Powerpuff Girls Z (with pics) [WORK IN PROGRESS]

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Powerpuff Girls Z (with pics) [WORK IN PROGRESS]

Post by That Guy » Sat Feb 28, 2009 3:29 pm

Show Title: They're Here! Powerpuff Girls Z
This series is a reimagining of Craig McCracken's American cartoon classic, The Powerpuff Girls...in the style of a Mahou Shojo (Magical Girl) series (think Sailor Moon or Precure). The characters are now normal (and unrelated) 13 year-old girls with normal names and lives who can transform into the Powerpuff Girls Z at will. They pose, they have giant weapons, and they name their attacks. The series brings back some classic characters and villains from the OPPG as well as inventing some new ones. The series consists of 52 half hour episodes split into two mini-sodes each, and is mostly episodic. Sometimes an entire episode will be devoted to one story (with the min-sodes titled "Part 1" and "Part 2", and occasionally there are multi-episode arcs, but for the most part, episode stories are self-contained.

In Tokyo City, while experimenting with his father Professor Utonium's mysterious Chemical X, young scientist Ken accidentally drops a daifuku bun into the vat, creating Chemical Z. In the meantime, mysterious weather phenomenon are occurring all over the world, including an iceberg in the bay of Tokyo City. Mayor Mayor and Miss Bellum call Professor Utonium's lab, looking for help, and Ken responds by shooting a ray of Chemical Z at the iceberg. It explodes, and numerous white and black lights fly out in all directions. One white light hits a lab experiment, creating Peach the Digital Dog. Three white lights hit three girls around the city, who are attempting to protect young children from the lights, and they become the Powerpuff Girls Z. One black light hits a monkey in the zoo, who mutates into the evil Mojo Jojo. He starts wreaking havoc on Tokyo City and only the Powerpuff Girls Z can stop him. The story revolves around the girls' struggle to maintain their secret identities, keep up in school, and protect the city all at the same time.


Akazutsumi Momoko/Hyper Blossom
The self-proclaimed leader of the PPGZ, Momoko is a boy-crazy, impulsive otaku girl with a giant sweet tooth. Her hair is quite long, even by anime standards, and she usually wears it in a gravity-defying ponytail tied back with a large red bow. She is the only one of the three who does not gain a hairpiece during her transformation, but instead her bow remains. As Blossom, she uses a yo-yo as her weapon which is capable of entangling the enemy, hitting them outright, or producing energy attacks, and she names most of her attacks after food items. Her motif is hearts.

Gotokuji Miyako/Rolling Bubbles
Miyako is a quiet, intelligent, polite girl who nevertheless tends to be the ditziest of the three. She always uses honorifics, even with people she knows well, and ends all her sentences with the polite phrase "desu wa". She is very popular with the boys in her school, on one occasion opening her locker to reveal a mountain of fanmail, but she is fairly uninterested in them. Her hair is blond and she usually wears it in two curly pigtails, and during her transformation she gains a blue hair clip on the right side of her head. As Bubbles, she uses a giant bubble wand as her weapon, which produces very strong bubbles capable of trapping enemies or physically assaulting them. Her motif is bubbles.

Matsubara Kaoru/Powered Buttercup
Kaoru is, to put it bluntly, a tomboy. She wears loose, baggy clothes and a large baseball cap, participates in all kinds of sports (she likes soccer especially), she speaks with masculine speech patterns (such as using the blunt "ore" for "I" instead of the more gentle "boku" or "watashi") and hates anything girly with a passion. Initially, this includes such things as Momoko and Miyako, and even her own Buttercup outfit. It takes very little to set Kaoru off, and her reactions to negative things tend to be dramatically more extreme than those of her teammates. Her hair is short, off-black with a purplish shine, is somewhat spikey, and while transforming she loses her hat and gains two green hairclips. As Buttercup, she gains tremendous strength and wields a giant hammer that can produce energy attacks or be used as a bludgeon. To give an indication of Buttercup's strength, she frequently wields this hammer one-handed, but Blossom and Bubbles once struggled to lift it together. Her motif is stars.

Supporting Characters
Professor Utonium
Professor Utonium is a scientist and an inventor. Specifically, he's the inventor of Chemical X, thus being partly responsible for the creation of the Powerpuff Girls Z and all the other victims of the lights throughout the series. His most frequently seen invention in the series is the Chemical Particle Beam, which has the ability to revert most Chemical Z victims back to their original forms, though it does not prevent recurring transformations. Professor Utonium is also the father of Ken, and serves the dual role of father and lab partner to his son. On the whole, he's a very gentle, compassionate man, who is known to be a bit eccentric sometimes for comic relief purposes.

Kitazawa Ken

All pictures courtesy of pKjd over at Moetron. Used with permission. Be sure to check out his wonderful site!

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