Ryusoulger 01 released

Another dinosaur Sentai???
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Ryusoulger 01 released

Post by takenoko »

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SSSB Final Episode rating: 4.38 / 5 (13 votes)

Alt Title: Pass on the power before you're killed to shit, old timers

I'm not usually a fan of episode ones and this isn't really any exception. Stuff is rushed, we don't get to really know anyone, and stuff is just constantly thrown in your face without rhyme or reason.

Like these guys are human right? Why's that guy got anime blue hair?

Sad the sempai Ryusoulgers got killed before we even got to know them.

I didn't like that Kishiryuu-Oh came out fully gattaied or that the roll call came at the end. Just because you're defying convention doesn't make it better. And doing things out of order didn't make things seem cooler here. Also, it sucks that red defeats the bad guy in the mecha by himself without even picking up red or blue.

There's potential here.
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Re: Ryusoulger 01 released

Post by Lunagel »

Aww man, I was really looking forward to the further adventures of Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and the one karaoke dude who had a crush on Jupiter.

(Srsly though, what crazy casting)

Pretty much a set-up episode so I don't have particularly strong feelings about it. Not bad, but not especially memorable either. Ending theme is pretty catchy though.

If Ui (what a stupid name) keeps making really bad puns I may shoot myself. I already did a dinosaur Sentai with a character that made horrible jokes!
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Re: Ryusoulger 01 released

Post by takenoko »

I think the casting was awesome, I'm just sad that they don't get more to do. I'm sure they'll be back in one form or another though.

Anyway here's the chat log from the spoiler viewing:
long chat log
[18:03] <&DaVinci030> 0
[18:03] <&takenoko> ··:: MPClassic ¤ ____________ ¤ 0.1% ¤ 00:02/23:55 ¤ Ryusoul01NoTypeset ¤ 354.01MB ¤ 1280x720 ¤ 23.976 fps ¤ ~252.62KB/s ¤ XviD MPEG-4 codec ::··
[18:04] <&takenoko> oh it's a hand off
[18:04] <&takenoko> will we have sempai?
[18:04] <+Slyder5597> Koh, not Kou?
[18:04] <&takenoko> guess it's the official spelling?
[18:05] <|discord|> <DaVinci030> I guess.
[18:05] <&takenoko> ???
[18:05] <|discord|> <DaVinci030> What the hack is that intro??? Ui?
[18:05] <|discord|> <Macaroni> Shoot her now
[18:05] <+Slyder5597> Watched the raw yesterday and totally thought that was the start of the OP and was really confused
[18:05] <@Slowking> dinos vs dinos?
[18:06] <+Slyder5597> Lukyurio V2
[18:06] <&takenoko> lol those colors
[18:06] <@Slowking> oh look, luckyuro!
[18:06] <&takenoko> oh there's two of them
[18:06] <&takenoko> which one is which?
[18:06] <&takenoko> this is a nice effect
[18:06] <@Slowking> super catchy intro
[18:06] <+Slyder5597> Yeah, gonna preorder that CD that comes out in 3 days after this is over
[18:06] <&takenoko> good use of colors
[18:07] <@Slowking> i like the gem rock effect in ryusoulger
[18:07] <&takenoko> I thought it looked like a 7
[18:08] <&takenoko> seriously is there a way to tell the difference between the older red and younger ?
[18:08] <+Slyder5597> Is Tsuyo japanese?
[18:08] <@Slowking> armed on v2?!
[18:08] <&takenoko> tsuyo = strong
[18:08] <+Slyder5597> and yeah, Younger has the sword that you could buy in a JP toy store
[18:08] <@Slowking> if there are two teams, i will need to get two times the eventual ranger keys when they get released...
[18:09] <+Slyder5597> That triangle explosion is cool
[18:09] <&takenoko> wait, do they both have legendary swords?
[18:09] <+Slyder5597> no
[18:09] <+Slyder5597> The legendary sword is weird in terms of toys
[18:10] <@Slowking> those ruins are cool
[18:10] <@Slowking> they remind me of the place gekiblue and gekiyellow fought rio and mele
[18:10] <+Slyder5597> usually the changer is going to have the gimmick reader in it, but this year the sword has a reader and the changer has some basic form of reader that can only differentiate between the change ryuusouls
[18:11] <+Slyder5597> "Look at all these toys you can look forwards to buying in the future
[18:11] <|discord|> <Macaroni> I really hope this show isn't going to be so transparently Gingaman all year
[18:12] <+Slyder5597> you mean holy swords and all that?
[18:12] <&takenoko> hahhaha
[18:12] <@Slowking> heh, there are plenty of gingaman vibes indeed
[18:12] <|discord|> <Macaroni> The swords, someone from the outside stumbling onto the village, an elder and tribe of people, Red having an older user of his suit, etc.
[18:12] <+Slyder5597> Where did the banana come from?
[18:13] <+Slyder5597> I'm trying to remember who these three are
[18:13] <+Slyder5597> actor wise
[18:13] <&takenoko> are these actors anyone we should know?
[18:13] <+Slyder5597> yes\
[18:13] <|discord|> <Macaroni> One is Ibuki's actor, Master Pink is Miyu Sawai, and I forget the last one
[18:13] <&takenoko> start off with a giant monster?
[18:13] <|discord|> <DaVinci030> Fling Godzilla?
[18:14] <+Slyder5597> I love that thing. It looks like a godzilla kaiju or an ultraman kaiju
[18:14] <|discord|> <DaVinci030> ***F++king godzilla
[18:14] <&takenoko> oh wow, so sailor moon and turtle boy are both in this ?
[18:14] <|discord|> <Macaroni> yea
[18:14] <@Slowking> moon prism power...
[18:14] <@Slowking> wait wrong show
[18:15] <@Slowking> that chainball attack looked a bit overpowered
[18:15] <&takenoko> depowered so fast
[18:15] <@Slowking> haha
[18:15] <&takenoko> why does that guy have blue hair
[18:15] <&takenoko> is he an alien?
[18:15] <+Slyder5597> you guys see the news about Power Rangers Dino Soul?
[18:15] <|discord|> <DaVinci030> Nope.
[18:15] <&takenoko> I like the bad guy's sword
[18:16] <@Slowking> his chest looks like it can unscrew
[18:16] <+Slyder5597> Korea is skipping dubbing LuPat and going straight to Ryuusoul
[18:16] <&takenoko> I like the colors used for this enemy
[18:17] <|discord|> <DaVinci030> Sacrifice I guess.
[18:17] <&takenoko> well that was fast
[18:17] <+Slyder5597> Master Red played Ichigou in The First, and Blue was Ibuki
[18:17] <|discord|> <Macaroni> Ah, ok
[18:17] <&takenoko> you know that ibuki was also tuxedo mask from the sailor moon show right?
[18:17] <|discord|> <DaVinci030> ohhh another one.
[18:17] <+Slyder5597> and the Elder was Ultraman Jack
[18:17] <+Slyder5597> nope
[18:17] <@Slowking> why didn't they transform?!
[18:17] <&takenoko> okay, well, that's how those three are connected I guess
[18:17] <+Slyder5597> Because the new guys need a motivation
[18:17] <&takenoko> rip old people
[18:18] <+Slyder5597> So much for a secondary team
[18:18] <|discord|> <DaVinci030> ^^^^
[18:18] <|discord|> <DaVinci030> We knew them well.
[18:18] <&takenoko> that would have been too many rangers
[18:18] <@Slowking> and a pain to typeset i guess
[18:19] <+Slyder5597> especially since we already have 5 main guys and a more or less confirmed 6th
[18:19] <@Slowking> man i really love that cave area toei films in
[18:19] <&takenoko> well that was lucky
[18:19] <+Slyder5597> more or less confirmed because when was the last time toei didn't give us a new ranger in the middle of a series
[18:19] <|discord|> <DaVinci030> Oh okay.
[18:19] <|discord|> <DaVinci030> Master's soul becomes one?
[18:20] <&takenoko> saying there'll be a 6th ranger is not news
[18:20] <@Slowking> nice battle theme
[18:20] <+Slyder5597> For sure
[18:20] <&takenoko> cool fight
[18:21] <+Slyder5597> I really like this mecha cockpit
[18:21] <+Slyder5597> So much for the temple that gives them their powers
[18:21] <&takenoko> the scabbard being a dino tail is interesting
[18:21] <@Slowking> that voice reminds me of daizyujin's voice
[18:21] <&takenoko> what he comes out combined?
[18:21] <&takenoko> boo
[18:21] <+Slyder5597> Yeah, gotta sell them toys take
[18:22] <&takenoko> I want to see a frigging combination first
[18:22] <&takenoko> look at speedy here
[18:22] <@Slowking> rip old times when it took 8+ eps to achieve the gattai
[18:22] <+Slyder5597> You can definitely tell they got a new mecha suit actor for this year
[18:22] <|discord|> <Macaroni> nods at Slowking
[18:23] <@Slowking> also 180o change in how they shoot mecha scenes
[18:23] <&takenoko> oh so that's the gimmick this year
[18:23] <+Slyder5597> yeah
[18:23] <@Slowking> much less cgi compared to lupin vs pat
[18:23] <+Slyder5597> bandai heard you like legos
[18:23] <&takenoko> I do like legos
[18:23] <@Slowking> ok that move was cool
[18:23] <&takenoko> dumb that red did that by himself wihtout his teammates
[18:23] <+Slyder5597> I love how only the t-rex is a suit and the other 2 are CGI
[18:25] <|discord|> <DaVinci030> You sure that old man was ultraman jack?
[18:25] <@Slowking> so the others are ones who left the village years ago?
[18:25] <@Slowking> interesting
[18:25] <&takenoko> weird transformation
[18:25] <+Slyder5597> I like how the ep ends with the roll call
[18:25] <&takenoko> I don't, blue and pink didn't really do anything :(
[18:26] <@Slowking> i hope pink doesn't turn into another washipink
[18:26] <&takenoko> that dance move seems so awkward
[18:26] <+Slyder5597> you only have 5 to balance this time, so I would hope not
[18:27] <&takenoko> what do you think of the girl as the fish out of water character?
[18:27] <+Slyder5597> ehhh
[18:27] <@Slowking> tyramigo or tiramisu~
[18:27] <+Slyder5597> I don't like those characters in general
[18:27] <+Slyder5597> so...
[18:27] <&takenoko> hmmm, feels kind of rushed
[18:27] <@Slowking> i hope she develops as a character
[18:28] <@Slowking> integrates into the story
[18:28] <+Slyder5597> I hope they all do
[18:28] <&takenoko> probably will be better the next few episodes once we can see what the individual characters are like
[18:28] <+Slyder5597> this felt like a very "Start the story and sell the toys" episode
[18:28] <&takenoko> yeah
[18:28] <@Slowking> the way they had the first rollcall right at the end was certainly novel
[18:28] <+Slyder5597> with no chance for characters to really shine through
[18:28] <@Slowking> never done before
[18:28] <&takenoko> I guess shaking things up by starting with the combined form and doing the roll call last is different
[18:28] <+Slyder5597> And the first proper transformation sequence
[18:28] <&takenoko> but I don't know if it's better
[18:29] <|discord|> <Macaroni> I like the idea of the show but I hope it gets its own identity soon, I'll say that much.
[18:29] <+Slyder5597> true
[18:29] <&takenoko> when was gingaman? it's probably older the slyder
[18:29] <&takenoko> if they rip off some elements no kid is going to know
[18:29] <+Slyder5597> I'm sure we aren't going to see Three Knights again until at least ep 3
[18:29] <@Slowking> they definitely have a strong theme from which we can expect a lot
[18:29] <|discord|> <Macaroni> It was 1998
[18:29] <@Slowking> gingaman was 1998
[18:29] <+Slyder5597> so a little younger than me
[18:29] <+Slyder5597> but I would have been 1
[18:30] <&DaVinci030> I don't see Green and Black even though it's in the OP and ED.
[18:30] <&DaVinci030> Disappointing.
[18:30] <&DaVinci030> ***they're
[18:30] <+Slyder5597> the had about 30 seconds of screen time in the ep
[18:30] <&takenoko> they were in saikyou battle so it's fine
[18:30] <+Slyder5597> when the elder said to go find them
[18:30] <+Slyder5597> I should download Saikyou battle before I go on vacation next week
[18:30] <@Slowking> the villains definitely look intriguing
[18:30] <&takenoko> vacation from what?
[18:31] <@Slowking> the blue guy said he was the strongest
[18:31] <+Slyder5597> going to visit people
[18:31] <@Slowking> i'd be surprised if he was the main bad guy though
[18:31] <+Slyder5597> he felt more like a general
[18:31] <&takenoko> I kidn of wish they ddin't kill off the old generation off so quickly, since we didn't really know them their deaths really didn't feel impactful
[18:31] <+Slyder5597> I have a feeling we'll get flashbacks with them
[18:32] <@Slowking> i have a feeling luna won't be impressed if they are brought back
[18:32] <@Slowking> as in revived
[18:32] <+Slyder5597> yeah
[18:32] <+Slyder5597> I don't want them revived
[18:32] <&takenoko> they're probably getting revived
[18:33] <+Slyder5597> or if they get revived, do it for the final battle and then say "we can't stay"
[18:33] <+Slyder5597> also, bought the OP CD
[18:33] <&DaVinci030> wait...
[18:33] <&DaVinci030> does it includes the saikyou battle op?
[18:33] <+Slyder5597> yes
[18:34] <+Slyder5597> you want a link?
[18:34] <&DaVinci030> yup.
[18:34] <&DaVinci030> i mean i want these three tracks ripped.
[18:34] <+Slyder5597> https://columbia.jp/ryusoul/ track list is on this page
[18:34] <+Slyder5597> and I'll be ripping the disk when it arrives
[18:34] <&DaVinci030> nice.
[18:35] <+Slyder5597> well, once I get home after it arrives
[18:36] <+Slyder5597> huh. the 3 knights set isn't as expensive as I thought it would be]
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Re: Ryusoulger 01 released

Post by TypicalStandUser »

Wae, TOEI, wae, wae?! Wae u tearin me apart with Mentor Occupational Hazards?!

Excellent starter for the most part. It's good to hear Joji Nakata and Ryoko Shiraishi again.

Yep. Based on the lego connectors on the mecha, this is a large-scale effort to boost toy sales.

Oh hey, it's Classic Jack! Wondering how he feels about Manga!Jack in the upcoming Netflix!Ultraman.

I'm hearing medieval music. It's nice.
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Re: Ryusoulger 01 released

Post by Aeikozz »

i reaaaaaly hope they continue to kill of rangers through this. it's the only way i'll like it.
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Re: Ryusoulger 01 released

Post by lostinbrave »

Random stream of consciousness follows:

Am I the only one who thinks that Tankjou looks like gunmajin from ohranger?

Other than the suits and the mechs they are doing pretty good at differentiating it from Kyoryuger.

Never thought I would hear bag pipes in a sentai.

Wow a lot of people jumped on this right away. I just happened to get on the tracker right as the torrents were added and was one of the first to finish downloading and i hit upwards of 30 MB/s and stayed there for almost an hour.
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Re: Ryusoulger 01 released

Post by Lunagel »

lostinbrave wrote: Fri Mar 22, 2019 12:03 am
Wow a lot of people jumped on this right away. I just happened to get on the tracker right as the torrents were added and was one of the first to finish downloading and i hit upwards of 30 MB/s and stayed there for almost an hour.
Recently purchased a seedbox to assist with releasing, looks like it's working well!
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Re: Ryusoulger 01 released

Post by Snarkwing »

I can’t help but feel that Ui is going to be a disaster due to how much of a scumbag she came off as in the first episode. Especially for what she was doing in the cold open which is a whole kettle of worms.
For those who aren’t aware, Aokigahara has a long history with the supernatural and Mysterious Phenomena, becoming a Filming location for movies and television because of it…but it is also now more infamously known primarily for being Japan’s “Suicide Forest” for those who travel there simply to kill themselves away from civilization.
The forest is regularly searched for the remains of the dead as a result.
In December 2017, Youtuber Logan Paul—in the manner Ui is doing in the cold open of the episode—Went into the forest, screwed around in there, found a corpse and then proceeded to mock the remains. This resulted in Backlash that is STILL ongoing and was called out as offensive. As most visitors to the forest knew better than to act like that. S.O.P. for it? You find a dead body, you report it, you leave the remains alone. Japanese citizens were rightfully pissed, the blip of social media outrage we saw in January of 2018 in the west over it was pale in comparison.

But…this gets worse. Ever since, The forest has been swarmed by Copycats repeating these offensive acts in the same manner as the Youtuber idiot—and again, what Ui is similarly doing here in the episode—AS they’ve not only been causing damage to the ecosystem with their antics, but desecrating the remains they’ve been finding.
The Episode cut Ui off RIGHT before they would’ve gotten into that kind of antic.
While one might (reasonably) declare “Oh, well this is clearly a parody”…Well, it’s far from the first to Parody it in the last year. And the problem that’s come from that is…a lot of the Copycats aren’t foreigners. They’re Japanese citizens who believe it has been “Made Okay” to do that because of the parody that excludes the context of “This is not Okay”.
As Ryusoulger just showcased. While seemingly playing it all for laughs.
As far as I’m aware, the series Gegege no Kitaro (also a Toei show) was one of the few to avoid backlash while talking about it, as in their social commentary episode on this incident they focused solely on the offensive conduct of Paul and those of his Ilk, and skirted the forest entirely…outside of horrifically transforming the Paul-expy and his copycats into the same type of tree that is common to Aokigahara.
Because Subtlety which emphasizes the point gets understanding of it across far better than a gag character fools are likely to then emulate when they shouldn’t.
But parody's of the incident are more becoming a…sensitive matter, due to the mindset it’s helping to breed which is resulting in regular mockery of the dead. That’s not respectful to the serious Issue that is Suicide in Japan, nor the cultural history of Aokigahara, and can set the wrong people off.

Not helped at all with how Several sentai series have come off as directly insulting and mocking towards those suffering from depression and the suicidal in the last few years (and even encouraging it in one or two of them), which makes this all seem as par for the status quo in what’s wrong with modern series that’s been part of its decline.

So Depending on how others may view it and how on the map The episode was—since most of those watching it in the west are a few steps removed on that so I wouldn’t expect many of us to find it Offensive—Toei Likely set off a Cultural Landmine in the first episode of a show that needs to do well in order to potentially rescue the show from cancellation, when first episodes are the natural jump-on point for most viewers so losing them immediately can prove dangerous to series longevity. Considering Gegege no Kitaro—which is aimed at the same age demographic—handled this far better without bringing up these kinds of concerns, Toei should have known better.
They likely would have avoided the possibility of negative backlash over such a small part of the episode had they not Explicitly labeled where Ui was shooting “Aokigahara”. Label it any other park or forest, and you sidestep the currently-ongoing issue of that specific one’s desecration, so they just have the scummy clickbaiter gag character to deal with and draw viewers irritation at.

I know Lunagel and others weren’t much enthused for Nobuharu’s Dad/old man Jokes/puns, but at the very least his Conduct never felt insulting.

‘Least the worst character in the show for once doesn’t seem to be the show’s Red sentai or 6th ranger for the first time in a few years. Though it’s only the first episode down, that could change.

I’m sorry though; while a lot of this was just alright at best (agree with takenoko, Don’t defy conventions unless there’s a point to it, tradition is done certain ways for a reason; and it might show as a sign that one doesn’t know what the actual problems in predecessors were), as someone who has had friends and family who’ve actually committed suicide and followed a number of web-video who’ve dealt with overcoming the same issues and are more than respectful to these matters, thus have had Very strong negative reactions to the Paul incident and little tolerance towards the very idea that jackasses think this is Good to mimic and parody…that overshadowed too much of the episode to get any enjoyment out of it. Sometimes all it does take to ruin a show for someone is the wrong character doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.
I know I’m not alone on that—discussion of this matter’s already caused others to drop it before you guys got the sub of it done—and I know not everyone WILL react like that, but for me personally the show is starting on a low it absolutely did not need. I’ll try to give it a few episodes and treat this as an isolated incident, but my enthusiasm towards it has taken a rather severe hit. And will likely drop to zero if Ui stays a regular.

Giant monster/Robot fight was good though. Thank you highly mobile mecha design, we have missed ye. Almost felt like an ultra series brawl instead of a sentai one, as the monster felt more Tsuburaya or Toho than Toei.

Sorry for the longpost.
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Re: Ryusoulger 01 released

Post by Mandalori »

Too bad it was about Dinosaurs again and not actual Dragon Knights. For now, I'm interested to see how this will goes.

For the Ui thing, I think it's just that she's supposed to be a traveler blogger, since she mentioned Egypt and Amazon, but don't have the money or the drive to actually travel that far, so she's going to place closer while pretending it's really far. I personally didn't know about the incident, but I don't think they took it into consideration, like you said, it's also a filming location, so they probably thought it would make sense for it to be close to an ancient hidden temple.
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Re: Ryusoulger 01 released

Post by Lunagel »

Yeah, Aokigahara is a national forest, so people go there to sightsee, etc. It does have a bad reputation for suicide but I think you're overthinking it. The YouTube incident was bad specifically because the moron was being an ass. This wasn't anything more than Ui pretending to be in the Amazon. I highly doubtful that there will be any backlash from Japanese viewers.
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Re: Ryusoulger 01 released

Post by gh0stwrit3r »

Love the mini PGSM reunion! Sad they had to go so early.

Got that Liveman vibes.
Incidentally it's Liveman's 30th anniversary! Friends, why!?
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Re: Ryusoulger 01 released

Post by Catastrophe »

Another rushed first episode. Pink and Blue don't get to do much. The robot comes out already combined. The roll call to no one at the end. All kind of lame.

I did enjoy that they had the stones to kill the mentors. Chances are they come back down the line but at least you have some early stage motivation.

My main complaint is how jarring the full length transformation. It's pretty much Kyoryuger 2.0 with the dancing soul pieces and I don't feel it works here. The stock background is that of a castle to try and fit the knight theme, but the rest of the effects don't really gel with that. The use of the souls in the swords is a bit long as well. They put it in and crank a bunch and then keep cranking it to get an armed on rip off?
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Re: Ryusoulger 01 released

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Question, why que bon and not que bom? The ン can represent either a terminal m or n right?

And que bom does mean something in Portuguese (perhaps Toei wants Gratuitous Portuguese/Spanish, or a callback to Kyouryuuger) while que bon doesn't make sense in French, I think. Just my two cents.
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Re: Ryusoulger 01 released

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I know Lupinranger Vs Patranger's first episode (or rather it's first two episodes) were an exception rather than the norm, but I was feeling such whiplash to how fast everything went in this episode, and I don't mean that in a good way.

I'm aware that toy sales for the franchise are at a low point, and anyone who isn't would become aware too because it's so, sooooo obvious that this first episode was mandated to include literally everything it could possibly need to get across all the show has to offer. The full opening and ending sequences, the fully-formed mecha, the role-call despite it not having an actual proper place. The mecha is especially egregious since the red robot has a standalone mecha-mode like Go-Buster Ace, but that's not 'enough' to make a good first impression, apparently.

Compare all that to again, LVSP. Regardless of how the rest of that show progressed, it's first two episodes were such a fresh, controlled change of pace compared to the usual overstuffed Sentai pilots. I guess we really are back to form, for better or for worse.

All that being said, I did find myself liking a bunch about it. The action was appropriately flashy for a first episode, I am intrigued by the premise of the secret tribe and it's guardians. Most of all, that mecha is really good in motion. Last year's debut of Lupin Kaiser was super heavy on CGI which I knew wouldn't be the norm, but if this year's mecha's most impressive capabilities are all practical effects, then maybe this can be a good standard to expect for the rest of the show's run?

Anyhow, it'll be up to the next few episodes to show what we can actually expect from this show on a week-to-week basis, but this pilot was just decent and was as standard a first-episode as it usually gets in modern Sentai. Looking forward to what comes next, though.
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Re: Ryusoulger 01 released

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Lunagel wrote: Sun Mar 17, 2019 5:08 pm Aww man, I was really looking forward to the further adventures of Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and the one karaoke dude who had a crush on Jupiter.

(Srsly though, what crazy casting)
Erm, wasn't the karaoke dude the tokusatsu version of Motoki Furuhata, who runs the Crown Arcade in other versions of the story, and whom Usagi had a crush on? ^^;;;

Incidentally, I recall a scene in the '90s anime where Usagi daydreams having both Motoki and Tuxedo Mask holding onto her arms.
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