KR Saber 09 released

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KR Saber 09 released

Post by takenoko »

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Last Week's rating: 3.42 /5 stars (19 votes)

Fan Sub-title: Rockin' Mr. Hyde appears

Not a fan of the twist that Slash is a weird Mr. Hyde to Daishinji's Jekyl. We don't get much of Daishinji, but I like that he's a weird, shy eccentric. Having him be this overenthusiastic rocker just makes him another cartoon character in a cast of cartoon characters

At least the cartoonish stuff works in Buster and Mei's corner, since Buster is a blunt, musclehead to begin with and Mei is an enthusiastic cheerleader/comic relief for the team

Speaking of team, Sophia, you have like a small army, isn't that a bit much? Seeing them all lined up in the beginning (ending has changed again too) just makes everything seem like exhaustively too much energy wasted for nothing. Rintarou and Kento both roughly serve the same purpose and could easily be one character, and Ren is too one dimensional to add anything

Same with the bad guys. I have no fucking idea what the difference is between the three bad guys. Storious is more of a schemer, but essentially they're all surly and have no characterization

At least the story is tightening down with Calibur and his story

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Re: KR Saber 09 released

Post by Lunagel »

Do you think the Riders ever get cricks in their necks from having to look up at Sophia all the time?

I can't actually be arsed to learn anyone's name so in my mind there's saber, irritating ninja, lone wolf ripoff, Tusk, white lady, Kaidou, Kaidou's kid, token chick, sleeveless bad guy, weird head thing bad guy, and the fifth beetle bad guy
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Re: KR Saber 09 released

Post by Catastrophe »

I like the design of Slash. Which was then ruined straight away after the personality change. Also didn't like how during the fight, Calibur just kind of lets him free the others.

Also, who is that woman who just turns up? Nobody knows who she is, she just appears in the secret swordsman base, they acknowledge nobody knows who she is and they just leave her there?
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Re: KR Saber 09 released

Post by Kurow »

4/5 better episode for sure this week

Some opinions about the episode.

The sound guy turning into Ryuutaros after using the book was good tribute but his sword looks so cheap and made for 5 year old kids... they literally used the toy that they want to sell. It was too small and looked just bad.

Why is Saber using XXXL clothes? this was also an issue with Sougo in Zio. It just looks really bad.

Who is this new girl? I hope she is a new rider and not just a supporting character that is there just to deliver a new book and then she is gone or just chilling at the library.

The thunder swordsman needs 3 books already in less than 9 episodes the guy is almost useless.

Touma just stop with the power of friendship with get it and we have saw the results in other stories.

Mei looks beautiful in this episode and the actress is good for sure. Its a shame that her talent is waste because her character here is so bad.

The special effects on the Saber vs Calibur fight were good and I hope they keep this quality.

They need to stop using so many bubbles...
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Re: KR Saber 09 released

Post by Zerato »

The effects used for Saber vs Calibur this episode were beautiful. If they can keep it to that level for the rest of the series, I might be able to (partially) overlook the poor pacing of the story.
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Re: KR Saber 09 released

Post by Dante ShadowRoadz »

Woof, this one hurt to watch. The swordsmith was actually a half-decent character, I was hoping the twist with him being another swordsman on top of it would pump some more life into the show, but not to THAT extreme. His suit takes every clashing element from every Rider in Ex-Aid and uses them in the worst ways possible, plus apparently one can modify a mystical holy blade into a musical gun with a 90s era computer set-up. The fights were just barely good enough to validate the episode and I mean just barely. Touma is flagging as a protagonist and all the side Riders are getting increasingly one-note with each passing episode.

And my foreboding prophecy on Form Replacement Syndrome came true unfortunately, we now have two different super forms achieved in the span of two episodes, and we're not even ten episodes into the season. They must really be needing the revenue from the toy sales this year.
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Re: KR Saber 09 released

Post by Mandalori »

Well, Zero-One had Shining Hopper and Assault Shining Hopper separated by 2 episodes.
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Re: KR Saber 09 released

Post by Catastrophe »

They at least attempted to have a narrative reason, in that Assault was a slight upgrade that he could use.

Arthur is being pushed as some super awesome legendary power that we know will be obsolete soon.
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Re: KR Saber 09 released

Post by kangchan »

I just know that the main writer (Fukuda Takuro) only wrote 4 eps / 10 eps so far. The staff writer is same as Ghost, since Mouri Nobuhiro and Hasegawa Keiichi serves as secondary writers.
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Re: KR Saber 09 released

Post by Kurokage X »

Ironic how Tetsuo, the most quiet of the team, happens to have the flashiest colors as a rider. His sudden loud hyper personality when he uses his other book seems odd. Slash, not a fan of the suit. It looks like it can sorta pass off as an ex aid rider

I was aware of the new person shown in the episode but for this I acted like I didn't know who she is. Under the latter, I wonder who is this person, our cheerleader heroine is even questioning who she is but no introduction to her, not a peep so what the heck.

Least Calibur's thing is somewhat getting interesting
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