Ultraman R/B 23 released

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Ultraman R/B 23 released

Post by takenoko »

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I wonder how many takes it took to film Mitsurugi being fed the Taiyaki. I bet a lot!

So, she mentions three flavors of taiyaki, red bean, matcha, and strawberry. But there's four types. What's the fourth flavor?
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Re: Ultraman R/B 23 released

Post by VerusMaya II »

According to episode 14, the four flavors are red bean, custard, matcha, and limited edition strawberry :P

Feel bad for Mitsurugi in this episode. Some part of her wants to believe Katsumi and Isami, and wants them to save her. But as evidenced, they're not quite up to the task... so she walks to her death. I liked her meeting with Asahi at the place they met, and how Asahi already knew what she was trying to say. Oof. Katsumi and Isami cornering her in the underpass while she's crying felt almost cruel, after that. Let the girl be weak for a moment!

The degree to which Grigio Regina outclassed Blu, Rosso, and R/B felt almost comical. Doesn't inspire much confidence for how they're going to square up to Leugocyte!
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