Shinken Vs Go-Onger released

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Re: Shinken Vs Go-Onger released

Post by kaemmerite » Sun May 02, 2010 4:15 pm

I must say I really enjoyed this, despite all its flaws. But I'm a die-hard Go-Onger fan so it's not surprising that I liked this, even if the Go-Ongers did get the short end of the stick character-wise.

I am glad that they didn't ruin the character development/ending of Go-Onger by having the three commanders return as bad guys. It was a little weird for Yogostein to not hold a grudge against the Go-Ongers for killing him and Hiramechimedes, but then I guess he didn't actually see any of them so maybe he did, it just wasn't shown.

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Re: Shinken Vs Go-Onger released

Post by tennomichi » Sun May 02, 2010 5:18 pm

this is the best crossover movie yet. except for the mecha battle it wasn't really good (i thought samurai formation 23 was gonna be freakingly heavy just like the 2 mecha but meh).

Gunpei seems more of an airhead than kotoha it seems and i laughed so hard at him because he is not usually like that

Good to see yogostein again he was away for too long.

i lol'd at the gedoushuu riding on the uguts that didn't turn into the motorcycle.

the sword play was very good i really liked it even the goseiger cameo was nicely done.

all in all i really enjoyed it.

all the mecha battle in the last 3 years have been on the moon can't they think of something else?
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Re: Shinken Vs Go-Onger released

Post by Catastrophe » Sun May 02, 2010 7:53 pm

It was kind of lame how it all abruptly came together. I can understand on time constraints, but they should have written to accommodate everyone coming together. Did Takeru and Sosuke know that the engines had found the others? Fight scene was a little average as well.

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Re: Shinken Vs Go-Onger released

Post by lonegamer7 » Sun May 02, 2010 7:55 pm

Despite not having watched Go-Onger and skimmed through most of Shinkenger, I have to admit, the roll call with all 13 members? Shivers down the spine.

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Re: Shinken Vs Go-Onger released

Post by Avatar_of_Chaos » Sun May 02, 2010 8:55 pm

well I'm gonna say this now this is my first sentai team up and well I will say this

1. the reds were epic in this

2. funny seeing Ryunosuke interacting with the cutups that was Go-Ongers

3. the ending nice treatment for them to flip the endings for them.

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Re: Shinken Vs Go-Onger released

Post by Kogashi » Sun May 02, 2010 9:03 pm

tennomichi wrote: i lol'd at the gedoushuu riding on the uguts that didn't turn into the motorcycle.
What I found funnier than that, was Takeru's disappointment that, after beating all the other Motor-guts, this one last combo show up behind him. I mean, he even sighed as they tried to turn around and leave before he cut them down. It's always so fun effectively seeing a character think "I'm suppose to be too cool to beat a guy this lame."
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Re: Shinken Vs Go-Onger released

Post by m4rc0 » Sun May 02, 2010 11:33 pm

Since I didn't watch Go-Onger, I was kinda disappointed that they didn't give its characters much time (except for Sousuke). This was supposed to be their farewell...

Everybody arriving at the right time for the roll call was a little bit lame...

I enjoyed the comedy moments, but this was the VS with the most awesome fights I've ever watched. Hyper Sousuke and Super Takeru killing the kaijin was awesome. The redxred battle, the initial battle... Everything was very good.

They made the mechas do a bazooka finisher. That was very cool.

In Go-on vs Geki they introduced ShinkenRed after the show. This time they introduced the Goseiger in the show. I didn't like how they made Shinkengers' main enemies look weak before the Goseigers just to advertise the new show...

Shinkenger lacked a dancing ED, but now they payed what they owed with interest. Very cool ED and I found the clothes to be very cool too.

I missed the curry restaurant reference... Maybe its because they are starting a new food reference with Genta's cart...

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Re: Shinken Vs Go-Onger released

Post by MICROmor » Sun May 02, 2010 11:51 pm

man! that train looked so much like travellion that made me look twice. The different worlds was a good excuse to put all the heroes in funny situations, It was an enjoyable flick. Ryonosuke was hillarious as always.

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Re: Shinken Vs Go-Onger released

Post by WoodBetweenWorlds » Mon May 03, 2010 2:24 am

Despite not having seen any of Go-onger besides the first episode, I really liked the movie. I kinda wanna go and watch Go-onger now; a lot. I really liked all the different worlds.

P.S. wtf Goseiger O.O! get your own movie!
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Re: Shinken Vs Go-Onger released

Post by Chabii- » Mon May 03, 2010 3:24 am

I must say, I really liked this one. The way this connects to Go-Onger's ending was a nice touch. But I really wish they gave the others more screen time- Samurai World cracked me up.

I was kinda hoping they'd use the curry shop on Hant and Chiaki or Genta this time. But hey, time to use the sushi stall next year.

The ending dance was just... wow. A year of waiting for a VS dance has paid off. Also, I liked how they managed to add in Hiramechi/Urameshimedes right before the three ministers drowned.

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Re: Shinken Vs Go-Onger released

Post by Fobo911 » Mon May 03, 2010 3:35 am

I agree that some of the Go-Ongers' characterizations were gypped in this movie... Hanto and Saki-chan barely said anything before Ryuunosuke started his hilarious crying sounds of "Hep... hep... HEPHEPHEPHEPHEP!" I also really wanted to see how the rangers got out of their dimensions... How did Kotoha, Chiaki, Ren, and Gunpei get away from those samurai? How did some of the Engines manage to disrupt the cheerfulness in Christmas World while still saving the Go-On Wings and Mako and Genta? I suppose that would add more minutes to a Sentai movie that is already over an hour long (it's about time).

When Kotoha told the screaming Gunpei that the door was open and then smiled... Holy crap. KAWAII! I agree, Gunpei was crazier than he was in the Go-Onger series, but seeing that I liked the series, I didn't mind at all. In fact, it felt nice to get a few chuckles while watching a Sentai movie; I actually miss the wackiness of the Go-Ongers.

The Goseigers' appearance... Meh. It was just a normal fight. Some people may not like it because it gives off the idea that they are better than the Shinkengers, but their Headder guns barely even scratched the three villains. Sure, it hit them, but the villains just reacted as if they were being attacked by bees or mosquitoes, not mortal threats that can obliterate them.

I was kind of expecting an epic 23-part gattai with the mecha, but instead, we get five mechas holding IkaTenkuu Buster. The shot wasn't even that impressive; it was just a shot out of an IkaTenkuu Buster. I was expecting major CGI of all the Origami and Engines to find their way into the gun's bullets and then do an epic beam of death. Bachiiro didn't even try to resist the shot... what happened to all of that "ultimate" power?

And the farewell was way too quick. Not even a chance to party or truly get acquainted. Then again, that would once again add a couple of minutes to an already above-average-length movie...

I loved the fight scenes, however. ShinkenRed vs. Go-OnRed was pretty impressive; they pulled that bluff off well. The rest of the fights were your typical Shinkenger fights along with some random Go-On moments (ie. Saki saying, "What a bad boy."), so I was satisfied.

This movie was another "you're an amateur, you can't fight --> oh, even amateurs can protect the world" story. I was surprised at how Takeru suddenly got a drastic change of heart after Sousuke merely talked about protecting the world. I thought maybe Sousuke could have fallen down some more from attacks and said more inspiring words to sway Takeru's opinions. But I liked the way they used their initial contempt for each other in order to lure the Gedoushuu and Bachiiro into that trap.

I like this movie. I didn't feel as big of a vibe as some other Vs. movies, but watching the movie was enjoyable.

And that ending theme is epic. It's a nice way to blend part of the Shinkenger OP and ED into the background of the Go-Onger ED melody and rhythm, and the dancing was pretty nice as well. At the very end where they show all of the Engines and Origami in cartoon form, I thought they were all cute, but as I was looking at each individual mecha, I asked myself... Where is Gunpherd?!?!
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Re: Shinken Vs Go-Onger released

Post by ZGMF-X20A STRIKE FREEDOM » Mon May 03, 2010 6:19 am

AeonRanger wrote: seriously loved the shinken rap at the end can't wait for that to come out.
That actually has been out for awhile. Like since the character image songs were released (They were all on the same album i believe).

Regarding the Goseigers, its basically the same case with W, they can't have the new heroes lose in their debut since that makes them look bad since they are the successors XD. So they have Deus Ex Machina plot hax. I bet this trend will likely continue in the future VS movies.
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Re: Shinken Vs Go-Onger released

Post by DarkProject » Mon May 03, 2010 9:02 am

Thanks for the sub. This was a pretty awesome movie.

I didn't watch Go-Onger, but it was a pretty tame 'last hurrah' for that crew. The movie could've been titled: Shinkenger vs. Sosuke and would've been accurate.

I loved the car battle, I was reminded that the Shinkengers really don't have ranged weaponry for the most part. I thought it was neat that the Nanashi rode the Go-On footsoldiers.

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Re: Shinken Vs Go-Onger released

Post by Squizz » Mon May 03, 2010 10:00 am

I agree with most people, the Go-ongers really got jipped, personally I loved Go-onger so it was a bit sad to watch. Though in some ways compared to all other vs. movies this felt sort of special? They were two sentai i really thought couldn't mix, they seem to have got round it by concentrating there efforts on the reds, and seemingly giving Hanto and Saki less screen time to get crazy in, though man I laughed like crazy at her scream when Ryunnosuke grabbed her.

I applaud the awesome storyline between the reds, but I'll be sulking for a while about the lack of Go-ongers, I can't help thinking this movie could have been pure awesome, if they threw out the Goseigers and devoted that excess time to the rest of the Go-ongers and Shinkengers.

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Re: Shinken Vs Go-Onger released

Post by jolly_old_saint » Mon May 03, 2010 12:48 pm

...Red Car guy totally copped a feel of Miniskirt Santa The Same, Pink at the start of this movie.

I liked how...I liked, the movie was thoroughly just okay by me. But I still like it.

I did love how the trailer shot served no purpose whatsoever.

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