KR Decade 23 released

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KR Decade 23 released

Post by Phoenix512 »

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Decade and DiEnd have some roaches to kill especially the one call Fourteen.
Who have thought that Junichi and Daiki would end up switching places with Junichi being the free will servant while Daiki fights as a Rider? I was a bit surprised that Tsukasa didn't pick up on Natsumi's "Tsukasa-san." greeting. And not to bash Yusuke but I wonder why he didn't fight as a member of the Roaches. Why go through the surgery and not use him? It seem a waste of a story element.
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Re: Decade 23 released

Post by Deka_Hero »

So Junichi is still a power hungry asshole eh?

And Yusuke getting brainwashed was pointless...

Prepair for the most EPIC of all episodes next time.........History will be made.
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Re: Decade 23 released

Post by Warrior of Zarona »

This episode was very meh. Yuusuke being brainwashed was a total waste of story opportunity, Fourteen revealing himself on purpose to Daiki seemed dumb, and the plot twist at the end was also kinda lame.

I felt that their stay in this world was somewhat incomplete - sure, Daiki found his "treasure" in his feelings, but what about the rest of the world? Juunichi still seems intent on becoming ruler of the world, and if Daiki is leaving for the next world, who's to stop him? The other two Riders? They won't have as much impact as Daiki did, methinks.

But yeah, the next episode should be sexy.
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Re: Decade 23 released


Wow Yuusuke was just a usual. Daiki practically gave up hope maybe that will change later on???

W00T!!!THIS IS THE MOMENT WEVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!!! We shall see a force like no other in history!
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Re: Decade 23 released

Post by arcane91 »

the episode was good..but it was like (please dont hate on me) Hibiki's world, it did nothing for me. It really didn't get me pumped like the other worlds did but two things did get me pumped

1. next episode!

2. the preview for decade movie makes me want to go to japan

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Re: Decade 23 released

Post by ryuzakiumi »

Kaitou was about to reveal everything and he gets interrupted.
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Re: Decade 23 released

Post by Nihon_Rider_105 »

This makes me exactly does Daiki get to other worlds?I mean Decade uses the photo studio but Kaitou just kinda....appears?
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Re: Decade 23 released

Post by Battra »

So yeah Junichi really didn't break character tradition with this episode, turns out he's just as power hungry as ever. Besides wasting Kuuga in this episode it's disappointing that the writers didn't included how Daiki got the Diend powers, if these 2 episodes were all on him you'd think they would've at least put that part in.

With these last two arcs it seems that the writers have used up most of their good material on the 9 other Rider worlds, case in point i'm guessing that next episode is most likely going to contribute absolutely nothing to the plot other than yeah we can do a crossover show with our other franchise. We still don't don't got any info on Narutaki, why Kivala is even hanging around, why the Grandpa has tapestries of other worlds in the photo studio and he seems nonchalant about the whole traveling thing, and if were only going to have 30 episodes, I doubt that they'll be able to work all that in before the finally especially with this being episode 23. It feels like Decade started out strong but after Hibiki's world a majority of the staff went to work on the next series.
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Re: Decade 23 released

Post by Iaatix »

It was an ok conclusion to DiEnd's world, but also disappointing.

Fourteen was kind of a waste of CGI, I wish they had explained him better. What is this worlds relationship with Blade? The riders are still card based and Fourteen had card symbols (heart, spade, club, diamond) on him. I guess I'm overthinking it.

Junichi is even creepier when he smiles than when he is just his normal creepy self. I went back and watched Missing Ace again...I don't think he smiled once in it.

One thing about Decade...there has been a lot more variety in location than most shows. It's been more than quarry-stadium-stadium-mall-under bridge-quarry-beach-quarry-stadium-field-stadium-stadium (they use that stadium a lot).

I don't know what I think about where the show is headed next. It could be really good, but I'm afraid its going to be REALLY bad. I'll go into wait-and-see mode.
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Re: Decade 23 released

Post by Iaatix »

Nihon_Rider_105 wrote:This makes me exactly does Daiki get to other worlds?I mean Decade uses the photo studio but Kaitou just kinda....appears?
I've assumed it was a feature of his gun, but maybe not. It need to be something as logical as a dimension hopping photo studio, so that narrows it down to anything.

I'm still working on where Yuusuke kept all those varsity jackets since he only showed up with a small backpack.
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Re: Decade 23 released

Post by Arigomi »

Iaatix wrote:I'm still working on where Yuusuke kept all those varsity jackets since he only showed up with a small backpack.
The backpack is probably a small dimensional pocket containing all of his worldy possesions following typical anime conventions.

Everyone is expecting the plot to pick up the pace but it just seems to be losing more momentum.

The first half of this episode was pretty boring even if it does lay the foundation for the second half.

Everyone suddenly turning back to normal after Fourteen was incinerated was a little too convenient.

The "two guys fighting each other with nobody interfering" scene was a bit cliche and I felt myself cringe a little.

It seems like this Kamen Rider anniversary festival is like a party that is ending but you are having trouble throwing out the drunks that vomited in the toilet. I really hope we don't get an open-ended conclusion for Decade.

One thing that I did find entertaining was Narutaki laughing at the end because of the twisted joke he is playing on the travelers by diverting their journey to a world that makes absolutely no sense in the overall plot.
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Re: Decade 23 released

Post by Reaver »

The way Junichi looks when he smiles is kinda disturbing... like he was a gay or something...

DiEnd also vanishes after Tsukasa goes Complete Form...
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Re: Decade 23 released

Post by kaemmerite »

I read this on someone's LJ, and I think I'm starting to agree with them.

Decade was super awesome at first because of all the nostalgia factor and the wondering what would happen in the next world. It was cool to see old Riders with new stories, and sometimes new personalities.

But now that the nostalgia is over and Decade is forced to live on its own merits, it's...well, not as good. The Negaworld arc was pretty bad, IMO, and this was better but not by much.

Especially since we have one cliche I personally am tired of, which ryuzakiumi pointed out. "Tell me what you know." "Okay, well the truth is--" *INTERRUPTION* I knew it was going to happen, I didn't want it to, but they did it and I just got irritated.

So, problems I had with this arc:

1. Aforementioned interruption to purposely put off a big reveal about Tsukasa.

2. Yuusuke gets kidnapped and brainwashed, which turns out to be a plot element that was dropped completely.

3. Fourteen knows it's a trap, but goes anyway for no real reason other than "It's interesting."

4. I like Hibiki but why did Tsukasa use him? Why not, oh, I dunno, BLADE?

5. Everyone keeps talking about "Oh, Daiki has Rider powers now. When did he get them?" Yet instead of showing us that, they just let it hang there with no explanation.

6. Narutaki. That dude is getting old, fast. *Dr. Claw voice* "I'll get you next World, Gadget! NEXT WORLD!"

7. For the whole premise of the show being that Decade takes on the forms and powers of previous Riders, he didn't do it once in the past two episodes...and since Complete Form just summons a puppet Rider, I don't count that.

Meh. I still like Decade, and I know it's going to get better. The next episode will be amazing no doubt, and the movie of course is going to be a blast. But it's like the writers are wasting time with useless stuff to pad out time before the movie. It seems that even making Decade 30 episodes long didn't prevent them from having filler.

So, here's to the next episode! I'm sure it'll be awesome!
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Re: Decade 23 released

Post by 大変身 »

i'd like to clear some things up

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Re: Decade 23 released

Post by Crimzonite »

kaemmerite wrote: 4. I like Hibiki but why did Tsukasa use him? Why not, oh, I dunno, BLADE?
Hibiki and his kind spend most of each year battling giant monsters. Tsukasa's seen this first hand.
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