Villains that appear in the next super sentai anniversary

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Villains that appear in the next super sentai anniversary

Post by alpha red » Tue Oct 28, 2008 9:19 pm

Hi, i'm just here making a few predictions. haha.. don know whether my prediction might b true or not.. super sentai anniversary is held every 5 yrs. with the success of gaoranger vs super sentai n boukenger vs super sentai, i am expecting a lot for the 35th super sentai anniversary.. in boukenger vs super sentai, villains like memy, furabijou n tsue tsue come back. well, in the next XX sentai XXX vs super sentai, mayb Gordom civilisation high priest, Gaja n Genjyu dragon fist user, Long will come back again to bring chaos to the world..

well, as u all can see, Gaja was not destroyed in the end of the boukenger series.. In the beginning of the series, bouken black accidently revive Gaja who was in a deep n long sleep. in the end, gaja was not destroyed, bt return to the depth of the sea whrere he was revived in the first episode n 'hibernate' again.. anyone might accidentally revived him again in the future.

In gekiranger, long was oso not destroyed, mayb bcos he has eternally life thus cannot b destroyed. in the end of the series, the 3 gekirager used a technique acquired from the Rinjyuden 3 kenma to seal Long into a ball, which Jan brings it anywhere he goes.. well, the 7 kensei was sealed by Maku once using the same technique, and was revived again after Maku was defeated. That means Long can also b revived if someone attacked Jan and get the ball which is Long..

In my opinion, mayb the producer was thinking n making plans for the coming series n the anniversary shows. well, let's see if any of the Go-onger's villain didn't die or destroyed at the end of series. When i say the villain die, I mean they totally die, without leaving any trail that might lead to their revival in the future.. Well, i'm realy realy looking forward for the next 35th super sentai anniversary n i hope it is interesting n many past warriors do realy come back to save the world in the next XX sentai XXX vs super sentai.. :)

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