Shinkenger Song Collection

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Shinkenger Song Collection

Post by takenoko » Sun Feb 28, 2010 1:09 am

Usually when I get these kind of CDs, I always look forward to the songs sung by the actors for the characters. I think my favorite has been DekaRanger and it's been going down in favoritism with each year. I swear the old school robo theme songs sound the same every year

Anyway, individual songs:

Disc 1 Track 4 Dokomade mo Shinkenger by Takatori Hideaki, I don't remember hearing this song in the show. It probably wouldn't have been fitting, but it's kind of a cool song

8 Shinken Matsuri by Sister Mayo, pretty catchy. The formatting is nice since she's not singing at the top of her voice throughout

10 Love it when the individual parts are sung

Disc 2 Track 1 This is probably the biggest disappointment. I don't particularly care for red songs, but at least the previous reds sang their song. This one is sung by a chorus of kids with red saying some lines throughout. Lame

2 Not really a Ryuu fan, but he can sing pretty well. Nice song

3 I do like pink songs. This one is kind of slow and sweet. Nice chorus

4 Do I have to say that Chiaki's song is awesome? It rocks, of course! It fits his character and it's just full of energy

5 Kotoha's song is cute as one would expect

6 Sorry Genta, but your song is unlistenable

Then they have some tracks where they talk and show sound effects from the show

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Re: Shinkenger Song Collection

Post by Deka_Hero » Sun Feb 28, 2010 6:52 am

I actually liked Keisuke's song, it is something i could see Genta singing.
It doesn't hold and candle to the Rin's, Suzuka's or Shogo's song though.

At least Tori did not subject us to his voice that much since it's clear he can't sing worth a damn.

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