Garo -Versus Road- 06.5 released

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Garo -Versus Road- 06.5 released

Post by takenoko »

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Last week's rating: 4.13 / 5 (15 votes)

Alt Title: Behind the scenes

This was a pain in the butt to work on, but some of the behind the scene stories were pretty fun. Also, always fun to see actors just being themselves. Also, always props to the stunt actors in these shows who never get as much credit as they deserve.

Makes me wonder if they had planned to do this the whole time or if this is a new corona backup plan. Or maybe some combination?
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Re: Garo -Versus Road- 06.5 released

Post by Xirix »

Yanno, I actually didn't mind this. Usually I hate clip shows, but having a bit of the actors talking about stuff, it's a nice change of pace. And I always like behind the scenes Garo stuff. ^^ It amused me how many of the fight scenes were just "He's going to attack you, Dodge." XD (Also from a timing point of view I am super fucking glad they didn't talk over each other a lot)
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Re: Garo -Versus Road- 06.5 released

Post by TypicalStandUser »

It occurred to me that the actor who played Jun AKA Kuon's very first kill in game, was a guest actor in Ultraman Taiga's 18th episode.

I'm cool with this episode. At least, the actors are cool.
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Re: Garo -Versus Road- 06.5 released

Post by Lunagel »

There's a reason I hate working on stuff like this, and it's because it's shitty camera microphone audio mixed with natural native speed and no subtitles. It is a bitch to make out and of TV-N's translators, I'm the one with the most experience with this sort of thing, which means I have to spend 2 hours on qc trying to make everything out.

I guess it goes to show that just letting your martial artist free rein to do whatever they want really gives you excellent action.
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Re: Garo -Versus Road- 06.5 released

Post by Catastrophe »

Mad props Luna. I'd give you an MVP award if I had one.
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Re: Garo -Versus Road- 06.5 released

Post by Vim Crony »

Thank you for subbing this! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! It was great to hear all of their perspectives and it seemed super genuine and not just like something shoehorned into the series. I totallyyyyy wish there was more actual behind the scenes footage! I love seeing the actually gear and technology that goes into making these shows. There was one moment where we could see the crew, but that was it. If there's more bts, please upload it!

Again, Toman's scene with the reporters is legendary. It's so convincing and raw.
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Re: Garo -Versus Road- 06.5 released

Post by Mandalori »

It's even better when you know that what he say about the reporters (racing to be the first on it rather than doing a proper investigation, whether it's of their own will or their hierarchy) is a common complain against them.
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