KR Saber 15 released

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KR Saber 15 released

Post by takenoko »

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Last Week's rating: 3.69 /5 stars (13 votes)

Fan Sub-title: End of this chapter

Think that's as good as we're going to get for a Saber episode. Yeah, it was one long battle, but no one did anything dumb and the action was pretty exciting and fun to watch

Did we learn anything in revelations? I guess we find out Kento's dad really was "evil" but both he and Kamijou genuinely believed they were fighting for the greater good in the end?

Do we think Desast took Kurayami, since he did make a play for it a few episodes ago?

Viewing notes:
-Have these three bad guys always been this good at suitless fightning? If so, why did it take 15 episodes to show it off?

-Are those Helheim vines and fruits in the background?

-Oh man, is this the entrance of Kamen Rider Mei... oh no, she's just giving them a motivational speech. That's good too, it's a good speech and well delivered. And it's nice to see Mei's serious side

-Guess this is where the budget from the last episode went

-Does the lion booster not take into account which books it uses? That's sort of boring
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Re: KR Saber 15 released

Post by BreadToku »

So like two episodes ago, I said that most of Draconic Knight's debut felt too 'stock' for me to get emotionally into, even with as pretty as it was, and I kinda feel the same for the finale of this big arc? It's all very big and cool action, but somehow not nearly as fun as episode 14, probably because all the villains are busy giving dramatic speeches about the fate of the world, and in turn all the heroes are just giving the usual heroic monologues. I did like Mei's contribution to the moment though, which segued into a nice group shot of all the riders.

I admit I don't think I can speak to how effective Calibur's revelation was in this episode. I've spent so long completely unimpressed and tuned out with this guy that I think I had already settled on "don't care" before he even started getting into his backstory. At least if he ever reappears again, all this previous baggage will be out of the way already? Then again, he's looking preeeetty dead as is. While Kento coming back is a definite given, I'm not so sure about this guy!

Here's hoping to more interesting and exciting things with the next arc! But if the swordsmen from the other pole show up to challenge the cast to a five-round job competition, I am going to flip a lid.
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Re: KR Saber 15 released

Post by Thenosa Yechette »

Certainly, the best episode of Saber so far. Glad that I wasn’t totally let down for having hope in Saber.
They’re explaining more about the eternal truth and the book which the world was created from.
Guess Calibur is like any other bad guy who wants power/world domination. The villains’ objective is to recreate the world. Took them a while to tell us that.
Are all Riders terrible at hand to hand combat? Or did they lose just because they were beaten up right before?
So wait, are they all atheists or something? They don’t believe in God or that someone has created the world here from the start? I thought going to the temple to pray or bringing up God was common enough in KR and SS? Or is that in SS only?
Finally Mei does something important that’s not for humor. Why didn’t she give a pep talk sooner to those guys? So she’s Rintarou’s personal cheerleader after all….
It was cool when Rintarou Transformed into a lion and destroyed those pillars of light.
Seriously, what convinced Calibur to spill out the truth about 15 years ago? That was rushed I felt.
Finally some explanation about Luna. Makes sense if she’s still alive.
Was Fukamiya-san a Rider before becoming Calibur? Or was he a swordsman only?
Ok, so Fukamiya became corrupted because of Sword of Logos… That’s why Calibur has a grudge against them. Now that makes more sense and justifies him for being on the bad side. And now he’s regretting saving Touma…
Nice fight between the Dragons.
Dang, Kamijo-san’s Dead!!?? Man his story was rushed and short. They probably squeezed all the important and good parts into this one episode. Now when the Kurayami is finally with Touma after wanting it for the last 3-4 episodes, it disappears.
Wow, the whole story with Mei is funny. She calls Touma from literally nowhere, and he comes back….
What the what??!! No more ending dances from now on??!! Why??! I loved that dance…. Too bad..
So glad to finally have a good episode. Explains the story and the characters more, had nice fight scenes. Now we finally know what is up with the whole Sword of Logos organization a bit more. Hopefully Saber will eventually become a good season in the future. I just hope they can keep Saber’s quality like this for the rest of the season.
Thenosa :)

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Re: KR Saber 15 released

Post by Dante ShadowRoadz »

If this is as good as it gets, I'm definitely concerned :/

For as hectic and rushed as it felt, at least it made for a decent action episode. The bit with the non-transformed fighting is another very Sentai feeling element but it really sticks out like a sore thumb here. Seems every time they push all the budget into one of their big CGI fights they have to cut down somewhere else to balance it out. To say nothing of the fact that pretty much all of this still feels hyper-compressed, Kamijo's revelation and the talk of a traitor in Logos all feels hollow at this point. Even squeezing in Desast at the end just feels like a waste, he doesn't even feel like a proper rival character at this point, just random element of chaos.

And again, what is this power scaling, honestly? The three villains shred through them without effort at first, then all of a sudden just using their base finishing moves in their base forms is enough to send them packing? And I don't really get the new Reading gauntlet thing with the knight forms, what books are used doesn't seem to contribute anything. Just another toy accessory to push out I guess.
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Re: KR Saber 15 released

Post by Sinkuu »

The suitless fighting really impressed me. Shame it's wasted on these roles, they have real talent.

Mei... a glimmer of actually being a decent character???

Let's hope arc 2 is better... *sigh*

As to "no dance".... ep was too important. ED will be back next ep. Ex-aid did this too.
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Re: KR Saber 15 released

Post by msf232 »

I just hope Mei becomes a better character

The show too is showing signs of improvement, but... this might just be a one-time thing
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Re: KR Saber 15 released

Post by midorininger »

Kenou's dad being "evil" and the traitor, well .... it almost sounds like his ideals of protecting the world got taken too far and felt if he had the table of contents he could make the world perma safe, but itd be in a stagnating way ... most likely. so the team mentor with the white hair is likely the traitor im betting since she sought out Yamikoji (dark blade).

Touma having 3 swords at 1 point amde me wonder if theyd try to do a Zoro or Killer Bee move having him hold a sword in his knees, since the mouth is off limits. if he winded up hold 3 of the blades then hed be crazy strong, but a bit redundant. however did the darkness sword megido just die off? like now its gone, or do the villains have it? and i wonder if they were have a revived guy wielding it but brainwashed? so something like Juzou from shinkenger?
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