Going to Japan

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Going to Japan

Post by Sonicrain » Tue Jan 22, 2013 2:35 pm

So I dunno where to put this thread.

basically im going to Tokyo and maybe Osaka again. I ve been in 2004 before and i had a fucking blast.

Anyway, now im going back with 3 other friends, but only 1 was with me before in 2004.
So what I want from you? to meet if you are in tokyo :P
we can hang out and talk about sentai stuff and go to sentai cafe and anything related.

Know a cool bar or club that you wanna go? let me know and lets go!

just PM me, ill get back to you soon.

Also, I am from Montreal Canada.

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Re: Going to Japan

Post by takenoko » Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:54 pm

It's been a buncha years since I've been in Japan. So much has changed! What do I need to know???

Where do you go in Japan for fun?

[21:37] <takenoko> hey luna, what's a good power converter to buy for going to japan
[21:38] <MiniLuna> don't bother?
[21:38] <MiniLuna> I don't have converters on anything electronic I own
[21:38] <takenoko> https://smile.amazon.com/VCT-VT-500J-Ja ... er+adapter maybe I should buy this one?
[21:39] <MiniLuna> what for? cell phone?
[21:39] <takenoko> maybe a laptop
[21:39] <MiniLuna> you see that brick connected to your laptop?
[21:39] <MiniLuna> there's your converter
[21:40] <takenoko> what? it just works?
[21:40] <MiniLuna> unless you are bringing a hair dryer, do not buy a power converter
[21:40] <MiniLuna> you will not need it
[21:40] <MiniLuna> you will waste your money
[21:41] <takenoko> https://smile.amazon.com/Ceptics-Japan- ... er+adapter should I pick up one of these at least?
[21:42] <MiniLuna> noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[21:48] <takenoko> also luna, whyyy nooooot?
[21:48] <MiniLuna> you don't neeeeeeeddddd iiiiiiiittttt
[21:48] <takenoko> but what if my thing doesn't fit
[21:48] <MiniLuna> they all fit
[21:48] <takenoko> huh
[21:49] <takenoko> will my cell phone work in japan
[21:49] <takenoko> I have a nexus 6p and I'm on the google network
[21:49] <MiniLuna> ask your provider
[21:49] <takenoko> that's a good point

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