Something amazing has happened

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Complacent masses
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Something amazing has happened

Post by tristar » Sun Oct 26, 2014 10:00 pm

Want to know what this amazing thing is? Some of you no others yes, I'm going to tell you anyway.

I recently managed to get a high speed internet connect. That in itself isn't amazing, though for me it is (trapped on dial up). It enabled me to get Decade but, that's not important. In fact this is the Double forum so I shall share.

I have nearly finished watching double, again not really amazing. what's amazing is that I've watched it with my sister! Yes that is the amazing bit! For you see my sister doesn't like this type of show, doesn't like dubbing because she can't believe they match what is actually being said, and finally finds that plots of toku confusing. She actually early in mornings before she heads to classes she actually sits down and watches with me. With some minor bits complaining (she's a complainer trust me) and with me only having to explain some technical stuff and confirm some others. She actually understands far more of whats going on than she actually Believes she does!

I'm actually going to wait until she gets back from house sitting well actually dog sittings next week and going to try and finish the series with her. So with a joyous heart from sharing Kamen rider, with family without judgement from them I go on.

I think she secretly likes the show not that she would admit it to me anyway....

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