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Re: drawings

Post by takenoko »

That's awesome. Great work as usual
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Re: drawings

Post by oddjob »

Great drawings! The ones in the first post are incredible!
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Re: drawings

Post by Anime_freek22 »

That....is.....Win. All I can say...type...think....
I lost The Game!
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Re: drawings

Post by kandoken »

Hey you guys, thank you sooo so much for the kind words :) I haven't been on too much, super busy.. Catching up on gokaiger and OOO. Just threw some rough colors on this Joker.. the other one i'm fixing his foot. Hope to get done my commission work and get back to doing some of my own work for a change.. i wanna draw Agri and Burajira.. also Rio and mele, and the go-onger team.. UGH.. must power up!

Anyways, enough of my whining.. hope you guys dig this rough!
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Re: drawings

Post by Hase0 »

oh amazing kamen riders
awesome colouring :shock:
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