Go-Busters 35 released

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Go-Busters 35 released

Post by takenoko »

Yay new mecha. Go-Busters has been surprisingly (and appreciably) restrained in not having a million mechas that switch out every bit of robo appendage.

It's weird that they comment on Lio having a lot of horsepower. That just seems like a writer misusing terms to say "This lion is fast."

I kind of wish Enter wasn't in this episode. It's purely tacked on, and his motivations for being there are pretty weak. I would have been perfectly happy with it being a character episode where the Go-Busters dealt with one of their critics. That said, the daughter's motivations are pretty flimsy too. While the episode was enjoyable enough, the writing just came off as a lazy bag of stuff thrown together so that the important things can happen.

Edit: Oh yeah, plus they save her right at the beginning. I guess you can say that she has a terrible personality, but I'd prefer to think that she's just a badly written character. Like who would be this ungrateful in reality? It strains the suspension of disbelief.

I never know what to think of Mizuki Ichirou. He always plays the same weird guy XD I guess he's pretty amusing.

All that said, it's not like there weren't a bunch of little moments that are good as always. Go-Busters is pretty great about that. Like J screwing around in the base. Or Usada rolling up just to make a snide remark at Youko.

I liked that Ace ran out of fuel, so Hiromu had to go over and use Lio instead. That sort of "mecha upgrade" moment reminds me of the Shining Gundam to God Gundam switch in G Gundam. It would have been cool if Enter saw him get out of the mecha and tried to blast him as he ran across, forcing Hiromu to use his warp capabilities, but nope.
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Re: Go-Busters 35 released

Post by zeta_gundam »

I really love the way the character of J is written. If there's anything I look forward to every week when watching Go-Busters, it's J. I love the way he went "I'm right here!" when Ryuuji asked for the eccentric one on their team. And the "J, don't cover me!" gag never gets old. XD

Wait, so the daughter spends her time in a cave chatting with Lio? o.O

Rider Rabbit Kick!
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Re: Go-Busters 35 released

Post by Yaiba »

I like that the new mecha wasn't just given to them and that they need to work for it and all, but I find this episode rather uninteresting, probably because the writing confuses me.

Telling the Busters that they hog all the glory and don't know any sacrifices around them is kind of unreal. Unless she lives in a cave all this time, which she's not as there is a house in the flashback, she'd know the news about the Center's staff teleported themselves into the subdimension, and that three surviving kids spent their childhood training as soldiers to stop Vaglass. The Busters didn't enter the fight for glory, they entered the fight because their whole life was taken fromthem on that day 13 years ago. It's like the writers forgot all about that and the Busters are just a bunch of people that happens to stumble across and got tangled in the fight like some of the previous sentai.

Still, J playing with the wall in the command center is hilarious. And that J covering Youko this time is quite amusing

Since both mecha move out and battle for about the same amount of time, does this means Lioh can store more Enetron than Ace? Or did Ace spent too much Enetron traveling to the mountain

So Enter goes AWOL for a while and Escape take to the stage?

Edit: Hmm, I just realized Kobayashi Yasuko didn't write this episode
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Re: Go-Busters 35 released

Post by Go-On Macaroni »

- MZ
- Hazuki Saburou
I swear this isn't a delusion of mine. XD

That said, while the first half of this was draggy as hell, Lioh's debut scene was nothing short of amazing! "Lioh Kenzan" indeed!
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Re: Go-Busters 35 released

Post by Lunagel »

I see what you did there Toei

I love J so hard sometimes. Even when he's not talking he steals the scene.
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The Eyes in the Skies
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Re: Go-Busters 35 released

Post by zeta_gundam »

Lunagel wrote:I see what you did there Toei
*cough*Tamashii Nations Showcase had the Figuarts Shachiiku, Z-Cune Aoi and DeluKnight displays...*cough*
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Re: Go-Busters 35 released

Post by Quetzalcoatl »

The First Half seem like a mess. I mean Mika saying they weren't of the sacrifice didn't felt like a good scene. It like they made the Go-Buster forgot when they enter the sub-dimesion and the tough choice that they had to make between Destroying Messiah and losing their parents.

The only good thing about this episode was J. I love his silliness and covering both Ryuu and Youko.

I like it that the Go-Buster had to prove themselves to Lioh if they wanted him/her/it to help.
Still when Ace and Lioh link up, it just remind me of giant zord version of Hiromu and Nick. Especially that motorcycle scene.

Also ZUKYUUUN!!!!!!!!
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Re: Go-Busters 35 released

Post by locuas »

After so much hard-work, Youko has finally dominated the ancient technique of the lethal rider kick! but it seems she still needs to polish it, since Enter was able to survive it.

Now that i have taken THAT out of my system. I have to say, i liked the episode. I liked the mecha fights and how Hiromu had to fight Lioh.

Also, Youko blocking enter's attack, BAD ASS. And a very nice way of showing her character development.

Enter blocking youko and J's attack after being seriously injured, with the ground trembling at his feets, even MORE BAD ASS.

I liked that Youko and J won the fight, but that Enter wasn't overpowered. it shows that the busters have gone a long way, from being easily kicked by enter at the beginning, and now are able to give him a real fight. Even tough it was still a tough fight.

So, Jin had a sempai too? that's interesting. I kinda expected the daughter to say "jin masato? my father talked about you all the time!" and that the father said that Jin would one day become a better scientist than him or something like that. I don't know if that would have been better or not, i just tought that would happen.

Maybe enter's presence was unnecessary, but i guess it makes sense he would be interested in something like Lioh.
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Re: Go-Busters 35 released

Post by Phoenix512 »

I really like the battle between Ace and Lioh. It was weird to see Jin back in the day when he was talking to Hazuki.

The whole thing with Hiromu trying to get Lioh to accept remind me of Go-Onger which I will put in a spoiler tag.

Sousuke was trying to get the Anicent Engines to accept the Go-Ongers and the other Engines. He eventually got their trust and even transfer to them to fight off the giant enemy.

It would hard to for Mika to remember Jin since her father kept getting his name wrong all the time.
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Re: Go-Busters 35 released

Post by Catastrophe »


Builds giant robot.

Voices giant robot interface.

Sings giant robot theme song.

Mah boy.
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Re: Go-Busters 35 released

Post by Lunchboxx »

A VERY good episode this week, it did not disapoint.

Random Episode Thoughts:

Interesting to see Epsilon again, did Enter build a new one, or did it survive the intial fight with Hiromu?

Lioh is just pure bad ass. From lion form to Motor Tri-Cycle (I saw three wheels so correct me if I'm wrong on that.) to full mecha form, pure utter awesome.

The doctor guy saying Zubaan! reminds me of Boukenger right off the bat. Was he the same voice actor who provided Voice FOR Zubaan?

Zykuun..........AkibaRanger reference?

The daughter was kinda bland, I thought she was just annoying all the way through.

Half of the writing in this episode did seem kinda flat.

Youko and J fighting Enter was pretty damn cool. Loved the Rider Kick style move Youko gave to Enter.

J is still the show stealer for me. His antics is always so damn funny. Even in the last scene with the Hologram dad, J had a Enetron drink.

Hiromu trying to gain the trust and partnership with Lioh was pretty cool to watch.

J what the hell were you doing over by the wall in the Command Center?

Next Episode Preview:
Buddyroids go on strike and Lioh combines with Ace it seems. The buddyroids going on strike is clearly a "jealous ally over the new person" sentai trope.

Also ESCAPE!!!!

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Re: Go-Busters 35 released

Post by Kuchiri »

The editing was so off in this episode. Ugh it actually gave me a headache with how fast it went and the camera angles and the reusing of plot devices. There were at least six fights in this episode. Each one too fast to really be enjoyable.

1. Busters vs Enter and goons.
2. Ace vs Lioh
3. Ace vs Lioh p2
4. Yellow and Stag vs Enter
5. Ace vs Lioh Megazord form.
6. Ace vs Epsilon...which begs the question how he got it.
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Re: Go-Busters 35 released

Post by MarcosPMA »

I disagree, I think Enter being in the episode was necessary, even though it kinda felt like he was forced into the episode. My thinking is this: Enter actually has a brain. He wants to win. Naturally he'll either want to A) Get Lioh for himself or B) Destroy Lioh. It would seem strange if Enter didn't do anything about Lioh and potentially let the Go-Busters have a free zord. I could see Escape letting the Go-Busters have Lioh, but not Enter.

Oh hey there Youko, look at you being all awesome this episode. You even learned how to do a Rider Kick!

In other news, terrible character writing is terrible.
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Re: Go-Busters 35 released

Post by Connie_Edogawa »

I like Tategami Lioh. it's a cool robot. That said, anyone else wondering why Lioh's control thing has the same voice as the Powered Custom morpher add-on? I know it's not something they'll mention in show. just irks me for some reason.
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Re: Go-Busters 35 released

Post by FangTrigger »

This episode was swing and miss at times. I think I would've liked it better if it were in anime form than live action. That, and give Lioh an actual voice (I could hear the dialogue between him and Nick and Hiromu as they fought.)

Yoko's part in this episode was to pretty much show that she's grown (somewhat) in terms of character development and strength, although, I do think that the 'energy-ball-cut-and-explosion' was really to get back at the daughter.

Can anyone just steal a Rider Kick these days? It seems that everyone has Kamen Rider Fever, even TMNT has it!

Okay, that move by Enter was boss, even if it was just a simple block. To make the earth rumble beneath your feet as you defend is something really worth mentioning.

So, the excessively talking gadgets continue with Lioh's control panel thing (bet it's gonna be a weapon like Stag and Beet's swords). This one didn't really bug me as much as it normally does though.

Did anyone else get that Hurrikenger feel when the panel said 'Tategami Lioh, Kenzan' and then it did that 'Ah, Sanjou!' motion they do? Maybe it was just me.

Next Mission:

The mecha combination looks more natural than Great Go-Buster Oh. This time, everything flows together as one single mecha, not the usual clustefuck we've been getting in these past few years.

Side Comment:

GaiGar vs Lioh: Who would win?
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