Mebius 16 Released

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Mebius 16 Released

Post by zeta_gundam »

Kaijus that appeared in this episode include:

Magma Seijin - first appeared in Ultraman Leo. There are two Magmas in this episode. The first one that appears is Brother Blue (shortened to BB) because of his blue eyes, and has a sword in his right hand. The second one is called Brother Red (shortened to BR), because of his red eyes. That's the one with the hook on one hand and the sword on the other hand. Brother Red is the Aniki.

Valkie Seijin - first appeared in Ultraman Taro. The first Valkie came to earth to hunt down a monster called the Samekujira.

Zamushar - Name derived "THE 武者" (Pronounced "Za Musha"; meaning "THE Warrior") Technically, a more accurate translation of "ザムシャー" would be "Zamushaa", but I thought the "r" instead of the extra "a" might look better. On the other hand, the Ultra Act toy line gives the name "Zamsher", which looks kinda dumb in my opinion and misses the "musha" reference. I really like Zamushar's design. It's based off the samurai from Japan's feudal past. Google "Samurai Armor" images to see the resemblance!
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