Transformers Go Samurai Chapter 05 released

Oh Japanoformers, you so ichiban
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Transformers Go Samurai Chapter 05 released

Post by takenoko » Sun Nov 09, 2014 4:44 pm

Wiki: ... Samurai_05

/me puts his face in his hands that half the dialogue is the same as the last episode.

Okay... I get that not everyone gets both of the TV type magazines (seriously, combine and become one thing. What's the difference between you two companies?) but some of the lines are literally exactly the same. That's seriously lazy. I try to enjoy this series, and then stuff like this bums me out.

The guest this time is Tsukahara Bokuden, a famous swordsman during the Sengoku Era. He was a kensei (sword saint) and the founder of the Kashima style of fencing.

Oh, guess Optimus X-Prime is a train and a dragon.

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