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Mirai Sentai Timeranger

Post by Blackcondorguy » Mon Mar 02, 2009 4:40 pm

"People from the 30th century met a single man to change time."
These are the opening words for Timeranger.
Four time police cadet are accidentally sent in the 20th century, where they have to team-up with a local man in order to stop members of an intergalactic mafia from messing with time. Reluctant at first, they soon become friends and learn to get along with each other. They also discover that their presence in the 20th century might not be as accidental as they thought.

The Timerangers
Asami Tatsuya-Timered
The young heir of a wealthy family, Tatsuya is desperately trying to run away from his father's way and live on his own. Forced to join the timeranger at first, he quickly volunteers to help them and manages to cover their identity by creating Tomorrow Research. He's light-hearted and perseverant. Also a Karate champion.

Leader of the timerangers, she's cold and serious. She has troubles trusting Tatsuya a first. She's the most eager to stop the Londarz family, for her own reasons. Before joining the time police, she was a detective.

Very distant from the others, he's sarcastic and fights a lot with Domon. For some reason that I won't tell here (no spoiler), he doesn't want to get involved emotionally with the others. He's a former racer.

Formerly a pro-fighter who got suspended for some reason, he can be rough but has a good heart and also a strong interest in women. Unlike the others, Domon had a family in the 30th century, so he has the worst time adapting to his new situation.

An orphan from another planet, Sion is curious about everything and always eager to please the others and help them in any way. He's very good with technology, so he always ends up fixing and updating stuff. His character is also way more endearing than you would believe at first.

A small owl-shaped navigator robot that bonds with the Timerangers. He's their liaison with the 30th century, but also a real friend for them. He gives them information about criminals, advices and so on, and is an endearing character too.

Captain Ryuya
The mysterious time police captain. Not much is known about him except that he looks just like Tatsuya.

Londarz Family
"Family" is used in the mafia sense. They escape to the 20th century to avoid being freeze-pressed (shrunk and put in stasis), which is the 30th century equivalent of jail, and decide to make "the most of it" : read "money".
Don Dornero
A shark-like humanoid who is the family's don. A godfather-like villain who leads his Family with an iron hand but had is own personal sense of honor.

A psychotic robot who seems way more interested in destruction than in making money.

An obnoxious material girl interested in money, clothes and jewelry. Dornero is her sugardaddy, but she sometimes acts like his right hand, proving herself a nasty opponents for the timerangers.

There are no actual catchphrases in the series, since the "henshin pose/roll call" aspect of the sentai has been neglected.
To introduce themselves, one of the heroes will shout his full name, while the others will only shout their colors. Then, they all shout "Timeranger" while displaying their insignia.
Then the first hero says something like "for breaking the laws of time, you're under arrest" (literaly "we'll arrest you")
Timefire only shouts "Timefire" to transform.

The first machines are the Timejets. Each member has one. The jets are distincted only by their number (1 is red, 2 is blue, 3 is green, 4 is yellow and 5 is pink).
The jets are sent to the 20th century when the emergency systems are activated.
Timejets combine to form Time Robo Alpha, armed with a sword, or Time Robo Beta, who has a gun. Only Alpha has a finishing move.
They can also combine to form Timejet Gamma, a powerful jet cruiser, just like Icaros Haken in Jetman. It also has it's own finishing move.

Later on, another machine is sent. It's called Timeshadow and can change from a stealth plane to a robot with its own finishing move. It can also combine with Time Robo Alpha and Beta to form Shadow Alpha and Shadow Beta, each one with its own new finishing move.

Providus is the robot that sends the Timejets and Timeshadow through time, but he never gets involved in fights except for one weird episode.

The Timerangers also use the Timeflyer, a hoverjet that allows them to board the Timejets and
can turn into a giant gun for Time Robo Beta.

Reasons to watch
Simply because it is arguably the best sentai series ever made, especially when it comes to characterization. So the characters are the main reason to watch the show.
Globally, this show is more mature than other sentai series since it doesn't really try to appeal to a younger audience. The overall plot is pretty deep and you don't see many "dumber episodes" that clearly target children.
The show deals with various challenging themes and you really see the characters growing up by facing their demons, which makes you care even more about them.
And to keep you watching until the end, the finale is just awesome.

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