KR Saber 08 released

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KR Saber 08 released

Post by takenoko »

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Last Week's rating: 4.07 /5 stars (14 votes)

Fan Sub-title: Form a Sentai!

Despite the rough setup at the beginning, I thought this was a decent episode. I do like Saber rallying the other swordsmen together to handle the crisis, but have to admit that I was annoyed by the annoying setup at the beginning. And some of the dumb things in this episode were more funny than annoying. It's just tough because Saber still has no clear wins in terms of episodes, nothing that I could show someone to go "Don't quit yet, see there's some good stuff here"

It feels like Toei just declared "This is a low effort year" and everyone is rising to that benchmark. "Don't polish the story or anything, just shit it and get it out". Anyway, no Saber or Kiramager next week, looks like they're airing college relay races instead (Even during Covid times?!)

Anyway my notes while watching:

-Kento, did you literally eat shit?

-Man, Touma aren't you overreacting. Okay, kid, guess you're the new Buster. Why doesn't someone tell him that the people get depetrified when the monster is defeated? Even the kid isn't as being dramatic as Touma is

-Wait, why is green guy and Kento the best combi? Just because green guy likes Kento?

-So... why the fuck does Touma care about drawing out King of Arthur's true power? He went to Avalon to get his sword fixed, but now I guess he cares about getting more power?

M-ental note, make a gif of that stupid scene of Medusa rising using her hair

-Are we going to have a giant robo mecha (That's used like once or two) every Rider year?

-Hahahahahaha... Saber became a saber...
spoilery theory
-Oooh, so the twist is going to be that Calibur is the previous Saber, not Kaidou...
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Re: KR Saber 08 released

Post by Lunagel »

Okay, never, ever give me a close up of Tassel's crotch or face ever again.

Who the fuck is the Avalon guy? Do we know him? Are ever going to see him again? Do we care?

Why is Touma all emo all of a sudden? Why is he worried that King of Arthur won't accept him? Did I miss an episode?

Christ kid, why don't you just go out and say that Dad was going to retire in 3 days? Raise some more death flags, why don't you.

Hi 5 second Gaim cameo, you were utterly wasted.
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Re: KR Saber 08 released

Post by Dragg »

What's with Tassel's grim look at the end? His expression seems to be in contrast with what he said.

Just bad acting or is he going to be the main villain? lol
It would be better if he had an actual role in the show too instead of just being a waste of time at the beginning and end of every episode.
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Re: KR Saber 08 released

Post by Catastrophe »

What the fuck was up with this episode? It was all over the place.

So the drive of the episode is that Saber is in doubt about using his new book, except it wasn't hinted at all that he had an issue with it last episode so it feels like it came out of nowhere.

Then, in the big melee it goes to shit quickly. First, why does Buster drop his transformation for seemingly no reason? Second, he's doing alright holding Medusa without looking at her eyes and his big plan for a distraction is to look at them? As an aside, I noticed for the first time that Busters prop sword is literally cardboard and it is really obvious how thin it is this episode.

Then, Saber is in the dumps until he formulates his plan, which has to be written as a novel for some reason? And Medusa can grow for some reason? And now there is a meteor for some reason?

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Re: KR Saber 08 released

Post by Galada »

So... This episode was about Touma learning how to count on his friends to defeat the enemy but in the end he did an asspull and defeated the enemy by himself anyway?

Damn, I'm so done with this series already. This is the first time I'm thinking in skipping a Kamen Rider series since I've started to watch them. Not even Ghost made me consider this. I'll try to keep watching out of pure routine, but if Saber ever gets better I'm gonna be really surprised.
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Re: KR Saber 08 released

Post by BreadToku »

This episode's got a pretty straightforward flow to it. Touma tries to do everything on his own, and in the end learns to work together with his allies. I mean, I don't think any aspect of it was conveyed as well as it could have been, but I thought it was still a decent little outing. I immediately feel like comparing it episode 9 of Zero-One last year, where our hero has a direct confrontation with a Rider villain, and after finding his resolve, uses the annual big CGI power-up. In terms of epic highs, Zero-One's wins out for me by far, but I'd say Saber beats it out with having a more interesting plot beat to it and also for involving a bunch of it's characters.

Oh yeah, so King of Arthur is our 'big' toy of the year ever since the RevolGary. Honestly this is probably my favourite of them all so far? (Tridoron is objectively the best implemented but I don't really count it.) A big knight that wields the user as a weapon is pretty quirky and fun. Doubt we'll ever see it again after a few weeks, though, but it left an alright impression.
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Re: KR Saber 08 released

Post by Zerato »

Catastrophe wrote: Wed Oct 28, 2020 12:44 pm Then, in the big melee it goes to shit quickly. First, why does Buster drop his transformation for seemingly no reason?
I assumed it was because he dropped his sword.
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Re: KR Saber 08 released

Post by Dante ShadowRoadz »

Woof, this one is murder on its own sense of tone :/ I couldn't follow the whiplash between Touma's angry angsting and him suddenly rivaling Sora from Kingdom Hearts about how his friends are his true power. The stakes are all over the place too, nothing here really makes any sense in terms of power scaling since everyone is involved in every single fight now. Rather than giving any sense of growing escalation, everyone is just throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks, we have Riders using all different tier forms against leader villains and MOTW alike and we're not even at episode 10.

The giant King mecha was already kinda hinted at from the way the form's sword has a distinctly transforming shape, but good lord, even Sentai hasn't gone as far as "Oh now I have a giant sword growing out of my head and this robot is swinging me around, guess I'll roll with it." Between that and low hanging fruit 'twist' they advertise with Calibur at the end of the episode, it really feels like Toei just threw in the towel on this season.
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Re: KR Saber 08 released

Post by Hero99 »

It has been eight episodes and I barely have a grasp on what's going on.

Touma's sudden urge to use King Arthur's power felt like it was supposed to be something he dealt with for a while instead of like 13 minutes of the episode. It kind of reminds me of Zero One, where Aruto was forced to use Metal Cluster Hopper because it was the only key that worked. But in Saber, Touma just uses it because it's the new book. If his situation was kind of like Aruto's, where the only working Wonder Rider book was King Arthur, the struggle in this episode would've been more tolerable.

The only reason Ogami was turned to stone in the first place was because Touma wanted to show off to Calibur.
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Re: KR Saber 08 released

Post by Greenstalker »

Just realized Arthurs power is taken by saber which was same class of summoned hero in Fate/stay night series that is depicted as Arthur.
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Re: KR Saber 08 released

Post by kevinlafriday »

there is something really wrong with a rider series if i'm way more excited waiting for kiramager each week
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Re: KR Saber 08 released

Post by Mandalori »

No, I'm usually less excited about the one that has just began, than the one who's been there for half a year, unless I find something really interesting in the recent one.
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Re: KR Saber 08 released

Post by midorininger »

i really gotta say Buster Dad's great sword is so floppy during battle its almost a high school play prop. i mean come on, Shinkenger's Reikka Daizantou was WAY more solid and sturdy and how long ago was that? especially since the great sword here is mostly holo with visible holes in it.

i was under the impression Rider didnt have mecha? and wtf Saber is a literial Saber?

and agreed suddenly Touma is able to use new books very quickly, and they stated earlier that there may have been compatibility issue with the books and the henshin book but i guess they forgot that.

and i really felt they were going to have the 2 medusa turn their powers on each other hence having them beat themselves. instead they just regular defeated them. how many episodes is this slated for? because i feel theyre rushing what felt like a good plot.

and narrator is not getting less creepy, fewer close ups PLEASE!
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Re: KR Saber 08 released

Post by Catastrophe »

Do you not watch much rider? They've typically had some large robot that gets introduced in the first quarter and used a few times.
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Re: KR Saber 08 released

Post by Kurow »

3 stars for me... I don't know... the power of friendship and the super sentai aspects made me feel like I was not watching Kamen Rider.

I will keep watching this show but I have lost faith in just 8 episodes. I was hoping that this one would be better than Zero One but with this start, bad cgi, good boy band vs bad boy band, mei and tassel... oh god... I don't see how can this be saved. This is clearly focus in selling toys and more toys.
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