. But I think it was worth doing. Everyone, try it if you haven't.

A: Please do. Another big opening this time. So let's start.



A: Kana-chan, what time do you end work today?

K: Today? Probably 8 o'clock.

A: I got it. Then I'll wait until you finish~

K: Something was in it.

otakuko Gather

K: Oh no. So I'm making Taketatsu Ayana wait till 8 o'clocK?!

A: I'll wait all this time. That line just now. If Ayase had said it, it'd be so scary.

H: <Ayase voice> Hanazawa-san, what time do you finish work today?

K: About 8 o'clock.

H: I understand. Then, I will wait until you finish.

A: How scary!

K: I'll be killed!

A: She's waiting. What will happen then?

K: I'll stretch out my work.

A: But if you make her wait longer, that'll be scary too. She'd be waiting all that time.

H: Why don't you come?

K: Ayase has so much force.

A: By the way, Hayami-chan, what kind of otaku are you?

H: What otaku?

K: What otaku is Hayami?

A: Maybe you're not an otaku?

K: What's your hobby?

H: Like watching movie? Oh, I'm an art otaku.

K: Do you go to museums?

H: I go to museums a lot. Kana-san is really interested in photos. I like live events.

K: Really? Artists and lives?

H: Last year there was a ramen thing.

A: You're active.

K: Hayami is active. You go out a lot.

H: If I want to do something, I do it.

A: I see.

K: Your future seems bright.


A: I like Kiririn-san, but I like Kuronyan more! "I have male otaku friend. We recently fought over manga. He's a strange guy who likes Hunter x Hunter (Hantahanta), GunSlinger Girl (GangaGirl), Kami no mizushiru Sekai Wo (Nomizora). So we fought. I can't forgive him for shortening my favorite work, Itazura no Kiss, to Zurakiss. You understand right?"

K: Itazura no Kiss is probably shortened to Itakiss. Not Zurakiss.

H: I see. So different people shorten things differently. Like in Kansai, it's Makudo.

K: Like FamiMart.

A: Binicon.

H: She likes that manga after all.

K: Oreimo too.

A: Oreimo.

K: OreNoImo also exists too, right?

A: Yeah.

K: Which is it?

H: Is there any others?

A: Like OreKon, OreNai.

K: But Oreimo, it has to have the imouto.

A: Orenai.

K: You have no sense for shortening things. Please stop Zurakiss though.


A: From Otakuko Mihori-san: "I always listen to this radio show while grinning. I love shows like Oreimo, Keion, ?Reiru shows where girls appear a lot. Of course, I play galgames. I have 9 year-old little brother. When I'm in my room playing galgames, he'd come in my room saying "let's go to the toilets". And he saw me playing a galgames. I told him not to tell, but he exposed it to my parents who took them all away. How can I get them back. Help!"

H: It's like Kirino's household at first.

A: Yeah. It seemed like Father would take it all away. But why were they taken away?

K: Because she was playing a galgame that she shouldn't? But I wonder what the little kid said.

A: "Oneechan was playing a game." How can she get them back.

H: Ask why it's not allowed.

A: My household was pretty free going.

K: Yeah, you played galgames in your living room.

H: You don't hear about them getting taken away. Maybe the mother likes other galgames. So she doesn't like those.

K: The family should play together.

K: This is hard.

H: Talk it out.

A: Just buy some. Galbee. "I'm such an idiot". Say that they're not a bad influence. Seiyuu Taketatsu says it's okay. Since I turned out okay.


A: Pink no tofu 27 year old male.

K: Not a otakuko.

A: But it was delivered. Seems special, so I'll read it. "I always listen while working. I suppose it's weird for a male like me send to a corner for otakuko. But there's something I need to tell you two. Oreimo has a lot of otaku. My wife is actually quite an otakuko. In the summer/winter Comike I always go alone. Everything she requests are BL. Of course, I buy the books. But I have to go through the drama of the girls around saying I'm buying BL. I have two daughters, but they like the anime my wife likes. The older girl is already three. I worry about her future. I like my wife, so I'll always support her."

K: I see.

A: What's Kankeitsura?

K: But it was three years ago. She's three years ago.

H: Kusano? Kusano-chan? Family name.

A: What kind of name is it?

K: They should just get along. But a male buying BL.

H: I'm sure the seller is like, "He's a male. So he's one of us."

K: Isn't it like Kyousuke.

A: Ordered around like Kirino. Good luck!

K: It's for your wife!

A: You should just go together.

K: They have children though.


A: ?????? wake

K: Let me explain to Hayami. Listeners send in requests for us to imitate people. Hayami, we want you to do it too.

A: We should all do it.

K: Hayami, Kuroyanagi Tetsuko.

H: That's too much.

A: Do it.

H: Evening. It's in the room.

K: You should always talk like that, Hayami.

A: Maybe we can do them at events.

K: Imitation Mail.

H: Why are we doing this corner.

K: We imitated Bandou Eiji-san. Aya-chi in an life counseling corner. She read it like Bandou Eiji-san. Start with Aya-chi.


A: From Dream Fighter-san: "In episode 14, you two requested imitations. Please try a Sakana Gunsou." Gyo gyo gyo gyo.

K: It's like a monster.

H: I've seen Sakana Gunsou. Kyokyokyo. It sounds like a middle schooler.


A: Pen name Kinnen Mawari Miru Chinju-san: "For 14, I recommend fan favorite Wakamoto-san. A lot of seiyuu have tried it. His famous phrase is 'Fugata-kun, hurry home. Tada-chan and dinner is waiting.'"

K: That's long.


H: From Yanmei-san. "I've thought of something you can imitate. How about the sound when Mario jumps? I think it'll be simple."

A: Let's all do it.


A: From Kiririn-san @ "How about Nakama Yukie who was in Trick and Gokusen?"

H: But that's hard to imitate.

A: How's she talk?

H: Even when upset, she is calm.

K: What was her famous Gokusen line?

H: In Trick it was "I see through your trick!"

K: Not so much nose!


K: From Clover-san: "I always enjoying listening. My first is war cameraman Watanabe Yobichi-san. The other is Tanoshingo-san."

K: I want to talk to Britney Spear-san.

A: Who? Why Britney Spears?

?: Hello. I'm the real Watanabe Yobichi.

K: Hayami is last.

H: You two did it cutely.


A: From Nikai Kara Botsu-san: "Mayamiki-san". Don't give up!

H: Don't give up!


K: From Radio Name Shigeki wo motomeru otoshi-san: "18 Arare-chan".

A: This is hard. I thought it'd be more anime characters.

K: Or famous lines.

A: Let me announce. I get one. Kana-chan got zero. Hayami-chan got 2.5.

K: Please send easier ones.

H: But this is hard to do without some research. We don't know what the special characteristics.


Life Counseling

A: Chan Hayami.

H: You flipped Hayami-chan around.


A: Pompu-san "Why can't I remove the excess?" -Kodama Kiyoshi

Hayami explains it.


A: 7.6% human-san: "Lately, I don't know what I am." - Cellphone.

H: I thought it was Acchan. It was cute.

K: Why?

A: Because it has a lot features. Like iPhone.


A: Kirin-san: "I'm a manga little sister character, but I don't have any goods!" - Jaiko

H: It's true.

K: I've heard of Jaiko goods. Jaiko clear file. Jaiko notebook. Jaiko key holder.

H: Jaiko hat.

A: A red beret?

K: Jaiko dakimakura.


A: From Marurun: "Is it this person? Even hearing it, I honestly don't know." - God of romances.

H: This person is in position from god.


A: I'm Christ-san: "Return to your original form! Koike Shou's little sister" - Old brother.

K: What is that?

H: Card Captor Sakura.

K: She made her own cards.

A: I drew the Clow Card pictures.

H: I bought the Clow Card set.

A: You're rich.

H: Which Clow Card did you like?

A: I liked them all?

H: Windy?

A: Windy. Jump. Firey.

H: Which character did you like?

A: Shaorin. His character song.

H: I liked Yukito-san

A: I think I liked Touya-oniichan.

H: Touya-kun and Yukito-kun...

A: Seemed love love.

H: Eriol-kun. Yukito-san is the Yue character.

A: Kana-chan!

H: Kana-san, you didn't watch?

K: I saw it, but forgot.

A: I have the DVDs. Let's watch them.

K: I didn't think you'd know so much, Hayami.

A: Which costume do you like?

H: Costume? I remember the first one, the white and pink one.

A: The one with wings. I like the one from the opening.

H: Yukito-san on his bike while slyly throwing the candy.

A: Sakura going "hoe" is cute.


K: Miki-san's glasses. I tried not to look at them.

A: Thank you, Hayami-chan.

K: But we only talked about Oreimo in the beginning.

A: Come again.

K: Card Captor comrade. At first she was my Pokemon card comrade, but Aya-chi took her. We need to find another common point.

A: Talk to your manager about your schedule. Come again. It's time.

Bye bye!

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Transcript 18

Post by takenoko » Thu Aug 02, 2012 3:35 am


Oreimo 18 April 22, 2011
"Aya-chi" Taketatsu Ayana -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Hanazawa Kana -Kuroneko
Kuroneko: Golden Week starts next week. How do you intend to spend the consecutive days off?

Kirino: As usual, I suppose.

Kuroneko: I suppose that means a lot of eroge, right?

Kirino: I suppose. What about you?

Kuroneko: The same as usual. I'll be home all week.

Kirino: What a boring vacation... Hey, don't you have little sisters?!

Kuroneko: Do I sense a rise in tension?

Kirino: Well it's just that if there's little kids around, I can't believe you're not going anywhere. I feel sorry for them. This is no time for eroge, let's all go somewhere together!

Kuroneko: You merely want to meet my little sisters, do you not?

Kirino: W-w-what are you saying?!

Kuroneko: You ooze with wicked intentions.

Kirino: No way. Let's all go on a picnic. We'll eat your obentou full of grasses. It's sure to be fun!

Kuroneko: Do you have some complaint about the ingredients I used for my spring bentou?

Kirino: Nope, nope, no way. The food you make is always healthy. I love it. I wish I could eat them everyday.

Kuroneko: R-really? T-thanks...

Kirino: To change the subject, episode 19 has a special guest.

Kuroneko: Who can that guest be?

Kirino: Let me give you a hint. She's such a busybody.

Kuroneko: Busybody?

Kirino: She understands anime and games.

Kuroneko: She understands anime and games.

Kirino: She's tall.

Kuroneko: She's tall...

Kirino: She's someone we always rely on.

Kuroneko: Someone we always rely on... I see. I look forward to next time.

Kirino: Oh, you know already?

Kuroneko: Indeed. I have an idea. Everyone is listening to us on the radio. We shouldn't fight the way we usually do with the guests.

Kirino: Fight with the guests? Why?

Kuroneko: What are you saying? We always do that.

Kirino: Eh? Are you having some sort of misunderstanding? Nevermind. Everyone, look forward to the guest next time!



Kana-chan: Why add my name in it.

Aya-chi: Long time no see, Kana-chan.

K: It's been too long. Can we kiss?

A: No. We're recording. Wait till no one's around.

K: I had a dream. I was buying Aya-chi a dress. A frilly dress and Had you wear it.

A: Are you a pervert or something?

K: Sorry. It was a dream, so forgive me.

A: You seemed a little too happy to see me. When we met, you pretended to fall and had your head at my leg.

K: Don't say that. It makes me seem like a sekuhara (sexual harassment) old man. I didn't really fall.

A: I thought I was being attacked. It surprised me.

K: Sorry.


A: Last time we had Hayami. Hayami Saori-chan.

K: It was fun.

A: We did imitations.

K: I didn't do that well. We have a letter


A: From Shimagin-san: "Taketatsu-san's war cameraman Watanabe imitation reminded me of someone else. It reminds me of Segawa Eiko-san. So try it someday. The "Mou!" voice is easy. When my friend was listening Hanazawa-san's radio show, he thought she sounded like Kanon Miho-san. So try that."

K: What's she sound like?

A: Isn't Kanon Miho-chan naturally cute? How do you imitate her?

K: There's no features stand out.

A: Mou. Mou.

K: You okay?

A: Let's continue.

K: Let's do something that won't make people angry with us.


A: Some small news. Oreimo Blu-Ray and DVD volume 5 goes on sale April 21st.

K: That's soon. I look forward to it.

A: This time it'll be episodes 9 and 10. BOnus CD is the ending theme Kousaka Kirino's "Suki Nanda mon" and Kurusu Kanako's "Iie, Tomu wa Imouto ni Taishite Seiteki na Koufun wo Oboeteimasu" (No, I remember my friend getting sexually aroused at me being a little sister". What an amazing title.

K: It has impact.

A: But the song is cute. Why is the title like this. And episode 13 ore no Kouhai ga Konna ni Kusatte Wake ga Nai is being broadcast. It's over? I hadn't seen it yet.

K: Eh? You should have watched it.

A: No way! Wait a moment! Tell me! And episode 14 Ore no Kouhai ga Konna ni Kawaii ga Nai will be broadcast soon.

K: You better not miss this one. But you hadn't seen 13, so for you to watch 14...

A: Yeah. Someone urgently get me episode 13. Please.

My little sister can't also be this cute.

A: Kana-chan. Your clothes are cute today.

K: Thanks. What?

A: But Kana-chan is more cute!

K: Ack!

A: What?

K: My manager bought this for me.

A: It looks delicious.

K: I forgot. It's written there.

A: Say it when it's not written too.


A: From Aozora Santa-san. From a girl. "I have this one younger twin sister. I thought she was cute when the other little sister was in the bath. That little sister was using conditioner when, 'Oneechan, this is called Rinse but also Condetanaa.' I thought that was cute." She couldn't say Conditioner. They don't call it rinse. They're different things.

K: Conditioner and rinse are different? How are they different.

A: Treatment? I don't know. Conditioner is what you put in the hair to prepare? Then rinse is just oil? Rinse? Su?

K: Why su? Aya-chi what shampoo do you use?

A: I use chara stars.

K: What's chara stars?

A: It's sold at beauty shops.

K: Really?

A: Like for photographing or for events, it would go wild.

K: So it's a special shampoo.

A: For special days.

K: I use Pantene.

A: How is it?

K: It's good. It smells good.

A: I'm sure your lovely hair is protected by Pantene.

K: I'm sure it's the oil.

A: Why say that about yourself? Stop it.


A: From Harem Nitou-san: "I have a three year old little sister. The other day, she called Anpanman Anpanyan."

K: It's like she's from Osaka.

A: A three year old little sister is nice.

K: Anpanman is easier to say.

A: Why Anpanyan? It's cute.


A: From Gotsuan-san: "I have a younger sister 8 years younger than me. She's in fifth grade. This is embarrassing, but since she was born, she always called me Nii Nii. It hasn't changed and has become my title. It's about time she started calling me Oniichan, so I told her, but she is showing no intention of changing it. One day, my little sister's friend was over. When she came out, she said "Oh, it's Nii Nii." But her friend as well as the friend's parent was there too, so she panicked and said, "It's O-Oniichan." and turned red. She won't change despite me telling her to, but at that moment I thought it was cute." Nii Nii? Satoko?!

K: Who's Satoko?

A: There's a show Higurashi no Nakekoro. Satoko is a loli chara. She always calls her brother Nii Nii.

K: What a difficult way to convey it.

A: How cute. Nii Nii.

K: I should make my little brother call me Neetan.

A: Nee Nee. Oh. I called a cousin Nee Nee.

K: Nee Nee? I don't hea Nee Nee that much.

A: My cousin has an embarrassing name. But it'd be weird for me to call my cousin Oneechan. At first it was Ne Ne. But it changed to Nee Nee. When I was in fifth grade, she asked me why I called her Nee Nee. So I ended up calling her by her name.

K: How you address someone is complicated. Even if you get along, adding the -san seems weird.

A: That's why I call Kana-chan, Kana-chan. I don't say Kana.

K: Call me Kana.

A: K-Kana. It's embarrassing!

K: Good. From now on, it's only "Kana". Till the end it's Kana.

A: I'll do my best. Kana-chan. Kana will need to call me Aya.

K: That's good. Aya.

A: Aya?

K: Aya.

A: Isn't it embarrassing.

K: Aya, finish it up.


Meruru Vs Maschera

Battle 8: Plastic Models Vs Figures

K: Aya-chi, do you have either of those?

A: I have figures.

K: You get figures. Like for shows you work on. I don't have many plamodels.

A: I don't have many plamodels.

K: I mostly imagine it being made by guys.

A: It's so detailed. I'm scared I'll mess up or lose parts.

K: It seems hard.


A: Taketatsu Plamodel, Hanzawa figures.

K: Ayachi's way of saying figure... Aya-chi, I don't think you'd be allowed to do a CM for figures.

A: Why?! Figure.


Real Start

A: ?? Romance-san: "This time I'm for Ayanyan's plamodels. Because you build them yourself. Gunpla's famous Bandai Building Factory, Bandai Hobby Center. There's a lot of local mecha. Last year, there was 1:5 scale Gundam at Tokyo Harbor. It was big news. Shuzou Kaken plamodels sell to 90% of the country. They originally were a gathering of artisans in the Edo Era. They made dolls. That state of mind for building exists even now."

So Shizuoka-ken makes a lot.

K: I had no idea.

A: That's amazing.

K: I thought Bandai Visual made them all.

A: I thought so too. But Shizuoka?

K: From the shinkansen I can see Gundam.

A: That's amazing.

K: I had no idea.


K: Pen Name Anime no Aishitemasu-san: "I definitely for figures. Plamodels have too many parts and seem too hard, so I don't feel like making them. And I'm not good at such little details. I can take a figure out of the box and immediately decorate it. I think figures are good for people who don't have much time. Figures lately have been high quality. Hanazawa-san, please let us know if you have any figures."

That's right, I have a figure for Black Rock Shooter.

A: Black Rock Shooter. Weren't they already a singer?

K: It was a motif. An animation was made. They're good. You just look at them.

A: They're relaxing. It's good when they have panties. A lot of them properly have them.

K: At first, I check that.

A: Yeah. From above and look from below. You go "Oh they're wearing them." And get impressed.

K: It makes you sound like a perverted old man.

A: Next.


A: From Hiraki-san: "I'm for plamodels. it's because you when complete one, it's no small feat. You open the box and are shocked by the parts, but the time it takes to make them is what's good about plamodels. And if you lose a part, if you mail in, there are companies that send you the part."

K: I see.

A: It takes time.

K: Once made, you want to always leave it.

A: It'd take hours to make it. So it's like your child. Maybe that's exaggerating.


K: Pen name Azumanga Daioh no Osaka wa Gunpla Kuwashiin nan da (Osaka from Azumananga Daioh knows a lot about Gunpla). Oh right. I love Azumanga Daioh. Osaka is cute. She's cute, she has an osaka accent. "This time I'm for figures. The reason is plamodels people and creatures are as stiff as robots. It's hard to pose them. Figures are created with expressions, skin, and clothes that are realistic. You can pick a pose you like. Lately, there have even been figures with joints that you can move. And when I make plamodels, I always have parts leftover. I even read the manual."

Figures with joints. But are those still considered figures?

A: Figures?

K: Robos.

A: Figures are like dolls. That's amazing.

K: Technology is amazing.

A: They're growing.


A: From Taikukei-san: "I'm definitely for plamodels. It's fun to put the parts together. And you feel sad when it's complete. The excitement at looking at the final product. You can only get that feeling from plamodels. Plamodels are the best! By the way, my favorite plamodel is Gundam Seed Destiny's Infinite Justice Gundam."

K: What an amazing name.

A: Infinite Justice Gundam. Sounds strong. It's justice.

K: Gunpla.

A: Gunpla is popular. When I was small, there was gunpla. It was called the dream of boys.

K: My brother didn't really get into them.

A: My childhood friend made them. Were those plamodels? Maybe they were mini unku.

K: Poor childhood friend.

A: I remember helping.

K: Mini unku? I made Bomberman.

A: Bomberman?

K: Bidaman? Beat them up.

A: What are you talking about? I don't know what sounds you're making.


K: Radio name: Betsu ni anta ni tame toukou shitan ja. (I didn't make this submission for you.)

A: Tsundere.

K: Yeah. A tsundere. "I'm definitely for figures. Figures are good because they're a successful creation. It's like they're real. I'm touched looking at them. And it takes time to gather them. When you line them up, you can feel a sense of achievement. Lastly, it doesn't take up space. I once made a plamodel. It quickly took up all the space. Frankly, it was a nuisance. But figures don't take up that much space. A plamodel takes up the space of 3 figures."

A: I see. How handy.

K: But there are large figures. Maybe pile them up. Figures, are like Gunpla. It takes up space.

A: Gundams are big.

K: Are there small ones too? A lot of the ones on the figure side this time are girls.

A: Girls don't tend to do detailed works.

K: It's a pain.

A: How honest. But they're both good. Same result as always. Thank you for your mail.



Life Counseling

K: That music. It's a bit surreal. Last time Chan Hayami knew about Card Captor Sakura. So she and Aya-chi really got into it. I was left out. I thought it'd be like our usual radio show.

A: Kana-chan, let's watch Sakura-chan.

K: Right? Someone show me.

A: I have the DVD box.

K: Lend it to me. I sang Catch You Catch Me at karaoke.

A: How cute.


A: From Sakana-san: "It's not a luxury. I want to appear with everyone on DVD." - Steam. Huh, what's that mean?

K: I see. Steam hides erotic scenes. Steam and light hiding stuff is a frequent pattern.

A: I see. It happens a lot with midnight anime. It wants to appear on the DVD too.

K: Poor thing. On DVD, they're gone.


A: From Sakura Saita Yo-san: "Lately, haven't you forgotten about me?" - Chou very bad.

K: Oh.

A: That's true.

K: It's old.

A: What's Chou Very Bad?

K: It's Chou Very Bad.

A: A feeling? What is very bad?

K: Various things. Like "it's chou very bad." I never used it.

A: It was popular when we were small.

K: chou very bad. You don't hear.

A: If you used it now, people would call it a dead phrase. Sorry, you're a dead phrase.

K: I don't know how to translate it English.

A: Yeah. Panete. JK. JK = Joshikousei (female student). So joshidaisei is JD?

K: No one says JD. Just say Joshidaisei (female college student)

A: Why is joshikousei JK? Don't they say joshichuugakusei JC? (female middle school student)

K: They say that? Well in middle school, they wear student uniforms.

A: That's nice. The young.

K: You're young.

A: Seems like a waste. Should we read the next one.

K: What was that conversation just now?


A: From Shita Kabuta-san: "No one calls my real name." Fukbiki Garagara. And his real name is Araishiki Kaitenchusenki.

K: What's that?

A: Arai-san made it?

K: So are there other shiki?

A: Like Tanaka-shiki. Hanazawa-shiki. Kana talks like a girl. Kuroneko. "Don't turn me around."

K: Make Taketatsu-shiki.

A: That's gross.


A: From Heiwa no Renkinjutsu-san: "3D is too popular. Am I forgotten?" - By Sadako. Sadako is the Ring, right?

K: Sadako. What was it. She comes out of the TV scene.

A: She comes out of a well.

K: How scary. Let's stop talking about this.

A: But how...

K: Why are you...

A: Why not? I have a question.

K: Why? It's scary.

A: She comes out of the TV. How did she do it?

K: Did she pass through the screen?

A: It's pretty old. You don't need to be scared of it. But it is scary.

K: I wouldn't see it in 3D.

A: That'd be bad. Sadako would appear and be in front of you. In Ring, did you know there's a ghost in the temple?

K: You're lying.

A: Kana-chan, you should watch Ring with me.

K: No. I'm definitely not.


A: Ore no Imo ga Konna ni Kawaiteru ga Nai: "Taketatsu Ayana and Hanazawa Kana have joined in a unit for Oreimo for 13 episodes. But we want to appear more." -Hanatatsu Kana.

K: What's that mean?

A: Episode 13. I'll read it. It's all about Kuronyan. Kirino is gone so it's a bit lonely. On the whiteboard is Hanetatsu Kana. I saw this and decided to write in. What's this mean?

K: Game Research Club. It's written on the blackboard.

A: Really?

K: I told you to watch episode 13.

A: Hanetatsu Kana, that's amazing.

K: But Hanazawa Aya, is my child.

A: Wait a moment. What are you saying?

K: Hanazawa Aya.

A: Takezawa Kana. Hanatatsu Kana.

K: It's true. Hanatatsu Kana, seems on purpose.

A: Takezawa seems normal.

K: Unit. Let's make a unit.

A: An unofficial unit. With no activity.

K: We'll go eat tasty meat.


A: Last. Ryuu-san: "I'm an idiot! Why don't you pay more attention to me!" -Ayana.

K: What?

A: Aya-chi's phrasing was cute. I wanted to hear it again so I wrote in. I did it last time. Tehe.

K: Stumble. Stumble.

A: I'm an idiot! I want to go.

K: I think it's good. Let's go eat meat.




K: Episode 19 will be May 13th.

A: The last episode will be out.

K: What will happen? An adult's situation?

A: Yes?

K: Every month? 2-4?

A: Two weeks. Daigo?


A: We usually broadcast on Friday.

K: I see. So the next one will be Daigo? (May? Not sure what this is referring to.)

A: We understand. And I have news. Amazingly next time Saori Vageena / Nabatame Hitomi-san will appear. Nabatame! I call her Neesan. But it seemed rude, so I stopped.

K: But you just dropped her honorific. So let's get life counseling from Nabatame-san.

A: Since she's an adult lady. I look forward to it.

K: We'll be waiting for mail. The subject of Meruru vs Maschera 9 is Comiket Generic Booths Vs Industry Booths.

A: What's that? What's a generic booth.

K: It's booths by normal people. They sell various things.

A: Comiket is amazing.

K: There was a lot I didn't know today. The next Comiket. I've never went to Comiket to play.

A: I haven't went.

K: But we went to Comiket in Oreimo. There really are a lot of people.

A: I want to see it just once.

K: It seems like a lot of work.

A: Look forward to the next one. Oh, it's the 9th one.

K: I said 9. Not that it means anything.

A: I thought we had just done 9.

K: I thought we really only did 9 episodes.

A: For the radio, this is the 18th one.

K: I see. This is the 18th? So why 9? Oh, I see. Sorry, I got it mixed up.

A: This is 18th radio show. But it's the 9th time we had this corner.

K: I thought we just did 9 radio shows.

A: Is your memory that bad?

K: Let's finish it.

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Re: My little sister can't be this cute on the radio

Post by takenoko » Fri Aug 03, 2012 6:13 am

Top left: Taketatsu Ayana's
Bottom left: Hanazawa Kana
Right: Special Guest Nabatame Hitomi

Oreimo 19 May 13, 2011
"Aya-chi" Taketatsu Ayana -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Hanazawa Kana -Kuroneko

Guest: Nabatame Hitomi (Saori Vageena)

Kirino: Amazingly, we have a special guest this time!

Kuroneko: Special guest?

Kirino: I said so last time. Did you forget?

Kuroneko: Cool, meddlesome, cool, reliable person... Right?

Kirino: I think that's kind of wrong. You said "cool" two times. I said someone meddlesome, tall, reliable.

Kuroneko: So that person is coming as a guest...

Kirino: What is it? You seem pretty pleased.

Kuroneko: Not really. Call the guest already. I'm sure they're waiting.

Kirino: That's true.

Kuroneko: I don't think this is so, but in the offhand chance it's the same guest as before, I will run away.

Kirino: You're too scared of Ayase. Special guest Saori Vageena-san, if you'd please.

Saori: Hello, hello! Pleased to meet you radio listeners! I'm the special guest Saori Vageena de gozaru!

Kuroneko: Did you mean the special guest was Saori?

Kirino: Who did you think it was?

Kuroneko: That doesn't matter!

Saori: Cool! Meddlesome. Cool. Reliable. Indeed that is myself, is it not?!

Kuroneko: Be quiet.

Saori: The three of us are finally on the radio. To be honest, I was jealous listening to you two talk on the radio.

Kuroneko: It's not like we were getting along.

Kirino: We weren't.

Saori: That, that! That's how the two of you are!

Kuroneko: As usual, words do not get through to this giant.

Saori: Now that we are here and free to talk, mind if I say something honestly de gozaru ka?

Kirino: Why not?

Saori: Don't you think I've been left out too much!

Kirino: I didn't think you'd be that frank.

Saori: But but! This radio show, Twitter, and character goods are all Kiririn-shi and Kuroneko-shi! It's no fair de gozaru! I want to be on the regular character de gozaru yo!

Kuroneko: There is no point in asking myself about it. Go ask Aniplex and Ascii Works.

Saori: When will my figure come out de gozaru ka?

Kirino: Maybe it shouldn't.

Kuroneko: You have no mercy. This is your fault. Say something!

Kirino: I suppose. C-cheer up. There are goods for you, even if it's not as many as ours.

Kuroneko: That's true. The other day, in AKiba's Gamers I obtained your figure.

Saori: S-such goods exist?

Kuroneko: It was you in your maid form. It was cute.

Saori: Wow.

Kirino: Me too. I wanted a cute Kiririn little sister figure. I went there, but I couldn't get it. It was all plain girl and Vageena.

Kuroneko: I quickly completed my collection. This regularly happens for me.

Kirino: For real? Who's the secret figure? could it be... Saori?!

Kuroneko: Well...

Kirino: Nevermind. It's the most popular one... me!

Saori: Kiririn-shi! What color is your blood?1

Kirino: Don't grab and shake me!

Kuroneko: In the end, it has become like when the three of us gather. Plus, I needed to follow up on this callous heroine. Apparently her Saori figure is as cherished as her Meruru figure.

Kirino: Stop it Saori! You're exposing my panties!

Saori: Why not?!

Kuroneko: Sorry to interrupt your fun. Is there anything you want to say in the end?

Saori: To the goods maker who are listening to this radio show! Please... please Saori Vageena figure! A very cute Saori Vageena figure please de gozaru!

Kirino: Thanks for coming today!


Nabatame: Playing Saori Vageena, I'm Nabatame Hitomi.

Aya-chi: Radio episode 19. She's like our older sister, Nabatame Hitomi-san has come to play.

Kana-chan: At last, we meet here.

A: Welcome!

N: I was here before. When you first started.

K: That was hard.

A: It was mostly Kana-chan.

K: I have some news first. Oreimo Blu-Ray volume 6 goes on sale May 21st. This time it's episode 11 and 12. We sing the ending theme. "Akihabara Dance Now" You, Kuroneko, Saori Vageena. Gross otaku.

A: "Akihabara Dance Now" is mostly sung by Nabatame-san.

N: It was really hard.

K: That was complicated song.

N: It was so complicated. I was sure all three were singing. So we'd split it up. But it ended up being mostly me.

A: Basically we sung the elegant parts. But Nabatame-san's voice stood out more.

K: Of course. It's Akihabara Dance Now, after all.

A: It really is a song fitting for Saori.

N: That was difficult. But it's a good song. It's very exciting.

K: I like Chameleon.

A: I like it. You sang it at an event too. It's a good song.

K: Please talk about Saori Vageena.

N: What? I have to do all the talking? It's fun.

K: Thanks to Vageena, the three of them are able to remain at peace.

N: It's fun. But really, Vageena can't be made into figures. No goods. I like Vageena.

A: But Vageena's backpack with posters. Just make a toy out of that.

K: Nabatame-san's voice. You really got into the gozaru phrasing. Nabatame-san, maybe you should always say gozaru.

A: It feels natural.

N: Sometimes I say gozaru. My manager, is here. He doesn't know it, but when on the phone he'll say things like, "Is that so de gozaru ka". So I'll respond, "Yeah de gozaru ne." It's my manager's influence.

K: It's your manager's influence.

A: A secret story. On the show's homepage are illustrations of Kirino and Kuroneko. I think you should draw a Saori Vageena.

K Last time, Hayami-chan was a guest. So she drew one.

N: Eh? Who's that?

K: Umm... Hayami-chan was supposed to draw Ayase. But it's scary.

N: I wonder why?

K: The lines are thick. And not enough.

N: I wonder why. Maybe that's how Ayase is to Hayami-chan.

K: Nabatame-san, are you good at drawing?

N: Let's see. I suppose I'm at stage 5. That's my grade. Let's try.

A: Just draw the spiral glasses.

K: What is her hair like?

A: I think it's twin tails.

N: No, no. It's like a ponytail.

A: Eh? it's a ponytail?

N: It's just one tail.

A: Really?

N: I think so. What if I got it wrong?


A: The Oreimo game complete guide has Saori without glasses. I thought she had twin tails then.

K: Maybe that's just when her glasses are off.

A: Eh? When she takes her glasses off she gets twin tails?

K: I think she's amazing.

A: Eh? They're saying twin tails.

N: Really?

A: See!

N: Wasn't it just one? But it's not really twin tails. She's not a bunny chick.

K: I had no idea.

A: I drew mine. That's cute.

K: You're really good.

N: Really?

K: But it looks a bit like Benzou-san.

N: What is that?

A: The mouth is cute?

K: How's Ayachi's? Oh, Ayachi's cute.

N: That's good. I'm sure it's like this.

A: Twin tails.

N: It's lower though.

K: Since it's lower, it didn't feel like twin tails. Please take a look at these images.


A: Hey, hey. can I come over to play, Kana-chan? Then I'll bring pajamas.

Otakuko Gather!

K: I'm sorry, if this is weird. I'm sorry. This is like a ritual we do each time.

N: I see.

K: She's trying to make me feel better.

A: I try to excite her.

N: I see.

Ayachi explains the corner.

N: Really?

A: It has "do it cutely like Vageena". Can you do it?

Vageena: Next time, is it okay if I come play, Kana-sama de gozaru ka?

K: It's okay de gozaru yo.

Vageena: Oooh! Then I will bring sleep wear!

K: How cute. Really cute.

A: Let me join in de gozaru.

K: Sometimes when Vageena talks to Kuroneko, she doesn't say the gozaru.

A: Nabatame-san, do you have any otaku goods?

N: Well, I don't know. I might have a hand towel.

A: A hand towel?!

K: It's a collection?!

A: What do you use it for?

N: I have them on display.

K: There are a lot of types.

N: You can change the hand towels with the season. Like for Christmas, I'll have Christmas hand towels. In spring, I'll use ones for spring.

K: What an adult.

A: How fashionable.

K: That's the first time I've heard of someone who had a hand towel collection.

A: Me too.

N: And if it gets dirty you can use it as a dish cloth.

A: Wow! What an adult. So this is how noble women decorate.

N: I'm not a noble!

K: Do you cook? We're in trouble. We're behind.

N: You don't cook?

K: We do. But we have no specialty.

A: It's curry.

N: I can make chashuu. You can buy cheap meat and strings at the supermarket. I made chashuu. I added egg and made boiled egg and chashuu.

A: That sounds delicious.

K: You've got to get that feeling. I've never thought of making my own chashuu.

A: You can eat chashuu at a ramen shop.

N: But chashuu is handy.

K: Yeah. You can make fried rice.

A: We've got to learn. But this is making us feel bad.


A: From Taketasu = Ako-san Love-san: "I'm really into galgee right now. I even completely cleared the PSP Oreimo game. Amazingly, I have 80 galgee. Do you have any galgee that you can recommend to a minor. Hanazawa-san, maybe you should try them?"

Have you played galgee, Nabatame-san?

N: I did in the past. Like the Tokimeki games. I was amazingly bad. I tried my best to do it without a strategy guide. I'd work hard to get a person, but I'd always end up dropping out of college and getting rejected. The dark ending.

A: Like the friendship ending.

N: More like the ending alone in a room ending.

K: You don't understand the heart of girls.

A: Tokimeki 1?

N: One. It was too sad. I wanted my 7-8 hours back.

K: But Ayachi knows a lot about Tokimeki.

A: Tokimeki 1 really was hard.

N: That's the fun part. Like how do I get Fujisaki-san.

A: You can never get Fujisaki-san no matter how you try.

N: You need good grades and good looks.

A: But to improve your looks, you need to raise the excitement levels with the other girls. So it's a series of bombs.

K: Bombs?

N: If you don't pay attention to them, bombs appear.

A: Like malicious rumors.

N: Quit those girls!

K: What do you mean? Like jealousy?

A: If you don't pay attention to one and date just another girl, that girl gets jealous and spreads rumors.

K: How dark. But it seems kind of interesting.

A: When the bombs explode, the boys in the class will act like you hurt that person.

N: It's a pain.

K: Being popular is hard. You played a galgame 80 minutes.

N: Which was the minor storyline?

A: Minor? Doing the minor storyline can be done in 80 minutes. Like the PSP version. Then it must have been the first Playstation. Personally, I like Ayakashi Ninden Kuno ichiban.


N: I like games.

K: You like games?

N: But I'm stopped at the Famicom.

K: You're stopped in the Famicom?

N: I love famicom. I still have a lot of Famicom boxes.

A: Don't Famicom break down easily?

N: They do. When you put the software in and the screen is all pink, Then I rebuy it.

A: Do you ever blow into the cassette?
N: But I was told that was bad.

That's bad?

N: Apparently the spit gets into it.

A: Really?

K: You like Famicom?

N: I was told to buy the Wii and download the games. But when I go into the game shops, I look at the cassettes. I love Famicom.

A: So the galgame I recommend. Kuroichiban.

N: I liked Nakayama Miho's Tokimeki High School.

A: What is that?

N: That was on disk. Famicom had a disk system. You didn't know about the disk system?

A: Famicom had disks?

N: Yeah. Yellow or blue disks. Nakayama Miho Tokimeki High School was a blue disk. Nakayama Miho one day transferred schools. The protagonist really likes Nakayama Miho. While talking with her. He quickly transfers.

K: Was it live?

N: It was drawings. So Miporin could get in a lot of relationships. But Miporin's birthday came. If you choose the wrong present, for some reason you would give Miporin takoyaki as a birthday present. The next day she won't come to school.

A: Miporin is delicate.

N: I'm sure you'd never find it now though. It was fun. You called to get hints.

K: Oh, you mean really call on a phone.

N: Yeah, the phone number appeared on screen. If you called, they'd tell you where to wait for the girls.

A: That sounds fun.

N: Maybe a new version will come out.

A: I want to try that.


A: From Chuichi Fujoshi-san: "Hello. My first submission. I am a listener and viewer from America. Every time, I open the home page and do my best to avoid looking at the title. By the way, my whole family are ota. I'm an anime, light novel, manga ota. Dad is a tsuribaka (fishing nut), in other words, an outdoor ota. Mother is a drama and Kdrama ota. My older sister is a kdrama idol ota. And my older brother is an anime, manga, light novel ota like me. That makes me think, why must ota hide themselves? Even among the local Japanese, we're open about being ota. Even with family. Is this weird for others? Or are the people here just too nice? Please tell me. P.s. My state is in the country, but please have an event here."

K: Which state?

N: Isn't she in America?

A: Where in America.

N: Wow, an event in America.

K: The scope is vast. I see. Do otaku hide themselves now.

N: They don't now.

A: But sometimes we get mail from people saying they can't tell their families.

K: It's like their child raising policy. Like parents who don't let their children watch anime and stuff.

N: I don't think it's weird.

K: Well, lately not many people hide that.

N: It seems natural.

A: "Coming out" is good. Don't hide it. "Going my way."

N: I'm sure this fan would be like, "Let's all come out."

A: If you're listening, try coming out.


A: Is there any more mail? That's it. I see. It seems like we get a lot of mail from otakuko. Otakuko really shine.

K: Really?

A: Don't they shine? Maybe it's a bias as a girl. I feel excited reading the mail.



N: What was that just now?

K: Listener send Net terms and we try to guess the meaning.

N: No way. No one could understand that.

K: It's Bandou Eiji-san.

N: Eh?!

A: Why?!

K: In a recording from before. We did an imitation contest with Hayami-chan. She's so good. Listen to it.

N: I can't do anything. I'm told I never sound similar.

K: Well, this isn't imitations.

A: Mario's jump sound.

K: It's just a nose noise.


A: Nabatame-san, are you familiar with Net lingo?

N: In the past, if it was related to stuff I was working on. I studied PC lingo. I don't know about Net lingo.

K: Net lingo seems to change daily.

A: If it's used often, like warai/laughter as w.

K: Let's check the mail.


A: Pen name Oreimo afmesu-san: Nino ni naru.
*Ni naru means "to become"

K: Nino?

N: Ninomiya-kun? I like it.

K: Nino is in katakana? I think that means something.

A: Death.

N: To die? Ninomiya-kun.

K: A situation like Ninomiya-kun's?

A: To have a smile? But I saw Arashi.

N: I saw them too.

A: That's a good show.

K: Freeter (young people who subsist on part-time work).

Ding ding.

K: It means to be a freeter? "When I graduate, I will be nino ni naru." To be a freeter.

A: I see. That was a tough one.


A: From Megane Suits Moe-san: GHQ Shozoku.
*Shozoku means "affiliation"

A: GHQ is in alphabet.

K: Capital letters?

A: Capital letters.

N: Shozoku?

A: I don't know.

N: Q Q Q. Gohan Club. Students use it.

K: Students use it? What could it be?

A: Like homeroom?

N: Shozoku.

A: Or a club?

N: All I know is that q is club.

A: Home cooking? Home room.

N: H is home. G...

K: I've got. Going Home Club.

Ding ding.

A: Go Home Q-q-q-quickly.

K: Oh, quickly.

A: Those who go straight home (instead of participating in clubs). Basically the Going-Home-Club.

K: But instead of writing GHQ Shozoku it'd be faster to write Going-Home-Club (Kitakubu 帰宅部).

A: But Going Home Club is fine. It's a club.

N: But it's not a club...

A: I mainly went home. I didn't really participate in clubs. I envy students. They have such a phrase.

K: It's cool.

N: Let me.


N: From Hikaru-san: tmt. All lower case.

A: What is this?! A emoticon?

K: It's not an emoticon.

N: Used in Nicodou.

A: Why?

N: Like one of those moving commentaries?

A: Like a comment? Like GHO.

N: Something will happen? Something will happen on the video. Like it's frozen?

A: Like it's frozen.

Ding ding.

N: It's short for tomatta (it has stopped).

K: I see.

N: When broadcast live on Niconico, when the video or audio has stopped, you put tmt as the commentary. That way the broadcaster notices. It's like "It's stopped!"

K: tmt is easier to use.

A: That's amazing. It's easy to use.

N: People sure like the Net.

A: It's modern. You can do it on your phone. iPhone. or PC.

K: I learned a lot. That was "I don't know OO"


Life Counseling

A: A lot came in. Last time at the Dengeki G's magazine cafe we didn't read even one. So let's do it with Nabatame-san.

N: Let's get along.

K: Yeah, Chan Naba-san.

A: She's an adult lady.

N: I'm not such an adult.

A: So let's read a lady.


A: From Aoi Kemono-san: "To be honest, I have a girlfriend. We're in a long distance relationship. I'm still a student so I don't have money. We don't really go on dates, how can I convey my love?"

K: Just say you like her.

N: Yeah. The two of you can just go home together.

A: The best thing is to just use the PC.

K: That'd be free.

N: And you can see the video. That's good. Long distance is hard, but that's good. skype is good. What do you two think of long distance relationships?

K: I'd like to try it. Like seeing how long I can withstand it.

N: A test of endurance?!

A: I couldn't bear it.

K: This distance will make our bond stronger, right?

N: I understand. I suppose when far away, when you do meet it'll be more amazing. But I think a medium distance away will last longer.

K: I see.

A: Halfway.

N: Like Tokyo and sorta away like Gunma. It's not impossible to reach, just a little inconvenience.

K: That's true.

N: That's how you measure the love.

A: But living close is best.

K: When you get out in the world, you can live together.

A: Love love.


A: Kuroneko ga Konna ni kawaii wake ga nai-san: "I'm a student. I learned about Oreimo from the anime. It was pretty interesting, so I thought about buying the original novels, but I don't have the money. Tell me an effective way of making money."

K: If you're in high school.

A: Get a part time job.

N: If the school is okay with that.

A: Or help out around the house and get an allowance. I had 500 yen in savings.

K: Everyday you got 500 yen?

A: Not everyday. When there was a 500 yen coin, I'd put it in. Like when there was a 500 yen in the wallet.

N: You did this as a student?

A: I did in middle school.

N: Wow.

A: Also. When your parents have coins they don't want. Like 1 yen or 5 yen coins. I'd ask if I could have it. Before I knew it, I'd have saved up a lot.

K: You get a lot of 5 yen coins.

N: There's no easy way to get money. Just don't use it.

K: Like skipping meals.

A: Good luck.


A: Tentai de wa naku hensai-san (Not a heavenly body but a natural disaster): "TKT2-san. If I know someone who has nose hairs, how can I tell them? Tell me a good way."

K: That's a real problem. What do you do, Nabatame-san?

N: I don't know. If it's a male, I feel like I can tell them. I would never tell a girl that.

K: If they had a mirror they'd cut it.

A: If we're close, I'd tell. I'd make it a joke.

K: If you're friends.
I'd avoid it.

N: It's hard.

K: I wouldn't be able to tell my Manager-san if he had them.

A: But I personally don't think nose hairs are that big a deal.

N: What about you? If you had them, would you want them to tell you?

A: Please tell me.

N: If you want to fool yourself, then you should be told. Better than spending the whole day like that, then going home and being surprised.

A: Personally, I don't think it's that big a deal. If nose hairs stick out, just say so and apologize. Personally, I'm not sure how I'd tell others. But I don't think it'd bother me.

K: But in winter. It's not fair.

N: If they were wearing a suit. What would you do.

A: It depends on the place. And how close. After eating, check.

K: How embarrassing.

A: Let me know.


A: From Oreimo Niki Misaki-san: "Hello. I always listen. My school has a 2 month field trip. of course we're all going to the hot springs. But I'm middle school year two, but my chest isn't very big. The other girls at my school mostly wear bras. I don't want to go in the hot spring with this ugly body. what should I do? Please tell me if there's a way to bust up. This is a real problem."

By the way, this mail was from January. The trip is over. Apparently a lot of mail comes in talking about concerns about their breasts.

By the way, according Nakahara Mai-san, Nabatame-san is a D-cup rank up.

K: What kind of info is that?

N: Why from Mai-chan? No. My goal last year was to become a D cup. When I thought about it, I just told myself that "You're a d cup". For a year, I told myself that.

K: And you become a d cup like that?

N: I told myself "you're getting bigger". Recently, I couldn't put on my usual underwear. When I checked my size, they were bigger. They were bigger than D. I thought it was a dream come true. So I told Mai-chan on the radio. After that, is this really something to talk on the radio?

K: But you were happy.

A: You are a d.

K: I'll try.

N: Yours are big. Your shirt.

A: Size isn't everything.

N: But in middle school, you'd worry about getting in a bath. When I was in fourth grade, I really didn't have a chest.

A: Eh? You don't have breasts in elementary school!

N: There are some girls that do. There are some fourth graders that have ones like adults. You'd see those girls and go "so that's what women are like". In sixth grade I had no choice and was short. I once thought maybe I was a man.

K: Sixth grade? Pull yourself, you're just in sixth grade.

N: I wondered if I was born a boy but my mother actually wanted a girl.

A: You sure were desperate as a child.

K: You sure had delusions. But you grew up. I wonder if that trip went okay.

A: When you're 20, it'll all be okay. Don't worry about size. People with big ones have their own problems.

K: I think so.

A: So don't worry about size.

K: Why are you saying it to me? Okay. I'll do my best.

N: Tell yourself.



A: Nabatame-san, thank you.

K: But it was mostly talking about breasts.

N: Sorry.

A: But maybe the breast impact had too much of an impact, so all people remembered from this radio show was breasts.

K: Come again. Episode 20 is May 27th. who else will come.

N: Everyone should come.

A: Please call more. The two of us, it's like two idiots.

K: Oneesan is nice. She accepted it all.

N: It really was fun.

A: Thank you. So it's time.

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Transcript 20

Post by takenoko » Fri Aug 03, 2012 10:38 pm

Oreimo 20 May 27, 2011
"Aya-chi" Taketatsu Ayana -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Hanazawa Kana -Kuroneko
Kirino: Today... I have need some life counseling from you.

Kuroneko: Oh? From me? What could it be?

Kirino: To be frank... there's a special guest coming for the next radio show.

Kuroneko: And who is that?

Kirino: I usually draw it out with hints here, but... But I'll just tell you today. Next time's special guest is, Tamura Manami-san.

Kuroneko: My, my. That is indeed a problem. ...for you.

Kirino: What do you mean it's my problem? You're saying you're fine with it?

Kuroneko: I don't have any problems with Tamura-sempai. She's a kind person. We even did a commentary section together.

Kirino: Just on the DVD.

Kuroneko: Be quiet.

Kirino: Anyway... from fans who've seen anime episode 11 or read the novel volume 4... we don't get along.

Kuroneko: Apparently. So your life counseling is...

Kirino: So plain girl and I have to talk next time. What should I do?

Kuroneko: Impossible.

Kirino: Ain't that right?

Kuroneko: I can say without any doubt. The booth will surely become unbearable as soon as you two stat talking. And it will be mainly your fault.

Kirino: My fault?! What about this plan? I'll just have a light hearted talk with plain girl. We haven't done it in the anime or novel. It's not like it's impossible.

Kuroneko: Why not use this opportunity to get along with her?

Kirino: Impossible. Frankly, why are you so relaxed?

Kuroneko: The other day, thanks to you... I had an interesting talk with Aragaki Ayase.

Kirino: Oh right.

Kuroneko: Compared to the despair of that moment, having a light talk with Tamura-sempai is nothing. Actually, I'm looking forward to it.

Kirino: Was talking with Ayase really that bad? Umm.... Sorry.

Kuroneko: Forget about it. Prepare yourself! Tamura-sempai and us two will have a fun radio show.

Kirino: Really? I don't know if I can.

Kuroneko: Do it.

Kirino: Okay... What's with you? Calling her oneechan and stuff.

Kuroneko: I'll do my best to follow up on you two. If that doesn't work, then there's no helping it. We'll apologize together.

Kirino: I'm amazed to hear that from you considering how poorly you talk. OK. I'll try. But for real, I won't be responsible for what happens.

Kuroneko: So next time we will have a special guest. Please look forward to it.

Kirino: Bye bye.

Kuroneko: By the way... I am certain that Tamura-sempai listens to this radio show.


A: Everyone, konnozuwa. Kousaka Kirino here. Taketatsu Ayana.

K: Eh? What is that? Hearing that again, it's a strange greeting, isn't it?

A: This radio doesn't have a fixed greeting.

K: This is our 20th one.

A: So I made up a greeting.

K: I still haven't introduced myself. Sorry. Kuroneko, Hanazawa Kana.

A: Everyone knows. You don't need to. We did 20 shows.

K: That many?

A; When I think back on the first one.

K: We were more distant.

A: Back then, I didn't look you in the eye when talking.

K: Really?

A: So I'd always face the wall in Kana-chan's direction when talking.

K: That sounds scary for people who don't know. It's ilke, what are you looking at?

A: I pretended to look at Kana-chan's eyes, but was actually looking at that. At first, Kana-chan didn't try to touch my thigh.

K: No. Today you're in a short skirt. So I asked to see it.

A: That's not the same thing!

K: I didn't necessarily mean tell me. So you're hiding it.

A: What's with that high school male attitude?

K: But teasing Ayachi raises my tension.

A: What is that?

K: I tease, but it doesn't make anyone happy.

A: What? It makes me happy.

K: When I let my guard down you turn it around.

A: We're late today too. But that's fine.

K: Apparently Ayachi got a lot of mail for Seigura no Kyoushi. Mind if I read them?

A: Sure, thanks.

K: Handle name PUff puff-san: "Ayachi said 'I've never dressed as an amaloli before'. Kana-chan said 'Do another Seigura!' (Seiyuu Grand Prix) This month at the Seiyuu Grand Prix, Ayachi got to be a loli." Ayachi was a loli? Why didn't you tell me?

A: Didn't I mention it?

K: Seigura-san.

A: I'll let you have it. I wore amai lolita clothes.

K: Ayachi is amazing. Ayachi you don't even do certain things.

A: I don't. So I didn't have anything to represent.

K: But if Ayachi was on the cover, I'd buy it.

A: But if people don't normally buy it, what would I do if it's my fault people buy those up?

K: It's okay. Everyone will lick the magazine cover.

A: Not everyone is Kana-chan.

K: Sorry, everyone. I apologize to you all. What if people at school who listen to the Oreimo radio and are influenced by Kana-chan.

A: what are they doing?

K: Soon I will be their mistress.

A: You lie! That's too crazy.

K: I don't know what I wanted to say. I'm not doing anything. Ayachi is on the cover. Get it if you haven't seen it. And send me one.

A: If you're serious, you'll get a lot.

K: Oh right. Oh well, I might as well just buy one myself. You might appear on the cover again.

A: What? Like my appearance increases sales?

K: Yeah.

A: You're embarrassing. This is getting to real, let's stop.


A: A notice. Oreimo Blu-ray and DVD volume 6 went on sale May 21st.

K: Oh, that was two days ago.

A: Yes.

K: 11 and 12?

A: I see. I haven't seen 13 or 14 yet.

K: For real? But if you watch it, for Kirino it'd be like "What is going on with this plot development?" You might not like it.

A: Eh? What? That actually makes me interested. What?

K: But. It's a good story.

A: Kuroneko has a big part too.

K: There's a lot of new characters too.

A: Akagi-kun's little sister right? I want to see it!

K: She's a pervert.

A: For real?! I look forward to it. I'll see it someday.


My little sister can't be this cute either.

A: "My little sister (child) calls herself "ore". She addresses me without an honorific." I'm sorry, I forgot to say the radio name. It's from Aitei Ryoute Fusagaranai-san (I can't stop her with both hands). "This year, I completely forgot about my little sister's birthday. When I was sleeping in my futon, unusually I got mail from my little sister. 'Well, today is my birthday. <Feeling down> It makes me sad that you didn't say anything to me. <Feeling down>" It includes emoticons.

K: How cute.

A: "For the first time, I realized it was her birthday. For the first time, I thought she was cute." Her appeal that it's her birthday. Cute.

K: How cute. And personally, calling oneself watakushi by mail is cute.

A: I want a little sister.

K: One that asks to celebrate their birthday. My little brother doesn't celebrate his at all. He just passes through them.

A: Really? Then does he celebrate Kana-chan's?

K: I... I guess I don't.

A: Isn't that why?

K: But I get him a few things.

A: What do you get him?

K: A few things. It's fine. I don't expect a lot.

A: He's in puberty, right?

K: In puberty, that's a weird way to put it. Well I suppose he has his own thing going on. Since he's a boy.

A: I suppose he's ignoring his older sister.

K: It's already that?

A: How lonely. In the past, my older brother didn't celebrate with me. He didn't even say "congratulations". He doesn't say it now either. But he'd buy me a DS or something. So the original... Not the original. A Lite. When I was high school he bought it for me.

K: How nice.

A: But he's shy. So he'll never say "congratulations". So on birthday he'll suddenly enter my room. I'll think "what is it?" Then he'll say "Here." and gave me a DS. Then he left.

K: What a nice older brother.

A: Isn't that cool?

K: Nice.

A: My brother is a tsundere.

K: That's awesome.

A: Or he'd throw the new year's present.

K: Is that really okay? Maybe he should use some communication.

A: He does. We played Momotetsu together.


A: Radio name My Little Sister is Stupid-san: "I'm 20. I have a sister two years younger. My little sister is in high school. She's in a dorm, so she's not home. One year ago, my little sister called mother. 'Koike Teppei-kun is on TV today. Don't forget to record it. For real it. Record it. Record it! Endless. If you forget to record, I'll hide your DVDs' I joked with her and she said 'But if I went any further, that would have been scary.' I don't know if she was acting tough or not. I thought she was cute. Apparently my mother forgot to record it. Don't mind. <Kira>"

K: But she was so insistent.

A: I'm sure the little sister hid the DVDs.

K: So she likes Koike Teppei-kun.

A: She told her to record it since she would hide it.

K: I wonder if she couldn't record it herself.

A: She's in a dorm. So she's not free. How cute.


A: Radio Maruniya-san: "I have a five year old little sister. I want to tell me about a time my little sister really touched me. One summer day, my little sister told my mother "I want to eat chupachupa ramen." I asked what that was. Mother whispered to me, "She means hiyashi chuuka (cold chinese)". So my sister thought hiyashi chuuka is ramen. And it's suppai (sour). That's why my little sister thinks of it as suppai ramen, and calls it chuppai ramen." How cute, what is it?

K: How cute.

A: Chupa chupa ramen. She's five. At that age, they're all cute.

K: I'm sure they're all cute. You're going haa haa.

A: This is a good corner.


Meruru vs Maschera

Battle 9: Comiket Public Circles Vs. Industry Booths.

A: Taketatsu Public (Circles). Hanazawa Industry Booths. Battle Start.


A: I calculate I can only hear the Oreimo radio once in two weeks-san "I recommend public booths this time. Unless the industry booths, you can meet the people who made them directly. You can feel directly feel the creator's passion. You can also convey your own passion and thoughts. In summer, that heat is a problem. Ayachi Kanatan, it's better to meet in person, right? I think that's the same thing. Lately, famous people have been attending circles too."

K: So there are famous people.

A: I've never even went to Comiket for work.

K: You're packed in pretty tightly I think for Natsucomi.

A: I see. It's hot. The air conditioning doesn't work?

K: There's too many people, so I don't think it works.

A: I'd like to go someday. It's nice that you can meet people in person.


K: Here I go. Pen name Boko bokorin-san: "I recommend industrial booths. You can get limited goods or buy advance items. I like seiyuu radio shows. So I can get the radio CDs before CD shops. Especially at FuyuComi. You can get a lot of things that normally don't go on sale till New years. It's very touching. Furthermore, there are seiyuu events. It's very touching. I save up my money to go to comiket." Seiyuu event and industry booths.

A: Really?

K: That's what she says.

A: Standing on a stage and having everyone go "waaa!" That would make the fans happy.

K: They must look forward to seiyuu appearing.

A: It must be fulfilling for otaku. Industry booths sure have a lot of things.


A: Hirokei at banana koukouseikatsu Kanon-san: "I'm new and have only been there once, but the public booths have a lot of people who will draw pictures for you. Of course the industry booths put out high quality items, but Oreimo and other anime can be experienced in a new way."

K: I see.

A: Like doujin.

K: Doujinshi! Wow.

A: I see. Doujinshi.

K: Once, I saw a One Piece. My friend lent it to me.

A: How was it?

K: It was amazing. Sanji and Zoro were going waaa.

A: So it's that kind?!

K: I went aaaah, and closed it. My Sanji!

A: Doujinshi can be made with such freedom. So often. I don't know if it's often. Like a Kirino or Kuroneko coupling.

K: I think that happens.

A: Really? Aaaah!

K: I want to see Oreimo doujinshi.

A: I want to see. But I'm sure they'd be amazing.

K: Eh? What's amazing?

A: In various way. Like waaaaaa! Like the stuff Kana-chan saw.

K: Like Kyousuke and Akagi? Like that?

A: Or something yuri yuri.

K: If it's yuriyuri I might look.

A: I recently read a yuri manga. For work, I had an opportunity to do a yuri type job. So I bought it to see. So I had no idea what yuri was like. When I opened it up, I saw an amazing spectacle.

K: I see.

A: I went waaaa. And closed it in an instant. I put it away somewhere private.

K: There are various worlds

A: Worlds that we don't know. There's still a lot we don't know.

K: Should we enter them or not. I don't know yet.


K: Pen name Garake Hitotsuji-san: "I'm for industry booths. You can get various anime and game paper bags from industry booths. There are some who are embarrassed by it, but if you see those, you can tell what people's interests are. If you're with people using the same paper bag, that raises your tension. And if you have a large bag, people open up the way. The industry booth is good. But of course if you're in a full booth you bump into other people a lot."

A: I see.

K: Like paper bags with characters on them.

A: Do you get it for free? That's good.

K: I want an Oreimo paper bag. Good.

A: In summer, Natsucomi, everyone has those anime paper bag when on the train. They must have got them at the industry booths.

K: So which ones they pick shows what their tastes are.

A: So if you see someone with the same cover, it's like "You too?"

K: When I was riding a train with comiket people. A person next to me had my character on their paper bag.

A: So that person didn't realize he was sitting next to you.

K: He didn't.

A: Really? If he knew. It'd be like, "Oh, Hanazawa Kana is next to me."

K: What would I do then? Like "Me me."

A: When I rode a train someone sitting next to me was watching an anime I appeared in. So I kept looking at that anime. I thought "The dubbing for that was hard." He laughed when I talked. He laughed at the right time. I wanted to go, "That's me." But... He didn't realize.

K: If you do see me, please don't call out to me.

A: You! How selfish!

K: But! I don't know what to do.

A: I space out a lot during my private moments. Well today, before Kana-chan entered the studio, I saw you behind me.

K: Really? I wonder why.

A: Someone who looked like Kana-chan was at the crosswalk. Kana-chan was waiting for the green light. I thought "That's Kana-chan. She disappeared. How fast." Then you appeared again. I thought, "What technique is this person using."

K: I didn't know Ayachi was looking at me. At the convenient store, I saw Ayachi from the back. I thought today was hot.

A: It surprised me. Kana-chan suddenly appearing in the convenient. Then touching my shoulder. It's like "Who's that" I was so scared. You could say "Good morning."

K: If I called to you, that'd...

A: What if someone was peeping at me. That'd scare anyone.


A: Chigai no wakaru 22sai-san: "I like industry booths, but industry booths last all three days, so you have a good chance of getting their stuff. Public booths only last for one special day. If you miss this, it's pretty hard to get their stuff. That's why some wait from 4 pm to 10 am the next day. In the summer there's heat, in the winter there's cold. It's truly a battlefield. People who go to Comiket are truly this era's heroes. PS The Comiket complex is sacred ground."

I suppose since it's cool.

K: But those heroes buy things only they can get.

A: They're serious about getting them.

K: There's a limit.

A: That passion is amazing. That's cool. They're all heroes.


K: Handle name Ichi Appu-san: "I love cosplay. But I'd rather look than do it myself. I check out the booths. The cosplay areas are crowded, so I can't see, but just walking around the industrial booths you can see a lot of cosplayers and companions. Sometimes I buy some goods, but my goal is the cosplayers. There's some really cute or beautiful people. As a woman, I really admire them. Am I strange?"

You're not strange.

A: Not strange.

K: Cosplay is amazing.

A: It's just fun to see.

K: Companions... I mean, cosplayers really make it seem like it's the real thing.

A: The quality is high.

K: They have good style.

A: Kana-chan, won't you cosplay?

K: Why me?

A: Have you never cosplayed?

K: Cosplay? For anime event, I cosplay as my anime character. Like Kuroneko.

A: That was good.

K: I've even done Ayana.

A: I never saw it! I've only seen Kuroneko.

K: I see. What about Ayachi?

A: I haven't. When in high school, during Precure, the outform was popular. It was kind of like a cheerleader. Sailor uniform.

K: But seiyuu now, wear stuff like that. I want to wear cute dresses.

A: Cosplay. You can do it because it's now.

K: Taketatsu Ayana should put out a photobook collection.

A: Even if I do or not, that doesn't mean I'll do cosplay.

K: It'll be a cosplay photo collection. And a normal photo collection.

A: Two of them? Who would publish them?

K: Aniplex will!

A: They will? Really? New York?

K: Why do you want to go to New York? Why not Singapore or something?

A: Or Italy? Kana-chan should join me. Like Ayakana book. For the last DVD volume, we should put one out to commemorate. They won't put one out?

K: Why?

A: Probably an adult situation.

K: That's good. A collaboration. It'll work out someday. We're out of time.

A: The last half was totally irrelevant.


Life Counseling

A: I'll introduce letters. Here I go. It's important, so I said it twice.

K: It's not that important to say it twice.

A: Shinkansen Hayee-san.

K: It is fast.

A: "I'm the only one who's sliced." Shokupanman.

K: It's true. If not, he'd become loaf man. He wouldn't be Shokupanman. It'd make his head too heavy.

A: That's true. It's good that he's just a slice of bread.


A: From 4869 Holme's. Sherlock Holmes, right? "Despite being in a bright place, I'm still black." -A culprit. When a culprit appears, they appear black even in light.

K: You can tell who the culprit is from the beginning.

A: Yeah, you get a hint in the beginning.


A: From Panaiya-san: "Frankly, landing is more painful than being stabbed with swords. No one worries about me, but mentally it hurts." -Kurohige (Blackbeard)
*Kurohige is a game where you put swords in a barrel and eventually the person who makes Kurohige jump out of the barrel loses, I think?

K: That's true. You stab him a lot.

A: Then he pops out.

K: That must hard.

A: He was born to fly. But... isn't more sad if no one plays with him.

K: What, like Toy Story?

A: It's painful, but you can put up with it.

K: Yeah. Even in college I'll keep you.

A: Good luck in being sent flying.


A: From Captain Charisma-san: "I'm not complaining!" -That person who is complaining. What's that mean?
*Seems like this is a pun on monku (complaints) and monk.

K: He's yelling a complaint, but that person is not necessarily complaining? Is he not complaining? Maybe it's a monk? Does it say monk?

A: The person who wrote it isn't a monk.

K: I wonder who wrote that?

A: But if you hear this person yelling, you'd wonder what kind of monk they are.

K: It's not a monk who's complaining.

A: It's complicated.

K: I learned a lot.

A: I might use it somewhere.

K: Where would you use it?

A: Maybe I'll add that face when I e-mail Kana.


A: Last. Ronyaku Imouto suki-san: "Lately I'm called a pervert. Does everyone say this?" - Hanazawa Kana.

K: I'm called perverted lately.

A: In the second opening, the subject was Taketatsu Ayana. At first I was the pervert character. But eventually Kana-chan became the pervert.

K: That's weird. Maybe Ayachi is a little devil.

A: Why? That's not so.

K: It's true. That makes me look bad.

A: You're cute.

K: But I'm a pervert.

A: But in my mind I laugh.

K: You should say so.

A: We were having lunch. So we were sitting next to each other while talking. In that moment, Kana-chan stared at me. It was so cute. You were looking at me.

K: What is that?! You should have said something.

A: We were talking. It was hard to say. Then we left. You were wearing shorts. I thought about touching your thigh. But I missed the timing. Even at lunch, when we were next to each other. It was embarrassing so I couldn't do it.

K: Ayachi is a chicken.

A: In my mind, I think like a high school boy. But I can't do it in real life.

K: Do it for real. Like an old man.

A: You said hello and hugged me.

K: I did.

A: That surprised me. So I felt happy. Pervert.

K: I'm a pervert? Ayachi made me.

A: That's not so.

K: Why not? Don't worry about it.




A: Hey, I was thinking. This song appears on TV a lot, don't you think?

K: It's used on TV a lot. It's Oreimo!

A: It's Oreimo! It makes me really happy.

K: It's used on the news, variety shows, and late night shows.

K: And episode 21 comes out June 10th. And for the opening drama, Tamura Manami / Satou Satomi-san will be coming. Hey, all these guests. Isn't that the flag that things are ending?

A: Wait a moment. Are you saying it's ending soon?

K: Our radio show.

A: No! No! Wait a moment!

K: But it's strange to have all these guests. And the DVD will soon stop coming out. There's no meaning to continue.

A: But what about season 2? We're not doing a second season? Novel volume 8 just went on sale.

K: Yeah.

A: Let's keep going.

K: What should we do?

A: What'll we do? We won't get paid.

K: Yeah.

A: I want to keep going with Kana-chan. Have a petition. Tell them you don't want Oreimo to end. Who should they send it to? Send it to someone in power. Send it to Aniplex.

K: But if there's a season 2, we might be able to continue.

A: I see. That's a pity.

K: Yeah.

A: I hope it continues.

K: We'll be awaiting your mail so that the radio keeps continuing. Meruru and Maschera's big battle 10 is... Kirino Vs. Kuroneko?!

A: What is this?!

K: Wait a moment. This really is an ending flag. This subject. The next one might really be the last one. Not next time, since it's the Manami episode.

A: So the one after next time?

K: Like it'll end when Nakamura-san comes.

A: No way! I'm taking a vacation! I'm NG. I'll be take several months off.

K: Then it'd end without Ayachi. This is scary. It's strange that this wasn't the first subject. So maybe it's the last episode subject.

A: Like they were saving it? But I say we won't end it.

K: But Ayachi doesn't decide that.

A: But I'll play it on my homepage. I'll record it on a PC. Doing it without permission. So it's time. Kana-chan, your bag has a lot of monk written on it.

K: It's true. That's not monk. They're skulls?

A: Really?

Bye bye!

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Transcript 21

Post by takenoko » Sat Aug 04, 2012 4:26 am


Oreimo 21
June 10, 2011
"Aya-chi" Taketatsu Ayana -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Hanazawa Kana -Kuroneko

Guest Satou Satomi (Tamura Manami)
Kirino: As reported last time. We have a special guest.

Kuroneko: Let's call her right now.

Kirino: Special guest Tamura Manami-san, if you'd please!

Manami: Hello. I'm Tamura Manami. Kirino-chan, Kuroneko-san, let's get along today.

Kuroneko: Let's get along, Tamura-sempai.

Kirino: Let's get along.

Manami: I heard the last radio show. I'm sorry for making you all feel guarded around me.

Kirino: So she did here! Ummm... A lot happens in the main story, but on this radio show let's have a truce. Well. Let's talk cheerfully and make the radio show lively.

Manami: Yeah. That's true. Thank you, Kirino-chan.

Kirino: You don't need to thank me.

Kuroneko: Well said. Very commendable.

Kirino: Don't act like my big sister! Umm... For now. May I call you Manami-san?

Manami: Of course! Oh. You can also call me Mana-chan like you did in the past.

Kirino: Pass! That'd be embarrassing.

Kuroneko: Speaking of which, Tamura-sempai, are you also this woman's childhood friend too?

Manami: Yeah. Kyou-chan and Kirino-chan and myself often played together.

Kirino: Although I don't remember that anymore.

Kuroneko: I see. I remembered something good. Tamura-sempai, tell us an episode about this woman from her past. I'm sure it would be exciting.

Manami: That's a good idea!

Kirino: W-

Manami: Little Kirino-chan really liked to play house. She'd often ask "let's play house" to Kyou-chan and me. Isn't that nostalgic.

Kuroneko: That's surprising.

Kirino: I don't remember that. Not at all!

Manami: She was also cheerful. Smiling. She'd say, "Mana-chan, let's play." The shy look on her face was very cute.

Kuroneko: I can't imagine that from the cheeky bitch that she is now.

Kirino: Hey!

Kuroneko: If I recall, Tamura-sempai has a little brother. He didn't play with you?

Manami: Apparently he hated Kyou-chan at first. At that time he didn't play that much with us.

Kuroneko: Let's get to the main question. What Kousaka Kyousuke as a child?

Manami: Kyou-chan as a child?

Kuroneko: What was he like? I wonder about that.

Kirino: Who cares about that?

Manami: Kuroneko-san. Do you remember anime episode 3's climax scene.

Kuroneko: Of course. The scene where he confronts his father.

Manami: And episode 14's scene where he says "Let's make an ecchi game"

Kuroneko: What a foolish scene. Of course I remember it. Why do you mention it?

Manami: Kyou-chan as a child was from morning to night like that.

Kuroneko: If true, then he must have been quite an annoying brat.

Manami: How do I put it. He was more cheerful than he is now.

Kuroneko: Are you talking about a different person? Is that really the same person as the Kousaka Kyousuke that I know?

Manami: Of course. And Kirino-chan.

Kirino: Stop! Stop stop stop stop!

Kuroneko: What's the matter?

Kirino: This topic is over! It's time. We've got to end this corner.

Manami: It's this time already? Then let's end it here.

Kuroneko: You! You haven't actually forgotten those time, have you?

Kirino: What are you talking about? Look, it's time.

Kuroneko: My, my. Then... Tamura-sempai. Thank you for today.

Manami: Thank you. Kuroneko-san, Kirino-chan, I'm happy to talk with you.

Kuroneko: Tamura-sempai, I'd like to talk with you soon.

Manami: Do you have some worries? I'll listen to anything you want. You can always rely on me.

Kuroneko: Thank you, but that's not it.

Manami: Really?

Kuroneko: I just want to ask something. I want to know about what I don't already know about the Kousaka siblings.

Kirino: You don't need to hear that!

Kuroneko: Right, right. Tamura-sempai, it's a promise.

Manami: Okay.

Kirino: When did you two start getting along?!

Kuroneko: Feel free to end.

Manami: Thank you to you all for listening. Please enjoy the rest of the radio show.


Satou Satomi: Tamura Manami, I'm Satou Satomi.

Ayachi: This is the 21st one.

Kana-chan: I want to be closer to Satou-san.

Satou: Me too.

A: That's no fair. This girl is always talking about wanting to touch my thigh. But she's cheating on me.


A: It's June.

S: After recording, we don't see each other much.

A: It's weird for us three to be together, since that doesn't happen.

S: That's true. How fun. I thought it's a radio done by two girls, so it'd smell nice. So when I came in...

K: Yeah, that pink smell.

A: Smells like vegetables.

S: A fragrant smell.

A: I'm sorry for worrying you.


A: Here's some news. Blu-ray and DVD volume 7 goes on sale June 22nd. This time it's episode 12 "My little sister's life consultation can't end like this True Route" and "My kouhai can't be this rotten". It also comes with special CD. "Ready" sung by Taketatsu Ayana / Kousaka Kirino. And "Life is short, fall in love, young maiden" by Kuroneko-tan Hanazawa Kana-tan.

K: You added -tan.

A: Kana-tan is singing.

K: So please check it out. Satou-san, normally we have a drawing section here.

A: Let's do it.

S: Like when Nabatame-san drew Vagee-

K: Vageena.

S: Sorry.


K: This it's Manami.

A: We're drawing it too.

S: Manami, eh?

K: But she has glasses.

S: Yeah. But Manami's aren't spiral ones.

A: How did she look?

S: Short cut hair. Normal and with a short cut.

K: I don't know.

A: How did she look?

K: What should we do?

S: She works at a Japanese confectionery store. She carries dango.

A: I did it. I'm sure Kana-chan will be better.

K: No. That looks fine.

A: I'm done! Kana-chan. That's rude!

S: I'll cry.

A: Kana-chan, your picture of Kuroneko is also amazing.

S: This is it.

A: Let's show it off.

S: One two. Are those dangos?

A: What's that? Manami isn't like that?

S: She looks old.

K: If she were real, she'd like this.

S: Kana-chan, this is a 2D character.

A: Yeah!

K: You two drew it cutely.

K: Aya-chi's is close.

S: Kana-chan's would make me cry. Like this. "Kyou-chan."

A: Why is Kana-chan's like that? That's a pity.

K: But the dango.

A: No one asked for it to be real like this.

S: Yeah. If this were a Halloween costume.

A: I think it'll be put on the homepage.

==Otaku Girls, Gather!==

K: Satou-san, are you an ota?

S: Am I an ota?

A: I never hear you talk about liking anime.

S: That's true. I don't get real deeply into things. I'm more the type to see this or see that.

K: Satou-san, I really think you're quite the lady.

A: I think so too.

K: I can tell. When you talk. You sound really desperate. Like "Please. I'll make candy." When the camera is recording. That's amazing. It makes me wish you were my girlfriend.

A: You seem like a real competent girl. All the guests who come tend to be real ladies.

S: Like Nabatame-san is really amazing.

A: Hayami too.

S: Saori-chan is real nice.

K: Compared to us, we're probably bringing the average down.

A: And each time, we're down on our lady qualities.

K: But I want to be a bride.

S: Talk more. I don't often hear that I'm really a lady.

K: No, no. If you weren't, you couldn't make snacks.

A: I can't make any.

S: Lately, I've really enjoyed making cookies or hot cakes. I always put milk in my hot cake, but the strawberry time. Or I'll put in orange juice. 100% juice. So I look forward to it. Also I made strawberry jam.

A: Wow!

K: I've only made that in Harvest Moon.

A: What is this. You should be proud.

K: I don't want to make hot cake.

A: Yeah, I'd just want to buy it and eat it.

K: Adding milk to cornflakes is my limit.

A: Well adding furikake to my rice is my limit.

S: I see.

A: This time, let's absorb her girly properties. Then return.

A: Let's read some mail. The first one. "It's not necessary for you"-san: "When we act out an anime part, I always play the male. I ended up tending to say "ore" or "boku" when referring to myself. Have you ever picked up a catchphrase from something you were into?"

Reenacting anime.

K: How?

S: Like reading a manga. Then splitting up the roles.

A: That sounds fun. I want to try it.

S: So you act out an anime.

K: Have you ever picked up a catchphrase.

S: I picked up "Tehe, pero"

K: That's normal.

A: Shoujo. You did say it once.


A: I do a lot of cat roles. So I might say nya.

K: I don't have that many cat roles.

A: It's done unconsciously.

K: I don't really do catchphrases. But I like laughter. Or I'd say, "That's not the case!"

A: What joke is that? Write it down so I can Google it.


A: "I want to enjoy high school life"-san: "My first submission. I'll get straight to it. I have a childhood friend from preschool. Like Kyousuke and Manami, we're more than friends and more like girlfriend and boyfriend. The other day a friend asked if we were going out. I thought about it. It's true that I like him. But how do I confess? Please give me some advice."

K: How real. Hopefully they don't end up with someone else. That's why when I see Kyousuke with Manami, it makes me nervous. Like a drama.

S: Like they sleep in the same room.

K: And everyone said, "And they didn't do anything? What is that?!"

S: But it's embarrassing to say that now.

K: But it's like "Eh? It didn't feel like that before." That might end their childhood friendship.

A: That's sad. A mistake could ruin everything.

S: When in school, I think you need infiltration tactics.

A: What is that?

S: Instead of handling this problem by yourself. Ask around. Then create some collaborators. Find out if he likes another girl. In high school, you have to be likes spies.

A: I've never done that before.

S: When in middle school I researched a boy I liked. It's like that. When you have information, you attack.

K: If the two of us answered, it probably wouldn't be as good as that.

A: It's more like, "Good luck." Wow. Also, to flip it around it. Why not get him to confess his feelings.

S: There's girls who think of techniques like that.

A: Make some collaborators with girls. Ask how it's going lately. Have the boy hear stuff. And have him go "Things have been going well. I should make a move." You want to enjoy high school, right?

K: That'd be fun for high school.

A: Good luck!

==Pick this==

K: Who is that?

S: So this "pick one". Tamura Manami is called "plain girl". So this one time, I'm getting my own corner. So on this corner, in the submission form, you can choose which corner to send it to. That's how mail is sent in.

K: Is this just mail that has no specific subject?

A: Like it's plain. Don't worry about it.


S: From Dears-san: "I enjoy the radio show every time. In a previous broadcast, you mentioned the manga Gag Manga Biori. I'm the same gender and have the same name as that writer. On Twitter, people ask if I'm the one who wrote Gag Manga Biori. I haven't read it myself, but this must be fate. I plan to read it someday."

K: You should read it.

A: This is pretty plain.

S: I've never read it. Please tell me what it's about.

K: It's Gag Manga Biori, so it's a gag manga. So these unexplainable characters. But real characters appear.

A: Like Onono Imo.

S: People from history.

K: So it's surreal.

A: They're gags. You should read it.

S: It'd be easier to understand?

K: There's also an animation.


S: From M Genus-san: "I always grin when listening to you two. Kana-chan, keep going down the pervert's road."

K: But I'm not a pervert.

S: "By the way, you two have been in Dog Days along with Tange-Sakura who was in Card Captor Sakura. Have you talk with Sakura-san? What did you talk about? And I've seen you have two-shots with Horie Yui-san. They're both cute." Have you talked with Tange-san?

K: I just greeted her.

A: I also talked with her only a bit.

K: She's so nice.

A: On a different radio show. It was Aikata-san's birthday. She sent a message. And Tange-san's new song was on that radio show.

S: For a year, weren't you with Tange-san for a year?

A: You mean Kirimin?

S: She was so cute. Her hair was so glossy.

A: Apparently she cute her hair recently. So I had just cut mine myself. She said "Ayana-chan, you cut your hair?" "I did." "I cut mine too." But I only cut mine a bit.

S: Speaking of cutting hair. Horie Yui-san cut hers down to 15 centimeters. But no one noticed.

A: She said she cut mine. And the response was... "Oh... really?" Looking to see what was differnt. No one noticed. And she got angry at me.

K: But this has nothing to do with me.


S: Vageena no Honkei Quarataru-san: "Lately I've been smiling hearing you two flirt on the radio. By the way, the last episode is going to be broadcast soon. It's a pity. I have a request. Can you ask Nakamura Yuuichi-san to come. I want the star to appear soon. By the way, Nakamura-san has said he loves Gunpla. I hope he can give commentary on the Meruru vs. Maschera about it."

K: That's right. All these guests... Apparently our radio show is ending.

A: So to clear up those rumors.

K: If Nakamura is the next guest. Then it's almost over.

A: So please wait.


S: This is Danmaku Usui zo nani yatten no-san: "About imitations. How about Eruru-kun? Well Tokoton Jounoui is easy, isn't it? Everyone should try. Kana-chan is really Enari."

A: Enari? Kana-chan is Enari?

S: You did imitations?

K: When Hayami-chan came, we did them. The quality wasn't that good. Satou-san, why not join us?

S: Me? So just read it like that.

K: Torio Satou-san please. I'll start. "Isn't it easy?"

A: Hey! I'll go. "Isn't it easy?"

K: Surreal.

S: I'll go next. "fasdlkjds"

K: You're laughing.

A: That's no good.

S: I can't do it. I need an easier one.

But it's easy.

K: But it might be similar.

S: How difficult.

K: We'll get a lot of mail.


S: From Ayatomo-san: "I saw Oreimo 14. The opening changes each week a bit, so I look forward to it. For the main show, Kana-chan, you did a good job."

K: For what?

S: "As usual, Kuroneko was cute. I also really liked the ending. Oreimo ending songs are all great, so please put out an album. Will the staff please do it? Well then, for now, the next episode is the last one. Are you going to announce a second season? I believe there will be one! I will be awaiting in wktk!"
*wktk: Excitement

K: There's no second season.

A: I don't think there will be one. This radio show ending should make that obvious.

S: That's true. But the original work is still coming out.

A: Yeah! Volume 8 went on sale!

S: I hear the story development is surprising.

A: Really?!

S: I want to see it in the anime. Aya-chi can't hang out with Kana-chan.

A: Thanks.

S: Wktk. What's that?

A: It was on one of the "What is the meaning of this". It means "wakuwaku sugite kao ga tekuteku".

K: Your face is tekuteku (to go long) ?

A: Didn't I mention it before? wktk. At first we didn't know how to read wktk.

S: So this is wktk.

A: In mail, it's written as wakuteka in hiragana. Huh? Isn't it used often?

K: We do.

A: Wakuwaku means "yay!"

K: When I update my diary. Everyone goes tekuteku.

S: Good. That's all with the mail.


K: Since Satou-san, we haven't talked about Manami. You forgot about yourself. Manami is plain. Satou-san's portrayal of her makes her seem really unique.

S: She's fine with being plain. She's supposed to be like a grandmother. She's supposed to make being with her supposed to feel warm and welcoming. So her unique points are important.

When I referred the phone call that said I passed the audition, I called my grandmother. So I thought, "Oh, so this is how grandmother talks." Of course, I have a lot of affection for my own character. A lot of people say she's plain. But I like to play with that character.

K: That's amazing. She has a grandmother's tempo. In the audio commentary. Kuroneko and Manami have one. The tempos were obviously not matching.

A: In the anime main story too. Kirino and Manami don't really talk. Normally Kirino goes waaa. Then Manami responds in one tempo.

S: DVD and Blu-ray owners. If you went, she's plain and forgot about her, please watch it again. Please rewatch and think of this.

==Life Consultation==

K: Why did the volume go up?

A: I thought there'd be unbalance.

S: Wasn't that just you with your stomach full?

A: Do you have any worries?

S: I was thinking. Your hair really bounce.

A: I do my best.

K: Just go around with a hair iron. I want one.

S: And animals don't like me. When you see a cat. Then they run away. When I reach out my arm, they stare.

K: I wonder why?

A: Maybe it's just a stray cat.

S: There's a lot of cats near me. Maybe it's a pet cat. How can I be liked by animals?

K: Do they like you, Ayachi?

A: I'm disliked by other dogs. I have a dog. I probably smell like dog. So normal dogs growl at me.

S: Kana-chan, I have an image of you with a small bird, a hamster.

A: Or a bunny.

K: I have one. A sparrow.

A: Positive.

K: They smell nice.


A: Fishing from the Tokyo skies: "Which is three (3)? Three is a normal 3. Three is written tsurii". Shall I read it again? (What, is this just the name?) "Gyogyo! If I caught Nessie, what shoyld I do?! Gyogyo!" -Sakana-kun (fish boy) If Sakana-kun caught Nessie, then he probably hear our response.

K: Yeah, Sakana-kun, who knows everything in the sea, probably has never seen Nessie before.

S: Nessie. You only see its neck, right? The thing that's a shadow.

K: Like a kirin.

S: Skydive, no, I mean scuba diving. Why not go looking for it?

K: It is Sakana-kun.

A: Go find it.

S: He'd go, wow and gyogyo.


A: From Skinhead Medusa-san: "My little brother isn't this clever no da." -Bakabon. By the way, Bakabon's little brother talked soon after being born.

S: Wow.

A: I don't know Bakabon.

S: He was like a child. The mother always carried him.

K: A little child.

A: No da? Papa.

S: It's papa's catch phrase.

K: Like "This is fine no da."

A: That was Bakabon's papa? Then who's Bakabon?

S: The son. Since he's Bakabon's father.

K: Apparently Bakabon's papa's name is "Bakabon's papa".

A: Bakabon ga bak...

S: This is getting confusing. Let's move on.


A: From Delicious Stick Maigo-san: "Don't turn around. It's your fault we crashed." - ?Kansu no kado

K: But that'd hurt. Your little finger would hurt.

A: It might break. It might bend backward. Like your nail breaking.

K: At home, there's a wall. There's towels above. When I take something out of the washing machine, I always hit that. Maybe that's why I'm a pervert.

A: That's why? So try not to hit it so you don't become a pervert.


S: How fast.

K: Thank you very.

S: It was fun.

K: How free.

S: I had fun.

K: Well we did it 21 times.

A: It's very my pace.

K: Thank you. Even though the ending flag is standing up.

S: Try to keep Nakamura-san from coming.

K: Nakamura-san. Maybe we can stop him below the studio.

A: Let's do it. Next time maybe we should have Isei-san.

K: Next time is the Taketatsu Ayana birthday special.

A: I want to have love-love time with Kana-chan.

K: We can't air that.

A: I'm disappointed. I want to do something fun. My birthday won't be the last one. We won't end it up on my birthday, right?

S: They're really laughing. It's fine.

A: I don't like. For my present, I want the right to continue the radio show.


S: Diary.

A: Anime diary. They're all avoiding looking at us.

K: If you buy DVD or Blu-rays it'll be a nice birthday present.

A: Come again.

S: I'd like to come again.

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Transcript 22: Taketatsu Birthday Special

Post by takenoko » Sat Aug 04, 2012 7:50 am


Oreimo 22
June 24, 2011
"Aya-chi" Taketatsu Ayana -Kirino
"Kana-chan" Hanazawa Kana -Kuroneko

K: This is kind of... Is it really okay to borrow this room?

A: Like can we really record it here? Before, I said "I wanted to be by Kana-chan." But actually, I bit my tongue.

K: Right now, it's 23:30 (11:30 PM).

A: It's the middle of the night.

K: The two of us are at an inn in a futon. The two of us.

A: By each other.

K: Sleeping.

A: We have Can Chu-Hi. There's sake.

K: During the title call, let's have a toast.

A: Then. What should we do?

K: Ore no imouto ga... kapshwww...

Both: Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni kawaii wake ga nai.

<Sounds of bottles opening>

K: Cheers.

Both: Yay.

K: Alcohol.

A: This is alcoholic. 6 percent.

K: That's 2 percent up.

A: Guess we'll drink a bit. It's sweet.


A: In private, I don't drink much. Since this is for work.

K: Work involving alcohol.

A: Yeah. This is okay, right? They won't be mad at us later, right?

K: Our managers said "okay" and bought us the alcohol.

A: I have snacks. Kana-chan, eat some.

K: Thanks. I like Kake Peas. We should introduce ourselves.


A: Good evening. Kousaka Kirino, I'm Taketatsu Ayana.

K: Good evening. I'm Kuroneko, Hanazawa Kana.

A: It's sweet.

K: What an adult. You're drinking a lot. I feel like I shouldn't be eating peas in the futon.

A: If you ate at home, people would get mad.

K: Eating snacks with a friend, that's nice. It's the first time we stayed together.

A: I feel kind of excited.

K: But why do we have a third pair of eyes today?

A: Right. My female manager-san is sharing the room. She's standing watch. Everyone hopes something will happen. This radio's writer, Osada-san, was excited. He was grinning.

K: That's weird. So what should we do?

A: So tomorrow we have a photography session. For Oreimo Mook book. So the timing was good.

K: So our photos will be in the Mook Book.

A: So we're here to take AyaKana photos. Thanks Oreimo for various things. If I wish for Oreimo Radio to come true, it will.

K: Who is this person? Can we talk for 30 minutes like this?

==My Taketatsu can't be this cute.==

A: Isn't that weird. Why do I have to say it? Are you trying to embarrass me? This is for introducing episodes where Taketatsu is cute. How embarrassing! I don't like this!

K: Why not for this corner? I'll introduce some. There's a lot. Today, at dinner at the Chiba station. We all ate dinner. We went to this delicious place. We were at eastern Chiba station about 30 minutes. Chiba station's eastern exit, go up the left tunnel. That was about 30 minutes. The restaurant Kanta.

A: Kanta-san. It was delicious.

K: Ayachi ate uni for the first time there. Ayachi eating it for the first time was so cute. "What is this? It's delicious!"

A: I feel like I said that. Uni was recommended to me. I didn't know what to do. But I believed it was delicious, so took a bite. It was a harmony.

K: The uni at that place is more delicious than usual.

A: It was all delicious. I tried the musuku. I was touched by it's good flavor.

K: Besides the sushi, I have something even tastier for you, Ayachi! Everyone, let's go. Happy birthday! Yay!

A: Thanks.

K: Come out. You can hear the lighter clicking. Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday dear Ayachi. Happy birthday to you!

A: Thank you very much! There's a lot of chocolate. It's like an accident. Can we take a photo?

K: Ayachi, how old are you?

A: I'm no longer a loli.

K: You're 22.

A: I'm 22. The legendary 21 (loli). I'm 22. Kana-chan, how old are you?

K: I'm 22.

A: 22? You're 22? For real?

K: We're the same age.

A: The cake shaped like a tatami mat is quite a collaboration. The cake on the tatami. This is a cake set? Best shot. Food.

K: Wow. Happy birthday, Ayachi!

A: Kanatasu? For me? Why?

K: It's a birthday present.

A: Really? It's got DIOR written on it? D I O R. Really? I really like Dior. I'll open it up. What?! There's a lot in here.

K: It's a bath set. Samples. Something bubbles. The colors are nice.

A: Everyone, Dior makeup is expensive. Did you know that? Can I really take this?

K: I feel like a boy who gives things to a cute girl.

A: You're my boyfriend?! Kana-chan, you're amazing. How cute! I'll take a photo of this too. Later.

K: There's pink gloss. Please use it.

A: I'll open it. How cute! It's like strawberry milk. How cute. I'll use it tomorrow. I'll tell the makeup artist to use it. Thanks, I love you!

K: When Ayachi's birthday really comes up, let's go.

A: I'm so happy. I feel like I can cry.

K: That's good. Use it.

A: Really, thank you. Too bad I can't use it at an inn.

K: What a unique thing to say. Sorry.

A: This is free talk. This is how we normally talk. I can't rewrap it.

K: This is... Chiba... Chiba station... Ayachi came in late, right?

A: Oreimo in the opening. That monorail.

K: I took photos of the monorail.

A: For real? I'm jealous. This is lovely. Including a cake.

A: I'm one of the rumored O blood type.

K: My manager is O type. When he gets his photo taken his face was really close.

A: I put on various clothes. When I remember that, I laugh a lot.

K: There's more. Like holding your arm.

A: Kana-chan, your white hand. When I feel this squishiness. I feel like I want to be Hanazawa Kana's boyfriend. I'm sure the guys who like Hanazawa Kana are jealous.

K: Really?

A: It's slippery. And squishy.

K: While holding Ayachi's hand. I look at her and laugh.

A: Tehehe. It sure is hot. Maybe the alcohol is working.

K: I want to sleep.

A: You want to sleep after drinking.

K: This is my first time drinking during a recording.

A: Mine too.

K: What happens when you drink?

A: My face turns red.

K: Your nose and head are red.

A: Really?

K: Laughing.

A: Kana-chan. You don't seem that different.

K: I don't change that much.

A: You drank at the sushi restaurant too.

K: I don't change much.

A: I see. I envy that. I worry.

K: That you'll get drunk?

A: But then it becomes "Maybe I shouldn't drink any more." There are some people who push themselves.

K: We have a special corner next.

A: Then let's close this corner.

==Let's Love Hanazawa ==
''Pun on the game Kyousuke finds in episode one, "Let's Love Little Sisters"''


A: Hm? Oh, it's started? What is this?

K: This title.

A: What are we supposed to do? My iPhone. Oh, she got it for me.

K: Thanks.

A: On this corner, it's the Oreimo game "Let's love little sisters" Kana-chan version.

K: I see. Last time, Ayachi requested a Kana-chan love-love time corner.

A: Should I be grateful or annoyed?

K: You're the heroine of the galge. Pick choices to continue the event.

A: If it works out, can I kiss Kana-chan? How far can I go? Hold hands?

K: It depends on your choices. If the tension max! Waaa

A: I'll do my best.

K: Think it over as you progress. But you said love-love time. But you're sleeping in a futon, it's already love-love.

A: Love-love. I'm fine with this.

K: It can be better. The situation this time: Birthday. You have three choices. Depending on your choice, it'll raise my tension.

A: What is that? Scary.

K: If you choose well, I'll be in a good mood.

A: How realistic.

K: Heroine. But Ayachi knows better about what to do as a galge heroine. But these are couple choices.

A: How new.

K: One is super good. One is good. Then one is okay.

A: That's too real. Those are real girl's reactions.


K: Start. What do you think of the situation? Let's start.

A: So the setting is this us on vacation? How exciting!

K: I'm a heroine.

A: I'll do my best to play the boyfriend.


A: This is our first trip.

K: Ayachi, you're really bad at this.

A: I'm a girl. This is a nice day.

K: Chiba is a nice place. The sushi was tasty.

A: I had uni for the first time. It was delicious.

K: Oh right.

A: What? What is it, Kana?

K: Read the choices.

A: What do you want for your birthday: 1) Homecooked food. 2) Flying in a helicopter. 3) Ayachi wrapped up in ribbons on the hotel's top floor. So I'm Ayao in this?

K: Yeah. Ayao has to pick a present.

A: I see.

K: What do you want to give Hanazawa for your birthday?

A: What do you want?

K: You can't ask.

A: Well... Ayachi wrapped in ribbons at the top of the hotel.

K: You'll get that for me?!

A: What is that?! Was that just an okay response? A good one? Or satisfied?

K: I'll open it up.

A: So it doesn't hide the breasts?

K: I can't believe you'll get that for me. I love Ayao.

A: That's good.

K: It's supposed to be romantic.

A: You're such a pervert.

K: I'm not.

A: People will really think Kana-chan is a pervert.

K: I'm like this since Ayao is going out with me. I'm so happy. My tension is going up.

A: How wonderful. Look forward to your birthday, Kana.

K: Thanks. By the way, Ayao. I haven't been feeling very confident lately. What do you think my good point is?

A: 1) Your color is white. 2) You have a nice nose. 3) Everything about you is lovely, let me be your servant. Kana-chan sure is greedy. What? Eh? Three. Everything about you is lovely, let me be your servant.

K: Hey, put more feeling into it.

A: The direction is like that.

K: Ayao. Ayao is gross. What? I don't understand.

A: I had a Korean star in mind. Saraheo.

K: Why Korean?! Thanks. That was correct. I'm so happy. My tension has gone up. Ever since I met Ayao, I've thought you were a wonderful.

A: If I had said your color was white, how would you have reacted?

K: Screw off you jerk!

A: Who is that?! But earlier I said I liked your white skin. It's so slippery.

K: Love-love time has started.

A: Naturally.

K: This is good. Hey Ayao. We've been going out for 10 years.

A: 10 years?! We should get married! We were going out that long?! You surprised me.

K: I think you should propose to me soon.

A: We've been going out 10 years?

K: And this is our first time staying the night together.

A: Just how slow are we taking this?! And... we started going out at 10 years old.

K: We're childhood friends.

A: 1) Let's get married. 2) Be my bride. 3) I swear to always be your servant.

K: Which is it?

A: Eh? Ummm... 1) Let's get married.

K: How normal!

A: No way. Should I use "Be my bride!"

K: How arrogant!

A: Eh?! I swear to always be your servant!

K: Aaaaaa!

A: No way! The servant one?! That's not equal. What'll happen when we get married.

K: That's how much spirit you have.

A: I want to be with you so badly that I'd even be a servant.

K: Unless you're that determined, my grandfather won't allow it.

A: Grandfather? Not father? What a high level. What a high hurdle to pass to marry Kana-chan. I have to persuade the grandfather before the parents?

K: Nice.

A: In the end what happens?

K: Normal.

A: Continue.

K: It's normal, but if you want to get married, then I'm okay.

A: Let's get married.

K: Where should we get married?

A: In a chapel? Or a church? Will we both wear a wedding dress?

K: Ayao.

A: I'm a guy. I'll wear a tuxedo.

K: Good. A tuxedo would look good on you. So I'm in a wedding dress?

A: Yeah. What color would you like?

K: I suppose I'd invite my co-workers and relatives.

A: How realistic. I wouldn't know who to invite.

K: You'd need to invite them all. It'd never end. Maybe it'll just be us two.

A: And with parents and relatives. And friends who have few relatives.

K: You mean friends with few friends.

A: Invite friends that I'm close to.

K: Ayachi is cute.

A: Why?

K: Nice. But it takes money to have a wedding.

A: Well I'll work hard as a seiyuu. This is really realistic.

K: Let's do our best.

A: This is why I worked so hard. That's right, I became a seiyuu to meet Kana.

K: Ayachi is drunk.

A: I'm not! I'm not that drunk. By the way, Kana. If you get married, will you be a seiyuu housewife?

K: I don't know.

A: Or will you be a seiyuu.

K: What do you want, Ayao?

A: Whatever you want, Kana.

K: If I get married, I've got to raise kids. My child with Ayao will have a really good voice.

A: No matter what gender the child, they'd have a high voice.


A: That's why I asked if it was okay to drink.

K: I think Aya is cute in this corner.

A: I'm sure our first kiss will be at the wedding.

K: Really? But we're staying the night, so we're not doing anything?

A: Eh? I'm sure the listeners... So this has to be all ages.

K: That's true. I guess kissing isn't allowed.

A: I think. Kissing is probably for 15 up.

K: Can we hold hands?

A: Hee hee hee. I suppose. There's a barrier we can't overcome so it ends there. But that was fun.

K: I feel like I missed a chance.

A: What's that?

K: A chance to get close to Ayachi.

A: Why?

K: It's too bad, but it has to be all ages.


K: Ending.

A: Already? How fast.

K: We've talked a lot. Over 30 minutes.

A: That was fast. We talked a lot. But it was fun.

K: I wish it was like this everytime.

A: But I don't like it. After this ending, there's not much till it ends.

K: Right.

A: No.

K: How cute. How was your birthday?

A: I was happy. I'd be more happy if this radio didn't end.

K: To let this cute girl cry. Although she just started. If everyone said "don't let it end" maybe Aniplex-san, like a parent.

A: Anieplex-san is like parents. I'm relieved. I hope this isn't cut.

K: Not cut.

A: Like it got edited out.

K: There's still tomorrow. Let's go to sleep for today. That photobook is coming out by ASCII media works. A mook book. I can hear Ayachi's nose.

A: No. But I'm talking. I'll move farther away. How sad... Tomorrow, I'm taking a bath with Kana-chan.

K: Yeah. Sorry, everyone.

A: We'll wake up earlier. And it'll just be us two. Love-love time.

K: Before dinner. Ayachi in a car sent an e-mail. "How is the bath? Want to go in together? LOL" That really raised my tension.

A: After that Kana-chan was like "That's okay?" I never imagined you'd write that. Normally when someone writes that, you respond "Eeeh?" Kana-chan is "That's okay?" With a shy emoticon. "Hurry in" and a heart mark. What is this, a couple's dialogue?

K: I look forward to tomorrow. And episode 23 comes out July 4th.

A: Summer.

K: Will this be the last one?

A: It's not the last one. It'll continue.

K: It was fun.

A: Thanks! I hope tomorrow's more fun.

K: That sounds like Hamatarou's ending. Like "I hope tomorrow's more fun."

A: I'm sure it'll be fun tomorrow with Kana-chan.

K: I'm sure you'll get depressed when you hear this.

A: I'll be so embarrassed. I'm sorry I'm weird today.

K: But you''re usually pretty weird.

A: Not so.

K: Shall we end this?

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Transcript 23

Post by takenoko » Sat Aug 04, 2012 9:29 pm


July 8, 2011
<br>"Aya-chi"Ayana Taketatsu -Kirino
<br>"Kana-chan" Kana Hanazawa -Kuroneko

Guest: Nakamura Yuuichi

[ Link to Listen to Show]
Kuroneko: Long time no see.

Kirino: Today we have a surprise guest.

Kuroneko: Oh my. This time there was no warning beforehand. Who could it be?

Kirino: You'll see when I call him. Come in.

Kyousuke: Pardon the intrusion! I'm the guest, Kousaka Kyousuke.

Kuroneko: It's you?!

Kyousuke: Yeah. Let's get along now.

Kirino: And so. The anime's last episode shows how gross siscon Kousaka Kyousuke-san is. What do you think of your first time on the radio?

Kyousuke: I'm pretty nervous. Hey! Who are you calling a siscon! I'm not that way!

Kirino: What are you saying? Everyone listening to the radio probably are shocked by what you said.

Kyousuke: Eh? Why?

Kirino: Because you're a siscon. Right?

Kuroneko: A siscon

Kirino: A chou ultra great delicious siscon.

Kuroneko: A chou ultra great delicious siscon.

Kyousuke: You guys...

Kirino: How gross.

Kuroneko: How gross. I'm so embarrassed that I can't watch.

Kyousuke: I'm leaving! Why did I come on the radio?!

Kirino: How gross. How really gross.

Kuroneko: And you seem really happy tempting his siscon.

Kirino: Huh?!

Kuroneko: I feel happy just watching. I'm sure Niisan thinks so too.

Kyousuke: That doesn't make me happy! What kind of masochist do you think I am?

Kuroneko: But you have such a brocon little sister.
*Brocon (pronounced bracon because brazaa) is having a complex for one's brother.

Kyousuke: Brocon little sister? Who?

Kirino: Are you stupid or something? There's totally no way I'm a brocon. What proof do you have?!

Kuroneko: This anime itself is proof. If you don't believe it, check out Blu-ray and DVD volume 8.

Kirino: Do you know what you're saying?! People shouldn't look at that!

Kyousuke: Don't tell people not to watch the anime on its official radio show.

Kirino: But!

Kyousuke: My my. In the end it's how it always is.

Kuroneko: Little fool. Of course this is how it turns out when we three talk.

Kyousuke: I suppose. Since I'm here. I was hoping to talk about more frivolous things.

Kuroneko: That's true. What would you like to talk about?

Kirino: So before the radio listeners, tell them what you think is cute about me.

Kyousuke: Heh. I see now. You're using the radio to bully me! Isn't that it?!

Kuroneko: You're imagining it. So let's end the radio show with your response.

Kyousuke: Kirino's cute points? None.

Kirino: Huh?!

Kuroneko: Don't tell me you plan to end it like that.

Kyousuke: Not my problem! My sister always pisses me off, she's not cute at all. Oh well. We've never got along. We always clash. We don't have anything good to say to each other. But... doing her life consultations and doing various things. We faced a lot of hard times. I felt like we really had to get to what's real. In times like that, I'm not sure about Kirino. Only sometimes.

Kirino: I don't know what you're talking about.

Kuroneko: Let me translate. If you two are both honest, your little sister is cute. Is that right?

Kyousuke: It's not that definite. I wasn't sure last night either. Well. That's why it ends like this. My little sister can't be this cute.


N: Kousaka Kyousuke, I'm Nakamura Yuuichi.

A: Usually Hanazawa Kana and I do the title call together. It's usually off.

N: Even after a year.

A: Yeah. A whole year. Only recently have we been matching. Just as expected from siblings.

N: She seems to have gone silent. What were we talking about? Oreimo. There's rumors that the Blu-ray and DVD that I'm ridiculously happy about it.

A: Those rumors.

N: I don't know if I'm really happy. But ever since Blu-ray volume 3. I've started getting two.

A: What?

N: Volumes. For one and two I got one. From three on, at the office I'd be like "Why do I have two?"

A: Hanazawa-san, have you heard this?

K: Maybe they had too many.

N: But I don't need more than one.

A: Hey! Don't say that on Oreimo radio.

N: I should give it to someone.

K: This is Oreimo Radio 23.

A: Thanks for the explanation.

K: Amazingly it's the three of us. The opening surprised. Nakamura-san and me.

A: I was surprised too.

N: Well. The anime is just one quarter. It's short.

K: Nakamura-san you need to introduce yourself.

N: I did. You need to.

K: Sorry. Hanazawa Kana here. So you're finally here.

A: I'm glad you're here, but why do you seem half tired. Well, people are saying Nakamura-san being here on the radio is the flag that this show is going to end. So this time Nakamura-san is here. So it's like "aaah". We're happy, but also sad.

N: Actually. I don't know. But if it doesn't end with me. Then I think that means there's a next one.

A: Nakamura-san should draw a character too.

N: I'm drawing? Right now? Now?!

A: Don't draw that much.

K: Each guest draws their character.

N: Where are we drawing it? On this paper?

A: We're drawing Kyousuke.

K: I think Kyousuke has a lot of memorable features.

N: No he doesn't.

K: He doesn't.

N: He's normal.

K: But I really like Nakamura-san's Kyousuke.

A: I do too.

N: Do you want a Blu-ray and DVD? For Oreimo.

A: I've got them.

N: So you don't need it. Kyousuke.

A: That nose is real big.

N: It's Kyousuke. You see him first, right?

K: Kyousuke's eyes has small eyes. Nakamura-san, are you any good at drawing?

N: Not at all.

A: I don't know.

N: I suppose this is wrong.

A: I can't remember at all.

N: His eyes are more sharp.

A: Not round? No good. Let's save Nakamura-san's for last. Like this? Was it like that?

K: That's it. Amazing. We don't know what the right answer is.

A: Kana-chan! What is this?

N: Sort of real?

A: In elementary school in art class. It's like you drew the boy in the next seat.

K: No, it's Kyousuke.

N: In manga there are no guys with lips like that.

A: Nakamura-san! You're not one to talk! What is this?! Wow!

K: How scary! Nakamura-san's is like a magician's uncle. It's scary.

N: What's this? A mistake?

A: I meant to make the eyes round.

K: Who is that?

N: The friend.

K: Akagi-kun.

A: Here's the correct answer.

N: No way. You knew.

K: The bangs have just one.

A: Oh right. Kirino is the same. Kirino is also like this.

K: That was hard.

A: No resemblance.

K: But the bangs are the same. I'm sure you'll see it on the home page.


A: Some news. Blu-ray and DVD last volume 8 goes on sale July 27th. My dad's birthday.

N: Congrats.

A: Episode 14 "My kouhai can't be this cute" and Episode 15 "My little sister can't have such a last episode". The special CD has "Shakuzai no Serenade" Kuroneko and Kyousuke sing it. What kind of song is it?

K: Well. It's a passionate duet, I think.

N: It's a Maschera song, right? Kuroneko is singing a Maschera song, and Kyousuke is forced to join along. That's why he's not really into it.

K: Eh?! But you were so excited. I want to hear that.

A: Look forward to it.

==My little sister also can't be this cute==

A: By the way, Nakamura-san. Do you think Kirino is cute?

K: He just laughed.

A: Why?!

N: Cute? Not at all at first. Being kicked and punched. Well Kirino spacing out in her hobbies. She's cute when her brother isn't watching.

A: When she's in her hobbies. That's cute?

N: You too.

A: Is that a compliment? That was fun for me too.

K: That was the real Ayachi.


A: Sempai but my kouhai don't think of me as a sempai: "I have a little sister a year younger who's a freshman in high school. At first, our relationship was just like Kirino and Kyousuke's. For over four years we haven't really talked. But for some reason she calls Ajipon Shapontare. She doesn't even realize she's doing it wrong. That made me think she's cute. And she says Jigoujitoku (reap what you sow) as Jigoujigoku (jigoku = Hell)."

K: How old is she?

N: High school. So 15-16?

K: 15-6. Jigoujigoku?

N: If someone said you got your jigoujigoku. People'd go "Huh?"

A: How would you respond?

K: I wonder why Shapontare? I don't know why. But it's cute.

A: You should tell her.


A: From Kanata-san: "It's just use two sisters in my family. My little sister is like Kirino. She's always tsuntsun to me. She always says "Uzai (shut up), kimoi (gross), otaku, go away". Apparently my little sister got in a fight with my mother in the night. My little sister sent me an e-mail. The title is ?Niemu. Subject: I fought with Mama. <Down> Since my sister isn't like this, for the first time I thought she was cute."

K: But normally she's like Kirino, right?

A: Shut up. Gross. Go die.

K: How scary.

A: But the title is ?Niyamui.

K: What do you think, Nakamura-san?

N: I don't know.

A: A real Kirino. A 3D Kirino.

N: I don't have any siblings. I don't understand. I'm an only child. You two have ones right?

A: I have an older brother.

K: I have a little brother.

N: So no sisters.

K: Yeah.

N: Maybe swap mail addresses. If you live apart, you'd know. When you live together. Do you ever go "I have to let oniichan know."

A: I do. My brother is so good at Chou Makai Mura (Super Ghouls n' Ghosts?) So I sent an e-mail saying, "Oniichan, how long does it take you to clear Chou Makai Mura."

N: You went to the trouble of asking that?

A: In response Oniichan responded. He said about two hours. But maybe I don't e-mail that often.


A: My little sister can't wear such sexy underwear what are you looking at: "I'm an older sister. So I do all the laundry. So I found some gaudy underwear. I was sure it was my mother's. I thought, 'What is my mother doing wearing such gaudy underwear at her age?' Then my little sister came in. She grabbed the underwear and with a red face said, 'Don't look at my victory underwear!' Plus she kicked me. Surprised. I realized my little sister has become an adult. I thought she was cute. Whether she wears it or not. It's not unusual for girls in their early 20s to have. If it's not too rude, what's the difference between normal underwear and victory underwear."
*Shoubu Shitagi = literally "victory underwear". In other words, underwear used for seducing others.

N: Let's ask that.

A: Why turn this into your own question? You just want to know!

N: Who will go?

A: Well, oneesan, Hanazawa-san.

K: Wait. I'm 22.

N: So you're about the age of this girl.

K: Well, victory underwear. Do a good job making them.

N: Making them? You make them? What?

K: Well. It's to make you seem more feminine. Well.

N: Quality high?

A: It's to raise your own tension.

K: What about Ayachi?

N: You too. I'm fine. I don't know about victory underwear. This is just a question to answer.

A: If I reply this. Nakamura-san would lose it.

N: Why would I?!

K: In the end we'll ask Nakamura-san about victory underwear.

N: I don't Men don't.

A: But I was thinking of buying my dad new pants. So I thought, men's underwear are pretty expensive. Right? Like in the department store pants are brand pants.

N: But men's clothes are expensive. Men's don't have variations. I suppose girls seek variations. So they all can't be expensive. But that doesn't matter.

A: But we were talking about it!

N: If we end it here it's no problem.

A: Like for auditions, you want to do your best.

N: But you can't see them during an audition!

K: But I'll still wear them.

N: Oh, it's for yourself. So as long as you're satisfied.

K: It's cute.

A: And Kana-chan. We were at Chiba on location. I'm sure she was wearing victory underwear. I was by Kana-chan.

N: You were on location, so she wore victory underwear.

A: It was the same room. I thought it'd be okay for Kana-chan to see.

N: Hanazawa-san, what did you think?

K: We slept together. That was weird.

A: I was looking forward to Kana-chan's underwear.

K: What are you making me saying?

A: Hey! I'll sue the office. Mou! To continue.

N: This has nothing to do with little sisters.


A: From Inari Kyouichi-san: "I was at my girlfriend's home to talk about marriage. I didn't know how to bring up marriage in front of her parents. Her father and mother are usually silent. When I thought it was no use, her little sister returned from school. She looked at me and smiled and said, 'Oniisan, pleased to meet you.' Eh? Oniisan? Eh? The father then said, 'Mother, if Kaoru says so, then we should acknowledge it.' In the end they approved our marriage. We have a child now and are happy thanks to that little sister. It really hit me in my heart. I'm looking forward Oreimo season 2."

K: The last part is totally irrelevant.

N: That was a good story.

K: Marriage.

N: Have your siblings give support. Like Hanazawa-san's little brother be like "Oniichan".

K: Don't make fun of my little brother. Wait a moment! Ayachi's older brother really likes Ayachi.

N: You guys get along?

A: Why?

K: I'm sure he likes you.

A: You decided that on your own? What are you imagining. I suppose we get along. Like we play games together.

N: I suppose the older brother would be different. He might side with the parent. Yeah he and your father will line up to stare at your boyfriend.

A: Stop that! No way!

==Meruru Vs. Maschera==

A: This is the memorable 10th battle. We've had a lot of battles. Nakamura-san, have you ever thought, "I get to be a part of the 10th Oreimo battle!"

N: Nope. Well the first Karzu SP vs. Akiba Blog, how did that end up?

A: We thought they were both good.

K: To be honest, we don't know a lot.

N: Who was who?

A: I was Karzu SP-san.

K: And I was Akiba Blog.

N: So it has nothing to do with yourself.

K: But Nakamura-san. Didn't you play Dragon Quest or FF?

N: Let's not bring that up. They have their good points.

K: Let's have a battle now.

N: It might be like that today. It might end with both having good points.

K: No, today. Nakamura-san will make the final decision.

A: Kirino Vs. Kuroneko. So it's finally come.

K: We've got to have Kyousuke decide.

N: It's a last episode topic.

A: You need to decide. Taketatsu Kirino. Hanazawa Kuroneko. Battle start... where's the paper?

K: Ayachi...


A: From The Kousaka siblings are my justice-san: "If forced to choose, I would pick Kirino without a thought. Kirino's appeal is her annoying factor. She's got a sharp tongue, loses her temper easily, and extremely jealous. Surely a shitty brat. In the original, Kanako also has a wicked tongue. Doesn't Kirino make the other character shine? Doesn't it make you think Kuroneko is cute? Or Kyousuke is cool? Yes. But Kirino isn't a bad character. She has a terrible attitude against Kyousuke, Kuroneko, and plain girl. In that gap, there must be some complicated thinking. I can't wait for when she's honest. I'm glad Kirino is Taketatsu-san. As much as Nakamura for Kyousuke."

K: I see. That really conveyed the love. But what was he trying to say in the end.

A: What was it? That she's annoying?

N: That's she's a necessary role?

A: Since Kirino is there.

K: She pulls the other characters along.

A: If not for Kirino, Kyousuke wouldn't try so hard. He'd just be a boring student. That's all.

N: He'd end just as a boring guy.

A: With plain girl.

N: Kuroneko wouldn't have a friend. She'd just be alone in school.

K: That's true. She'd be cleaning alone.

A: So Kirino is the core.

N: I understand. Since there's one annoying person, everyone has to clean up. That's true in reality.

K: You make Kirino sound like a step stone.

A: That makes me sad.


K: From radio name We all say we like big breasts, but we actually like small breasts: "I'm for Kuroneko. It's because Kuroneko has a lot of skills. She has kappa long hair. She has a tsuntsun personality, but is so gentle with her sisters. When Kyousuke or Kirino compliment she becomes shy. That's really appealing. And when she calls Kyousuke 'Oniisan' that really gets me."

N: Eh? That's it?

A: That's just a personal opinion.

N: That's just his personal opinion.

K: No way. She says she has a lot of appealing points.

N: I think everyone does. What about the kappa long hair? That's just for people who like that. For people who like long brown hair they'd say they'd like Kirino.

A: It's about appearances.

N: But being gentle with little sisters and being tsuntsun is also in Kirino.

K: Yeah.

N: Why did you pick that one?

K: It was short.

N: That's not good!

K: Nakamura-san. I'm amazed you asked. I thought it'd be good for the first attack. To have it short.

N: I'm relieved.


A: Hoshiku Witch... Ore no Imouto... From Oreimo Radio Nagi-san: "I like Kirino and Kuroneko, but I'm siding with Taketatsu-san's Kirino. Kirino's appeal is that she usually has a harsh personality, but after a life consultation she turns gentle and says "thank you" or "sorry". That's really cute. That gap is the best. My lovely angel Kirino-tan. The anime or novel moments like always make me grin. I hope there's a second season."

She's always tsuntsun. But she always says thank you or sorry.

K: That's important. A gap. Everyone is so passionate. We couldn't read all those.

N: Well everyone likes them.


K: Radio name Maintis-san. This is a foreigner.

A: What a delicious name.

K: "I'm a foreigner, but Kuroneko's cuteness is world class. Kuroneko's goth loli clothes, and black hair, on the surface she's black. Inside she's white. She's pure. She's kind. That gap is cute. Kuroneko's kindness to her little sisters is really touching. I think the dot under Kuroneko's eye is appealing in our country. What does Japan think?"

N: The mole? The dot under the eye.

K: The tear mole. "So good luck at your work." A mail from a foreigner. The outward appearance is charming.

A: Foreigners like to cosplay, don't they?

K: They like goth loli clothes.

N: But these clothes. But this goth loli clothes was originally from Japanese culture. So that's why they like it. Since it's Japan's culture.

K: I don't know.

N: Don't know.

K: But gothic lolita is from literature. So that western clothing.

N: But foreigners wearing goth loli clothes. When they wear it compared to Japanese, it's a different image. It looks like it fits them. For Japanese it seems like it floats a bit.

A: An unbalance?

N: It's appealing because of that unbalance. But inside they're pure white.

A: What are you looking?

K: I've never seen Kirino cooking.

A: Well. In the original ending, she gave some rice.

K: That's all.

A: "Here's yours."

N: Counterattack.


A: At-san. From a girl. "I always enjoy Oreimo radio. I love you both, but this time I'm cheering for Taketatsu Kirino. Kirino can't be honest with her feelings, but she's a good girl. She's straightforward. There's a lot of things to admire. More than anything, she's normally tsuntsun, but her dere point has such a gap between them. This is a knockout! I really love Kirino."

K: I see.

A: There are people who say such wonderful things.

K: Kirino is a hard work.

A: She's stoic. Despite complaining, she works really hard.

N: Yup.

A: What?

K: There's no more comments, so I'll go.


K: From radio name Malchese-san: "I'm with Kuroneko. Because Kuroneko has juvenile syndrome. It increases her cuteness. She cares for her family and is good at housework. She gallantly thinks about Kirino or Kyousuke. She never diverts from her hobbies. She has a lot of good points. And her biggest feature, her juvenile syndrome makes her cuter. Her delusional comments also create an opportunity for funny retorts. I'd like to see Kuroneko and Kirino or Kyousuke do a manzai comedy act. When serious, Kuroneko has cool lines. Her word choices: makai, next life, ceremony are examples of her juvenile syndrome, but in serious moments they seem more earnest than delusional. It really rings with me."

A: So there are people who like juvenile syndrome. It's an appeal for 2D.

N: It was just Kuroneko and me in that situation.

K: When playing the game, it's surprising. There's so much Kuroneko. Even when dere, her juvenile syndrome doesn't change.

N: The pose. That juvenile syndrome. She's not a person who opens her heart. Like when she's at home, she's talking on the phone alone. In the game when we're alone and the mood is nice... she'll say, "Hurry and make the contract."

A: That ruins the mood.

K: I suppose. But the feeling is there. The words come out naturally.

N: But she's a good person.

K: So how is it? I think the fans are split among Kirino and Kuroneko. Nakamura-san.

A: It's time.

N: Eh? Oh? I have to decide.


N: Let's leave it at Kuroneko.

A: Why?!

N: Well. Well, anime, novel, manga. 2D contents. It's all Kirino. A lot of fans say they have a sister like Kirino or they want a little sister. But no one says the want a girl like Kuroneko. I suppose that's because it's 2D. I think Kirino works because it's a 2D work. But I don't want the 3D version.

A: It'd be bad if it was 3D it'd be bad.

N: What if that girl came to Comiket. "She's like that at home?!"

A: I lost. You're my older brother, but I lost.

K: No, that's not so.

A: He's being objective.

N: Well. Forget it.

==Life Consultation==

N: What is this music?

K: It's surreal.

N: This song doesn't appear in the show.

K: This isn't in the Oreimo BG.

N: It's never used.

A: By the, Nakamura-san, do you want to consult me with any of your problems?

N: I do. When I came. My my left shoe comes out.

K: That happens.

N: When wearing boots. One slips off.

A: That happens.

N: Why? Why just my left side?

K: Maybe you have a strange way of walking?

N: What do you mean?!

A: Maybe your feet are different sizes.

N: Which ones of your slip off?

A: Mine is also the left one.

K: Both of mine.

N: No answer. Maybe it's just too small.


A: Maschera-san: "Don't you guys think you're acting like strangers? You can at least address me by my nickname." -Pooh-san. Pooh-san always have -san. You can feel the distance.

K: Kuma no Pooh-san (Winnie the Pooh).

N: What's Pooh-san? So he wrote a comment in? His name is completely different. It was Maschera-san.

A: They're jokes.

N: A nickname. Poor guy.

A: Pooh-chan.


A: From Kingo-san: "I haven't been able to stop since I was born." -Pissing cupid statue.

K: But... when born... it's not coming out.

N: When they come out of the factory. But when they're put in, they don't stop.

A: When they're set, maybe that's when they're born? That's when they have life.

K: If the stopped...

N: What? They'd become an adult? No longer a child? Why do they exist?

K: For peace?

A: Peace. It's relaxing.

N: If no one stopped it, it'd be chaos. Right?

K: It's fine, since they're cupid statues. If they were adults it wouldn't be okay. Michelangelo's one can't.

N: Michelangelo?

A: It's pure. Since it's kid, they're naked and going yay.

N: I never did that.


A: From Akai no Pisson-san: "Mizuhide is seriously naughty." -Nobunaga.

N: When did Nobunaga make that comment? At Honnouji? When it was on fire? "He's so naughty." What is this corner? This is no life consultation. They're mostly throwaway lines. None of them are "do something for me."

A: I've never thought about that in the last year.

N: At first, you really did life consultation right? You responded, right?

A: It was like this from the beginning.

N: So there's no responses?


A: From There's no way Oreimo won't have a second season-san: "I have a height of 160 centimeters, but people think I'm small." -Kuroneko.

K: Eh?! As an anime chara, she's small. More than in the novel.

N: So she's actually supposed to be 160?

A: I imagine Kirino being much taller.

K: How tall is Kirino?

A: Isn't Kirino 165 centimeters?

K: She is a model. Kyousuke is also tall.

N: Kyousuke isn't that tall?

K: The same size as Vageena.

N: Vageena is huge. Vageena is 180 I think.

K: Everyone is tall, so it may not seem like it.

N: Kyousuke was 170 I guess? I don't think he's that tall.

K: But that's tall.

A: But Manami is tall. Manami 160 too, I think. Pretty tall.


A: The yawning crying person: "Even in the anime last episode, in the end my identity is unknown. Just what am I?" - The green thing in Kirino's room.

K: What is that? I want that. That's a mystery.

N: You only see it in Kirino's room.


K: Nakamura-san, thank you.

N: Yes, thank you.

A: Why the "yes, thank you."

K: Nakamura-san coming makes me a bit nervous.

A: Me too.

K: Why?

A: Why are we worried?

N: We shouldn't talk about it here.

K: I thought we'd hear a lot about Kyousuke, but we didn't talk about it.

A: It's the ending.

K: So read the handbook.

N: Handbook? The one with us three. The game strategy book. It's probably the first time the three of us talked.

K: We stayed together at Chiba. We recorded the radio.

A: Love-love two shot.

N: That's where you wore the victory underwear?

K: Actually. The anime mook book.

A: So everyone enjoy.

K: This is why Nakamura-san is called last. Thanks.

N: Sorry. Maybe I should have turned this down.

K: The next one will be the last one. 24 comes out July 22nd.

A: Huh? Last episode?! Why?! I made such a wish too. I even said it on the radio while drunk.

K: You said it. But I really am glad Nakamura-san came in the end.

A: It was fun.

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