Rescue Fire 39 released (NO HD)

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Rescue Fire 39 released (NO HD)

Post by Phoenix512 »

After a big battle in space, the Rescue Fire team takes a day off in a game center. Where's Arino?

It's another clip show but with a few laughs. Like Jun getting the crane prize for Ritsuka instead of Tsubasa. Or Qsuke's bowling skills with the Captain in the background shining a bowling ball. I kinda forgot about the soccer match in the Great Wyvern episode and thought that they did better in that one than the first soccer scene in this episode. The motocycle scene was funny with Tatsuya being the ultimate loser. Those bikes are definitely not made for adults. In the ED, Asuka and Professor Taiga showing the dance steps.
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Re: Rescue Fire 39 released (NO HD)

Post by takenoko »

Mostly a character episode with some clip show bits. Some funny moments that I'll admit. What's going on with Tatsuya and Ritsuka?!


So I was reading Ishiguro's actor blog. He seems like an interesting guy. Like here he's harassing Tsubasa and the Captain. Seems like this is a series of pics like this on his blog

One story that I thought was great was that he met some French lady who he says "spoke better Japanese than he did" and she was studying English on top of that. His comment was that he needed to perfect his Japanese. It just made him seem very human
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Re: Rescue Fire 39 released (NO HD)

Post by Deka_Hero »

Love Triangle Formation!
It's been a little while coming, but i do think one has formed, Tatsuya-Ritsuka-Tsubasa.
And i just loved how Tsubasa just swooped in and cut the Romantic tension, he's such a Wang-Blocker.
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Re: Rescue Fire 39 released (NO HD)

Post by Zazelle »

I loved the ending when Tatsuya kicked the soccer ball in Taiga's face. Tsubasa's reaction was so funny and out of character lol :P
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Re: Rescue Fire 39 released (NO HD)

Post by AeonRanger »

the team deserve a rest after that awesome space battle and guess what that means, yep another clip show. tsubasas trying his hardest to get with ritsuka, you could cut the sexual tension in the air with x-basher. that round 1 stadium place looks like fun though. i also believe there was another special guest from rescue force when they were playing soccer aka football, the female scientest from rescue force.
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Re: Rescue Fire 39 released (NO HD)

Post by kaemmerite »

Meh, clip show. That means I breezed through this episode in about half its running time. It did have some funny moments though. And Tatsuya finally succeeded in doing the Jecht Shot.

I still don't like the filler/clip show episodes that happen after every major storyline battle in these series. :\

I also forgot about the soccer match in the Great Wyvern episode. I thought it was a little strange when Tatsuya said "Soccer? That reminds me of forming Great Wyvern!" But then they showed the flashback and I went "Oh yeah."
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Re: Rescue Fire 39 released (NO HD)

Post by Alkaid »

Considering that one of Rescue Fire's sponsors is this game center, it wasn't too far off base to think they might end up there one day.

Even with it being a clip show, it wasn't half-bad to watch and the little interactions between the characters was fun to see (Tsubasa gets revenge on Tatsuya for all of his 'interruptions', though you'd think he'd be more concerned that Jun was winning things for Ritsuka instead...)

And the Captain learns that the team considers him part of their group, no matter if he's not a "Fire" suited member. Aww.

And Qsuke and his little brothers always cracks me up somehow. That, or I'm fond of his VA. XD
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Re: Rescue Fire 39 released (NO HD)

Post by PHurricane »

Like them or not, Rescue Fire has consistently done a good job with their recap episodes. These could be painful, yet they're fairly entertaining. (And great for sponsor/product placement.)

Poor Tsubasa...I'm beginning to think there will be no happy ending for him and Ritsuka. All of his advances are ending in disaster and she seems to be showing too much interest in Tatsuya. I used to think she was just encouraging him to mature, but it's started to take on a different vibe recently. Hard to tell where they're going with that subplot.

Showing the Professor and Asuka do the full choreography in the corner of the screen was neat. It's actually pretty straight-forward in the normal ending, but you got to see a few steps that weren't totally clear.
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Re: Rescue Fire 39 released (NO HD)

Post by Arigomi »

The minibike race and mechanical bull scenes were pretty fun.

I don't know why but the variations used for the "watch again" messages at the end never fail to entertain me.
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