Ultraman R/B 12 released

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Ultraman R/B 12 released

Post by takenoko »

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Nice family drama, but why isn't Asahi in the photo? Weird.

Wonder what that mystery girl wants. She's obviously an alien, but still.

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Re: Ultraman R/B 12 released

Post by VerusMaya II »

Aizen getting stabbed straight through by Horoboros was legit. More or less consistent with the pseudo-canon that Ultras bleed light.

Secret identities being revealed are my addiction. I love the drama it brings. This was pretty innocent, since it was just Asahi who found out. I sorta wish they had taken a moment to consider "what is an Ultraman, really?" when it was revealed to an outside party that humans are Ultras, but I guess they had a kaiju to destroy. Hopefully in a later episode.

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