Shinkenger 1-2 DC released

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Shinkenger 1-2 DC released

Post by Phoenix512 »


Original Act 1 thread: viewtopic.php?f=145&t=3205
Original Act 2 thread: viewtopic.php?f=145&t=3247

I don't ever recall seeing a DC version of anything Sentai (if I'm wrong, let me know) but these episodes are pushing 30 minutes which would be close to movie length for Sentai. More about the changes below.

Besides being about 30 minutes in length, all the sponsor spots and even the middle eyecatch are removed. The episode previews at the end are extended. All the battle scenes have new footage.

For episode 1, there's some extra scenes with Takeru and Jii along with an extended scene on the Gedoushuu junk. Chiaki had a bunch of footage added including a part about him thinking that the Gedoushuu won't come back during his lifetime. Takeru and Chiaki were both in agreement about Ryuu making long-winded speeches.

For episode 2, this one is a bit more interesting. After the initial narrator scene, a new scene starts off with the cast in the main room instead of being outside practicing Mojikara. That scene occurs after the title and initial Gedoushuu scene. In the original episode, the Gedoushuu junk scene wasn't split in two but it was only one scene.

I only imagine if the entire series was like this.
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Re: Shinkenger 1-2 DC released

Post by Anime_freek22 »

I wish it was. This was a great series.
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Re: Shinkenger 1-2 DC released

Post by Shado Kabuto »

A director's cut of shinkenger? this is weird coming from Toei since they released director's cut version of Kamen Rider movies,

Well this one im partly surprised and skeptical.
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Re: Shinkenger 1-2 DC released

Post by prsentai »

I guess this is because Shinkenger was popular to warrant a second movie and a theatrical release of their team-up so Toei wants to milk it. Just not as much as Den-O.
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Re: Shinkenger 1-2 DC released

Post by Slowking »

Phoenix512 wrote:I only imagine if the entire series was like this.
That is what I thought too. And I doubt it's because Toei thinks of costs and all that. Probably due to time limitations. Still looking awesome though, graet job.
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Re: Shinkenger 1-2 DC released

Post by Sho-saka »

Anime_freek22 wrote:I wish it was. This was a great series.
Same with you. Shame there isn't any more Director's Cut episodes from 3 through to 49. I would love to see Shinkenger more with unseen footage in further episodes, but I have a feeling that Toei is pretty cautious on milking franchises, especially to the Super Sentai series.

That, or as I put into equation as Toei would probably be aware of the fanbase:

Anything to do Samurai = Fanservice, ahoy (though the majority would be female, funnily enough. See the Sengoku Basara series for further proof and yes, it is a Samurai-cum-Sengoku-themed game. And no, I don't play them, because of Capcom's 'artistic' licence to screw the historic timeline up and make the characters go "Dragon Ball Z" all over my face.)
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Re: Shinkenger 1-2 DC released

Post by Squall »

Wow, I'm totally digging the recut episode 2.
It feels more in place than the original with the brush lesson moved after the theme.
I also really like the extended previews.
I really enjoy this release TVN, thank you!

[I'm also one that Toei will milk it and release all the director's cuts! ^.^]
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Re: Shinkenger 1-2 DC released

Post by PHurricane »

These were really fun to watch. Maybe it's because hindsight is 20/20, but I think most of the scenes that were cut from the broadcast version were done so because they revealed too much too quickly to the audience. I remember a similar pattern to the cut scenes from the first few episodes of Den-O, which I think had the same head writer, so it kind of makes sense.

Lots more foreshadowing toward the Kagemusha plot. It's still ambiguous, and again it could be hindsight at play, but Takeru's concerns about the risks the other retainers would face unknowingly protecting a fake lord comes across more strongly than the initial slant of Takeru being standoffish because he didn't trust they were up to his level.

Lots of new Chiaki scenes. They developed his character really well in the cut scenes - maybe too well. I think we eventually learn everything that was cut here, like Chiaki's father not seriously raising him to be a samurai, but it's spread out more over the series. Still, it was pretty neat to hear him come out and explain why he wasn't as up to speed as the rest of the team. Not entirely laziness, although there's still a touch of that, but mostly ignorance was to blame. No wonder he was annoyed with his dad mid-series, if his dad assured him the Gedoushuu wouldn't attack again during his lifetime.

The new scene in the mansion near the beginning of the second episode was fun, but it felt weird from the perspective of Mako's character development. She was raised as a samurai, so I'm not sure why they had her make the same blunder as Chiaki, unless it was to cement the division of Ryuu and Kotoha as being devoted to Takeru right away and Chiaki and Mako being more hesitant. The extra scene during the search for Kotoha was funny, but I guess they decided they didn't need another scene to develop Ryuunosuke as the quirky one. Same reasoning was probably why they cut Chiaki asking Mako if Ryuunosuke was about to commit seppuku when he stripped at the end.

The better video quality was nice too. Maybe it wasn't as noticeable if you watched the HDs the first time around, but the colors really popped with the DVD quality compared to the SD.
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Re: Shinkenger 1-2 DC released

Post by Battra »

Very interesting to watch, Ryunosuke is always good for a laugh. I'm surprised Toei hasn't done DC for Sentai, but I guess the demand for it wasn't their. I would definitely love to see a DC of the entire series.
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Re: Shinkenger 1-2 DC released

Post by archer9234 »

That would be a lot of work. To DC every episode. They probably wouldn't have any time. They have work on Goseiger after all. It's not just adding in deleted scenes. Some scenes need effect work done for them.
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Re: Shinkenger 1-2 DC released

Post by TG23 »

Beginning fight got extended a little too. And man, I still love the little touches of wire work they did with the first fight. Having it look like the Nanashis get knocked back a little when Takeru hit them and just that little bit of wire work when Takeru lunges... Awesome. Wish they did more of that subtle stuff.
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Re: Shinkenger 1-2 DC released

Post by boukenbluekiva »

Is the Oden Gattai returns. :lol: :lol: :lol:

God, I miss Kotoha.

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Re: Shinkenger 1-2 DC released

Post by Kaheraji »

Battra wrote:Very interesting to watch, Ryunosuke is always good for a laugh. I'm surprised Toei hasn't done DC for Sentai, but I guess the demand for it wasn't their. I would definitely love to see a DC of the entire series.
Agreed with the bolded so, so much. I realize it's unlikely, but to dream...
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Re: Shinkenger 1-2 DC released

Post by chronoxiong »

I was surprised that Toei would release a Director's Cut for their Sentai series but this was a good idea. I would love to see them give us more of Shinkenger. I mean, they milked Den-O so much that I'm tired of it now. So give us something new to milk since Shinkenger has proven to be a success. Anyways, I liked the new scenes. It planted the seeds for Chiaki's character development. I forgot how much of a different guy he was compared to the team at the beginning. Seeing the fights extended was cool too. I really loved the fight choreography in this series and I miss it. Thanks TV-Nihon for subbing this!
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Re: Shinkenger 1-2 DC released

Post by Shinken Red »

After finished with Shinkenger and all its movies, but I'm going to check the DC eps out because it is my favorite series, and I'm glad Toei restored some lost footage for the first two episodes. I hope they will make more DC eps and satisfy our cravings for more Shinkenger, now that the mini-series rumor has been debunked.
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