Shin Ultraman Retsuden - Tiga Special released!

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Shin Ultraman Retsuden - Tiga Special released!

Post by zeta_gundam »


Wait, an Ultraman release? I'm not dreaming right?

Yes, we have an Ultraman Tiga related release. This year is Tiga's 20th anniversary, so we decided to sub this Shin Ultraman Retsuden (New Ultraman Chronicles) episode on Ultraman Tiga. It's basically Daichi (the current Ultraman host), X (the current Ultraman) and Professor Gruman (the alien) discussing about Tiga and his past battles. It's essentially a montage of some of the more iconic battle scenes from various movies and the Tiga TV series.

Scenes include: Super 8 Ultraman Brothers; Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna: Warriors of the Star of Light; Ultraman Gaia: The Battle in Hyperspace; and the Ultraman x Tiga crossover episode from the TV series.

Oh, and enjoy the toy CMs too. More toys! And a movie trailer?! (Disclaimer: we don't know for sure if we'll sub the movie. All depends on whether we have interest/time.)
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Re: Ultraman Tiga Special released!

Post by Battra »

Hey it's Tiga's 20th anniversary so let's not actually show any clips of from his series except for his crossover with Ultraman. Tiga always seems to get the short end when talking about Heisei Ultra, Dyna Cosmos, & Max seem to get more attention.
Enough complaining I actually like Tiga it's the first Ultra series I saw after Seven. I remember recording off of Fox's programming at the time which I believe was called Fox Box, it had that horrendous dub but I enjoyed it. I'm just glad glad Funimation eventually released the entire series subbed even if it was chore to track down each individual volume.
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Re: Ultraman Tiga Special released!

Post by Verfor99 »

Ahh, it's the teaser special for the X movie, so they blended it with Tiga's 20th? Nice.
I do hope you will be able to sub the movie when it is released on DVD, it has been very refreshing to see Tsuburuya refuse to back down against the staunch marketing competition provided by Sentai and Rider, and the series has been a great watch both in the standalone episodes and Guest Hero episodes.
I enjoyed X's kaiju armor gimmick and even Exceed grew on me. I hope Orb, which just started, (and coincidentally celebrates two milestone anniversaries with a form that fuses the aspects and abilities of Ultraman and Tiga) will be able to continue this strong momentum for the franchise.
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Re: Ultraman Tiga Special released!

Post by tr0jance »

Why not sub Ultraman X? It's still a mystery to me, not a request, more of a question.
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Re: Ultraman Tiga Special released!

Post by Phoenix512 »

It's licensed by Crunchyroll. Before you ask, Orb is also licensed by Crunchyroll as well.
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