Inoue Masahiro Divorced

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Decade Divorce

Post by takenoko »

[07:10] <&Lunagel> ... s/1859833/
[07:10] <&Lunagel> caught cheating
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Re: Decade Divorce

Post by Catastrophe »

Onore Decade!
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Inoue Masahiro Divorced

Post by decade368990 »

Wow! That's the end of 3 years marriage. What's really happening to these actors and actresses in their private life? How long did they spend time dating together before getting married? Who is responsible for the child after the legal court?
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Re: Inoue Masahiro Divorced

Post by Lunagel »

Japan pretty heavily favors the mother in like 99% of cases
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Re: Inoue Masahiro Divorced

Post by hiro9796 »

I know I am single currently and had no clue whatsoever to what those who experience marriage felt that they must divorce but it is just sad, regardless even if they are superstars or ordinary people. Really, what do these people take each other for?
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Re: Inoue Masahiro Divorced

Post by Mandalori »

They just fall out of love and can't bear each others's faults or weakness, or there isn't just anything holding them together anymore. Love is all about chemistry in the brain after all, like everything in the human body.
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