MegaRanger 23 Released

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MegaRanger 23 Released

Post by jonty »

Hey! Remember when we did this show? Oh, whoops, I put that there without even thinking. Reflex, you know.

This episode: "Why! My Egg is a Nejire Beast." Notice that the punctuation after "Why" is a plain exclamation point and not an interrobang. Obviously it must mean something!

Actually, no it doesn't. Just a weird grammatical lost-in-translation kind of thing.

But to the content of the episode: we get the obligatory Ranger-befriends-an-offspring-of-the-enemy episode. Only this time the Ranger is a male (I usually associate this kind of episode with a female ranger, but I'm not sure if the statistics bear that out, actually).

Typesetter's note
This doesn't really have anything to do with typesetting, but I thought it would be interesting to talk about yakiniku a little bit.

Yakiniku basically translates to "grilled meat," and is generally considered in Japan to be Korean food. In other words, it's Japan's version of Korean "barbecue" restaurants (i.e.: those Korean restaurants where you cook the meat yourself on grills built into the dining table). I put "barbecue" in quotes because technically barbecue is a slow, low-temperature cooking process with smoke, not just grilling. But that's a whole other conversation. In any case, from what I gather, yakiniku restaurants don't even really exclusively serve grilled meats anymore. Japan has of course put it's own spin on the ostensibly Korean cuisine, and nowadays if you go to a yakiniku restaurant in the States, everyone pretty much considers it Japanese food. And if you do go to a yakiniku place in the States, you're probably getting an Americanized version of it. So, really, you're getting Americanized Japanified Korean food. Fun.

Anyway, here's a little breakdown of some of the different dishes mentioned in the episode:
Yukke, which would be Romanized as Yukhoe if we were talking about the original Korean word, is a dish of diced raw beef with different seasonings. It's analogous to steak tartare from Western cuisine. Never had it myself, but as it is usually served with an egg yolk, I'd be all over that if given the opportunity.

Bibinba, which would be Romanized as Bibimbap if going straight from the Korean, is a pretty common dish served at Korean restaurants. It's a bowl of rice topped with a mix of namul (cooked and seasoned vegetables) and usually some sort of meat (usually bulgogi). It's also seasoned with gochujang, the prototypical Korean chili pepper paste. I also like my bibimbap served with a runny, sunny-side up egg.

Komutan, or Gomtang if you're talking to a Korean person, is a pale, almost white soup made by boiling beef bones for a long time. Often made with oxtail (which is usually going to be from a cow or other cattle, not necessarily an ox). It's got a pretty subtle flavor, but is at the same time intense with a sort of inherent marrow-ness. Protip when eating gomtang or its close cousin seollungtang: you have to add the salt yourself, as it's usually left unseasoned during the cooking process. I also recommend lots of green onion. No egg, though, unfortunately.

Galbi, or Galbi if—oh, I guess it's the same this time. Though, some people do Romanize both the Korean and Japanese words as kalbi. I personally disagree with that Romanization, but I could go on a whole rant on how I think the current Korean Romanization rules are silly. Anyhow, galbi should be familiar to most anyone who's ever eaten anything even pretending to be Korean food. It's Korean-style marinated beef short rib. In Korea they are usually prepared as a big ol' hunk of meat on top of a large bone. It's then often cut expertly to create a long sheet of meat which is cooked at the table then served. In the States you'll often see galbi cut a bit differently by butchers; they cut across several ribs, creating a strip of meat with three oblong bones embedded along the bottom. This is usually called the "LA cut" since it's apparently a cut that was born in Los Angeles (i.e.: it's more of a Korean-American thing). If you hear people talking about how much they love Korean "barbecue," they're probably talking about galbi. I of course love galbi, but being a pork lover, I'm more of a fan of samgyeopsal, but that's neither here nor there. Final note: galbi doesn't naturally pair with egg, but hey, if you wanna, go ahead.

Hanshu and Maishin were phonetic guesses from take, so we're not really sure what dishes these refer to. Why don't we just pretend they're egg and egg, respectively.

Side note: Kouichirou's outfit at the end of the episode is so perfect. He would tuck in a short-sleeve, button-up shirt into white pants. That guy.

Man, I have a craving for eggs for some reason...
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Re: MegaRanger 23 Released

Post by Phoenix512 »

Chisato looks pretty cute in this episode and obviously has a thing for Kenta.

Also speaking of Kenta, I think he has a gold tooth. Look at this picture as proof.

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Re: MegaRanger 23 Released

Post by Sexy_RoboVoice »

awesome, new MegaRanger!
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Re: MegaRanger 23 Released

Post by ChelseaChampion »

When I saw this I was like, 'WTH isn't the lastest episode of Megaranger 18', cause I just started downloading the batch :lol:
Guess I will catch this episode when the time comes.
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Re: MegaRanger 23 Released

Post by Niek »

Nice a new episode. Unfortunately was the story boring.

Sweet!!!! MegaSilver ariving in the next episode. I have been wondering when he would appear.
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Re: MegaRanger 23 Released

Post by Slowking »

Kenta tackling the angler-fish-can't-be-bothered-to-look-up-his-name while not henshined was fantastic.
The scenes where he expressed his love and care surprisingly came through as very natural and felt extremely real. It is nice seeing Kenta has another side. The episode was made even better because it was also developing the relationship between Kenta and Chisato.
Chisato would have called I-Net for help, but hey she didn't, which comes to show that she actually understood Kenta's feelings.

Kenta shares aspects of various Reds amongst sentai series, but he's also unique in other ways. Goofiness is there but he can certainly get serious and noone can mess with him then. Oh and his room is one of the untidiest I've ever seen...

Can't wait for the next one, keep it up guys!
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Re: MegaRanger 23 Released

Post by Battra »

Komutan looked more liked it belonged in Dekaranger than Mega. Well hopefully the series does more with Chisato & Kenta, though I always thought Miku seemed more like Kenta's match.
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Re: MegaRanger 23 Released

Post by Shado Kabuto »

Another Megaranger episode Thanks Take and TV-Nihon crew.
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Re: MegaRanger 23 Released

Post by Akuma_Blade »

I can't wait for next episode. Thanks TV Nihon!

trivia : "Komutan" also means "Commander" in Turkish :D
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