P-Bandai Ultra Replica Mebius Brace/Knight Brace announced (Out 3/2019, $123)

40 years of Ultraman come
together in this epic show.
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P-Bandai Ultra Replica Mebius Brace/Knight Brace announced (Out 3/2019, $123)

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If you loved the series back when it was on TV a decade ago or bingewatching it online before it moved out of Crunchyroll, P-Bandai's continuing the Ultra Replica goodness with the Braces of 2006's Ultramen.

Like many Toku P-Bandai items out now, both Braces feature BGMs from the OST and can combine into the Knight Mebius Brace. Hope the Braces can do the Mebium Knight Shoot and the Mebium Knight Dynamite sequence.

$123 is meager for a set of P-Bandai items you can share with someone. Hope Igarashi-san can let his bar customers have free beer in celebration of this one.
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