All the way to Diend

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All the way to Diend

Post by msf232 » Thu Oct 29, 2015 12:50 am

The opening song of KR Decade was pretty good, and I thought that Diend should have a song like that too... So I decided to make a parody of that song.
So, my first Japanese song, and as I am not that good in Japanese, if anyone kindly points out the mistakes and corrects them, it would be very much pleasing.
All the way to ディエンド
見上げる星 それぞれの歴史が 輝いて
星座のよう 線で結ぶ瞬間 始まる Legend

I see the road 揺らめく 時空越えて
飛び込む 迷走する Parallel world

On the road 誰も旅の途中
見ることができる物を 奪うため
盗み続けるのさ今を We're all stealers
一つの宝物はいつか 盗まれて
新しい宝へと続く 道が変わらないだろう
目擊せよ All the way to the end

And the meaning (if I am right):
When I look up at the stars, various sagas are shining
Like the constellations, the moment they are connected by lines, a legend starts
(Just copy-pasted from the original song :P)

I see the road. Cross the flickering dimensions
Dive into that straying Parallel world

On the road, everyone is in the middle of a journey to take away all the things they can see
I keep stealing even now. We're all stealers
The one treasure staying in the front of my road will someday be stolen
The road stretching to a new treasure will never change
Be witness to it, All the way to The End
Dairanger, Shinkenger, Kyoryuger-LVSP

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