KR Agito 31 released

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KR Agito 31 released

Post by takenoko »


In which Mana joins a group of creepy loners.

Also, Shouichi is a master detective.
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Re: KR Agito 31 released

Post by Phoenix512 »

The hand comparison scene alone was a nice character moment but who knew that it helped Shouichi find Mana. After so many episodes, the Unknown finally kill Sagara which seemed weird since he had those regen powers. Suddenly Mana is a faith healer.
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Re: KR Agito 31 released

Post by Kamen_Rider_Shiki »

The post says episode 30, but it should be 31 right?
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Re: KR Agito 31 released

Post by CeronosLive »

....Wow, I feel bad that my post isn't about the episode...

..But when did the Two Best Friends mention Unknown? I know they talked about Kabuto's whole Iron Chief Arc. xD
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Re: KR Agito 31 released

Post by Catastrophe »

That loser had it coming. Giving Gills are rough time like that.
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Re: KR Agito 31 released

Post by DekaBreak »

With Wizard (mostly) out of the way now you're really on the ball with Agito and Faiz to clear up the backlog, huh? (At least until Gaimu arrives)
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