Kyouryuu/Dino Force Brave 11 Released

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Kyouryuu/Dino Force Brave 11 Released

Post by Lunagel »

Predictable plot line was predictable.

Juyong's abs were unpredicted. Hello there~ I know you're just on display for the fangirls and I'm okay with that~~~~

Say what you will about this series, Chiba Shigeru's scream-narrating is hella fun.
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Re: Kyouryuu/Dino Force Brave 11 Released

Post by takenoko »

Time for Kirk to rip open his shirt again.

Did everyone have to have plot stupidity in this episode? The support Kyouryuugers tell Juyong to keep his cool, yet he rushes in and gets captured. Then the other four rush in untransformed???

Then Gold says he'll fly up to the spaceship alone, and the other four let him? Why?



It's not like they made up a reason like there's monsters that are distracting the other four. They're just sitting in their base deliberating.
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Re: Kyouryuu/Dino Force Brave 11 Released

Post by ViRGE »

Another entertaining episode. It has the depth of a kiddie pool, but at this point we know what we're getting.

I liked the NeoDeboss plan to capture Red by capturing Gold. Big Bads always get their hands dirty eventually, but usually it's for some grandiose all-out attack, or when the heroes come to them. Coming down instead to do the abduction is a neat change to that pattern.

Meanwhile I was happy to see another untransformed fight between the Kyouyuugers and NeoDeboss. However I'm a bit disappointed that it was so short; a couple of shots, and that's it. And since the plot transitions to Red + Gold after that, I suppose it was the best way to go out. But I could have done with a bit more ass kicking by the actors.

Otherwise, it's a bummer that the plot becomes so fixated on the Dino Brothers after that point. I get why it's done for plot and pacing reasons. But letting Gold go by himself is very un-Sentai like.
Lunagel wrote:Say what you will about this series, Chiba Shigeru's scream-narrating is hella fun.
It's half the reason I watch it. It's so ridiculous, and yet it's so endearing as well. It perfectly represents the high-energy nature of Kyouryuuger. (even the announcer is excited!)
takenoko wrote:Then Gold says he'll fly up to the spaceship alone, and the other four let him? Why?
Because the next episode needs to focus on the DIno Brothers, and it's only about 10 minutes long. So they need to get the other four out of the way now to maximize the amount of time available. This series is ultimately the length of 6 Sentai episodes, so there isn't enough time to fully flesh out everyone and move a series-long plot at the same time. :|
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Re: Kyouryuu/Dino Force Brave 11 Released

Post by Kurokage X »

let Raiden take care of getting Daigo 2.0 while the others just sit there but why, dude can always use some backup in case he dies but nope we'll sit here because we're too lazy & Daigo2.0was told don't go to your brother but proceeds to go anyway

but hey they took down Endolf 2.0 fire red edition
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