Ultraman R/B 16 released

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Ultraman R/B 16 released

Post by takenoko »

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Like the dynamic between Saki and Asahi. Was thinking that the sibling trio are really red/blue/yellow, but Saki also wears yellow. Hmmm...

Also, Saki taking down Aizen in such a stylish way owned. What a great character.
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Re: Ultraman R/B 16 released

Post by VerusMaya II »

Fuckin RIP Aizen. I hope he comes back some way, he was too damn good to be deleted via air filtration. Saki so far just isn't doing it for me; her argument with Asahi was the most interesting she's been so far.

This story of accepting family regardless of lack of shared blood or memories really resonates with me. Found family has always had more weight than biological, in my opinion.

Love Asahi shouting "Big brothers!" and the camera panning up and out to the Ultramen standing up. The biggest of brothers.
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Re: Ultraman R/B 16 released

Post by Masked Rider »

And thank you very much for adding the Softbank Giga Theft commercial with Aya Ueto!
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