Go-Busters 31 released

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Go-Busters 31 released

Post by Phoenix512 »

So what the Go-Busters do now when the Vaglass are no more? Fight space criminals of course.

It makes me wonder why Shelly is Gavan's partner since she doesn't have any useful skills besides Laser Vision which just makes her a hummingbird. The new Gavan seems pretty cool. Also Enter looks very demented now with his hair all messed up.
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Re: Go-Busters 31 released

Post by ReversedSentai »

I'm wondering what's the story behind the old Ohba Kenji Gavan with the new Gavan. Also, it's nice to see Kotoha again. Three Yellows in one episode.
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Re: Go-Busters 31 released

Post by takenoko »

The new Gavan seems like kind of an idiot to me. I think they're trying to portray him as being hotheaded, be he just seems like he doesn't know what he's doing. For the unproven new guy, his pompous ego seems a bit unearned.

I was surprised to see how active Vaglass was during this substory. Good to see that they're not entirely dropped.
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Re: Go-Busters 31 released

Post by Lunagel »


I was not too thrilled with Gavan's portrayal either. After the sheer awesomeness of Kenji Ohba, this guy's just not the same. Also, I really hated the motorcycle sidecar. In the show it looked pretty damn cool, but next to Bike Nick it just looks dated and slow. I wish they had updated the design.

Most of this episode just kinda had me going "Huh? What? Why?"
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Re: Go-Busters 31 released

Post by GarTkEZ »

Initial thoughts:

1. I'm just guessing, but during original Gavan, Kenji Ohba was always this calm guy, except when children were involved. Maybe they're playing off the new guy as a hot-head to counter that?

2. Shelly
/her predecessor Mimi
usually ran operations on Dol and only went down for spy missions.

3. Sybarian looked better in red than in blue.

4. ENTER!!!!!!!

5. Can I mention that the version of Gavan's opening they used is totally awesome?
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Re: Go-Busters 31 released

Post by MarcosPMA »


Didn't like the new Gavan though, not as awesome and manly as Kenji Ohba.
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Re: Go-Busters 31 released

Post by Catastrophe »

I don't really hold any particular affection for Gavan in general, so I can't help but feel that this is a lazy promo for the new movie.

Glad that Enter is still kicking though.
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Re: Go-Busters 31 released

Post by Saejima Kouga »

Good to see Shinken Yellow playing.....the same type of character but from space.
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Re: Go-Busters 31 released

Post by JonSilver »


Second, just echoing everyone's sentiment that we're all glad that Enter's alive :D I don't know what it is, he's just one of the most charismatic villains I've seen in a while. I do hope Escape's still around too.

Slightly off topic, but for anyone interested, found a trailer for the Gavan movie. http://youtu.be/5sGOSUMqvg8 Seems to be a passing the torch deal, maybe they plan on reviving the Metal Heroes series? SUPER happy to see Shaider there since that was one of my favorite shows as a kid. Also it looks like Sharivan is gonna be played by GekiViolet.
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Re: Go-Busters 31 released

Post by Lunchboxx »

A VERY good episode in my opinion.

Geki/New Gaven is hot headed, which I can understand. Arent most, if not ALL rookie cops/Red Rangers hot headed? Good examples are Kai Ozu and Akaza Ban. hell I have seen actual cop dramas that always had rookie cops that were hot headed.

I've yet to see Shinkenger, since I took a break of watching my sentai marathon after Go-Onger, but the actress for shelly is pretty damn cute.

Also, why am I getting wierd Shipping thoughts with Shelly and Youko? Stupid brain....

ENTER IS ALIVE!!!!!! And he looks even more insane than usual. Hope that plays a part in the future.

The Go-Busters saying that they have heard of Gaven, could that mean that Gokaiger shares the same universe with them? They did make a cameo in the crossover movie after all. I can only hope.

Next Episode:
A SECOND episode with Gaven? That's actually kinda cool. I wonder how many episodes they will take this with Gaven?

EDIT: I do hope you guys sub the Gaven movie eventually. Cause if they Reboot the Metal Hero series, I'm gonna have to watch them for myself.

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Re: Go-Busters 31 released

Post by m4rc0 »

Gavan, you shouldn't leave Kotoha alone just to fight modern ninjas. Kotaha, why didn't you use your shodouphone and shinkenmaru?

Yoko, you should be nicer to your senpai.

Those enemies in animal suits reminded me of Momo and the others.

Metaroid looked very cool. Gavan's kaijin too.

Enter is alive and he's interested in the kaijin's makuu sapce portal. Let's hope that has some impact on the series instead of being just a movie ad.

This and Govaiger vs gavan made clear that the Space Sheriff trilogy happens in the same universe as the Sentai. Let's wait to see if super hero wars brings the riders to this universe or if they are in another universe. 4z already shown that the Showa and the Heisei since W live in the same universe.

Since they introduced a new actor for Gavan (the guy knows how to fight and he does a good job playing an action hero), they should've used the opportunity to redesign the armor, the bike and the ship. They aren't bad, but they look too old fashioned.
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Re: Go-Busters 31 released

Post by Revorse »

I don't know much of Gavan, so to me, this was just an episode to promote the new movie.
I was kinda thinking like Nick, I thought Gavan was going to tell the Go-Busters to back off. Guess not.
Glad to see Enter although...he's looking pretty rough.
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Re: Go-Busters 31 released

Post by samelf »

Is it sad that the few moments with enter was better than the entire episode to me. There was so much randomness to the rest of the episode nick randomly being able to fly for one with out any kind of thrust.Gavan's bike made sense it had thrusters on it like a space ship. The way the episode went it almost felt like the writers were forced into it and that metaroid was awesome but barely got used I wonder if he was the original idea for the episode. And to the guy saying he saw shipping with yuko and shelly you are not alone I almost thought they were going to kiss in the one scene but that was my mind being dirty and would never happen in sentai.
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Re: Go-Busters 31 released

Post by DaVinci030 »

I can't believe that Enter survived. And BTW, Kotoha? or Shelly is so cool. Transforming into a bird. cause she's from the planet Bird. right?
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Re: Go-Busters 31 released

Post by Kuchiri »

It felt like this episode took a lot of Late Seventies/Early Eighties Toku Tropes. Like the whole bikes can fly because this is science fiction deal, or somehow in another dimension bad guys are three times stronger.

+I liked the interaction between Geki and Hiromu once they transformed. However WTF Hiromu? You let Geki beat the crap out of Nick for a good two minutes before stepping in.
+Jin checking out Shelly. I wonder if they walked around declaring themselves as Yellows on set.
+Not reusing the Transformation joke from Gokai vs Gavan.
=I figured Enter was still alive. He is the true main antagonist of this series. Screw Messiah.
-Yoko&Shelly... very meh.
-Rhino guy, he was also very meh.
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