Rescue Fire 37 released (No HD Yet)

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Re: Rescue Fire 37 released (No HD Yet)

Post by Zazelle » Mon Dec 21, 2009 6:46 am

Hahahaha Tsubasa is so funny, I loved his reaction on the JunxTsubasa thing. Yay for Rescue Force :). although they did mention America and Africa, they only showed Europe(London) and Australia. Super Rescue Max was nostalgic and totally epic, he owned Hyper Sakaen :) I knew he was on par with Rescue King, but I think Great Wyvern GX is a lot stronger. Anyways, I so can't wait for next episode.

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Re: Rescue Fire 37 released (No HD Yet)

Post by Arigomi » Mon Dec 21, 2009 8:46 am

AeonRanger wrote:what is a SOHO comet by the way?
They are comets detected by this:

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Re: Rescue Fire 37 released (No HD Yet)

Post by PHurricane » Tue Dec 22, 2009 9:14 am

That splash threw me for a loop when I started playing the episode. I thought I opened up the wrong file or something. I felt silly once the theme started playing, since I knew Rescue Force was showing up.

As soon as Tatsuya's flashback started, I knew his parents were about to die. It was mentioned back in the first episode that they both died in the line of duty and he joined Rescue Fire to make them proud, but it was still a depressing turn for a Christmas episode. My only quibble is that, even if they were part of the department, why were they allowed to run into a fire dressed as civilians? That had to break protocol. Still, I guess it was necessary to set up the dramatic moment where Tatsuya tries to overcome his history by saving the parents of a little boy when no one saved his. If it wasn't so predictable, I might have been able to really feel the full effect of how emotional that moment should have been.

I agree with the general consensus that Tsubasa's fantasies were hilarious. The expressions on his face after each one were just as amusing.

The music in this episode was awesome! The English Christmas music, Rescue Force BGMs, including "The Life" instrumental, a Burning Hero instrumental (so glad they didn't forget about it just because it's not the ending theme anymore), and I think they also played the first opening theme for the big battle, right? It was great to hear so much good music in one episode.

Oh, the English in this episode. Ishiguro really sounded like he's been practicing. I bet Nancy wouldn't freak him out anymore. But Jun...well, you're still adorable.

Joukaen interrupting the "Mission Clear" was very nice, and the cliffhanger was pretty cool. It's a shame this plot didn't air about a month ago - it would have coincided perfectly with a real shuttle mission.

This episode was so good because there were so many details to enjoy. Thanks to Arigomi sharing those clips, Yuuma's yo-yo tricks had a lot more meaning. Hikaru avenging Striker's loss earlier in the season took me by (pleasant) surprise. (Although I swear they showed the TankEn in Japan right before he went after it in England...) And then seeing a huge chunk of the finishing attacks in a row...very visually pleasing.

The "Watch Again" segment was such a neat surprise - flipping the cards plus the wink!

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