Ultraman R/B 14 released

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Ultraman R/B 14 released

Post by takenoko »

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Best scene was Asahi meeting Saki and the scene being weird and funny and acute.

Worst was the brothers fighting dumbly again over nothing.

Pretty funny to see the dad agonize over his bad phrasing last episode.
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Re: Ultraman R/B 14 released

Post by VerusMaya II »

Aizen re-enacting an Orb fight was hilarious. He does a really good impression of Gai's voice LOL

The brothers fighting over how to use the Crystals was fine, though it felt like it could have been kept at a disagreement instead of escalating into a shouting match. Katsumi is the level-headed one, while Isami is excited to science things. It just feels silly in retrospect because they end up doing exactly as Isami wanted anyway.

What kind of shitty infosec does AizenTech have that a fake nurse can waltz in and then announce they're the admin of the president's personal AI/drone?
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