Ninja Truth (NHK) (VOD)

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Ninja Truth (NHK) (VOD)

Post by TorchWood » Mon Jun 04, 2018 8:20 pm

Since we have several Super Sentai series whose motif is Ninjas, never mind that ninjas are popular in Japanese media, here is something from NHK:

Ninja Truth
Ninja are now seen in popular media around the world. But as their profile rises, their reality gets muddied amid legends and fantasies. The truth about authentic ninja lies unknown, shrouded in mystery. This program carefully examines the fighting skills and tools used by actual ninja, and conducts experiments to determine the "Ninja Truth".

Episode 1 (15 minutes, available until April 2, 2019):
The ninja had over 400 distinctive tools and weapons to fight with and defend themselves. The most familiar was one called the "kusari-gama", a chain and sickle that could do serious damage to an opponent. But it raises questions about how they used it when fighting, and how they were able to conceal it. The ninja were also ingenious at hiding themselves. We'll do an experiment to see if those hiding techniques really worked, and we'll look at a brand-new technology for hiding people.
View Episode 1

Episode 2 (15 minutes, available until April 2, 2019):
The ninja used short swords when faced with imminent danger, such as in enemy territory. We'll see when these were used, and how they differed from warrior's katana swords. Also, ancient ninja literature describes a water-crossing device known as "mizugumo". We'll do an experiment, constructing "mizugumo" exactly as described, to see if it really worked. And we'll get a ninja expert's opinions about how it could be improved today, and try that too! Join us to see the results!
View Episode 2
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