Why I feel bad about Kotaku's Retro Game Master stuff

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Why I feel bad about Kotaku's Retro Game Master stuff

Post by takenoko » Tue May 22, 2012 3:50 pm

http://www.blisteredthumbs.net/2012/05/ ... vd1-sep18/

I'm glad this article reaffirms now my suspicion that they had very little involvement in the bad translations and dubbing that people criticized them for. Fuji TV was shopping the Retro Game Master thing around for a while before Kotaku picked it up, and it was kind of obviously a busted package to begin with.

I always wonder about how much control the Japanese have when the translation is done. Like, I really get mad at some of the bad subs for the Ghibli movies released by Disney. But then you get a Japanese DVD and there's English subs on them (presuming they're the same subs). Then you get to wondering if the problem was them doing the subtitles in house when they should have let someone in America do it.

Maybe Toei would get less silly things than spelling JyuRanger with a Z or phrases like Let's Morphin and Let's Driving.

Anyway, I'm sure Kotaku sunk a lot of money into that deal. And they got the raw deal, since what they were given was sabotaged by the very people putting it out.

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Re: Why I feel bad about Kotaku's Retro Game Master stuff

Post by Kuchiri » Fri Oct 26, 2012 10:23 pm

I've literally spent the last week watching the first six seasons of GCCX ((Being forced to watch the Kotaku versions of episodes I couldn't watched subbed)). While Kotaku shouldn't really get all the hate for the product they also didn't help things out either. They hired an announcer who was bland. He really doesn't do what the Japanese announcer does and put you into the challenge.

One episode the announcer called Arino - Kajoe, Kaichu, and Catchru within ten minutes. They could of spent the little extra time and made the dude learn how to say the names right. I felt extremely bad for some of the ADs who got their names skewered.

They cut out some of the comedic segments/corners. The stuff that is meant to let the viewers have a break from the drama of the challenges, they just had the challenge. They also cut out the King and Queen bits. But they created their own sprite.... which was weird. ((It may be a character they use in a later season.... not that far yet))

In all the dub literally feels like they took the episode, had some guy read direct quotes from the announcer, and poorly edited the lines over the announcer. ((You can hear the Japanese Announcer while the English Announcer is talking... they turned down the episode audio for the guy to blandly talk.))

I love however, every boss fight in the Ninja Gaiden episode. 'Kacho faces the boss... Let's Meet Him shall wee' 'Let's Meet Him' That just feels awkward. It made me laugh.

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