Shinkenger 27 released

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Re: Shinkenger 27 released


chronoxiong wrote:This episode shows the chemistry that Chiaki and Kotoha have with each other. They really make a great time team and got to love Chiaki's finisher. I noticed that a lot of what the Ayakashi are doing to humans throughout this whole series has been very very different. Different as in threatening compared to what you usually see in Sentai. I like that a lot as it gives you a sense of how dangerous the villains really are. But have you guys seen the ratings lately to Shinkenger? Ever since Genta's debut, the ratings have slowly dipped. I really dont understand how that is. Is it because this show is too serious that kids are tuning away from it? Shinkenger is awesome and I hope thats not the case.
I think its cause Decade and Double are kinda overshadowing Shinkenger, but Shinkenger is proving to be the most epic sentai in my book so thats good.

Yea i like the fact the villains just keep growing in power, and makes them more threatening every week.
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Re: Shinkenger 27 released

Post by Aidid_Nuva »

Kinda surprised the OP splash was of Super ShinkenRed than Super ShinkenGreen.
Actually, if you downloaded sd and hd, you would see that the splashes were different. Red in HD, Blue in SD

Anyway on to the episode:

- As usual, awesome fights
- ChiakiXKotoha was cute
- Smart to use the ayakashi's own power against him
- Longest gattai sequence ever
- I will always come back to this episode for Genta's scream :lol:

Overall, Great Episode
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Re: Shinkenger 27 released

Post by harpdevil »

ZGMF-X20A STRIKE FREEDOM wrote:i guess with Dayuu and Juuzo becoming strays and leaving the Sanzu River, they had to have someone fill in for them. Agreed on the smile, reminds me of the joker for some reason :shock:
Ahh I guess you're right, I suppose it's the same sort of situation as they had in Geki. It must just seem more odd to me because they haven't even met Dokokou yet.
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Re: Shinkenger 27 released

Post by m4rc0 »

Nice monster ability, nice comedy and nice strategy. Shinkenger is one of the best sentai in terms of fights I've watched.

I just think that there was no conflict in the episode. No challengers for Kotoha or for Chiaki. And though the strategy should be dangerous, it seems works too smoothly...
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Re: Shinkenger 27 released

Post by squashy »

lol the script writer really liked to mess around with Ryuunosuke. Now that this reminds me, the same kind of joke was used in the beginning of ep 3. Poor Ryuu-san ... =)

21:04 - DaikaiShinkenOh Triple Ass Attacks! I LMAOed a great deal =)

oh and I'm no ancient topic digger, I'm still watching it right now :mrgreen:
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